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Search Results

The search found 297 CDs at Brutal Metal upon which David performed.

Musician Artist CD
David HusvikExtol Extol
Alexi DavidDiphtheria To Wait for Fire
David A. BennettWicked Kick Mind Twister
David A. WalkerSmash Alley Underground Rising From the Shadows
David Allan CoeRebel Meets Rebel Rebel Meets Rebel
David AllenCrossroads Edge When Love Goes Blind
David AllenGreat Leap Skyward Map of Broken Dreams
David AmoreKingCrown A Perfect World
David AmoreNightmare Astral Deliverance
David AmoreNightmare Cosmovision
David AmoreNightmare Deliverance
David AmoreNightmare Genetic Disorder
David AmoreNightmare Insurrection
David AmoreNightmare One Night Of Insurrection
David AmoreNightmare Silent Room
David AmoreNightmare The Aftermath
David AmoreNightmare The Burden Of God
David AmoreNightmare The Dominion Gate
David AnderssonMean Streak Declaration Of War
David AnderssonMean Streak Trial By Fire
David ArredondoTaken Taken
David ArredondoTaken Unchained
David AustinNasty Savage Indulgence
David AustinNasty Savage Nasty Savage
David BassinVictorius Heart of the Phoenix
David BatesSweet Savage Killing Time
David BatesSweet Savage Rune
David BaßinVictorius Dreamchaser
David BaßinVictorius Unleash The Titans
David BermudezBlaze Bayley Promise and Terror
David BermudezBlaze Bayley The Man Who Would Not Die
David BermudezBlaze Bayley The Night That Will Not Die
David BertokDreamscape Everlight
David BlomkuistCarnage Dark Recollections
David BlomqvistDismember Death Metal
David BlomqvistDismember Dismember
David BlomqvistDismember Hate Campaign
David BlomqvistDismember Indecent and Obscene
David BlomqvistDismember Like An Ever Flowing Stream
David BlomqvistDismember Massive Killing Capacity
David BlomqvistDismember The God That Never Was
David BlomqvistDismember Where Ironcrosses Grow
David BowerHell Curse and Chapter
David BowerHell Human Remains
David Brian BrownUglystick Uglystick
David BukovinszkyDream Evil In The Night
David CotterillDemon Unbroken
David DavidsonRevocation Chaos of Forms
David DavidsonRevocation Empire of the Obscene
David DavidsonRevocation Existence is Futile
David DavidsonRevocation Revocation
David DeFeisAvantasia The Metal Opera Part II
David DeFeisVirgin Steele Age of Consent
David DeFeisVirgin Steele Guardians of the Flame
David DeFeisVirgin Steele Invictus
David DeFeisVirgin Steele Life Among the Ruins
David DeFeisVirgin Steele Magick Fire-Music
David DeFeisVirgin Steele The Black Light Bacchanalia
David DeFeisVirgin Steele The Book of Burning
David DeFeisVirgin Steele The House of Atreus: Act I
David DeFeisVirgin Steele The House of Atreus: Act II
David DeFeisVirgin Steele The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Part I
David DeFeisVirgin Steele The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Part II
David DeFeisVirgin Steele Through Blood and Fire
David DeFeisVirgin Steele Virgin Steele
David DeFeisVirgin Steele Visions of Eden
David DefeisAvantasia The Metal Opera
David DefeisTimo Tolkki's Avalon Angels Of The Apocalypse
David DefeisVirgin Steele Noble Savage
David DraimanDisturbed Asylum
David DraimanDisturbed Believe
David DraimanDisturbed Indestructible
David DraimanDisturbed Live At Red Rocks
David DraimanDisturbed Live and Indestructible
David DraimanDisturbed Ten Thousand Fists
David DraimanDisturbed The Lost Children
David DraimanDisturbed The Sickness
David DraimanMegadeth Super Collider
David Earl TaylorDrive Diablero
David EllefsonAngels Of Babylon Kingdom of Evil
David EllefsonEllefson No Cover
David EllefsonKilling Machine Metalmorphosis
David EllefsonMegadeth Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years
David EllefsonMegadeth Countdown To Extinction LIVE
David EllefsonMegadeth Countdown to Extinction
David EllefsonMegadeth Cryptic Writings
David EllefsonMegadeth Greatest Hits - Back To The Start
David EllefsonMegadeth Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good! The Final Kill
David EllefsonMegadeth Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!
David EllefsonMegadeth Peace Sells... But Who's Buying
David EllefsonMegadeth Risk
David EllefsonMegadeth Rust In Peace Live
David EllefsonMegadeth Rust in Peace
David EllefsonMegadeth Still Alive...And Well
David EllefsonMegadeth Super Collider
David EllefsonMegadeth Th1rt3en
David EllefsonMegadeth Train Of Consequences
David EllefsonMegadeth Youthanasia
David EngströmLancer Lancer
David FefoltAngels Of Babylon Kingdom of Evil
David FefoltFireWolfe FireWolfe
David FefoltFireWolfe We Rule the Night
David FeinsteinFeinstein Third Wish
David FigueirasDarksun Chronicles Of Aravan
David FlennerChainReaction A Game Between Good And Evil
David FolchittoDragonhammer The X Experiment
David FolchittoKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter I: The Destruction
David FolchittoKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter II: The King's Rescue
David FolchittoKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter III: The Way Of The Light
David FolchittoKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter IV: Twilight Of The Gods
David FolchittoKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter Six: The Last Night On The Battlefield
David FolchittoKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter V: A New Era Begins
David FrembergAndromeda Chimera
David FrembergAndromeda Manifest Tyranny
David FrembergAndromeda Playing off the Board
David FrembergAndromeda The Immunity Zone
David FrembergConstancia Lost and Gone
David G. AlvarezAngelus Apatrida Clockwork
David G. AlvarezAngelus Apatrida Evil Unleashed
David G. AlvarezAngelus Apatrida Give 'Em War
David G. AlvarezAngelus Apatrida The Call
David GarciaCage Science of Annihilation
David GermainShadows Fall Of One Blood
David GermainShadows Fall Somber Eyes To The Sky
David GilbreathDeliverance Assimilation
David GilbreathDeliverance Live at Cornerstone 2001
David GreenV8 Wankers Automotive Rampage
David GreenV8 Wankers Blown Action Rock
David GreenV8 Wankers Foxtail Testimonial
David GustafssonSole Syndicate Last Days of Eden
David HarbourKing Diamond House Of God
David HarrisonAllegiance D.e.s.t.i.t.u.t.i.o.n
David HarrisonAllegiance Time To React LIVE!
David HenrikssonInsania World Of Ice
David HillClaude Zircle Feel The Green
David HofmannCapricorn Capricorn
David HofmannCapricorn Inferno
David HusvikExtol Burial
David HusvikExtol Mesmerized
David HusvikExtol Synergy
David HusvikExtol The Blueprint Dives
David HusvikExtol Undeceived
David JanglovTwins Crew Veni, Vidi, Vici
David JensenSato Leather Warriors - Sato Anthology 82/86
David KinkadeBorknagar Universal
David KinkadeBorknagar Urd
David LavaggiDeliverance Camelot in Smithereens
David LeddenExciter Kill After Kill
David LindleySavage Loose 'N Lethal
David LowCold Year of the Spider
David LuterbacherEmerald Unleashed
David MackintoshDragonforce Ultra Beatdown
David McCabeSpiral Key An Error of Judgement
David McElfreshLethal Poison Seed
David McElfreshLethal Your Favorite God
David Michael PhilipsLizzy Borden Deal With the Devil
David Michael PhillipsLizzy Borden Master of Disguise
David MooreVelvet Viper Velvet Viper
David MunkhoffThor Keep The Dogs Away
David NelsonSaint Heaven Fell
David OlofssonPortait Crossroads
David PalmerAvenged Sevenfold Nightmare
David PariatRated X Words
David PavlickoKamelot Siege Perilous
David PearsonIlium Ilium
David PotterCloven Hoof Cloven Hoof
David PotterCloven Hoof The BBC Sessions
David PotvinLyzanxia Eden
David PotvinLyzanxia Locust
David PotvinLyzanxia Mindcrimes
David PotvinLyzanxia UNSU
David PrichardArmored Saint Saints Will Conquer
David PubisCradle of Filth Damnation And A Day
David PubisCradle of Filth Nymphetamine
David PutnamHyde Hyde
David QuinnCeltachor In the Halls of Our Ancient Fathers
David QuinnCeltachor Nine Waves From The Shore
David RairanPurulent Patologia Grotesca
David Readman vAdagio A Band in Upperworld
David ReadmanAdagio Sanctus Ignis
David ReadmanAdagio Underworld
David ReadmanAlmanac Kingslayer
David ReadmanAlmanac Tsar
David ReeceAccept Eat the Heat
David ReeceIron Allies Blood In Blood Out
David RheaDust for Life Dust for Life
David RileyDepth Charge Depth Charge
David RiosViolent Revolution Damaged Society
David RiveraTenebrarum Divine War
David RiveraTenebrarum Sol Negro
David RosieHolocaust Covenant
David RosieHolocaust Hypnosis of Birds
David RuizEdge of Paradise Universe
David RyanHalo Body of Light
David RyanHalo Degree Zero Point of Implosion
David RyanHalo Guattari (from the West Flows Grey Ash and Pestilence)
David RyanHalo Live 06:06:01
David RyanHalo Massive Corporate Disease
David RyanHalo Subliminal Transmissions
David SanchezHavok Burn
David SanchezHavok Point of No Return
David SanchezHavok Time Is Up
David SanchezHavok Unnatural Selection
David SchleifAlpha Tiger Beneath The Surface
David SchleifAlpha Tiger iDentity
David SchumakerSub Species Sub Species
David ShankleManowar The Triumph of Steel
David SilveriaKorn Greatest Hits Vol. 1
David SilveriaKorn Issues
David SilveriaKorn See You on the Other Side
David SilveriaKorn Untouchables
David SixAngizia kokon. Ein schaurig-schones Schachtelstuck
David SnyderNameless Fear Nameless Fear
David SpeltzCold Year of the Spider
David StranderudPortait Portrait
David StuartHallows Eve Death And Insanity
David StuartHallows Eve History of Terror
David StuartHallows Eve Monument
David StuartHallows Eve Tales Of Terror
David T. ChastainCJSS 2-4-1
David T. ChastainCJSS Kings of the World
David T. ChastainCJSS Praise the Loud
David T. ChastainCJSS World Gone Mad
David T. ChastainZanister Fear No Man
David T. ChastainZanister Symphonica Millennia
David TattumAngel Witch Frontal Assault
David TattumAngel Witch Screamin' And Bleedin'
David TaylorDrive Characters In Time
David TaylorJacob's Dream Demo
David TaylorJacob's Dream Jacob's Dream
David TaylorJacob's Dream Theater of War
David Van ZandtRonny Munroe The Fire Within
David VillarrealCoffeinne Circle Of Time
David VincentMorbid Angel Altars of Madness
David VincentMorbid Angel Blessed Are the Sick
David VincentMorbid Angel Covenant
David VincentMorbid Angel Domination
David VincentMorbid Angel Entangled in Chaos
David WagnerEvoken Atra Mors
David WallinHammerfall Built To Last
David WallinHammerfall Dominion
David WallinHammerfall Hammer of Dawn
David WallinStormwind Legacy
David WallinStormwind Rising Symphony
David WalmsleyIlium Permian Dusk
David WanklinGrim Reaper Rock You To Hell
David WayneMetal Church Live
David WayneMetal Church Masterpeace
David WayneMetal Church Metal Church
David WayneMetal Church The Dark
David WayneReverend A Gathering of Demons
David WayneReverend Live
David WayneReverend Play God
David WayneReverend Reverend
David WayneReverend World Won't Miss You
David WayneWayne Metal Church
David WhiteHeathen Breaking The Silence
David WhiteHeathen Empire of the Blind
David WhiteHeathen Recovered
David WhiteHeathen The Evolution of Chaos
David WhiteHeathen Victims Of Deception
David WhitleyLegend Death in the Nursery
David WhitleyLegend Legend
David WynnCrumbsuckers Life of Dreams
David YoungEden Eden
David ZablidowskyAdrenaline Mob We The People
David del CidMonument Rock The Night
David ellefsonMegadeth So Far, So Good... So What!
DavidKBDTaken Taken
DavidKBDTaken Unchained
Davide BrunoAstralium Land Of Eternal Dreams
Davide CestaroHollow Haze Poison In Black
Davide CristofoliHighlord Hic Sunt Leones
Davide Dell'OrtoDrakkar Cold Winter's Night
Davide Di PatrizioAstral Domine Arcanum Gloriae
Davide MontorsiKilling Touch One of A Kind
Davide ScuteriEmbrace of Souls The Number of Destiny
Davide SolanoSisthema The Fourth Discontinuity
Davide ValentiniAries Field The Halo Behind the Sun
DavidBrainsic Brainsic
DavidBrainsic Brainsic [2006]
DavidKorn Follow the Leader
DavidKorn Korn
DavidKorn Life Is Peachy
DavidRage N Revenge Apocalyptic Future
DavidVictorius The Awakening
Derek DavidsonAnshar Defacing Humanity
Kelly David SmithFlotsam and Jetsam Cuatro
Kelly David SmithFlotsam and Jetsam Drift
Kelly David SmithFlotsam and Jetsam High
Kelly David-SmithFlotsam and Jetsam Doomsday for the Deceiver
Mark David Francis KleinCyrcle IX A New Dimension
Michael DavidFireWolfe Conquer All Fear
Paul David MartinCorvus Corax The Atavistic Triad
Paul DavidsonHeir Apparent Graceful Inheritance
Scott DavidsonLazy Bones Stew
Sumer T. DavidDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Revenge Is My Time


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