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Search Results

The search found 213 CDs at Brutal Metal upon which T.T. performed.

Musician Artist CD
Agnes TothEvenSong Mysterium
Agnes TothEvenSong Of Man's First Disobedience (Expulsion from the Divine Abode)
Agnes TothEvenSong Path Of The Angels
Brian TatlerDiamond Head All WIll Be Revealed
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Am I Evil
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Behold The Beginning
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Borrowed Time
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Canterbury
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Death and Progress
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Diamond Head
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Lightning To The Nations
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Lightning To The Nations 2020
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Singles
Brian TatlerDiamond Head The Friday Rock Show Sessions
Brian TatlerDiamond Head What's in Your Head
Carl August TidemannArcturus La Masquerade Infernale
Carl August TidemannWinds Of Entity and Mind
Carl August TidemannWinds Prominence and Demise
Carl August TidemannWinds Reflections of the I
Carl August TidemannWinds The Imaginary Direction of Time
Das Letzte EinhornIn Extremo Verehrt Und Angespien
David TattumAngel Witch Frontal Assault
David TattumAngel Witch Screamin' And Bleedin'
Dominik StotzemBeyond The Bridge The Old Man and The Spirit
Dominik StotzemEnemy Inside Phoenix
Geoff TateAvantasia Ghostlights
Geoff TateAvantasia Moonglow
Geoff TateQueensryche American Soldier
Geoff TateQueensryche Empire
Geoff TateQueensryche Hear in the Now Frontier
Geoff TateQueensryche Live Evolution
Geoff TateQueensryche Mindcrime at the Moore
Geoff TateQueensryche Operation Livecrime
Geoff TateQueensryche Operation Mindcrime
Geoff TateQueensryche Operation: Mindcrime II
Geoff TateQueensryche Q2K
Geoff TateQueensryche Queensryche
Geoff TateQueensryche Rage for Order
Geoff TateQueensryche Sign of the Times: the Best of Queensryche
Geoff TateQueensryche Take Cover
Geoff TateQueensryche The Art Of Live
Geoff TateQueensryche The Collection
Geoff TateQueensryche The Warning
Giancarlo TotaroScarlett D. Gray Scarlett D. Gray
Grant TruesdellUnleash the Archers Abyss
Horst TessmannStormHammer Cold Desert Moon
Horst TessmannStormHammer Echoes Of A Lost Paradise
Horst TessmannStormHammer Fireball
Horst TessmannStormHammer Lord Of Darkness
Horst TeßmannStormHammer Signs Of Revolution
Jeff TetzlaffAnshar Defacing Humanity
Jeff TottenRaising Cain Hell On Earth
Jesper StotzCivilization One Revolution Rising
John TetleyJag Panzer Ample Destruction
John TetleyJag Panzer Casting The Stones
John TetleyJag Panzer Chain Of Command
John TetleyJag Panzer Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat
John TetleyJag Panzer Dissident Alliance
John TetleyJag Panzer Mechanized Warfare
John TetleyJag Panzer Shadow Thief
John TetleyJag Panzer Thane to the Throne
John TetleyJag Panzer The Age of Mastery
John TetleyJag Panzer The Deviant Chord
John TetleyJag Panzer The Fourth Judgement
John TetleyJag Panzer The Scourge of the Light
John TetleyJag Panzer Tyrants
K.M. [Most Terrible God] {3EverEve E-Mania
Luciano "Lvcio" TattiniTarchon Fist Apocalypse
MPR (aka Statutorist)Catholicon Of Ages Past
Matt ThomasCrowbar Broken Glass
Matt ThomasCrowbar Crowbar
Matt ThomasCrowbar Time Heals Nothing
Matt Thompson.End Of Story .End Of Story
Matt Thompson.End Of Story .The Sonic Blueprint
Matt ThompsonKing Diamond Abigail II: The Revenge
Matt ThompsonKing Diamond Deadly Lullabyes Live
Matt ThompsonKing Diamond Dreams of Horror
Matt ThompsonKing Diamond Give Me Your Soul... Please
Matt ThompsonKing Diamond Songs For the Dead - Live
Matt ThompsonKing Diamond The Puppet Master
Matti SvatitzkiOrphaned Land Sahara
Michael StutzerArtillery B.A.C.K.
Michael StutzerArtillery By Inheritance
Michael StutzerArtillery Fear of Tomorrow
Michael StutzerArtillery My Blood
Michael StutzerArtillery One Foot In the Grave, The Other One In the Trash
Michael StutzerArtillery Terror Squad
Michael StutzerArtillery Terror Squad/ Fear Of Tomorrow
Michael StutzerArtillery When Death Comes
Miranda TateQueensryche Operation: Mindcrime II
Morten StutzerArtillery B.A.C.K.
Morten StutzerArtillery By Inheritance
Morten StutzerArtillery Fear of Tomorrow
Morten StutzerArtillery My Blood
Morten StutzerArtillery One Foot In the Grave, The Other One In the Trash
Morten StutzerArtillery Terror Squad
Morten StutzerArtillery Terror Squad/ Fear Of Tomorrow
Morten StutzerArtillery When Death Comes
Pete Von StettinaMinddrive Mind Over Matter
Phil BuerstatteLast Crack Burning Time
Phil BuerstatteLast Crack Sinister Funkhouse 17
Reto HofstetterTribes Of Cain Supra Absurdum
Reto HofstetterTribes Of Cain The First Born
Richard StottsPlasmatics Coup De Grace
Robert ThorntonHellraiser Cut Yer Teeth On This
Robert TrederTangent Plane Tangent Plane
Robert TrevinoHelstar Remnants Of War
Robert TrujilloBlack Label Society 1919 Eternal
Robert TrujilloMetallica Beyond Magnetic
Robert TrujilloMetallica Death Magnetic
Robert TrujilloMetallica Hardwired...To Self-Destruct
Robert TrujilloMetallica Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, Metallica!
Robert TrujilloMetallica Live At Grimey's
Robert TrujilloMetallica Lulu
Robert TrujilloMetallica Orgullo, Pasión, Y Gloria
Robert TrujilloMetallica S and M 2
Robert TrujilloMetallica Six Feet Down Under EP
Robert TrujilloMetallica Six Feet Down Under Part II
Robert TrujilloMetallica Some Kind Of Monster
Robert TrujilloMetallica St. Anger
Robert TrujilloMetallica Through The Never Soundtrack
Robert TrujilloGlenn Tipton Baptizm of Fire
Ron Bumblefoot ThalEllefson No Cover
Sam TotmanDragonforce Extreme Power Metal
Sam TotmanDragonforce Inhuman Rampage
Sam TotmanDragonforce Maximum Overload
Sam TotmanDragonforce Sonic Firestorm
Sam TotmanDragonforce The Power Within
Sam TotmanDragonforce Twilight Dementia
Sam TotmanDragonforce Ultra Beatdown
Sam TotmanDragonforce Valley Of The Damned
Sam TotmanPower Quest Wings Of Forever
Scott TravisFight A Small Deadly Space
Scott TravisFight K5 - The War of Words Demos
Scott TravisFight Mutations
Scott TravisFight War Of Words
Scott TravisHalford Metal God Essentials, Vol I
Scott TravisJudas Priest 98 Live Meltdown
Scott TravisJudas Priest A Touch Of Evil: Live
Scott TravisJudas Priest Angel of Retribution
Scott TravisJudas Priest Battle Cry
Scott TravisJudas Priest Demolition
Scott TravisJudas Priest Firepower
Scott TravisJudas Priest Jugulator
Scott TravisJudas Priest Live In London
Scott TravisJudas Priest Metal Works '73-'93
Scott TravisJudas Priest Metalogy Box Set Sampler
Scott TravisJudas Priest Nostradamus
Scott TravisJudas Priest Painkiller
Scott TravisJudas Priest Redeemer Of Souls
Scott TravisJudas Priest Setlist: The Very Best of Judas Priest - Live
Scott TravisJudas Priest The Best Of Judas Priest: Living After Midnight
Scott TravisJudas Priest The Essential Judas Priest
Set TeitanDissection Live Rebirth
Set TeitanDissection Reinkaos
StatutoristCatholicon The Death Throes of Christianity
StatutoristCatholicon Treatise On The Abyss
Stet HowlandBelladonna Spells of Fear
Stet HowlandKilling Machine Killing Machine
Stet HowlandMetal Church Damned If You Do
Stet HowlandMetal Church From the Vault
T.T.Abigor Fractal Possession
T.T.Abigor Quintessence
T.T.Abigor Time is the Sulphur in the Veins of the Saint...
Tamás TóthWisdom Rise Of The Wise
Tetsuro NaitoSepultura Against
Thorsten "Toto" BergmannLiving Death Metal Revolution
Thorsten "Toto" BergmannLiving Death Protected From Reality
Thorsten "Toto" BergmannLiving Death Vengeance of Hell
Thorsten "Toto" BergmannLiving Death Worlds Neuroses
Titan FoxHammer King King is Rising
Titan FoxHammer King Poseidon Will Carry Us Home
TitianLucky Bastardz Alwayz On The Run
Tito MatosWehrmacht Biermacht
Tito MatosWehrmacht Shark Attack
Titta TaniDGM Different Shapes
Titta TaniDGM Dreamland
Titta TaniDGM Hidden Place
Titta TaniDGM Misplaced
Titta TaniMistheria Dragon Fire
Titus HjelmThunderstone Apocalypse Again
Titus HjelmThunderstone Dirt Metal
Titus HjelmThunderstone Evolution 4.0
Titus HjelmThunderstone The Burning
Titus HjelmThunderstone Thunderstone
Titus HjelmThunderstone Tools Of Destruction
Todd StotzReverend A Gathering of Demons
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Acidofilia
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Amazing Atomic Activity
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Are You a Rebel
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Broken Head
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Fishdick
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Fishdick Zwei - The Dick Is Rising Again
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers High Proof Cosmic Milk
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Infernal Connection
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers La Part Du Diable
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Maximum Overload
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Rock is Not Enough, Give Me the Metal
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Strip Tease
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers The State of Mind Report
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Varran Strikes Back - Alive!!!
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Verses of Steel
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Vile Vicious Vision
Tony PettittFields of the Nephilim Dawnrazor
Tony PettittFields of the Nephilim Earth Inferno
Tony PettittFields of the Nephilim Elizium
Tony PettittFields of the Nephilim Fallen
Tony PettittFields of the Nephilim The Nephilim
TotorHare Nuclear Karma
TotorHare Proud to Be Loud
Wayne StaticStatic-X Machine
Wayne StaticStatic-X Wisconsin Death Trip


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