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Search Results

The search found 311 CDs at Brutal Metal upon which Rick performed.

Musician Artist CD
Andols HerrickChimaira Pass Out of Existence
Andols HerrickChimaira The Infection
Andrew HeadrickSpace Vacation Heart Attack
Andrew HeadrickSpace Vacation Space Vacation
Andy HerrickChimaira Chimaira
Andy HerrickChimaira Resurrection
Andy HerrickChimaira The Impossibility of Reason
Andy HerrickChimaira This Present Darkness
Brennan KilpatrickDark Haven Fallout
Brennan KilpatrickDark Haven Your Darkest Hour
Brian RickmanFist Storm
Brian RickmanHollow Ground Raw Tapes '79
Cederick ForsbergMarta Gabriel Metal Queens
CederickBlazon Stone War Of The Roses
Chris BroderickJag Panzer Casting The Stones
Chris BroderickJag Panzer Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat
Chris BroderickJag Panzer Mechanized Warfare
Chris BroderickJag Panzer Thane to the Throne
Chris BroderickJag Panzer The Age of Mastery
Chris BroderickMegadeth Countdown To Extinction LIVE
Chris BroderickMegadeth Endgame
Chris BroderickMegadeth Rust In Peace Live
Chris BroderickMegadeth Super Collider
Chris BroderickMegadeth Th1rt3en
Chris BroderickNevermore Manifesto of Nevermore
Chris BroderickNevermore The Year of the Voyager
Derrick BrumleyConquest Damnation
Derrick BrumleyConquest End of Days
Derrick BrumleyConquest End of Days (Second Version)
Derrick BrumleyConquest No Boundaries
Derrick BrumleyConquest Rage
Derrick BrumleyConquest The Killing Time
Derrick BrumleyConquest The War We Rage
Derrick BrumleyConquest Wicked Ways
Derrick GreenSepultura A-Lex
Derrick GreenSepultura Against
Derrick GreenSepultura Dante XXI
Derrick GreenSepultura Kairos
Derrick GreenSepultura Live in Sao Paulo
Derrick GreenSepultura Machine Messiah
Derrick GreenSepultura Nation
Derrick GreenSepultura Revolusongs
Derrick GreenSepultura Roorback
Derrick RamírezTestament Demonic
Derrick TribbettDope No Regrets
Duke EricksonMetal Church Blessing in Disguise
Duke EricksonMetal Church Hanging in the Balance
Duke EricksonMetal Church Human Factor
Duke EricksonMetal Church Live
Duke EricksonMetal Church Live in Japan
Duke EricksonMetal Church Masterpeace
Duke EricksonMetal Church Metal Church
Duke EricksonMetal Church The Dark
Erick HerreraLich King World Gone Dead
Erick KikkeAvernus Of the Fallen
Erick OlateZafira Efecto Zafira
Erick OlateZafira Embalmed
Erick TekillaMemories of Old The Zeramin Game
Frank FrickeLiving Death Metal Revolution
Frank FrickeLiving Death Protected From Reality
Frank FrickLiving Death Vengeance of Hell
Fredrick AkersonSkyblood Skyblood
Garrick SmithHelstar Vampiro
Gert SprickAssignment Closing The Circle
Gert SprickAssignment Disunion Denied
Gert SprickAssignment Inside Of The Machine
Gert SprickAssignment Reflections
Guy LaverickBlitzkrieg Theatre of the Damned
Jake FredrickEternal Silence The Arsonist
Jeff KendrickDevilDriver Beast
Jeff KendrickDevilDriver DevilDriver
Jeff KendrickDevilDriver Pray for Villains
Jeff KendrickDevilDriver The Fury of Our Maker's Hand
Jeff KendrickDevilDriver The Last Kind Words
Jeff KendrickDevilDriver Winter Kills
Jeff KilpatrickPublic Outcry Funny Time's Over
Jim StricklerAngellic Rage Generation Enraged
Magnus ErickssonAxenstar The Final Requiem
Matt UlricksenMilitia Fiend of Misery
Mona FredrickssonWingdom Reality
Patrick AnkermarkLiv Sin Follow Me
Patrick BrudersGoatwhore Funeral Dirge for the Rotting Sun
Patrick BrudersGoatwhore The Eclipse of Ages into Black
Patrick BurghardThornbridge What Will Prevail
Patrick CarlssonEvergrey In Search of Truth
Patrick CarlssonEvergrey Recreation Day
Patrick CarlssonEvergrey Solitude - Dominance - Tragedy
Patrick CarlssonEvergrey The Dark Discovery
Patrick DavisHunter Keep the Change
Patrick DeckarmMessenger Under The Sign
Patrick DepappeJacob's Dream Demo
Patrick FeyRed Raven Chapter One: The Principles
Patrick FuchsRoss The Boss Hailstorm
Patrick FuchsRoss The Boss New Metal Leader
Patrick GerberAppearance Of Nothing Behind Closed Doors
Patrick GerberAppearance Of Nothing Wasted Time
Patrick HerscheMessiah Choir of Horrors
Patrick HerscheMessiah Psychomorphia
Patrick HerscheMessiah Reanimation 2003 at Abart
Patrick HerscheMessiah Rotten Perish
Patrick JohanssonAstral Doors Black Eyed Children
Patrick JohanssonNorthTale Welcome to Paradise
Patrick JohanssonLuca Sellitto The Voice Within
Patrick JuhaszCrystallion Killer
Patrick JuhászCrystallion A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night
Patrick JuhászCrystallion Hattin
Patrick JuhászCrystallion Hundred Days
Patrick KloseIron Savior Kill or Get Killed
Patrick LachmanDamageplan New Found Power
Patrick LachmanHalford Live Insurrection
Patrick LachmanHalford Metal God Essentials, Vol I
Patrick LachmanHalford Resurrection
Patrick MaloneyFrost Bite Carousel
Patrick MaloneyFrost Bite Secret Admirer
Patrick MameliPestilence Chronicles of the Scovrge
Patrick MameliPestilence Consuming Impulse
Patrick MameliPestilence Doctrine
Patrick MameliPestilence Malleus Maleficarum
Patrick MameliPestilence Resurrection Macabre
Patrick MameliPestilence Spheres
Patrick MameliPestilence Testimony of the Ancients
Patrick O'BrienCannibal Corpse Torture
Patrick O'BrienCannibal Corpse Torturing And Eviscerating Live
Patrick ReyesDali's Dilemma Manifesto for Futurism
Patrick RogalskiThornbridge What Will Prevail
Patrick RondatElegy Forbidden Fruit
Patrick RondatElegy Principles of Pain
Patrick SavelkoulCallenish Circle Drift Of Empathy
Patrick SavelkoulCallenish Circle Flesh Power Dominion
Patrick SavelkoulCallenish Circle Forbidden Empathy
Patrick SavelkoulCallenish Circle Graceful... Yet Forbidding
Patrick SavelkoulCallenish Circle My Passion - Your Pain
Patrick SavelkoulCallenish Circle Pitch.Black.Effects
Patrick SperlingOrden Ogan Final Days
Patrick SuhlAlmanac Rush of Death
Patrick SuhlGun Barrel Damage Dancer
Patrick SuhlPantaleon Inner Impact
Patrick SuhlPantaleon Virus
Patrick SühlGun Barrel Brace For Impact
Patrick The BeastWarhead Speedway
Patrick UterwijkPestilence Chronicles of the Scovrge
Patrick UterwijkPestilence Consuming Impulse
Patrick UterwijkPestilence Doctrine
Patrick UterwijkPestilence Spheres
Patrick UterwijkPestilence Testimony of the Ancients
Patrick Van LonderzeleCrossfire Live Attack
Patrick Van LonderzeleCrossfire Second Attack
Patrick Van LonderzeleCrossfire See You In Hell
Patrick Van LonderzeleWarhead The Day After
Patrickk FeyRed Raven Chapter Two: Digithell
Perry StricklandVio-lence Eternal Nightmare
Perry StricklandVio-lence Nothing to Gain
Perry StricklandVio-lence Oppressing the Masses
Perry StricklandVio-lence Torture Tactics EP
Peter DierickxDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Revenge Is My Time
Rick AlexanderEm Sinfonia In Mournings Symphony
Rick AlexanderEm Sinfonia Intimate Portrait
Rick AllenDef Leppard High 'n' Dry
Rick AllenDef Leppard On Through The Night
Rick AltziAldaria Land of Light
Rick AltziAt Vance Facing Your Enemy
Rick AltziAt Vance Ride The Sky
Rick AltziDreamland Exit 49
Rick AltziEvil Masquerade The Outcast Hall Of Fame
Rick AltziHerman Frank Fight the Fear
Rick AltziHerman Frank Right In The Guts
Rick AltziHerman Frank The Devil Rides Out
Rick AltziHerman Frank Two For a Lie
Rick AltziHollow Haze Memories Of An Ancient Time
Rick AltziThunderstone Dirt Metal
Rick BashaReverend World Won't Miss You
Rick Bryall100 Demons 100 Demons
Rick Bryall100 Demons In the Eyes of the Lord
Rick CastellanoMichael Romeo War Of The Worlds / Pt. 1
Rick ChavezDrive Characters In Time
Rick ChavezDrive Diablero
Rick ColalucaWatchtower Control and Resistance
Rick ColalucaWatchtower Demontrations in Chaos
Rick ColalucaWatchtower Energetic Disassembly
Rick CraigHalloween Don't Metal With Evil
Rick CraigHalloween Victims Of The Night
Rick FedykThor Thunderstryke
Rick FerrusiDead on Arrival Alive And Kickin'
Rick FerrusiDead on Arrival Rest in Peace
Rick FerrusiOde To Orpheus On the Darkside of the Sun
Rick FloresStride Music Machine
Rick FowlerInhuman Visions Symptoms of the Manipulated
Rick GonzalezDedkor Dedkor
Rick HabeebGrey Skies Fallen The Fate of Angels
Rick HabeebGrey Skies Fallen The Many Sides of Truth
Rick HabeebGrey Skies Fallen Tomorrow's in Doubt
Rick HabeebGrey Skies Fallen Two Way Mirror
Rick HaganAbsolute Steel The Fair Bitch Project
Rick HaganAbsolute Steel Womanizer
Rick HartMidnight Vice Evidence
Rick HartMidnight Vice Full Disclosure
Rick HilyardJag Panzer Ample Destruction
Rick HilyardJag Panzer Chain Of Command
Rick HilyardJag Panzer Tyrants
Rick HughesSword III
Rick HughesSword Live: Hammersmith
Rick HughesSword Metalized
Rick HughesSword Sweet Dreams
Rick HughesSword The Best Of Sword
Rick HunoltExodus Another Lesson in Violence
Rick HunoltExodus Bonded by Blood
Rick HunoltExodus Fabulous Disaster
Rick HunoltExodus Force of Habit
Rick HunoltExodus Good Friendly Violent Fun
Rick HunoltExodus Impact Is Imminent
Rick HunoltExodus Lessons In Violence (The Best Of Exodus)
Rick HunoltExodus Pleasures Of The Flesh
Rick HunoltExodus Tempo Of The Damned
Rick HunoltHeathen Empire of the Blind
Rick KnoxMister Grinch You're The Best
Rick MayJacob's Dream Jacob's Dream
Rick McCoyAvernus Of the Fallen
Rick McCoyAvernus Where the Sleeping Shadows Lie
Rick MerrickHeretic Breaking Point
Rick MiahMy Dying Bride Like Gods Of The Sun
Rick MiahMy Dying Bride The Angel And The Dark River
Rick MiahMy Dying Bride Turn Loose The Swans
Rick MythiasenSteel Prophet Unseen
Rick MythiasinRedemption Redemption
Rick MythiasinSteel Prophet Dark Hallucinations
Rick MythiasinSteel Prophet Messiah
Rick MythiasinTaraxacum Rainmaker
Rick MythiasinTaraxacum Spirit of Freedom
Rick NemesRapid Tears Honestly
Rick PapaMotive Worn Down Dream
Rick PerryGammacide Victims Of Science
Rick PierceRonny Munroe The Fire Within
Rick RisbergIced Earth Alive In Athens
Rick RitmanVulture Easier to Lie
Rick RitmanVulture Fatal Games
Rick RossMassacre Inhuman Condition
Rick RozzDeath Leprosy
Rick RozzMassacre From Beyond
Rick SavageDef Leppard High 'n' Dry
Rick SavageDef Leppard On Through The Night
Rick ScottEden Eden
Rick SheltonDust for Life Dust for Life
Rick SkowronAtrophy Socialized Hate
Rick SkowronAtrophy Violent By Nature
Rick TiptonGlenn Tipton Baptizm of Fire
Rick TorresIkki Crane Dead Again
Rick TrefreyAngellic Rage Generation Enraged
Rick Van ZandtMetal Church Classic Live
Rick Van ZandtMetal Church Damned If You Do
Rick Van ZandtMetal Church From the Vault
Rick Van ZandtMetal Church Generation Nothing
Rick Van ZandtMetal Church This Present Wasteland
Rick Van ZandtMetal Church XI
Rick Van ZandtRonny Munroe Lords Of The Edge
Rick Van ZandtRonny Munroe The Fire Within
Rick WakemanAyreon The Theory Of Everything
Rick WakemanBlack Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Rick WakemanBlack Sabbath Symptom of the Universe
Rick WakemanBlack Sabbath We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' Roll
Rick WardDistant Thunder Welcome To The End
Rick WardRonny Munroe Electric Wake
Rick WardRonny Munroe Lords Of The Edge
Rick WartellTrouble Live in Los Angeles
Rick WartellTrouble Manic Frustration
Rick WartellTrouble Plastic Green Head
Rick WartellTrouble Psalm 9
Rick WartellTrouble The Skull
Rick WartellTrouble Trouble
Rick WijsBlacklyst Liars, Killers, and Master Thieves
Rick YifrachAvernus Of the Fallen
Rick YifrachAvernus Where the Sleeping Shadows Lie
Rick van DykZero Option Gates Of Utopia
Rickard BengtssonTristitia The Last Grief
Rickard GustafssonGolden Resurrection Glory To My King
Rickard GustafssonGolden Resurrection Man with a Mission
Rickard Ribban BergmanBathory Bathory
Rickard SporrongMidas Touch Presage of Disaster
Rickard SundénSabaton Fist For Fight
Rickard SundénSabaton Primo Victoria
Rickie PhillipsTributes Numbers from the Beast
Ricky AbatteEcliptyka The First Petal Falls
Ricky BlackChrome Division 3rd Round Knockout
Ricky BlackChrome Division Booze, Broads and Beelzebub
Ricky BlackChrome Division Doomsday Rock 'N' Roll
Ricky BruceAngel Witch '82 Revisited
Ricky MarxNow Or Never II
Ricky MarxNow Or Never III
Ricky MarxNow Or Never Now Or Never
Ricky MyersDisgorge Consume the Forsaken
Ricky MyersDisgorge Cranial Impalement
Ricky MyersDisgorge Parallels of Infinite Torture
Ricky MyersDisgorge She Lay Gutted
RickMy Dying Bride As the Flower Withers
RickMy Dying Bride Trinity
Rob HendrickCloven Hoof Fighting Back
Ronan FitzpatrickGama Bomb Survival of the Fastest
Ryan KilpatrickDark Haven Fallout
Stephen FredrickFirewind Between Heaven and Hell
Stephen FredrickFirewind Burning Earth
Stephen FredrickKinrick Sense Your Darkness
Steve RickerBlackston Gang Kiss Reality Goodbye
Ted Kirkpatrick Tourniquet Vanishing Lessons
Ted KirkpatrickTourniquet Crawl to China
Ted KirkpatrickTourniquet Gazing at Medusa
Ted KirkpatrickTourniquet Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm
Ted KirkpatrickTourniquet Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance
Ted KirkpatrickTourniquet Where Moth and Rust Destroy
Tim RickardLazy Bones Stew
Tom's KricklAnguish Symmetry
Trickster G.Ulver Perdition City
Trickster G.Ulver Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell


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