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Hurd - Black Box set 12CD ltd rare Mongolia heavy metal
Hurd - Black Box set 12CD ltd rare Mongolia heavy metal
VENOM Welcome to Hell FULLY SIGNED Cronos Mantas & Abaddon Black Metal AUTOGRAPH
VENOM Welcome to Hell FULLY SIGNED Cronos Mantas & Abaddon Black Metal AUTOGRAPH
VENOM Witching Hour FULLY SIGNED - Cronos Mantas & Abaddon Black Metal AUTOGRAPH
VENOM Witching Hour FULLY SIGNED - Cronos Mantas & Abaddon Black Metal AUTOGRAPH
Embraced - Amorous Anathema CD Swedish Gothic Black/Death metal
Embraced - Amorous Anathema CD Swedish Gothic Black/Death metal

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Top 200 Ebay Rarities

This is a list of the top 200 rarest CDs here at Brutal Metal, as indicated by results of completed Ebay auctions. The higher the number of auctions for a given CD, the more accurate the results are likely to be. Over the course of time, as more Ebay data is gathered, the averages will become more realistic.

NOTE: Just because a disc does not appear on this list, does not mean it is not scarce. The rarer the disc, the less likely it is to appear on Ebay. Also, do not take these results as gospel; there are people bidding on Ebay with more money than sense...

Price database last reset Sep. 24, 2015

Last updated Fri Aug 2 03:11:04 2019

Ebay Average Number of Auctions Artist CD

$257.77 2Death Squad Driving Blind
$212.94 9Vulture Easier to Lie
$159.92 90Armour Armour
$150.00 1Dark Tranquillity The Dying Fragments (Treasures From The Live Archives)
$131.52 16Vulture Fatal Games
$131.13 5Death Squad Split You At The Seams
$127.85 4Agalloch The Compendium Archive
$125.28 19Tank Armour Plated
$124.63 137Vine Vine
$108.48 31Black Rose Walk It How You Talk It
$108.22 5GWAR You're All Worthless and Weak
$105.78 11Sabaton Fist For Fight
$104.66 14Airdash Thank God It's Monday
$99.34 4Jaguar Holland 82
$93.25 6Prymary Prymary
$92.70 5Epidemic The Truth of What Will Be
$91.66 3Wicked Mystic Mend or End
$90.72 46Halo Body of Light
$89.96 3Aska Immortal
$81.78 4Aurora Devotion
$79.99 1Mago De Oz The Best Oz: 1988-2006
$79.95 1Dorian Lord Keeper of the Night
$79.22 7Betrayer Betrayer
$77.03 8Angel Witch Frontal Assault
$76.51 209Quartz Quartz
$76.29 7Spitfire First Attack
$75.03 4Ethel The Frog Ethel The Frog
$75.00 1Battlecross Push Pull Destroy
$74.77 31Black Sabbath Live at Hammersmith Odeon
$74.21 8Samson Head Tactics
$72.72 2Hallowed Hallowed
$70.50 2Destruction Them Not Me
$69.99 1Mister Grinch You're The Best
$69.07 4Annihilator Total Annihilation
$68.48 33Anacrusis Suffering Hour
$68.16 6Ayreon Timeline
$66.74 20Chateaux Fight to the Last! The Anthology
$64.47 8Last Descendants One Nation Under God
$64.37 8Nightmare Waiting For The Twilight
$63.97 2Raven Party Killers
$63.00 1Crawler Burst
$61.36 229Slipknot Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.
$60.87 4Nightmare Power Of The Universe
$60.78 15Devastation Violent Termination
$59.86 5Equinox The Way to Go
$59.65 3Anshar Defacing Humanity
$59.20 10Mama's Boys Mama's Boys
$58.80 8Aurora Eos
$56.58 3Tokyo Blade Live in Germany
$56.00 1Atlantida New Frontiers
$55.14 53United Nine
$54.22 26Epica The Road To Paradiso
$52.73 2Blaze Bayley Best Of...
$52.40 34Wrath Nothing To Fear
$51.10 468Alice In Chains Music Bank
$51.10 10Picture Live 2008
$51.06 10Mezzrow Then Came The Killing
$50.74 2Veni Domine 23:59
$50.00 1Green Jello Triple Live Mother Goose at Budokan
$49.99 1Morbid Saint Thrashaholic
$49.30 2Quartz Satan's Serenade: The Quartz Anthology
$48.66 3GWAR Let There Be GWAR
$48.63 10Picture Marathon
$47.84 7Marseille Rock You Tonight: The Anthology
$47.65 1Black Rose Bright Lights Burnin' - The Anthology
$47.32 5Agalloch The Demonstration Archive: 1996-1998
$46.72 28Risk Hell's Animals
$46.66 3Hallows Eve The Neverending Sleep
$46.29 15DGM FrAme
$46.23 24Amon Amarth Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds
$46.21 66Rigor Mortis Rigor Mortis
$45.55 2Vardis The World's Gone Mad - The Best Of Vardis 2-CD Anthology
$45.50 13Arena Smoke and Mirrors
$45.45 35Defiance Product Of Society
$45.19 9Goatlord Goatlord
$45.00 1The Accused Hymns for the Deranged
$44.80 25Veto Carthago
$44.65 15Blitzkrieg A Time of Changes - Phase 1
$44.65 47days The Weight Of The World
$44.37 60Piledriver Metal Inquisition
$44.34 26Villain Only Time Will Tell
$44.18 32Ceremonial Oath The Book of Truth
$43.76 32Wrath Fit of Anger
$43.45 4Zandelle Shadows of Reality
$43.38 7Ritual Misery World Of Hate
$43.05 42Godsmack All Wound Up...
$42.95 8Empyrium Weiland
$42.78 7Majesty Keep It True
$42.77 10Blitzkrieg Ten
$42.57 7Ruthless Discipline Of Steel
$42.43 30Dark Moor Dark Moor
$42.05 13Opeth In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall
$41.89 46Helloween Pumpkin Box
$41.45 7Blitzkrieg The Mists of Avalon
$41.44 31Sinner Danger Zone/Touch of Sin
$41.22 9Artillery B.A.C.K.
$40.87 5Belladonna 03
$40.85 35Realm Endless War
$40.81 8Sacrifice (Japan) Total Steel
$40.71 49Venom Calm Before The Storm
$40.64 23Bloodthorn Genocide
$40.55 4Atomkraft Future Warriors
$40.00 1Blacklyst Liars, Killers, and Master Thieves
$39.99 1Dark Moor The Fall of Melnibone EP
$39.90 6Conquest Wicked Ways
$39.77 7Zandelle Zandelle
$39.64 5Jaguar Power Games - The Anthology
$39.52 15Tokyo Blade Ain't Misbehavin'
$39.39 86Cities Annihilation Absolute
$38.86 105Tank Filth Hounds of Hades
$38.65 3Agony Column Way Back in the Woods
$38.53 17Powermad The Madness Begins...
$38.48 2Ilium Sirens Of The Styx
$38.30 151Danzig Circle of Snakes
$38.20 5Nightwing Something in the Air
$38.00 1Wicked Wayz Evil Reigns
$38.00 122Iron Maiden BBC Archives
$37.96 17Shocking Reality Reality
$37.87 32White Spirit White Spirit
$37.60 54Killers New Live and Rare
$37.49 23Sinner Comin' Out Fighting/Dangerous Charm
$37.37 11Metal Church Live in Japan
$37.34 28White Zombie Soul Crusher
$37.31 19Imprecation Theurgia Goetia Summa
$37.21 24Salem's Wych Betrayer Of Kings
$37.06 24Hyde Hyde
$36.99 4Savage Xtreme Machine
$36.77 10Vio-lence Torture Tactics EP
$36.75 4Evoken A Caress of the Void
$36.65 42Raven Stay Hard
$36.53 5Druid Vampire Cult
$36.51 45Artillery Terror Squad/ Fear Of Tomorrow
$36.49 3Dorsal Atlantica Alea Jacta Est
$36.38 11Sacrosanct Truth Is - What Is
$36.22 5Nightwing My Kingdom Come
$36.20 12Persian Risk Rise Up
$36.03 8Eternal Decision Ghost In The Machine
$35.90 24Evildead Rise Above
$35.88 5Warcry Immortal
$35.85 10Dio The Singles Collection
$35.83 5Acheron Hail Victory
$35.78 31Demon Heart of Our Time
$35.56 45Believer Extraction From Mortality
$35.50 174Warlord Deliver Us
$35.28 20Raven Mad
$35.04 46Raven Life's a Bitch
$35.00 1Blood Storm Ancient Wraith Of KU
$35.00 1Dio We Rock - Greatest Hits
$35.00 1Mortification Noah Sat Down and Listened to the Mortification Live E.P. While Having a Coffee
$35.00 1Novembre Arte Novecento
$34.91 73Picture Picture
$34.85 44Warlord Best of Warlord
$34.79 21Living Death Killing in Action
$34.72 173Vio-lence Eternal Nightmare
$34.71 23Abigor Nachthymnen (From the Twilight Kingdom)
$34.70 8Compilations New Wave of British Heavy Metal '79 Revisited
$34.70 5Bloodbath Unblessing the Purity EP
$34.61 127Burzum Filosofem
$34.60 5Raising Cain Hell On Earth
$34.35 73Dismember Like An Ever Flowing Stream
$34.14 12Agalloch Whitedivisiongrey
$34.12 2Conquest No Boundaries
$34.04 67Grave Digger Heavy Metal Breakdown
$34.00 1Carisma 1825
$33.98 21Tokyo Blade Blackhearts and Jaded Spades
$33.95 78Tokyo Blade Night of the Blade
$33.94 52Black Sabbath Under Wheels of Confusion 1970-1987
$33.91 5Jaguar This Time
$33.83 2Sad Legend Sad Legend
$33.75 11Damien Every Dog Has Its Day
$33.73 7Tulus Pure Black Energy
$33.68 63Grave Digger Witch Hunter
$33.66 32Iced Earth Box Of The Wicked
$33.65 81Intruder A Higher Form Of Killing
$33.52 2Hammer (Italy) Hammer Nation
$33.45 2At Vance Early Works
$33.11 27Omen Escape To Nowhere
$33.09 161Iron Maiden Beast Over Hammersmith
$33.08 166Burzum Aske
$33.07 4Demon Better The Devil You Know
$33.02 42Devastation Signs Of Life
$32.99 143Danzig The Lost Tracks of Danzig
$32.87 136Saxon Innocence Is No Excuse
$32.83 29Dissection Live Legacy
$32.74 86Blue Steel Blue Steel
$32.70 2Stormwitch Live In Budapest
$32.66 3Veni Domine IIII - The Album of Labour
$32.59 13Eternal Decision Eternal Decision
$32.56 6Lawshed Let Us Not Talk Falsely
$32.44 25Ancient Svartalvheim
$32.40 164Exhorder Slaughter In The Vatican
$32.35 4Children of Bodom Bestbreeder from 1997 to 2000
$32.30 8Autopsy Awakened by Gore
$32.24 52Grave Digger Wargames
$32.21 3DBC (Dead Brain Cells) Unreleased
$32.16 3Tributes Roots of Iron Maiden
$32.12 12Holocaust Smokin' Valves: The Anthology
$32.04 69Edguy Monuments
$31.83 84Sadus Swallowed In Black
$31.80 36Hobbs' Angel of Death Hobbs' Angel of Death


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