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CD Collection 250 Discs - Rock, Country Folk, R&B & More $1.00 CD's
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Search Results

The search found 180 CDs at Brutal Metal upon which Eric performed.

Musician Artist CD
Aymeric RibotDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Revenge Is My Time
Aymeric RibotMagic Kingdom Metallic Tragedy
Eric "A.K." KnutsonFlotsam and Jetsam High
Eric "A.K." KnutsonFlotsam and Jetsam Unnatural Selection
Eric 'AK' KnutsonFlotsam and Jetsam Flotsam and Jetsam
Eric A.K.Flotsam and Jetsam Cuatro
Eric A.K.Flotsam and Jetsam Doomsday for the Deceiver
Eric A.K.Flotsam and Jetsam Dreams Of Death
Eric A.K.Flotsam and Jetsam Drift
Eric A.K.Flotsam and Jetsam Live in Phoenix
Eric A.K.Flotsam and Jetsam My God
Eric A.K.Flotsam and Jetsam No Place for Disgrace
Eric A.K.Flotsam and Jetsam The Cold
Eric A.K.Flotsam and Jetsam Ugly Noise
Eric A.K.Flotsam and Jetsam When the Storm Comes Down
Eric AdamsManowar Fighting the World
Eric AdamsManowar Gods Of War
Eric AdamsManowar Hail to England
Eric AdamsManowar Hell on Wheels Live
Eric AdamsManowar Kings of Metal
Eric AdamsManowar Louder than Hell
Eric AdamsManowar The Lord Of Steel
Eric AdamsManowar The Triumph of Steel
Eric AdamsManowar Thunder In The Sky
Eric AdamsManowar Warriors Of The World
Eric AntonelloBurning Black MechanicHell
Eric BradfieldDeliverance Camelot in Smithereens
Eric BrechtD.R.I. Dirty Rotten LP
Eric BrechtHirax Hate, Fear and Power
Eric BumleyNovembers Doom The Knowing
Eric BurnleyNovembers Doom Of Sculptured Ivy and Stone Flowers
Eric BurnleyNovembers Doom The Knowing
Eric CardynMadhouse Tear Down the Walls
Eric CastigliaGhostreaper Straight Out of Hell
Eric ClaytonDivinefire Glory Thy Name
Eric ClaytonNarnia The Great Fall
Eric CookLethal Poison Seed
Eric CookLethal Programmed
Eric CookLethal Your Favorite God
Eric CutlerAutopsy Acts of the Unspeakable
Eric CutlerAutopsy Fiend for Blood
Eric CutlerAutopsy Macabre Eternal
Eric CutlerAutopsy Mental Funeral
Eric CutlerAutopsy Retribution for the Dead
Eric CutlerAutopsy Severed Survival
Eric CutlerAutopsy Shitfun
Eric CutlerAutopsy The Tomb Within
Eric CutlerAutopsy Tortured Moans of Agony
Eric DanielsAsphyx Asphyx
Eric DanielsAsphyx Crush the Cenotaph
Eric DanielsAsphyx Embrace the Death
Eric DanielsAsphyx Last One On Earth
Eric DanielsAsphyx On the WIngs of Inferno
Eric DanielsAsphyx The Rack
Eric ElkinsBeyond Fear Beyond Fear
Eric EyckeCorrosion of Conformity Eye For An Eye
Eric ForrestVoivod Negatron
Eric ForrestVoivod Phobos
Eric ForrestVoivod Voivod Lives
Eric FriedmanProjected Human
Eric FriedmanProjected Ignite My Insanity
Eric GartnerTanelorn The Other Side
Eric GrayCatch 22 Through Eyes of Pain
Eric GrayCatch 22 Time Reveals All
Eric GreaneyAvenger of Blood Complete Annihilation
Eric GreaneyAvenger of Blood Death Brigade
Eric HalpernDestiny's End Transition
Eric HalpernDistant Thunder Welcome To The End
Eric HarrisHuntress Spell Eater
Eric HawkArtch Another Return
Eric HawkArtch For the Sake of Mankind
Eric HawkGardenian Soulburner
Eric HazebroekStream Of Passion A War Of Our Own
Eric HazebroekStream Of Passion Darker Days
Eric HazebroekStream Of Passion The Flame Within
Eric HoffmanDeicide Amon : Feasting The Beast
Eric HoffmanDeicide Deicide
Eric HoffmanDeicide In Torment In Hell
Eric HoffmanDeicide Insineratehymn
Eric HoffmanDeicide Legion
Eric HoffmanDeicide Once Upon the Cross
Eric HoffmanDeicide Scars of the Crucifix
Eric HoffmanDeicide Serpents of the Light
Eric HoffmanDeicide When Satan Lives
Eric HortonCage Astrology
Eric HortonCage Darker Than Black
Eric HortonCage Hell Destroyer
Eric HortonCage Unveiled
Eric JankowskiVine Vine
Eric JenkinsShocking Reality Reality
Eric JurisCrystal Viper Tales of Fire and Ice
Eric KlingerIcarus Witch Draw Down the Moon
Eric KlingerIcarus Witch Songs For The Lost
Eric KnudsonPhantom X Rise Of The Phantom
Eric KnudsonPhantom X Storm Rider
Eric LebaillyAdagio A Band in Upperworld
Eric LebaillyAdagio Archangels in Black
Eric LebaillyAdagio Dominate
Eric MartinAvantasia Moonglow
Eric MartinAvantasia The Mystery Of Time
Eric MendozaDeflagration A Call To Arms
Eric MeyerDark Angel Darkness Descends
Eric MeyerDark Angel Leave Scars
Eric MeyerDark Angel Live Scars
Eric MeyerDark Angel Time Does Not Heal
Eric MeyerDark Angel We Have Arrived
Eric MillerWicked Wayz Evil Reigns
Eric NeySacrament Testimony Of Apocalypse
Eric PercivalNightwing Something in the Air
Eric PetersonTestament Brotherhood Of The Snake
Eric PetersonTestament Dark Roots Of Earth
Eric PetersonTestament Demonic
Eric PetersonTestament First Strike Still Deadly
Eric PetersonTestament Live At Eindhoven '87
Eric PetersonTestament Live At The Fillmore
Eric PetersonTestament Live In London
Eric PetersonTestament Low
Eric PetersonTestament Practice What You Preach
Eric PetersonTestament Return To The Apocalyptic City
Eric PetersonTestament Signs Of Chaos: The Best Of Testament
Eric PetersonTestament Souls of Black
Eric PetersonTestament The Best of Testament
Eric PetersonTestament The Formation Of Damnation
Eric PetersonTestament The Gathering
Eric PetersonTestament The Legacy
Eric PetersonTestament The New Order
Eric PetersonTestament The Ritual
Eric PetersonTestament Titans of Creation
Eric RauriDreamland Exit 49
Eric RautiDreamland Eye For An Eye
Eric RautiDreamland Future's Calling
Eric RosvoltZero Hour Metamorphosis
Eric RosvoltZero Hour The Towers Of Avarice
Eric RosvoltZero Hour Zero Hour (II)
Eric RoyGammacide Victims Of Science
Eric SagerDruid Vampire Cult
Eric SingerAvantasia Angel Of Babylon
Eric SingerAvantasia Lost In Space Part I
Eric SingerAvantasia Lost In Space Part II
Eric SingerAvantasia The Metal Opera Part II
Eric SingerAvantasia The Scarecrow
Eric SingerAvantasia The Wicked Symphony
Eric SingerBlack Sabbath Seventh Star
Eric SingerBlack Sabbath The Eternal Idol
Eric SingerDrive Characters In Time
Eric SingerHolyHell Apocalypse
Eric VanlandinghamEric VanLandingham Meet My Demons
Eric VerschuernenMeltdown Crossing Borders
Eric WagnerTrouble Manic Frustration
Eric WagnerTrouble Plastic Green Head
Eric WagnerTrouble Psalm 9
Eric WagnerTrouble The Skull
Eric WagnerTrouble Trouble
Eric WedowAmulance Feel the Pain
Eric WedowAmulance The Rage Within and the Aftermath
Eric WedowBlacklyst Liars, Killers, and Master Thieves
Eric ZamboniniEcliptyka A Tale of Decadence
Eric van SchaickThird Degree Life on the Outside
Frederic BrunnerDragony Masters Of The Multiverse
Frederic BrnnerDragony Legends
Frederic BrnnerDragony Lords Of The Hunt
Frederic BrnnerDragony Shadowplay
Frederic HeilDreams Of Sanity Masquerade
Frederic HeilDreams Of Sanity The Game
Frederic HuguesSabbtail Otherworlds
Frederic LeclercqDragonforce Extreme Power Metal
Frederic LeclercqDragonforce Maximum Overload
Frederic LeclercqDragonforce Reaching Into Infinity
Frederic LeclercqDragonforce The Power Within
Frederic LeclercqDragonforce Ultra Beatdown
Frederic LeclerqHeavenly Dust To Dust
Lars Eric MattsonBook Of Reflections Book Of Reflections
Lars Eric MattsonBook Of Reflections Chapter II - Unfold The Future
Lars Eric MattssonBook Of Reflections Relentless Fighter
Lars Eric MattssonDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Shadow Of The Red Baron
Lars Eric SiWinds Of Entity and Mind
Lars Eric SiWinds Reflections of the I
Lars Eric SiWinds Reflections of the I
Martin Eric AinCeltic Frost Morbid Tales
Martin Eric AinCeltic Frost Morbid Tales/Emperor's Return


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