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Search Results

The search found 319 CDs at Brutal Metal upon which Johan performed.

Musician Artist CD
Adam Johansson8 Point Rose Primigenia
Anders JohanssonFalconer The Sceptre of Deception
Anders JohanssonFullforce Next Level
Anders JohanssonFullforce One
Anders JohanssonHammerfall (r)Evolution
Anders JohanssonHammerfall Chapter 5 - Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
Anders JohanssonHammerfall Crimson Thunder
Anders JohanssonHammerfall Gates Of Dalhalla
Anders JohanssonHammerfall Infected
Anders JohanssonHammerfall Masterpieces
Anders JohanssonHammerfall No Sacrifice No Victory
Anders JohanssonHammerfall Renegade
Anders JohanssonHammerfall Steel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory
Anders JohanssonHammerfall Threshold
Anders JohanssonNarnia The Great Fall
Anders JohanssonTungsten Tundra
Anders JohanssonTungsten We Will Rise
Andreas JohanssonBathory The Return
Andreas JohanssonNarnia At Short Notice... Live in Germany
Andreas JohanssonNarnia Course Of A Generation
Andreas JohanssonNarnia Decade Of Confession
Andreas JohanssonNarnia Desert Land
Andreas JohanssonNarnia Enter The Gate
Andreas JohanssonNarnia From Darkness to Light
Andreas JohanssonNarnia Long Live The King
Andreas JohanssonNarnia Narnia
Andreas JohanssonNarnia The Great Fall
Calle JohannessonSparzanza Folie a Cinq
Carl Johan GrimmarkNarnia At Short Notice... Live in Germany
Carl Johan GrimmarkNarnia Awakening
Carl Johan GrimmarkNarnia Course Of A Generation
Carl Johan GrimmarkNarnia Decade Of Confession
Carl Johan GrimmarkNarnia Desert Land
Carl Johan GrimmarkNarnia Enter The Gate
Carl Johan GrimmarkNarnia Long Live The King
Carl Johan GrimmarkNarnia The Great Fall
Carl JohanDivinefire Glory Thy Name
Frank JohannessenThunderbolt Demons and Diamonds
Fredrik JohanssonBlackburns Punishment of Justice
Fredrik JohanssonDark Tranquillity Of Chaos And Eternal Night
Fredrik JohanssonDark Tranquillity Projector
Fredrik JohanssonDark Tranquillity Skydancer/Of Chaos And Eternal Night
Fredrik JohanssonDark Tranquillity The Gallery
Fredrik JohanssonDark Tranquillity The Mind's I
Fredrik JohanssonIn Flames The Jester Race
Fredrik JohanssonNils Patrik Johansson The Great Conspiracy
Fredrik JohanssonSaint Deamon In Shadows Lost From The Brave
Hans JohanssonBiscaya Biscaya
Henka JohanssonClawfinger Hate Yourself With Style
Henka JohanssonClawfinger Life WIll Kill You
Henka JohanssonClawfinger Zeros and Heroes
Jens JohannsonTungsten Tundra
Jens JohanssonRichard Andersson The Ultimate Andersson Collection
Jens JohanssonAvantasia Angel Of Babylon
Jens JohanssonCain's Offering Stormcrow
Jens JohanssonDio Anthology Volume Two
Jens JohanssonDio Lock Up The Wolves
Jens JohanssonDio The Very Beast of Dio
Jens JohanssonRoland Grapow Kaleidoscope
Jens JohanssonHelloween Helloween
Jens JohanssonSonata Arctica The End Of This Chapter
Jens JohanssonStar One Space Metal
Jens JohanssonStratovarius Destiny
Jens JohanssonStratovarius Elements Part 1
Jens JohanssonStratovarius Elements Part 2
Jens JohanssonStratovarius Elysium
Jens JohanssonStratovarius Enigma: Intermission II
Jens JohanssonStratovarius Episode
Jens JohanssonStratovarius Eternal
Jens JohanssonStratovarius Infinite
Jens JohanssonStratovarius Intermission
Jens JohanssonStratovarius Live - Visions Of Europe
Jens JohanssonStratovarius Nemesis
Jens JohanssonStratovarius Polaris
Jens JohanssonStratovarius Stratovarius
Jens JohanssonStratovarius The Chosen Ones
Jens JohanssonStratovarius Unbreakable
Jens JohanssonStratovarius Under Flaming Winter Skies
Jens JohanssonStratovarius Visions
Jens JohanssonTimo Tolkki's Avalon The Land Of New Hope
Johan AdlerEternal Oath Ghostlands
Johan AnderssonBlackburns Punishment of Justice
Johan AremyrHammerfall Threshold
Johan BergebackBlack Trip Goin' Under
Johan BergquistStefan Elmgren's Full Strike We Will Rise
Johan BergquistTrail Of Murder Shades Of Art
Johan BernspangKatana Heads Will Roll
Johan BohlinDesultory Counting Our Scars
Johan BülowWolf Black Wings
Johan CarlssonSparzanza Folie a Cinq
Johan De FarfallaOpeth Orchid
Johan DeFerfallaOpeth Morningrise
Johan EdlundAyreon The Dream Sequencer
Johan EdlundTiamat A Deeper Kind Of Slumber
Johan EdlundTiamat The Sleeping Beauty - Live In Israel EP
Johan EdlundTiamat Wildhoney
Johan EricsonSaint Deamon In Shadows Lost From The Brave
Johan ErikssonDreamland Eye For An Eye
Johan ErikssonDreamland Future's Calling
Johan FriskBlackburns Punishment of Justice
Johan GodschalkWicked Mystic Beware and Whisper
Johan GodschalkWicked Mystic Mend or End
Johan HallgrenPain of Salvation Be
Johan HallgrenPain of Salvation One Hour By the Concrete Lake
Johan HallgrenPain of Salvation Panther
Johan HallgrenPain of Salvation Remedy Lane
Johan HallgrenPain of Salvation Scarsick
Johan HallgrenPain of Salvation The Perfect Element Part I
Johan HeggAmon Amarth Deceiver of the Gods
Johan HeggAmon Amarth Fate of Norns
Johan HeggAmon Amarth Once Sent from the Golden Hall
Johan HeggAmon Amarth Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds
Johan HeggAmon Amarth Surtur Rising
Johan HeggAmon Amarth The Avenger
Johan HeggAmon Amarth The Crusher
Johan HeggAmon Amarth Twilight of the Thunder God
Johan HeggAmon Amarth Versus The World
Johan HeggAmon Amarth With Oden on Our Side
Johan HultgrenBrick Faceless Strangers
Johan Jacob Høvring OlsenIron Fire Blade Of Triumph
Johan JohanssonBrothers of Metal Emblas Saga
Johan JohanssonBrothers of Metal Prophecy of Ragnarok
Johan JohanssonCryonic Temple Blood, Guts and Glory
Johan JohanssonCryonic Temple Chapter 1
Johan KolebergLion's Share Lion's Share
Johan KolebergLion's Share Two
Johan KolebergSection A Parallel Lives
Johan LangellPain of Salvation Be
Johan LangellPain of Salvation Entropia
Johan LangellPain of Salvation One Hour By the Concrete Lake
Johan LangellPain of Salvation Remedy Lane
Johan LangellPain of Salvation Scarsick
Johan LangellPain of Salvation The Perfect Element Part I
Johan LanquistCandlemass Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
Johan LarssonIn Flames 8 Songs
Johan LiivaArch Enemy Black Earth
Johan LiivaArch Enemy Burning Bridges
Johan LiivaArch Enemy Burning Japan Live 1999
Johan LiivaArch Enemy Stigmata
Johan LindstedtAstral Doors Astralism
Johan LindstedtAstral Doors Black Eyed Children
Johan LindstedtAstral Doors Evil Is Forever
Johan LindstedtAstral Doors Jerusalem
Johan LindstedtAstral Doors New Revelation
Johan LindstedtAstral Doors Notes From The Shadows
Johan LindstedtAstral Doors Of The Sun And The Father
Johan LindstedtAstral Doors Raiders Of The Ark
Johan LindstedtAstral Doors Requiem Of Time
Johan LindstedtAstral Doors Testament Of Rock - The Best Of Astral Doors
Johan LindstrandThe Crown Crowned Unholy
Johan LindstrandThe Crown Deathrace King
Johan LindstrandThe Crown Eternal Death
Johan LindstrandThe Crown Hell Is Here
Johan LindstrandThe Crown Possessed 13
Johan LindstrandThe Crown The Burning
Johan LofgrenTad Morose Chapter X
Johan MagnussonCarnal Forge Firedemon
Johan MagnussonCarnal Forge Who's Gonna Burn
Johan NiemannEvergrey Escape of the Phoenix
Johan NiemannEvergrey Glorious Collision
Johan NiemannEvergrey The Atlantic
Johan NiemannEvil Masquerade Fade To Black
Johan NiemannThe Murder Of My Sweet Divanity
Johan NiemannTears of Anger In The Shadows
Johan NiemannTears of Anger Still Alive
Johan NiemanEvergrey The Storm Within
Johan NormanDissection Live Legacy
Johan NormanDissection Storm Of The Light's Bane
Johan NunezFirewind Apotheosis - Live 2012
Johan NunezFirewind Firewind
Johan Olsen DanishVolbeat Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil
Johan OlsenVolbeat Seal The Deal and Let's Boogie
Johan OudhuisLake of Tears The Neonai
Johan Reinholdz8 Point Rose Primigenia
Johan ReinholdzAndromeda Chimera
Johan ReinholdzAndromeda Extension Of the Wish
Johan ReinholdzAndromeda Manifest Tyranny
Johan ReinholdzAndromeda Playing off the Board
Johan ReinholdzAndromeda The Immunity Zone
Johan ReinholdzSkyfire Esoteric
Johan ReinholdzSkyfire Fractal
Johan RosthNeptune Northern Steel
Johan SoderbergAmon Amarth Deceiver of the Gods
Johan SoderbergAmon Amarth Fate of Norns
Johan SoderbergAmon Amarth Surtur Rising
Johan SoderbergAmon Amarth The Avenger
Johan SoderbergAmon Amarth The Crusher
Johan SoderbergAmon Amarth Twilight of the Thunder God
Johan SoderbergAmon Amarth Versus The World
Johan SoderbergAmon Amarth With Oden on Our Side
Johan SohlbergBloodbound Tabula Rasa
Johan SusantCrossfire Sharpshooter
Johan WeingartenSerious Black Magic
Johan van StratumAyreon Universe: Best Of Ayreon Live
Johan van StratumReVamp Wild Card
Johan van StratumStream Of Passion A War Of Our Own
Johan van StratumStream Of Passion Darker Days
Johan van StratumStream Of Passion Embrace The Storm
Johan van StratumStream Of Passion Live In The Real World
Johan van StratumStream Of Passion Out In The Real World
Johan van StratumStream Of Passion The Flame Within
Johann Bran CleeremanCorvus Corax The Atavistic Triad
Johanna AnderssonDark Tranquillity Projector
Johanna RussellHelstar This Wicked Nest
Johanna RuttoEvil-Lyn The Night of Delusions
Johanne JamesThreshold Critical Mass
Johanne JamesThreshold Decadent
Johanne JamesThreshold Hypothetical
Johannes AxemanWolf Legions of Bastards
Johannes AxemanWolf Ravenous
Johannes BrunnScanner Scantropolis
Johannes EckerstromAvatar Avatar
Johannes EckerstromAvatar Black Waltz
Johannes EckerstromAvatar Schlacht
Johannes EckerstromAvatar Thoughts Of No Tomorrow
Johannes JungreithmeierEdenbridge The Chronicles of Eden Part 2
Johannes JungreithmeierEdenbridge The Great Momentum
Johannes JungreithmeierThird Moon Bloodforsaken
Johannes LangStormHammer Signs Of Revolution
Johannes LosbäckWolf Evil Star
Johannes LosbäckWolf The Black Flame
Johannes NybergSeason of Dreams My Shelter
Johannes SchiefnerUDO Mission No. X
Johannes Timander8 Point Rose Primigenia
Johannes TolonenKatra Beast Within
Johannes TolonenKatra Katra
Johannes TolonenKatra Out Of The Ashes
Johan8thSin Angelseed and Demonmilk
Johan8thSin Sinners Inc.
JohanOfficium Triste Ne Vivam
JohanOfficium Triste Ne Vivam
Kalle JohanssonTungsten Tundra
Kalle JohanssonTungsten We Will Rise
Lars "Lasse" JohanssonCandlemass Death Magic Doom
Lars "Lasse" JohanssonCandlemass Houae of Doom
Lars "Lasse" JohanssonCandlemass King of the Grey Islands
Lars "Lasse" JohanssonCandlemass Psalms For The Dead
Lars Ake JohanssonCandlemass Live
Lars JohanssonCandlemass Chapter VI
Lars JohanssonCandlemass Nightfall
Lars JohanssonCandlemass Tales of Creation
Lasse JohanssonCandlemass Candlemass
Lasse JohanssonCandlemass Doomed For Live - Reunion 2002
Lasse JohanssonStoneLake Marching On Timeless Tales
Lasse JohanssonStoneLake Monolith
Lasse JohanssonStoneLake Shades Of Eternity
Lasse JohanssonStoneLake Thunder and Rain
Lasse JohanssonStoneLake Uncharted Souls
Markus JohanssonThem Sweet Hollow
Mats JohanssonDawn Of Silence Moment of Weakness
Niklas JohanssonTungsten Tundra
Niklas JohanssonTungsten We Will Rise
Nils Fredrik JohanssonNils Patrik Johansson Evil Deluxe
Nils JohanssonNaglfar Diabolical
Nils Partik JohanssonAstral Doors Astralism
Nils Partik JohanssonAstral Doors Raiders Of The Ark
Nils Partik JohanssonCivil War Gods And Generals
Nils Patrik JohanssonAstral Doors Evil Is Forever
Nils Patrik JohanssonAstral Doors Jerusalem
Nils Patrik JohanssonAstral Doors Notes From The Shadows
Nils Patrik JohanssonAstral Doors Of The Sun And The Father
Nils Patrik JohanssonAstral Doors Testament Of Rock - The Best Of Astral Doors
Nils Patrik JohanssonNils Patrik Johansson Evil Deluxe
Nils Patrik JohanssonNils Patrik Johansson The Great Conspiracy
Nils-Patrik JohanssonCivil War Civil War
Nils-Patrik JohanssonCivil War The Killer Angels
Nisse JohanssonVintersorg Till Fjalls
Patrick JohanssonAstral Doors Black Eyed Children
Patrick JohanssonNorthTale Welcome to Paradise
Patrick JohanssonLuca Sellitto The Voice Within
Patrik JohanssonAstral Doors New Revelation
Patrik JohanssonAstral Doors Requiem Of Time
Patrik JohanssonBloodbound In The Name of Metal
Patrik JohanssonBloodbound One Night of Blood - Live At Masters of Rock MMXV
Patrik JohanssonBloodbound Stormborn
Patrik JohanssonBloodbound Unholy Cross
Patrik JohanssonCivil War The Last Full Measure
Patrik JohanssonDawn Of Silence Moment of Weakness
Patrik JohanssonShadowquest Armoured IV Pain
Patrik JohanssonStormwind Heaven Can Wait
Patrik JohanssonStormwind Reflections
Patrik JohanssonStormwind Resurrection
Patrik JohanssonStormwind Stargate
Peder JohanssonFalconer The Sceptre of Deception
Pelle JohanssonDawn Of Silence Moment of Weakness
Per JohanssonThird Eye Recipe For Disaster
Pete JohansenThe Sins of Thy Beloved Lake of Sorrow
Pete JohansenThe Sins of Thy Beloved Perpetual Desolation
Pete JohansenTristania Beyond the Veil
Pete JohansenTristania World of Glass
Peter JohansenTristania Widow's Weeds
Peter JohanssonAxenstar Far From Heaven
Peter JohanssonAxenstar Perpetual Twilight
Peter JohanssonAxenstar The Final Requiem
Peter JohanssonAxenstar The Inquisition
Simon JohanssonAbstrakt Algebra Abstrakt Algebra
Soren Hee JohansenJackal A Safe Look in Mirrors
Soren Hee JohansenJackal Vague Visions
Stefan JohanssonManticora To Live To Kill To Live
Stig JohansenThe Sins of Thy Beloved Lake of Sorrow
Stig JohansenThe Sins of Thy Beloved Perpetual Desolation
Thomas JohanssonMean Streak Blind Faith
Thomas JohanssonMean Streak Trial By Fire
Tom "Tommen" JohansenBloodthorn In the Shadow of Your Black Wings
Tom "Tommen" JohansenBloodthorn Onwards Into Battle
Tom "Tommen" JohansenBloodthorn Under The Reign of Terror
Tomas JohanssonCeremonial Oath Carpet
Tommy JohanssonAstralium Land Of Eternal Dreams
Tommy JohanssonDragony Masters Of The Multiverse
Tommy JohanssonGolden Resurrection Glory To My King
Tommy JohanssonGolden Resurrection Man with a Mission
Tommy JohanssonMemories of Old The Zeramin Game
Tommy JohanssonMindless Sinner Turn on the Power
Tommy JohanssonSabaton The Great War
Tony JohannessenThunderbolt Demons and Diamonds
Toya JohanssonSaint Deamon Ghost
Toya JohanssonSaint Deamon In Shadows Lost From The Brave
Toya JohanssonSaint Deamon Pandeamonium
Øyvind Johan Mustaparta (Mustis)Dimmu Borgir Spiritual Black Dimensions


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