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Search Results

The search found 226 CDs at Brutal Metal upon which Thomas performed.

Musician Artist CD
Thomas "Lubber" KramerVendetta Hate
Thomas A.G. JensenSaturnus Paradise Belongs to You
Thomas AG JensenSaturnus For the Loveless Lonely Nights
Thomas AG JensenSaturnus Martyre
Thomas AntonssonNostradameus Hellbound
Thomas AntonssonNostradameus Illusion's Parade
Thomas AntonssonNostradameus Pathway
Thomas AntonssonNostradameus Prophet of Evil
Thomas AntonssonNostradameus The Third Prophecy
Thomas BartholinDefecto Defecto
Thomas BartholinDefecto Excluded
Thomas BeckerDarkness Defenders of Justice
Thomas BraheRage Secrets In A Weird World
Thomas BrandtRed Harvest Nomindsland
Thomas BredahlVolbeat Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood
Thomas BredahlVolbeat Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil
Thomas BredalVolbeat Beyond Hell / Above Heaven
Thomas BredalVolbeat Live from Beyond Hell / Above Heaven
Thomas BrobergAurora Dead Electric Nightmares
Thomas BrobergAurora Devotion
Thomas BrobergAurora Eos
Thomas BrobergAurora Eos / Sadiam
Thomas BrobergAurora Sadiam
Thomas BrogliFelony First Works
Thomas BuchbergerSerenity Death and Legacy
Thomas BuchbergerSerenity Engraved Within
Thomas BuchbergerSerenity Fallen Sanctuary
Thomas BuchbergerSerenity War of Ages
Thomas BuchbergerSerenity Words Untold And Dreams Unlived
Thomas BurlefingerStormHammer Signs Of Revolution
Thomas CaserVisions Of Atlantis Cast Away
Thomas CaserVisions Of Atlantis Delta
Thomas CaserVisions Of Atlantis Eternal Endless Infinity
Thomas CaserVisions Of Atlantis Ethera
Thomas CaserVisions Of Atlantis Maria Magdalena
Thomas CaserVisions Of Atlantis The Deep and The Dark
Thomas CaserVisions Of Atlantis Trinity
Thomas CaserVisions Of Atlantis Wanderers
Thomas CesarioFairyland The Fall Of An Empire
Thomas ChassaigneAsmodée Chlorosis
Thomas ChassaigneAsmodée Simulacres
Thomas ChassaigneAsmodée Symptomes de Ruine
Thomas DahllöfStefan Elmgren's Full Strike We Will Rise
Thomas Das NevesHeavenly Virus
Thomas DaunDismember Dismember
Thomas Der MunzerIn Extremo Verehrt Und Angespien
Thomas DrechselGardens Of Gehenna Dead Body Music
Thomas DrechselGardens Of Gehenna Mortem Saluta
Thomas DrouinExistance Steel Alive
Thomas EljarboGhost Avenue Even Angels Fail
Thomas ErikssonAxenstar Far From Heaven
Thomas ErikssonAxenstar Perpetual Twilight
Thomas ErikssonAxenstar The Inquisition
Thomas FrankeUDO Animal House
Thomas FrankeUDO Metallized
Thomas FredenTwilight Eye for an Eye
Thomas FredrikssonGardenian Soulburner
Thomas Gabriel WarriorCeltic Frost Monotheist
Thomas Gabriel WarriorCeltic Frost Morbid Tales
Thomas Gabriel WarriorCeltic Frost Morbid Tales/Emperor's Return
Thomas GabrielCeltic Frost Cold Lake
Thomas GesonKardinal Sin Victorious
Thomas GrüningRage Reign Of Fear
Thomas GuttlichGrave Digger Symphony Of Death
Thomas HackmannRage Soundchaser
Thomas HackmannRage Strings To A Web
Thomas HammarComecon Converging Conspiracies
Thomas HederGodgory Resurrection
Thomas HederGodgory Shadow's dance
Thomas HederGodgory Way Beyond
Thomas HeintzelmannSection A Sacrifice
Thomas HelmEmpyrium Into The Pantheon
Thomas HelmEmpyrium Weiland
Thomas HenryAstralion Astralion
Thomas HenryAstralion Outlaw
Thomas HenryEthernity The Human Race Extinction
Thomas HerrmannDarkseed Astral Adventures
Thomas HerrmannDarkseed Diving Into Darkness
Thomas HerrmannDarkseed Give Me Light
Thomas HerrmannDarkseed Midnight Solemnly Dance
Thomas HerrmannDarkseed Poison Awaits
Thomas HerrmannDarkseed Spellcraft
Thomas HerrmannDarkseed Ultimate Darkness
Thomas HertlerBaphomet Latest Jesus
Thomas HertlerBaphomet No Answers
Thomas HertlerBaphomet Trust
Thomas JeagerKeegan Mind No Mind
Thomas JohanssonMean Streak Blind Faith
Thomas JohanssonMean Streak Trial By Fire
Thomas JohnsonDesultory Bitterness
Thomas JohnsonDesultory Counting Our Scars
Thomas JohnsonDesultory Into Eternity
Thomas JohnsonDesultory Swallow The Snake
Thomas KarlssonTristitia Crucidiction
Thomas KarlssonTristitia One With Darkness
Thomas KellenersHeavenWard Within These Dreams
Thomas KleinWarrant Ready to Command 2010
Thomas KleinWarrant The Enforcer
Thomas KramerVendetta Feed the Extermination
Thomas KuchtaSeven Freedom Call
Thomas KuhlmannThird Eye Recipe For Disaster
Thomas L. WinklerEmerald Unleashed
Thomas L. WinklerSignum Regis Exodus
Thomas LejonAndromeda Chimera
Thomas LejonAndromeda Extension Of the Wish
Thomas LejonAndromeda Manifest Tyranny
Thomas LejonAndromeda Playing off the Board
Thomas LejonAndromeda The Immunity Zone
Thomas LindforsIn Thy Dreams Highest Beauty
Thomas LorenziDelirium X Tremens Belo Dunum - Echoes From The Past
Thomas LorenziDelirium X Tremens CreHated From NoThing
Thomas LorenziDelirium X Tremens Cyberhuman
Thomas LudolphyRough Silk Wheels of Time
Thomas LuijkenCaedere Corruption
Thomas LuykenCaedere Clones of Industry
Thomas MerzCrown of Glory A Deep Breath of Life
Thomas MillerSymphony X Symphony X
Thomas MillerSymphony X The Damnation Game
Thomas MillerSymphony X The Divine Wings of Tragedy
Thomas MillerSymphony X Twilight in Olympus
Thomas Mitchell IiiOracle Selah
Thomas MoserBlind Date Welcome to This World
Thomas NackGamma Ray Alive '95
Thomas NackGamma Ray Insanity and Genius
Thomas NackGamma Ray Land of the Free
Thomas NackIron Savior Battering Ram
Thomas NackIron Savior Condition Red
Thomas NackIron Savior Dark Assault
Thomas NackIron Savior Interlude
Thomas NackIron Savior Live At The Final Frontier
Thomas NackIron Savior Megatropolis
Thomas NackIron Savior Megatropolis 2.0
Thomas NackIron Savior Rise Of The Hero
Thomas NackIron Savior The Landing
Thomas NackIron Savior Titancraft
Thomas NegriniNovembre Arte Novecento
Thomas NegriniNovembre Dreams D'azur
Thomas NegriniNovembre Novembrine Waltz
Thomas NegriniNovembre Wish I could Dream It Again...
Thomas OsborneRegulus Quadralith
Thomas PerssonLefay Morgana Lefay
Thomas PeterssonTiamat A Deeper Kind Of Slumber
Thomas PeterssonTiamat The Sleeping Beauty - Live In Israel EP
Thomas PreziosiArmory The Dawn of Enlightenment
Thomas PriebeDeathrow Raging Steel
Thomas PriebeDeathrow Riders of Doom
Thomas RattundeDanton Way of Destiny
Thomas RettkeEdguy Rocket Ride
Thomas RettkeEdguy Tinnitus Sanctus
Thomas RettkeHeaven's Gate Livin in Hysteria
Thomas RitterRe-Machined Wheels of Time
Thomas RosenbergerAndiron Rock 'n' Roll Killer
Thomas RosenmerkelDestruction Destruction
Thomas RosenmerkelDestruction The Least Successful Human Cannonball
Thomas RosenmerkelDestruction Them Not Me
Thomas S.UDO Mean Machine
Thomas SabischGravestone Back to Attack
Thomas SchererMessenger Under The Sign
Thomas SmuszynskiRunning Wild Black Hand Inn
Thomas SmuszynskiRunning Wild Masquerade
Thomas SmuszynskiRunning Wild Pile of Skulls
Thomas SmuszynskiRunning Wild The Rivalry
Thomas SmuszynskiRunning Wild Victory
Thomas SmuszynskiUDO Faceless World
Thomas SmuszynskiUDO Metallized
Thomas SmuszynskiUDO Timebomb
Thomas StauchBlind Guardian Battalions of Fear
Thomas StauchBlind Guardian Mirror Mirror
Thomas StrublerCrystallion Killer
Thomas StrüblerCrystallion A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night
Thomas StrüblerCrystallion Hattin
Thomas StrüblerCrystallion Hundred Days
Thomas TannenbergerAbigor Berwustung / Invoke the Dark Age
Thomas TannenbergerAbigor Channeling the Quintessence of Satan
Thomas TannenbergerAbigor Nachthymnen (From the Twilight Kingdom)
Thomas TannenbergerAbigor Opus IV
Thomas TannenbergerAbigor Orkblut - The Retaliation
Thomas TannenbergerAbigor Supreme Immortal Art
Thomas TunkkariDark Sarah The Puzzle
Thomas VaucherEmerald Calling The Knights
Thomas VaucherEmerald Forces Of Doom
Thomas VaucherEmerald Hymns To Steel
Thomas VaucherEmerald Rebels Of Our Time
Thomas VaucherEmerald Reckoning Day
Thomas VaucherEmerald Unleashed
Thomas Vikstrom7days Into Forever
Thomas Vikstrom7days The Weight Of The World
Thomas VikströmDivinefire Glory Thy Name
Thomas VikströmStormwind Heaven Can Wait
Thomas VikströmStormwind Legacy
Thomas VikströmStormwind Reflections
Thomas VikströmStormwind Resurrection
Thomas VikströmStormwind Rising Symphony
Thomas VikströmStormwind Stargate
Thomas WallingSymphony X Twilight in Olympus
Thomas WeinesjoVeni Domine 23:59
Thomas WeinesjoVeni Domine Fall Babylon Fall
Thomas WeinesjoVeni Domine IIII - The Album of Labour
Thomas WeinesjoVeni Domine Light
Thomas WeinesjoVeni Domine Tongues
Thomas WeinesjöVeni Domine Material Sanctuary
Thomas WeinesjöVeni Domine Spiritual Wasteland
Thomas WilkinsonImmolation Failures For Gods
Thomas WinklerGloryhammer Space 1992: Rise Of The Chaos Wizards
Thomas WinklerGloryhammer Tales From The Kingdom Of Fire
Thomas WolfStormwind Heaven Can Wait
Thomas WolfStormwind Legacy
Thomas WolfStormwind Reflections
Thomas WolfStormwind Resurrection
Thomas WolfStormwind Rising Symphony
Thomas WolfStormwind Stargate
Thomas WolfStormwind Straight From Your Heart
Thomas YoungbloodKamelot Epica
Thomas YoungbloodKamelot Ghost Opera
Thomas YoungbloodKamelot Ghost Opera: The Second Coming
Thomas YoungbloodKamelot Haven
Thomas YoungbloodKamelot Karma
Thomas YoungbloodKamelot One Cold Winter's Night
Thomas YoungbloodKamelot Poetry For The Poisoned
Thomas YoungbloodKamelot Siege Perilous
Thomas YoungbloodKamelot Silverthorn
Thomas YoungbloodKamelot The Black Halo
Thomas YoungbloodKamelot The Fourth Legacy
Thomas YoungbloodKamelot The Shadow Theory
Thomas ZollerUDO We Are One
Thomas ZwijsenBlaze Bayley The King of Metal


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