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Search Results

The search found 738 CDs at Brutal Metal upon which Chris performed.

Musician Artist CD
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Symbol Of Eternity
Amilcar ChristófaroAngra Angels Cry: 20th Anniversary Tour
AntichristSarcofago INRI
Arild ChristensenThe Sins of Thy Beloved Lake of Sorrow
Arild ChristensenThe Sins of Thy Beloved Perpetual Desolation
Chris "Ashtrael" BonnerAgathodaimon Phoenix
Chris 'El Vikingo' ScornaDragonfly Alma Irae
Chris 'El Vikingo' ScornaDragonfly Domine
Chris AbbamonteHallows Eve The Neverending Sleep
Chris AdlerBurn the Priest Burn the Priest
Chris AdlerFirstBorne FirstBorne
Chris AdlerLamb of God As the Palaces Burn
Chris AdlerLamb of God Ashes of the Wake
Chris AdlerLamb of God Hourglass: The Anthology
Chris AdlerLamb of God Killadelphia
Chris AdlerLamb of God New American Gospel
Chris AdlerLamb of God Resolution
Chris AdlerLamb of God Sacrament
Chris AdlerLamb of God Wrath
Chris AdlerMegadeth Dystopia
Chris AlexanderSilverlane Above The Others
Chris AlexanderSilverlane Legends Of Safar
Chris AlexanderSilverlane My Inner Demon
Chris AllanSpiral Key An Error of Judgement
Chris AllenShadowkeep Corruption Within
Chris AllisterElegy Manifestations of Fear
Chris AmottIn Flames Clayman
Chris AndersonDivine Regale Horizons
Chris AndersonDivine Regale Ocean Mind
Chris AppletonAbsolva Anthems Of The Dead
Chris AppletonAbsolva Beyond Live
Chris AppletonAbsolva Flames Of Justice
Chris AppletonAbsolva Never A Good Day To Die
Chris AppletonBlaze Bayley Damaged Strange Different and Live
Chris AppletonBlaze Bayley Endure And Survive - Infinite Entanglement Part II
Chris AppletonBlaze Bayley Infinite Entanglement
Chris AppletonBlaze Bayley Live in Czech
Chris AppletonBlaze Bayley Live in France
Chris AppletonBlaze Bayley The Redemption Of William Black - Infinite Entanglement Part III
Chris AppletonBlaze Bayley War Within Me
Chris AstleyXentrix Dilute To Taste
Chris AstleyXentrix For Whose Advantage
Chris AstleyXentrix Kin
Chris AstleyXentrix Shattered Existence
Chris AultSkrew Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame
Chris AylmerSamson Before The Storm
Chris AylmerSamson Don't Get Mad, Get Even
Chris AylmerSamson Head On
Chris AylmerSamson Head Tactics
Chris AylmerSamson Live at Reading '81
Chris AylmerSamson Live in London 2000
Chris AylmerSamson Past Present and Future
Chris AylmerSamson Pillars of Rock
Chris AylmerSamson Samson
Chris AylmerSamson Shock Tactics
Chris AylmerSamson Survivors
Chris AylmerSamson The BBC Sessions
Chris AylmerSamson There and Back
Chris AylmerSamson Tomorrow and Yesterday
Chris BakerAtheist Jupiter
Chris BakerAtheist Unquestionable Presence: Live at Wacken
Chris BanjaVainglory 2050
Chris BanjaVainglory Vainglory
Chris BarnesCannibal Corpse Butchered At Birth
Chris BarnesCannibal Corpse Eaten Back To Life
Chris BarnesCannibal Corpse The Bleeding
Chris BarnesCannibal Corpse Tomb of the Mutilated
Chris BattonStronghold Portal of Illusions
Chris BayFreedom Call Beyond
Chris BayFreedom Call Crystal Empire
Chris BayFreedom Call Dimensions
Chris BayFreedom Call Eternity
Chris BayFreedom Call Land Of The Crimson Dawn
Chris BayFreedom Call Legend Of The Shadowking
Chris BayFreedom Call Live In Hellvetia
Chris BayFreedom Call Live Invasion
Chris BayFreedom Call M.E.T.A.L.
Chris BayFreedom Call Master of Light
Chris BayFreedom Call Stairway to Fairyland
Chris BayFreedom Call Taragon
Chris BayFreedom Call The Circle Of Life
Chris BayVexillum Unum
Chris BennettWidow Nightlife
Chris BertzellLiv Sin Follow Me
Chris BlackHigh Spirits Another Night
Chris BlackHigh Spirits You Are Here
Chris BoltendahlDigger Stronger Than Ever
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger 25 To Live
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Ballads Of A Hangman
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Clash Of The Gods
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Excalibur
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Exhumation - The Early Years
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Fields of Blood
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Healed By Metal
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Heart Of Darkness
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Heavy Metal Breakdown
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Knights Of The Cross
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Liberty Or Death
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Masterpieces
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Pray
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Return Of The Reaper
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Rheingold
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Symphony Of Death
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger The Best Of The Eighties
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger The Clans Will Rise Again
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger The Grave Digger
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger The Last Supper
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger The Living Dead
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger The Reaper
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Tunes Of Wacken - Live
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Tunes Of War
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Wargames
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Witch Hunter
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Yesterday
Chris BoltendahlWhite Skull Asgard
Chris BoltendahlWhite Skull Tales From The North
Chris BombekeFaith Or Fear Instruments of Death
Chris BombekeFaith Or Fear Punishment Area
Chris BombekeFaith Or Fear Titanium
Chris BradleySavage Babylon
Chris BradleySavage Holy Wars
Chris BradleySavage Hyperactive
Chris BradleySavage Loose 'N Lethal
Chris BradleySavage Sons of Malice
Chris BradleySavage Xtreme Machine
Chris BreezeLabyrinth No Limits
Chris BreezeLabyrinth Piece of Time
Chris BreezeLabyrinth Return to Heaven Denied
Chris BreezeLabyrinth Timeless Crime
Chris BroderickJag Panzer Casting The Stones
Chris BroderickJag Panzer Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat
Chris BroderickJag Panzer Mechanized Warfare
Chris BroderickJag Panzer Thane to the Throne
Chris BroderickJag Panzer The Age of Mastery
Chris BroderickMegadeth Countdown To Extinction LIVE
Chris BroderickMegadeth Endgame
Chris BroderickMegadeth Rust In Peace Live
Chris BroderickMegadeth Super Collider
Chris BroderickMegadeth Th1rt3en
Chris BroderickNevermore Manifesto of Nevermore
Chris BroderickNevermore The Year of the Voyager
Chris BurtonCryptal Darkness Chapter II The Fallen
Chris BurtonCryptal Darkness They Whispered You Had Risen
Chris ByesStrapping Young Lad Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing
Chris CafferyChris Caffery Faces
Chris CafferyChris Caffery House of Insanity
Chris CafferyChris Caffery Music Man
Chris CafferyChris Caffery Pins and Needles
Chris CafferyChris Caffery The Jester's Court
Chris CafferyChris Caffery The Mold
Chris CafferyChris Caffery W.A.R.P.E.D.
Chris CafferyChris Caffery Your Heaven Is Real
Chris CafferyMetalium Chapter I: Millenium Metal
Chris CafferyRonny Munroe Lords Of The Edge
Chris CafferySavatage Dead Winter Dead
Chris CafferySavatage From The Gutter To The Stage
Chris CafferySavatage Ghost In The Ruins - A Tribute To Criss Oliva
Chris CafferySavatage Poets and Madmen
Chris CafferySavatage The Wake of Magellan
Chris CafferySpirits of Fire Spirits of Fire
Chris ChandlerFrom Idle Hands [Self-Titled]
Chris ChildsPersian Risk Once A King
Chris ClancyMegadeth Endgame
Chris CloseEyes Wide Open 'Till The Walls Fell
Chris CooneyKickin Chickins Poultry With A Side Of Metal
Chris CorleySkitzo Skitzo
Chris CossCloven Hoof Age of Steel
Chris CossCloven Hoof Resist Or Serve
Chris CossCloven Hoof Who Mourns For the Morning Star
Chris CruzDemiricous One (Hellbound)
Chris DadsonChateaux Fight to the Last! The Anthology
Chris DadsonChateaux Fire Power
Chris DadsonChateaux Highly Strung
Chris DaleTank War Machine
Chris DaleTank War Nation
Chris DaleTribuzy Execution Live Reunion
Chris DaughtrySevendust Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow
Chris De BrauwerCrossfire Live Attack
Chris De BrauwerCrossfire See You In Hell
Chris De BrauwerCrossfire Sharpshooter
Chris De BrauweCrossfire Second Attack
Chris DeGarmoAlice In Chains Rainier Fog
Chris DeGarmoQueensryche Empire
Chris DeGarmoQueensryche Hear in the Now Frontier
Chris DeGarmoQueensryche Operation Livecrime
Chris DeGarmoQueensryche Operation Mindcrime
Chris DeGarmoQueensryche Queensryche
Chris DeGarmoQueensryche Rage for Order
Chris DeGarmoQueensryche The Warning
Chris DecatoGodsmack 1000HP
Chris DecatoGodsmack Live and Inspired
Chris DegarmoQueensryche Sign of the Times: the Best of Queensryche
Chris DegarmoQueensryche The Collection
Chris DegarmoQueensryche Tribe
Chris DipardoDorian Gray Grow
Chris DipardoDorian Gray Rebuild
Chris DoerrTomorrow's Eve Mirror Of Creation II - Genesis II
Chris DoerrTomorrow's Eve Tales From Serpentia
Chris DoerrTomorrow's Eve The Tower
Chris DovasSeven Spires Emerald Seas
Chris DrewImpaler Charnel Deity
Chris DunnettCharacter Checkmate
Chris EfthimiadisRage Best Of - All G.U.N. Years
Chris EfthimiadisRage Best Of The Noise Years
Chris EfthimiadisRage Black in Mind
Chris EfthimiadisRage End Of All Days
Chris EfthimiadisRage Ghosts
Chris EfthimiadisRage Lingua Mortis
Chris EfthimiadisRage Secrets In A Weird World
Chris EfthimiadisRage Ten Years In Rage
Chris EfthimiadisRage The Missing Link
Chris EfthimiadisRage Trapped
Chris EfthimiadisRage XIII
Chris Eisler Into Eternity Into Eternity
Chris EllisDemon Night of the Demon
Chris EllisDemon The Plague
Chris EllisDemon The Unexpected Guest
Chris EstesKing Diamond The Graveyard
Chris EstesKing Diamond The Spider's Lullabye
Chris EstesKing Diamond Voodoo
Chris FehnSlipknot 9.0: Live
Chris FehnSlipknot All Hope Is Gone
Chris FehnSlipknot Iowa
Chris FehnSlipknot Slipknot
Chris FehnSlipknot Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)
Chris FergusonSnydley Whiplash Infoslam
Chris FoxBitter End Harsh Realities
Chris FoxBitter End Have A Nice Death!
Chris FLawnmower Deth Billy
Chris GavinDust for Life Dust for Life
Chris GillenTokyo Blade Live in Germany
Chris GoldsmithStefan Elmgren's Full Strike We Will Rise
Chris GraziolaIvory Spider Ivory Spider
Chris GreeneAgalloch Ashes Against the Grain
Chris GreeneAgalloch The Grey
Chris GreeneAgalloch The White EP
Chris HearneKingdom Of Dead Kingdom Of Dead
Chris HendriksenCyrcle IX A New Dimension
Chris HermsdörferSerenity Codex Atlanticus
Chris HermsdörferSerenity Lionheart
Chris HillAt Vance Facing Your Enemy
Chris HoffbauerMagic Kingdom The Arrival
Chris HolmesThor Alliance
Chris HouckNothingface Violence
Chris HydeDeliverance Back In The Day: The First Four Years
Chris HydeDeliverance Deliverance
Chris HydeDeliverance Greetings Of Death, Etc.
Chris HydeDeliverance Weapons of Our Warfare
Chris HydeVengeance Rising Destruction Comes
Chris IvoPowerworld Cybersteria
Chris J FirstTorch Reignited
Chris J. MarxHunter Keep the Change
Chris JerichoBlaze Bayley The Redemption Of William Black - Infinite Entanglement Part III
Chris JerichoDurbin The Beast Awakens
Chris JerichoTributes Numbers from the Beast
Chris KamperVisions Of Atlantis Eternal Endless Infinity
Chris KlaukeAbraxas The Liaison
Chris KlaukeAbraxas Tomorrow's World
Chris KlaukeMania Changing Times
Chris KontosMachine Head Burn My Eyes
Chris KostkaJag Panzer Dissident Alliance
Chris KrallInto Eternity Buried In Oblivion
Chris LeeDownset Downset
Chris LoreyScenes New Beginning
Chris LovellJaguar Holland 82
Chris LovellJaguar Power Games
Chris LovellJaguar This Time
Chris LukhaupAtrocity Werk 80
Chris LukhaupAtrocity Werk 80 II
Chris LukhaupAtrocity Willenskraft
Chris LukhaupLeaves' Eyes Elegy
Chris LukhaupLeaves' Eyes Legend Land
Chris LukhaupLeaves' Eyes Lovelorn
Chris LukhaupLeaves' Eyes Vinland Saga
Chris LykinsAtrophy Socialized Hate
Chris LyminsAtrophy Violent By Nature
Chris MacDonaldZero Option Gates Of Utopia
Chris MalekiMedusa Face Of Iron
Chris MaudlingBal Sagoth A Black Moon Broods over Lemuria
Chris MaudlingBal Sagoth Atlantis Ascendant
Chris MaudlingBal Sagoth Battle Magic
Chris MaudlingBal Sagoth Starfire Burning upon the Ice-veiled Throne of Ultima Thule
Chris MaudlingBal Sagoth The Chthonic Chronicles
Chris MaudlingBal Sagoth The Power Cosmic
Chris McCarvillObsession Carnival Of Lies
Chris McDougallInto Eternity Into Eternity
Chris MccarvillObsession Order Of Chaos
Chris MenningDestroyer 666 Cold Steel... for an Iron Age
Chris MentaFairyland Score To A New Beginning
Chris MeyersStrapping Young Lad Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing
Chris MolinariEvoken Atra Mors
Chris MontalbanoGrey Skies Fallen The Fate of Angels
Chris MorganBenedictum Seasons Of Tragedy
Chris MorganBenedictum Uncreation
Chris MorganStormHammer Echoes Of A Lost Paradise
Chris MorganStormHammer Signs Of Revolution
Chris NailExhorder Slaughter In The Vatican
Chris NailExhorder The Law
Chris NelsonFaustus ...And Still We Suffer
Chris NelsonReverend A Gathering of Demons
Chris NinniEmpires Of Eden Reborn In Fire
Chris NinniEmpires Of Eden Songs Of War And Vengeance
Chris NotaroCrumbsuckers Beast on My Back
Chris NotaroCrumbsuckers Life of Dreams
Chris PalinAdagio Archangels in Black
Chris PattersonCronos Dancing in the Fire
Chris PattersonCronos Rock 'N' Roll Disease
Chris PayetteOnward Reawaken
Chris PellerinReading Zero Satellite Sessions
Chris PellerinReading Zero The Actual
Chris PercyTygers Of Pan Tang Live At Wacken
Chris PerniaPessimist Blood For The Gods
Chris PerniaPessimist Cult of the Initiated
Chris PerveusInternal Bleeding Voracious Contempt
Chris PetersonTyrant Blind Revolution
Chris PolandLamb of God As the Palaces Burn
Chris PolandLamb of God Ashes of the Wake
Chris PolandMegadeth Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years
Chris PolandMegadeth Greatest Hits - Back To The Start
Chris PolandMegadeth Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good! The Final Kill
Chris PolandMegadeth Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!
Chris PolandMegadeth Peace Sells... But Who's Buying
Chris PolandMegadeth The System Has Failed
Chris PolandRedemption Long Night's Journey Into Day
Chris PolandTourniquet Gazing at Medusa
Chris PorciankoEmpires Of Eden Songs Of War And Vengeance
Chris PorciankoVanishing Point Dead Elysium
Chris PorciankoVanishing Point Distant is the Sun
Chris PorciankoVanishing Point Embrace The Silence
Chris PorciankoVanishing Point In Thought
Chris PorciankoVanishing Point Tangled In Dream
Chris PorciankoVanishing Point The Fourth Season
Chris PoulosExarsis New War Order
Chris PredkiewiczAvernus Of the Fallen
Chris PredkiewiczAvernus Where the Sleeping Shadows Lie
Chris QuirartePrymary Prymary
Chris QuirarteRedemption Live From the Pit
Chris QuirarteRedemption Long Night's Journey Into Day
Chris QuirarteRedemption Snowfall On Judgment Day
Chris QuirarteRedemption The Art Of Loss
Chris QuirarteRedemption The Fullness Of Time
Chris QuirarteRedemption The Origins Of Ruin
Chris QuirarteRedemption This Mortal Coil
Chris ReifertAutopsy Acts of the Unspeakable
Chris ReifertAutopsy Fiend for Blood
Chris ReifertAutopsy Macabre Eternal
Chris ReifertAutopsy Mental Funeral
Chris ReifertAutopsy Retribution for the Dead
Chris ReifertAutopsy Severed Survival
Chris ReifertAutopsy Shitfun
Chris ReifertAutopsy The Tomb Within
Chris ReifertAutopsy Tortured Moans of Agony
Chris ReifertDeath Scream Bloody Gore
Chris RichardsRated X Words
Chris RileyAxxion Wild Racer
Chris RitesCauldron (Canada) Burning Fortune
Chris RitesCauldron (Canada) Chained to the Nite
Chris RitesCauldron (Canada) Tomorrow's Lost
Chris RobbinsSpellbinder Seal the Fate
Chris RobertsonAnvil Anvil Is Anvil
Chris RobertsonAnvil Legal At Last
Chris RobertsonAnvil Pounding The Pavement
Chris RodriguezMegadeth Endgame
Chris RomanelliPhantom Dead or Alive
Chris RomanelliPlasmatics Coup De Grace
Chris RorlandSabaton The Great War
Chris RorlandSabaton The Last Stand
Chris RorlandSabaton The War to End All Wars
Chris RoyReading Zero Satellite Sessions
Chris RoyReading Zero The Actual
Chris RuzicBlind Witness September Insomnia
Chris RörlandSabaton Heroes
Chris RörlandSabaton Heroes On Tour
Chris RörlandSabaton Swedish Empire Live
Chris SalinasZero Hour Dark Deceiver
Chris SalinasZero Hour Spec Of Pictures Burnt Beyond
Chris SavoureyBroken Edge Cold Lies
Chris SavoureySavourey Dreamland
Chris SeggerStriker Armed To The Teeth
Chris SeggerStriker City Of Gold
Chris SeggerStriker Eyes In The Night
Chris SeggerStriker Play to Win
Chris SeggerStriker Road Warrior
Chris SheltonDedkor Dedkor
Chris ShirleySamson Burning Emotion: The Best of 1985-1990
Chris ShirleySamson Joint Forces
Chris ShrumBenedictum Dominion
Chris SilvaFortress (US) Waiting For the Night
Chris SladeTributes Numbers from the Beast
Chris SolbergSuicide Kings Supersonic
Chris SpicuzzaChimaira Chimaira
Chris SpicuzzaChimaira Pass Out of Existence
Chris SpicuzzaChimaira Resurrection
Chris SpicuzzaChimaira The Impossibility of Reason
Chris SpicuzzaChimaira The Infection
Chris SpicuzzaChimaira This Present Darkness
Chris StollenEternal Flight Diminished Reality, Elegies And Mysteries
Chris StoverTokyo Blade Ain't Misbehavin'
Chris StringariIkki Crane Dead Again
Chris SwensonKobra And The Lotus Out Of The Pit
Chris TaylorRipper Return to Death Row
Chris ToepferBlind Witness September Insomnia
Chris TowningDevilDriver Winter Kills
Chris TraynorTributes Numbers from the Beast
Chris TritschlerLady Beast Mere Immortals
Chris TritschlerLady Beast Vicious Breed
Chris TroyPraying Mantis Live at Last
Chris TroyPraying Mantis Time Tells No Lies
Chris TurbisFortress (US) Waiting For the Night
Chris Twiz TritschlerLady Beast Lady Beast
Chris TylerFreedom Call Legend Of The Shadowking
Chris ValagoStrapping Young Lad City
Chris VolcanoDestroyer 666 Violence Is the Prince of This World
Chris VowdenKardinal Sin Victorious
Chris WarnerButcher Babies Goliath
Chris WatersMad Planet Living Hell
Chris WatsonBlack Rose Boys Will Be Boys
Chris WatsonBlack Rose Bright Lights Burnin' - The Anthology
Chris WatsonBlack Rose Cure For Your Disease
Chris WebbDan Baune's Lost Sanctuary Lost Sanctuary
Chris WebbSolsikk Volatile Territory
Chris WelbornBrave Searching For The Sun
Chris WernThird Degree Life on the Outside
Chris WhitfordSeasons of the Wolf Lost in Hell
Chris WidmannStormHammer Echoes Of A Lost Paradise
Chris WidmannStormHammer Lord Of Darkness
Chris WitchhunterSodom Agent Orange
Chris WitchhunterSodom Better Off Dead
Chris WitchhunterSodom Expurse of Sodomy
Chris WitchhunterSodom Mortal Way Of Live
Chris WitchhunterSodom Persecution Mania
Chris WitchhunterSodom Tapping The Vein
Chris WitchhunterSodom The Final Sign of Evil
Chris ZampType O Negative Bloody Kisses
Chris van JaarsveldPicture Eternal Dark
Chris van JaarsveldPicture Traitor
Chrisafis TantanozisCrystal Tears Decadence Deluxe
Chrisafis TantanozisCrystal Tears Generation X
Christ KraftDruid Vampire Cult
Christer "Krunt" AnderssonTad Morose A Mended Rhyme
Christer "Krunt" AnderssonTad Morose Leaving the Past Behind
Christer "Krunt" AnderssonTad Morose March Of The Obsequious
Christer "Krunt" AnderssonTad Morose Paradigma
Christer "Krunt" AnderssonTad Morose Revenant
Christer "Krunt" AnderssonTad Morose Sender of Thoughts
Christer "Krunt" AnderssonTad Morose St. Demonius
Christer "Krunt" AnderssonTad Morose Undead
Christer 'Krunt' AnderssonTad Morose Chapter X
Christer 'Krunt' AnderssonTad Morose Modus Vivendi
Christer AbergOctober Tide Rain Without End
Christer AnderssonTad Morose Matters of the Dark
Christer CarlsonMindless Sinner Turn on the Power
Christer EspevollExtol Burial
Christer EspevollExtol Mesmerized
Christer EspevollExtol Synergy
Christer EspevollExtol Undeceived
Christer GoranssonMindless Sinner Turn on the Power
Christer HaroyDivided Multitude Faceless Aggressor
Christer HaroyMantric Momentum Trial By Fire
Christer JanssonBook Of Reflections Relentless Fighter
Christian "Speesy" GieslerKreator Live Kreation
Christian AbacaHelker Somewhere In The Circle
Christian AbarcaHelker Firesoul
Christian AlvestamSolar Dawn Equinoctium
Christian AlvestamSolar Dawn Frost Work
Christian BetzDark Seduction
Christian BjorkSobre Nocturne Serpentine Dreamweaver
Christian BotteriGreen Carnation Journey to the End of the Night
Christian BradyHellYeah Undeniable
Christian DahlmannRegicide Welcome in the Family
Christian DeckerDarkseed Midnight Solemnly Dance
Christian DouschaVisions Of Atlantis The Deep and The Dark
Christian DouschaVisions Of Atlantis Wanderers
Christian EnglerDestruction Cracked Brain
Christian EnglerDestruction Destruction
Christian EnglerDestruction The Least Successful Human Cannonball
Christian EnglerDestruction Them Not Me
Christian ErikssonNorthTale Welcome to Paradise
Christian Flake LorenzRammstein Herzeleid
Christian Flake LorenzRammstein Sehnsucht
Christian FrankDestination's Calling End of Time
Christian FrankDestination's Calling Invisible Walls
Christian GieslerKreator Cause for Conflict
Christian GieslerKreator Enemy of God
Christian GieslerKreator Hordes of Chaos
Christian GieslerKreator Outcast
Christian GieslerKreator Phantom Antichrist
Christian GieslerKreator Terror Prevails - Live at Rock Hard Festival
Christian GieslerKreator Terror Prevails Live at Rock Hard Festival, Pt. 2
Christian GieslerKreator Violent Revolution
Christian GranrothLoanshark Loanshark
Christian GraterDestination's Calling End of Time
Christian GraterDestination's Calling Invisible Walls
Christian HedgrenTwilight Force Tales Of Ancient Prophecies
Christian HermsdorferBeyond The Black Heart of the Hurricane
Christian HermsdorferSerenity The Last Knight
Christian K. MarxDreams Of Sanity Masquerade
Christian K. MarxDreams Of Sanity The Game
Christian KranauerSkanners Factory Of Steel
Christian KretschmarTarja Colours In The Dark
Christian LasegueJag Panzer The Scourge of the Light
Christian LiljegrenDivinefire Eye Of The Storm
Christian LiljegrenDivinefire Farewell
Christian LiljegrenGolden Resurrection Glory To My King
Christian LiljegrenGolden Resurrection One Voice for the Kingdom
Christian LiljegrenNarnia Awakening
Christian LiljegrenNarnia Desert Land
Christian LiljegrenNarnia From Darkness to Light
Christian LiljegrenNarnia Long Live The King
Christian LiljegrenNarnia Narnia
Christian LindellPortait Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae
Christian LindellPortait Crossroads
Christian LindellPortait Portrait
Christian LogueSavage Grace After the Fall from Grace
Christian LorenzRammstein Liebe ist für alle da
Christian LorenzRammstein Live aus Berlin
Christian LorenzRammstein Reise, Reise
Christian LorenzRammstein Rosenrot
Christian LukhaupAtrocity Atlantis
Christian LukhaupAtrocity Die Liebe
Christian LukhaupAtrocity Gemini
Christian MarxDreams Of Sanity Komodia
Christian MeyerEnola Gay F.O.T.H.
Christian MeyerEnola Gay Pressure
Christian MeyerEnola Gay Strange Encounter
Christian MuenznerDire Peril Extraterrestrial Compendium
Christian MünznerParadox Tales Of The Weird
Christian NativoVanishing Point Distant is the Sun
Christian NativoVanishing Point The Fourth Season
Christian NyquistLost Horizon Flame To The Ground Beneath
Christian Olde WolbersBeowulf Jesus Freak
Christian Olde WolbersFear Factory Archetype
Christian Olde WolbersFear Factory Demanufacture
Christian Olde WolbersFear Factory Digimortal
Christian Olde WolbersFear Factory Obsolete
Christian Olde WolbersFear Factory Remanufacture (Cloning Technology)
Christian Olde WolbersFear Factory Transgression
Christian PalinMagic Kingdom Savage Requiem
Christian RasmussenEthereal Kingdoms Hollow Mirror
Christian RiepertAssignment Inside Of The Machine
Christian Rivel7days Into Forever
Christian RivelDivinefire Glory Thy Name
Christian RivelDivinefire Hero
Christian RivelDivinefire Into A New Dimension
Christian RivelGolden Resurrection Man with a Mission
Christian RivelNarnia At Short Notice... Live in Germany
Christian RivelNarnia Decade Of Confession
Christian RivelNarnia Enter The Gate
Christian RivelNarnia The Great Fall
Christian RochLeaves' Eyes My Destiny
Christian ScheelePoverty's No Crime Slave To The Mind
Christian SchollCivic Monster Civic Monster
Christian StaniVisions Of Atlantis Eternal Endless Infinity
Christian SteinerLacrimas Profundere La Naissance d'un Reve
Christian SteinerLacrimas Profundere Memorandum
Christian StöverLove.Might.Kill Brace For Impact
Christian WachterGardens Of Gehenna Dead Body Music
Christian WeberydCandlemass Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
Christian WerrBlack Label Society 1919 Eternal
Christian WolffRage End Of All Days
Christian WolffRage Ghosts
Christian WolffRage Lingua Mortis
Christian ZimmermannCrossroads Edge When Love Goes Blind
Christiano BergamoElvenking Wyrd
Christiano WortmannHangar Stronger Than Ever
ChristianHammer (Italy) Hammer Nation
ChristianKnife Clatter Burn It
Christina DeckerOrden Ogan Testimonium A.D.
Christina ManiatiOdes Of Ecstasy Deceitful Melody
Christine HjertaasBloodthorn In the Shadow of Your Black Wings
Christine HjertaasBloodthorn Onwards Into Battle
Christine VeitBohse Onkelz Heilige Lieder
Christine WhitakerBarren Cross Hotter Than Hell! Live
Christine WolffMob Rules Among The Gods
ChristineAgathodaimon Higher Art Of Rebellion
Christof BennetWidow Midnight Strikes
Christof BennetWidow On Fire
Christof SteinerRoss The Boss New Metal Leader
Christofer JohnssonMessiah Underground
Christofer JohnssonTherion The Beauty in Black
Christofer MalmstromDarkane Demonic Art
Christofer MalmstromDarkane Expanding Senses
Christofer MalmstromDarkane Insanity
Christofer MalmstromDarkane Layers of Lies
Christofer MalmstromDarkane Layers of Live
Christofer MalmstromDarkane Rusted Angel
Christofer MalmstromDarkane The Sinister Supremacy
Christoffer BorgSix Foot Six End of All
Christoffer WadenstenOpeth Watershed
Christon CasperRiot in Rhythm Vicious Circle
Christoph QuantChainReaction A Game Between Good And Evil
Christoph SchneiderRammstein Herzeleid
Christoph SchneiderRammstein Liebe ist für alle da
Christoph SchneiderRammstein Mutter
Christoph SchneiderRammstein Reise, Reise
Christoph SchneiderRammstein Sehnsucht
Christophe BriandSpheric Universe Experience Unreal
Christophe FeutrierAvaland Theater Of Sorcery
Christophe HoupertNightmare Waiting For The Twilight
Christophe PichotBroken Edge Cold Lies
Christophe de CombeFireForce Deathbringer
Christopher AmottArch Enemy Anthems Of Rebellion
Christopher AmottArch Enemy Black Earth
Christopher AmottArch Enemy Burning Bridges
Christopher AmottArch Enemy Burning Japan Live 1999
Christopher AmottArch Enemy Dead Eyes See No Future
Christopher AmottArch Enemy Doomsday Machine
Christopher AmottArch Enemy Khaos Legions
Christopher AmottArch Enemy Manifesto of Arch Enemy
Christopher AmottArch Enemy Rise of the Tyrant
Christopher AmottArch Enemy Stigmata
Christopher AmottArch Enemy The Root of All Evil
Christopher AmottArch Enemy Wages of Sin
Christopher AppletonBlaze Bayley Circle of Stone
Christopher BotteriGreen Carnation Journey to the End of the Night
Christopher BowesAlestorm No Grave But The Sea
Christopher BowesGloryhammer Space 1992: Rise Of The Chaos Wizards
Christopher BowesGloryhammer Tales From The Kingdom Of Fire
Christopher CaffertyDoctor Butcher Doctor Butcher
Christopher CaffertyDoctor Butcher The Demos!!!
Christopher CafferySavatage Gutter Ballet
Christopher CafferySpirits of Fire Embrace the Unknown
Christopher GruenbergBlack Sun Silent Enemy
Christopher GutierrezArma Angelus Where Sleeplessness is Rest From Nightmares
Christopher HummelsBeyond The Black Lost In Forever
Christopher HummelsBeyond The Black Songs of Love and Death
Christopher J. OlivaJon Oliva's Pain Maniacal Renderings
Christopher JonCradle of Filth Thornography
Christopher KinderJon Oliva's Pain Festival
Christopher KinderJon Oliva's Pain Global Warning
Christopher KinderJon Oliva's Pain Maniacal Renderings
Christopher KinderJon Oliva's Pain Straight-Jacket Memoirs
Christopher KinderJon Oliva's Pain Tage Mahal
Christopher LeeRhapsody Symphony Of Uncharted Lands Pt. 2: The Dark Secret
Christopher MichaelAxemaster Blessing In The Skies
Christopher MichaelAxemaster Death Before Dishonor
Christopher MichaelTwist of Fate Twist of Fate
Christopher OffrediEternal Flight Under The Sign Of Will
Christopher SchmidtLacrimas Profundere La Naissance d'un Reve
Christopher SchmidtLacrimas Profundere Memorandum
Christopher SchneiderRammstein Live aus Berlin
Christopher SchneiderRammstein Rosenrot
Christopher ShanerIcarus Witch Rise
Christopher TarnowBeyond The Bridge The Old Man and The Spirit
Christopher WilliamsAccept Restless and Live
Christopher WilliamsAccept Symphonic Terror - Live At Wacken 2017
Christopher WilliamsAccept The Rise of Chaos
Christopher WilliamsAccept Too Mean to Die
ChristopherBorn Again True Heavy Nation
Christos EfthimiadisRefuge Solitary Men
ChrisBorn Again True Heavy Nation
ChrisHelldorados Helldorados
ChrisLawnmower Deth Billy
ChrisRage Perfect Man
ChrisRage Reflections of a Shadow
ChrisThe 7 Method Roses Like Razorblades
ChrisVesperian Sorrow Beyond The Cursed Eclipse
Corey GilchristIlium Permian Dusk
Dion ChristodoulatosSorrowful Angels Omens
Dion ChristodoulatosSorrowful Angels Remedie
Dion ChristodoulatosSorrowful Angels Ship in Your Trip
Greg ChristianHavocHate Cycle Of Pain
Greg ChristianTestament Dark Roots Of Earth
Greg ChristianTestament Live At Eindhoven '87
Greg ChristianTestament Live At The Fillmore
Greg ChristianTestament Live In London
Greg ChristianTestament Low
Greg ChristianTestament Practice What You Preach
Greg ChristianTestament Return To The Apocalyptic City
Greg ChristianTestament Signs Of Chaos: The Best Of Testament
Greg ChristianTestament Souls of Black
Greg ChristianTestament The Best of Testament
Greg ChristianTestament The Formation Of Damnation
Greg ChristianTestament The Legacy
Greg ChristianTestament The New Order
Greg ChristianTestament The Ritual
JB ChristofferssonGrand Magus Hammer Of The North
JB ChristofferssonGrand Magus Iron Will
JB ChristofferssonGrand Magus Monument
JB ChristofferssonGrand Magus The Hunt
JB ChristofferssonGrand Magus Wolf's Return
Jan Christian HalfbrodtMob Rules Beast Reborn
Jan Christian HalfbrodtMob Rules Cannibal Nation
Jan Christian HalfbrodtMob Rules Tales From Beyond
Janne ChristoffersonGrand Magus Sword Songs
Janne ChristofferssonGrand Magus Grand Magus
Janne ChristofferssonGrand Magus Triumph and Power
Jesus Christ!Ancient Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends
Jesus Christ!Ancient Night Visit
Jesus Christ!Ancient Proxima Centauri
John ChristDanzig 4p
John ChristDanzig Danzig
John ChristDanzig Danzig 3 How The Gods Kill
John ChristDanzig Danzig II - Lucifuge
John ChristDanzig Live On The Black Hand Side
John ChristDanzig Thrall-Demonsweatlive
Johnny ChristAvenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold
Johnny ChristAvenged Sevenfold City of Evil
Johnny ChristAvenged Sevenfold Live in the LBC and Diamonds in the Rough
Johnny ChristAvenged Sevenfold Nightmare
Johnny ChristAvenged Sevenfold Waking the Fallen
Josh ChristianToxik Think This
Josh ChristianToxik World Circus
Lars "Chriss" ChristmanssonNeptune Northern Steel
Lars ChrissNils Patrik Johansson Evil Deluxe
Lars ChrissNils Patrik Johansson The Great Conspiracy
Lars ChrissLion's Share Lion's Share
Lars ChrissLion's Share Two
Mikkel Andersen & Christina ArvedlundSaturnus Paradise Belongs to You
Peter GilchristIlium Permian Dusk
Petros ChristoFirewind Allegiance
Petros ChristoFirewind Apotheosis - Live 2012
Petros ChristoFirewind Burning Earth
Petros ChristoFirewind Days Of Defiance
Petros ChristoFirewind Few Against Many
Petros ChristoFirewind Firewind
Petros ChristoFirewind Forged by Fire
Petros ChristoFirewind Immortals
Petros ChristoFirewind Live Premonition
Petros ChristoFirewind Stand United
Petros ChristoFirewind Still Raging
Petros ChristoFirewind The Premonition
Petter Chris LeinGhost Avenue Even Angels Fail
Richard ChristyAcheron Anti-God, Anti-Christ
Richard ChristyDeath Live in Eindhoven '98
Richard ChristyDeath Live in L.A. (Death and Raw)
Richard ChristyDeath The Sound of Perseverance
Richard ChristyDeath Vivus!
Richard ChristyIced Earth Horror Show
Richard ChristyIced Earth The Blessed And The Damned
Richard ChristyIced Earth The Glorious Burden
Richard ChristyIced Earth Tribute To The Gods
Tobias ChristianssonDismember The God That Never Was
Tommy ChristScatterbrain Here Comes Trouble
Tommy ChristScatterbrain Mundus Intellectualis
Tommy ChristScatterbrain Return Of The Dudes Tour EP
Tommy ChristScatterbrain Scamboogery
Wagner AntichristSarcofago Rotting


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