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Search Results

The search found 233 CDs at Brutal Metal upon which Stefan performed.

Musician Artist CD
Andrew DistefanoBlack Steel Battle Call
Andrew DistefanoBlack Steel Destructor
Droetto StefanoHighlord When The Aurura Falls...
Jani StefanovicDivinefire Eye Of The Storm
Jani StefanovicDivinefire Farewell
Jani StefanovicDivinefire Glory Thy Name
Jani StefanovicDivinefire Hero
Jani StefanovicDivinefire Into A New Dimension
Luigi StefaniniHighlord Breath Of Eternity
Luigi StefaniniWhite Skull Tales From The North
Massimiliano De StefanoThe Prowlers Devil's Bridge
Massimiliano De StefanoThe Prowlers Souls Thieves
Massimiliano DeStefanoThe Prowlers Re-Evolution
Russ StefanovichBitter End Harsh Realities
Russ StefanovichBitter End Have A Nice Death!
Stefan ArnoldCapricorn Capricorn
Stefan ArnoldCapricorn Inferno
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger 25 To Live
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger Ballads Of A Hangman
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger Clash Of The Gods
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger Excalibur
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger Exhumation - The Early Years
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger Healed By Metal
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger Knights Of The Cross
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger Liberty Or Death
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger Pray
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger Return Of The Reaper
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger Rheingold
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger The Clans Will Rise Again
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger The Grave Digger
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger The Last Supper
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger The Living Dead
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger Tunes Of Wacken - Live
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger Tunes Of War
Stefan ArnoldGrave Digger Yesterday
Stefan ArnoldGrinder Dawn for the Living
Stefan ArnoldGrinder Dead End
Stefan ArnoldGrinder Nothing Is Sacred
Stefan BarthAgent Orange Agent Orange
Stefan BarthAgent Orange Just Do It
Stefan BergThe Forsaken Beyond Redemption
Stefan BergThe Forsaken Traces of the Past
Stefan CrapiaBeowulf Westminster and 5th
Stefan DittrichAstronomikon Dark Gorgon Rising
Stefan DittrichMystic Prophecy Fireangel
Stefan DittrichSaidian For Those Who Walk The Path Forlon
Stefan EireinerLacrimas Profundere La Naissance d'un Reve
Stefan EllerhorstLove.Might.Kill Brace For Impact
Stefan ElmgrenFullforce Next Level
Stefan ElmgrenFullforce One
Stefan ElmgrenHammerfall Chapter 5 - Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
Stefan ElmgrenHammerfall Crimson Thunder
Stefan ElmgrenHammerfall Legacy of Kings
Stefan ElmgrenHammerfall Masterpieces
Stefan ElmgrenHammerfall One Crimson Night (Live)
Stefan ElmgrenHammerfall Renegade
Stefan ElmgrenHammerfall Steel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory
Stefan ElmgrenHammerfall Threshold
Stefan ElmgrenHammerfall Threshold
Stefan ElmgrenStefan Elmgren's Full Strike We Will Rise
Stefan EnglundRising Faith Imagination
Stefan ErikssonCivil War Civil War
Stefan ErikssonCivil War Gods And Generals
Stefan ErikssonCivil War The Killer Angels
Stefan FloresTitan Force Titan Force
Stefan GimplCrystallion A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night
Stefan GimplCrystallion Hattin
Stefan GimplCrystallion Hundred Days
Stefan GimplCrystallion Killer
Stefan GlassAbydos The Little Boy's Heavy Mental Shadow Opera About the Inhabitants of His Diary
Stefan GrundelGodgory Shadow's dance
Stefan HarderShadowbane Facing The Fallout
Stefan HellebladTarja The Brightest Void
Stefan HellebladWithin Temptation Hydra
Stefan HellebladWithin Temptation Resist
Stefan HerkenhoffBeyond The Black Heart of the Hurricane
Stefan HertrichBetray My Secrets Betray My Secrets
Stefan HertrichDarkseed Astral Adventures
Stefan HertrichDarkseed Diving Into Darkness
Stefan HertrichDarkseed Give Me Light
Stefan HertrichDarkseed Midnight Solemnly Dance
Stefan HertrichDarkseed Romantic Tales
Stefan HertrichDarkseed Spellcraft
Stefan HertrichDarkseed Ultimate Darkness
Stefan HolmThe Forsaken Arts of Desolation
Stefan HolmThe Forsaken Manifest of Hate
Stefan HolmThe Forsaken Traces of the Past
Stefan JohanssonManticora To Live To Kill To Live
Stefan K. NauerAngel Dust To Dust You Will Decay
Stefan KackGolden Resurrection Man with a Mission
Stefan KackGolden Resurrection One Voice for the Kingdom
Stefan KauffmannStormwitch War of the Wizards
Stefan KaufmannAccept Balls to the Wall
Stefan KaufmannAccept Death Row
Stefan KaufmannAccept Eat the Heat
Stefan KaufmannAccept I'm a Rebel
Stefan KaufmannAccept Kaizoku-Ban
Stefan KaufmannAccept Metal Heart
Stefan KaufmannAccept Objection Overruled
Stefan KaufmannAccept Restless and Wild
Stefan KaufmannAccept Russian Roulette
Stefan KaufmannAccept Staying a Life
Stefan KaufmannDirkschneider and the Old Gang Arising
Stefan KaufmannDirkschneider My Way
Stefan KaufmannStormwitch Live In Budapest
Stefan KaufmannStormwitch Priest Of Evil
Stefan KaufmannStormwitch Stronger Than Heaven
Stefan KaufmannStormwitch Tales Of Terror
Stefan KaufmannStormwitch Walpurgis Night
Stefan KaufmannUDO Celebrator
Stefan KaufmannUDO Dominator
Stefan KaufmannUDO Holy
Stefan KaufmannUDO Infected
Stefan KaufmannUDO Leatherhead
Stefan KaufmannUDO Live From Russia
Stefan KaufmannUDO Live In Sofia
Stefan KaufmannUDO Man And Machine
Stefan KaufmannUDO Mastercutor
Stefan KaufmannUDO Mastercutor Alive
Stefan KaufmannUDO Metallized
Stefan KaufmannUDO Mission No. X
Stefan KaufmannUDO Nailed To Metal - The Missing Tracks
Stefan KaufmannUDO No Limits
Stefan KaufmannUDO Rev-Raptor
Stefan KaufmannUDO Solid
Stefan KaufmannUDO Thunderball
Stefan KaufmanAccept Breaker
Stefan KesselHeavenWard A Future Worth Talking About
Stefan KesselHeavenWard Within These Dreams
Stefan KieferEverEve Stormbirds
Stefan KolevAtlantis Atlantis
Stefan KollnerSymphorce Truth to Promises
Stefan KäckGolden Resurrection Glory To My King
Stefan LarssonBathory Bathory
Stefan LarssonBathory The Return
Stefan LeibingPrimal Fear Black Sun
Stefan LeibingPrimal Fear Devil's Ground
Stefan LeibingPrimal Fear Horrorscope
Stefan LeibingPrimal Fear Jaws of Death
Stefan LeibingPrimal Fear Metal Is Forever
Stefan LeibingPrimal Fear New Religion
Stefan LeibingPrimal Fear Nuclear Fire
Stefan LeibingPrimal Fear Seven Seals
Stefan LindgrenDark Tranquillity Skydancer
Stefan LindgrenDark Tranquillity Skydancer/Of Chaos And Eternal Night
Stefan LindholmVindictiv Cage Of Infinity
Stefan LindholmVindictiv Ground Zero
Stefan LindholmVindictiv Vindictiv
Stefan LundgrenSobre Nocturne Serpentine Dreamweaver
Stefan LüddemannSaidian Evercircle
Stefan ManarinOrden Ogan Testimonium A.D.
Stefan MangesDreams Of Sanity Komodia
Stefan ModelEdenbridge Aphelion
Stefan MuellerEverEve Stormbirds
Stefan MullerEverEve .Enetics - 11 Orgies of Massenjoyment on the Dark Side of the Planet
Stefan MullerEverEve Regret
Stefan MullerEverEve Seasons
Stefan MullerEverEve Tried and Failed
Stefan NeuhausEmerald Rebels Of Our Time
Stefan NicolaiScanner Ball Of The Damned
Stefan NorgrenEternal Oath Wither
Stefan OlssonGodgory Sea of Dreams
Stefan PogeDesultory Bitterness
Stefan PogeDesultory Into Eternity
Stefan RadlundM.A.D Amusement Land
Stefan RadlundM.A.D With the Courage of Despair
Stefan RaebelStormwitch War of the Wizards
Stefan RosqvistCloudscape Voice Of Reason
Stefan RosqvistFullforce Next Level
Stefan SchirrmacherFrank Zander Rabenschwarz 2
Stefan SchwarzmannAccept Blind Rage
Stefan SchwarzmannAccept Blood of the Nations
Stefan SchwarzmannAccept Stalingrad
Stefan SchwarzmannHerman Frank Loyal To None
Stefan SchwarzmannRunning Wild Pile of Skulls
Stefan SchwarzmannRunning Wild Ready For Boarding
Stefan SchwarzmannThomsen Let's Get Ruthless
Stefan SchwarzmannUDO Faceless World
Stefan SchwarzmannUDO Mean Machine
Stefan SchwarzmannUDO Metallized
Stefan SchwarzmannUDO No Limits
Stefan SchwarzmannUDO Solid
Stefan SchwarzmannUDO Timebomb
Stefan SchwarzmannVoice Golden Signs
Stefan StrombergOtyg Alvefard
Stefan ThuressonB-Thong Damage
Stefan ThuressonB-Thong From Strength to Strength
Stefan ThuressonB-Thong Skinned
Stefan UdeGuano Apes Bel Air
Stefan UdeGuano Apes Don't Give Me Names
Stefan UdeGuano Apes Live
Stefan UdeGuano Apes Proud Like a God
Stefan UdeGuano Apes Walking on a Thin Line
Stefan UlrichDimple Minds Der Maurer Und Der Koenig
Stefan UlrichDimple Minds Die Besten Trinken Aus
Stefan UlrichDimple Minds Durstige Manner
Stefan UlrichDimple Minds Trinker An Die Macht
Stefan UlrichDimple Minds Volle Kelle Live
Stefan WeberRage Spreading the Plague
Stefan WeinerhallFalconer Among Beggars and Thieves
Stefan WeinerhallFalconer Armod
Stefan WeinerhallFalconer Black Moon Rising
Stefan WeinerhallFalconer Chapters From a Vale Forlorn
Stefan WeinerhallFalconer Falconer
Stefan WeinerhallFalconer Grime vs Grandeur
Stefan WeinerhallFalconer Northwind
Stefan WeinerhallFalconer The Sceptre of Deception
Stefan WesterbergCarnal Forge Aren't You Dead Yet
Stefan WesterbergCarnal Forge Firedemon
Stefan WesterbergCarnal Forge Please... Die!
Stefan WesterbergCarnal Forge Testify for My Victims
Stefan WesterbergCarnal Forge The More You Suffer
Stefan WesterbergCarnal Forge Who's Gonna Burn
Stefan WesterbergIn Thy Dreams Highest Beauty
StefanatikRiotor Death and Destruction
StefanatikRiotor Fucking Metal
Stefanc HorzRhapsody The Dark Secret
Stefane FunèbrePowerwolf Return In Bloodred
Stefano BottarelliVexillum The Wandering Notes
Stefano CalvagnoAstralium Land Of Eternal Dreams
Stefano D'OraziThe Prowlers Devil's Bridge
Stefano D'OraziThe Prowlers Re-Evolution
Stefano D'OraziThe Prowlers Souls Thieves
Stefano DroettoThe Famous-X Deal With The Devil
Stefano DroettoHighlord Breath Of Eternity
Stefano DroettoHighlord Heir Of Power
Stefano DroettoHighlord Instant Madness
Stefano DroettoHighlord Medusa's Coil
Stefano DroettoHighlord The Warning After
Stefano PaoloiniFogalord Masters of War
Stefano ViganiHallowed Hallowed
StefanoLast Romance Fuck 'n' Roll
StefanFortress Magic Touch


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