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Search Results

The search found 938 CDs at Brutal Metal upon which A.C. performed.

Musician Artist CD
E. LancelotUlver Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Lorenzo FrascaroliTystnaden Fragments
A.C. WildBulldozer Alive...in Poland
A.C. WildBulldozer IX
A.C. WildBulldozer Neurodeliri
A.C. WildBulldozer The Day of Wrath
A.C. WildBulldozer The Final Separation
A.C. WildBulldozer Unexpected Fate
A.C.Running Wild Blazon Stone
Alejandro FrancoProfanator Deathplagued
Alexander BackaschAlpha Tiger Beneath The Surface
Alexander BackaschAlpha Tiger Man Or Machine
Alexander BackaschAlpha Tiger iDentity
Amanda ComervilleEpica The Phantom Agony
AnchangSex Machineguns Live Fire
AnchangSex Machineguns Made in Japan
AnchangSex Machineguns Sex Machinegun
Andrea ArcangeliArk Ascent Downfall
Andrea ArcangeliDGM Different Shapes
Andrea ArcangeliDGM FrAme
Andrea ArcangeliDGM Hidden Place
Andrea ArcangeliDGM Misplaced
Andrea ArcangeliDGM Momentum
Andrea ArcangeliDGM Passing Stages (Live in Milan and Atlanta)
Andrea ArcangeliDGM The Passage
Andrea ArcangeliNoveria Aequilibrium
Andrea ArcangeliNoveria Forsaken
Andrea ArcangeliNoveria Risen
Andrea CalvanicoVexillum The Bivouac
Andrea CalvanicoVexillum The Wandering Notes
Andrea CantarelliLabyrinth 6 Days To Nowhere
Andrea CantarelliLabyrinth Architecture Of A God
Andrea CantarelliLabyrinth Freeman
Andrea CantarelliLabyrinth Labyrinth
Andrea CantarelliLabyrinth Return To Heaven Denied Part II
Andrea CantarelliLabyrinth Return to Live
Andrea CantarelliLabyrinth Sons Of Thunder
Andrea CantarelliLabyrinth Welcome To The Absurd Circus
Andrea MarchisioThe Famous-X Deal With The Devil
Andrea MarchisioHighlord Breath Of Eternity
Andrea MarchisioHighlord Hic Sunt Leones
Andrea MarchisioHighlord Instant Madness
Andrea MarchisioHighlord Medusa's Coil
Andrea MarchisioHighlord The Death Of The Artists
Andrea MarchisioHighlord The Warning After
Andy B FranckBrainstorm Scary Creatures
Andy B. FranckAlmanac Kingslayer
Andy B. FranckAlmanac Tsar
Andy B. FranckBrainstorm Ambiguity
Andy B. FranckBrainstorm Downburst
Andy B. FranckBrainstorm Firesoul
Andy B. FranckBrainstorm Liquid Monster
Andy B. FranckBrainstorm Memorial Roots
Andy B. FranckBrainstorm Memorial Roots [Re-Rooted]
Andy B. FranckBrainstorm Metus Mortis
Andy B. FranckBrainstorm Midnight Ghost
Andy B. FranckBrainstorm On The Spur Of The Moment
Andy B. FranckBrainstorm Soul Temptation
Andy B. FranckIvanhoe Polarized
Andy B. FranckIvanhoe Symbols Of Time
Andy B. FranckIvanhoe Vision And Reality
Andy B. FranckSymphorce Truth to Promises
Anthony "Fu" ValcicTwo Voyeurs
Antonio NolascoProfanator Deathplagued
ArcadiaMortus Poetry Amore Maligna
ArchangelWarlord And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun...
ArchzieThe 69 Eyes Angels
ArchzieThe 69 Eyes Back in Blood
ArchzieThe 69 Eyes Blessed Be
ArchzieThe 69 Eyes Bump 'n' Grind
ArchzieThe 69 Eyes Devils
ArchzieThe 69 Eyes Framed in Blood: The Very Blessed of the 69 Eyes
ArchzieThe 69 Eyes Goth 'n' Roll
ArchzieThe 69 Eyes Motor City Resurrection
ArchzieThe 69 Eyes Paris Kills
ArchzieThe 69 Eyes Savage Garden
ArchzieThe 69 Eyes The Best of Helsinki Vampires
ArchzieThe 69 Eyes West End
ArchzieThe 69 Eyes Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
ArchzieThe 69 Eyes X
ArczieThe 69 Eyes Wasting The Dawn
Aura DanciulescuScarlet Aura Falling Sky
AxarcuthBlood Storm Ancient Wraith Of KU
AxarcuthBlood Storm Pestilence From The Dragonstar
AxarcuthBlood Storm Qliphothic Necromancy
AxarcuthBlood Storm Sirian Storm
Ben HarclerodeWhitechapel Recorrupted
Ben HarclerodeWhitechapel Whitechapel
Bettina FranceMeanstreak Roadkill
Bill ChrapcynskiTempo Tantrum Into the Realm
Blackie SanchezBenedictum Uncreation
Bob BagchusAsphyx Crush the Cenotaph
Bob BagchusAsphyx Death...The Brutal Way
Bob BagchusAsphyx Deathhammer
Bob BagchusAsphyx Embrace the Death
Bob BagchusAsphyx God Cries
Bob BagchusAsphyx Last One On Earth
Bob BagchusAsphyx Live Death Doom
Bob BagchusAsphyx On the WIngs of Inferno
Bob BagchusAsphyx The Rack
Bob BalchFu Manchu California Crossing
Bob BalchFu Manchu Eatin' Dust
Bob BalchFu Manchu Go for It...Live!
Bob BalchFu Manchu King of the Road
Bob BalchFu Manchu The Action Is Go
Bob SemancikVine Vine
Boguslaw BalcerakBoguslaw Balcerak's Crylord Blood Of The Prophets
Brian AncillottiAncillotti Down This Road Together
Brian AncillottiAncillotti Strike Back
Brian AncillottiAncillotti The Chain Goes On
Carl SaccoHeathen Breaking The Silence
Carl SentancePersian Risk Once A King
Carl SentancePersian Risk Rise Up
Chris ClancyMegadeth Endgame
Christian AbarcaHelker Firesoul
Claudio CappabiancaThe Prowlers Devil's Bridge
Claudio CappabiancaThe Prowlers Re-Evolution
Claudio CappabiancaThe Prowlers Souls Thieves
Claudio CarrascoPoema Arcanus Arcane XIII
Csaba CzébelyWisdom Wisdom
Dana CollinsThe Accused Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told
Dana CollinsThe Accused More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral!
Dana CollinsThe Accused The Return of... Martha Splatterhead
Daniel CaycedaPurulent Patologia Grotesca
Daniele "Bud" AncillottiAncillotti Strike Back
Daniele "Bud" AncillottiAncillotti The Chain Goes On
Daniele AncillottiAncillotti Down This Road Together
Danny HarcourtBlind Illusion Demon Master
Dario SaccoCheope Downloadideas
Dave BarcosMeliah Rage Death Valley Dreams
Dave GarciaCage Ancient Evil
Dave GarciaCage Astrology
Dave GarciaCage Darker Than Black
Dave GarciaCage Hell Destroyer
Dave GarciaCage Supremacy of Steel
Dave GarciaCage Unveiled
David GarciaCage Science of Annihilation
David SanchezHavok Burn
David SanchezHavok Point of No Return
David SanchezHavok Time Is Up
David SanchezHavok Unnatural Selection
Diego SanchezDisgorge Consume the Forsaken
Diego SanchezDisgorge Cranial Impalement
Diego SanchezDisgorge Parallels of Infinite Torture
Diego SanchezDisgorge She Lay Gutted
Eddy GarciaOverkill Live In Overhausen
Eddy GarciaOverkill The Grinding Wheel
Edu FalaschiAlmah E.V.O.
Edu FalaschiAlmah Fragile Equality
Edu FalaschiAlmah Motion
Edu FalaschiAlmah Unfold
Edu FalaschiAngra Aqua
Edu FalaschiAngra Aurora Consurgens
Edu FalaschiAngra Best Reached Horizons
Eduardo FalaschiAlmah Almah
Eduardo FalaschiAngra Hunters And Prey
Eduardo FalaschiAngra Rebirth
Eduardo FalaschiAngra Rebirth World Tour - Live In Sao Paulo
Eduardo FalaschiAngra Temple of Shadows
Elisa C. MartinDark Moor The Gates of Oblivion
Elisa C. MartínDark Moor Between Light and Darkness
Enric GarciaAlmanac Tsar
Enrik GarciaDark Moor Ancestral Romance
Enrik GarciaDark Moor Ars Musica
Enrik GarciaDark Moor Autumnal
Enrik GarciaDark Moor Beyond the Sea
Enrik GarciaDark Moor Dark Moor
Enrik GarciaDark Moor Shadowland
Enrik GarciaDark Moor Tarot
Enrik GarciaDark Moor The Fall of Melnibone EP
Enrik GarciaDark Moor The Gates of Oblivion
Enrik GarciaDark Moor The Hall of the Olden Dreams
Enrik GarcíaDark Moor Between Light and Darkness
Eric van SchaickThird Degree Life on the Outside
Erik FrancisDr. Crusty Blockacheese
Erik Olivier LancelotArcturus La Masquerade Infernale
FalchUlver Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Falcon EddiePhantom Dead or Alive
Faucon NirSeth Les Blessures De L'Ame
Fernando GarciaGodiva Call Me Under 666
Fernando GarciaGodiva Destruction
Fips AsconBlitzz Do the Blitz
Flavia CanelDrain S.T.H. Freaks of Nature
Flavia CanelDrain S.T.H. Horror Wrestling
Flavio PascarilloTribuzy Execution
Flavio PascarilloTribuzy Execution Live Reunion
Francesca FerraraWhite Skull Public Glory, Secret Agony
Francesca FerraraWhite Skull Tales From The North
Francesco CaprinaVexillum The Wandering Notes
Francesco CaprinaVexillum Unum
Francesco CavezzaSoul Secret Blue Light Cage
Francesco CoriglianoNoveria Aequilibrium
Francesco CoriglianoNoveria Forsaken
Francesco CoriglianoNoveria Risen
Francesco DeloguAstral Domine Arcanum Gloriae
Francesco FerraroFreedom Call M.E.T.A.L.
Francesco FerraroVexillum The Wandering Notes
Francesco FerriniUnleash the Archers Abyss
Francesco GirardiVexillum The Wandering Notes
Francesco JovinoPrimal Fear Angels of Mercy - Live in Germany
Francesco JovinoPrimal Fear Apocalypse
Francesco JovinoPrimal Fear Rulebreaker
Francesco JovinoUDO Celebrator
Francesco JovinoUDO Decadent
Francesco JovinoUDO Dominator
Francesco JovinoUDO Infected
Francesco JovinoUDO Leatherhead
Francesco JovinoUDO Live In Sofia
Francesco JovinoUDO Mastercutor
Francesco JovinoUDO Mastercutor Alive
Francesco JovinoUDO Metallized
Francesco JovinoUDO Mission No. X
Francesco JovinoUDO Navy Metal Night
Francesco JovinoUDO Rev-Raptor
Francesco JovinoUDO Steel Hammer - Live From Moscow
Francesco JovinoUDO Steelhammer
Francesco MandoleseMetharia Metharia
Francesco MarinoDreamscape Everlight
Francesco MatteiEthernity The Human Race Extinction
Francesco MatteiNoveria Aequilibrium
Francesco MatteiNoveria Forsaken
Francesco MatteiNoveria Risen
Francesco MelesSkylark After the Storm
Francesco NerettiAthena Twilight of Days
Francesco Paolo CaputoElegy of Madness Invisible World
Francesco Saverio FerraroVexillum The Bivouac
Francesco Saverio FerraroVexillum Unum
Francis BaezAndiron Rock 'n' Roll Killer
Francis BlakeMessenger Star Wolf Part II: Novastorm
Francis FrightfulStress Factor 9 Brainwarp Mindspin
Francis HowardOpprobrium Supernatural Death
Francis HowardSepultura Beneath the Remains
Francis M. HowardIncubus Beyond The Unknown
Francisco PalomoHolyHell Apocalypse
Francisco PalomoHolyHell HolyHell
Franck GarciaSpheric Universe Experience Anima
Franck GarciaSpheric Universe Experience Mental Torments
Franck GarciaSpheric Universe Experience Unreal
Franck HermannyAdagio A Band in Upperworld
Franck HermannyAdagio Archangels in Black
Franck HermannyAdagio Sanctus Ignis
Franck HermannyAdagio Underworld
Franck HermanyAdagio Dominate
Franck MidouxSavourey Dreamland
Franck MilleliriNightmare Dead Sun
Franck MilleliriNightmare Genetic Disorder
Franck MilleliriNightmare Insurrection
Franck MilleliriNightmare One Night Of Insurrection
Franck MilleliriNightmare The Aftermath
Franck MilleliriNightmare The Burden Of God
Franck MilleliriNightmare The Dominion Gate
Franck PotvinLyzanxia Eden
Franck PotvinLyzanxia Locust
Franck PotvinLyzanxia Mindcrimes
Franck PotvinLyzanxia UNSU
Franco LamaChaos Magic Furyborn
Franco SesaCeltic Frost Monotheist
Franco ZuccaroliVelvet Viper Velvet Viper
Francois BlomVoice of Destruction Bloedrivier
Francois BriskDyslesia In Veins Hearts and Minds
Francois LopreteDyslesia In Veins Hearts and Minds
Francois SpreutelsEthernity The Human Race Extinction
FrancoMorgana Lady Winter
Frank DarchMore Warhead
Franky SparcelloExhorder The Law
Gabriel GarciaBlack Tide Light from Above
Gabriel GarciaBlack Tide Post Mortem
Gabriele CiacciaHighlord The Death Of The Artists
Gabriele CiacciaOdd Dimension The Blue Dawn
Gary HancockDefkon Defkon
George GlascoQuiet Room Introspect
George GlascoQuiet Room Reconceive
Gerald R. AbarcaHelstar Multiples Of Black
German PascualDivinefire Eye Of The Storm
Germán PascualNarnia Course Of A Generation
Gia Chun WangCrisis Deathshead Extermination
Gia Chun WangCrisis The Hollowing
GianCarlo FarjatSplit Heaven The Devil's Bandit
Giancarlo FloridiaFaithsedge Faithsedge
Giancarlo TotaroScarlett D. Gray Scarlett D. Gray
Gianfranco TassellaDGM Change Direction
Gianmarco BambiniWinterage The Inheritance of Beauty
Gianmarco LottiFlashback Of Anger Terminate and Stay Resident
Giorgia ColleluoriEternal Idol The Unrevealed Secret
Glen MancarusoDie Happy Die Happy
Glen MancarusoDie Happy Die Happy/Volume II
Glen MancarusoDie Happy Volume II
Glenn MancarusoVengeance Rising Human Sacrifice
Glenn MancarusoVengeance Rising Once Dead
Greg LocascioBlack Label Society Cataombs of the Black Vatican
Gregg LocascloTanelorn The Other Side
HascheRunning Wild Gates To Purgatory
HascheRunning Wild Running Wild
Hilmer StaackeRough Silk Wheels of Time
Inaki LazcanoCoffeinne Circle Of Time
Inti SanchezTribes Of Cain Supra Absurdum
Inti SanchezTribes Of Cain The First Born
Irina ChirkovaGodsmack The Oracle
Isaac DelahayeEpica Design Your Universe
Isaac DelahayeEpica Epica Vs Attack On Titan Songs
Isaac DelahayeEpica Omega
Isaac DelahayeEpica Requiem For The Indifferent
Isaac DelahayeEpica The Holographic Principle
Isaac DelahayeEpica The Quantum Enigma
Isaac MullerWithin Temptation The Silent Force
Jan-Ovl. S.-TranceTHIn The Woods... Omnio
Janci TupySignum Regis Exodus
Jaro JanculaSignum Regis Exodus
Jaro JanculaSignum Regis Through The Storm
Jasen RauchBreaking Benjamin Dark Before Dawn
Jay JanceticArma Angelus Where Sleeplessness is Rest From Nightmares
Jean-Marc VillerWolfpakk Wolfpakk
Jeannette MarchewkaAlmanac Kingslayer
Jeannette MarchewkaAlmanac Rush of Death
Jeannette MarchewkaAlmanac Tsar
Jerry AbarcaHelstar A Distant Thunder
Jerry AbarcaHelstar Glory Of Chaos
Jerry AbarcaHelstar Nosferatu
Jerry AbarcaHelstar Remnants Of War
Jerry AbarcaHelstar Sins Of The Past
Jerry AbarcaHelstar T'was The Night Of A HELish Xmas
Jerry AbarcaHelstar The King Of Hell
Jerry AbarcaHelstar XXX - 30 Years Of Hel
Jerry BabcockBernard Edwards Project Homicide Bernard Edwards' Project Homicide
Jerry GarciaBonded By Blood Exiled To Earth
Jessie SanchezBonded By Blood The Aftermath
Jesús AlcaldeAnkhara Ankhara 2
Jesús AlcaldeAnkhara Dueno del Tiempo
Jim LaMarcaChimaira Chimaira
Jim LaMarcaChimaira Pass Out of Existence
Jim LaMarcaChimaira Resurrection
Jim LaMarcaChimaira The Impossibility of Reason
Jim LaMarcaChimaira The Infection
Jim LaMarcaChimaira This Present Darkness
Jioti ParcharidisHuman Fortress Defenders Of The Crown
Jioti ParcharidisHuman Fortress Lords Of Earth And Heaven's Heir
Joe ClancyVardis Red Eye
John ABC SmithGod's Army Demoncracy
John ABC SmithGod's Army God's Army
John ArchArch / Matheos Sympathetic Resonance
John ArchArch / Matheos Winter Ethereal
John ArchJohn Arch A Twist of Fate (EP)
John ArchFates Warning Awaken the Guardian
John ArchFates Warning Night On Brocken
John ArchFates Warning The Spectre Within
John Jaycee CuijpersAyreon Universe: Best Of Ayreon Live
Johnny HatchThor and Mick Hoffman Beastwomen From the Centre of the Earth
Jonas VelascoAtomic Opera Alpha and Oranges
Jonas VelascoAtomic Opera For Madmen Only
Jorg JuraschekWarrant Ready to Command 2010
Jorg JuraschekWarrant The Enforcer
Juan Bautista Sanchez GarciaKilling Machine Metalmorphosis
Juan GarciaAbattoir Vicious Attack
Juan GarciaAgent Steel Alienigma
Juan GarciaAgent Steel Earth Under Lucifer
Juan GarciaAgent Steel Mad Locust Rising
Juan GarciaAgent Steel Omega Conspiracy
Juan GarciaAgent Steel Order of the Illuminati
Juan GarciaAgent Steel Skeptics Apocalypse
Juan GarciaAgent Steel Unstoppable Force
Juan GarciaEvildead Annihilation Of Civilization
Juan GarciaEvildead Live...From The Depths Of The Underworld
Juan GarciaEvildead Rise Above
Juan GarciaEvildead The Underworld
Justin ChancellorTool 10,000 Days
Justin ChancellorTool Aenima
Katrina ChesterGodsmack Awake
Kee marcelloIn Flames Colony
Keith SatchfieldFist Storm
Keith SatchfieldFist Turn The Hell On
Kelly McLauchlinPessimist Blood For The Gods
Kelly McLauchlinPessimist Cult of the Initiated
Kelly McLauchlinPessimist Slaughtering the Faithful
Kostas D.K.M. ExarchakosCrimson Fire Fire In The Sky
Kostas D.K.M. ExarchakosCrimson Fire Fireborn
Kostas D.K.M. ExarchakosCrimson Fire Metal Is Back
Lance BarnewoldMike Lepond's Silent Assassins Pawn and Prophecy
Lance BarnewoldRoss The Boss By Blood Sworn
Lance HarrisonHirax Chaos and Brutality
Lance HarrisonHirax El Rostro de la Muerte
Lance HarrisonHirax Immortal Legacy
Lance KingIlium My Misanthropia
Lance KingLance King A Moment In Chiros
Lance KingLance King ReProgram
Lance KingMistheria Dragon Fire
Lance KingPyramaze Legend Of The Bone Carver
Lance KingPyramaze Melancholy Beast
Lance KingSignum Regis Exodus
Lance OroscoDark Haven Fallout
LancsElvenking Reader Of The Runes - Divination
LancsElvenking Secrets Of The Magick Grimoire
Lars RamckeStormWarrior Norsemen
Laurence ArcherStampede A Sudden Impulse
Laurence ArcherStampede Hurricane Town
Laurence ArcherStampede The Official Bootleg
Lawrence DinamarcaManticora To Live To Kill To Live
Lisa CroftScanner Scantropolis
Luca CabriTrick Or Treat Evil Needs Candy Too
Luca CabriTrick Or Treat Rabbits' Hill Pt. 1
Luca CabriTrick Or Treat Tin Soldiers
Luca CartasegnaCivilization One Revolution Rising
Luca CartasegnaSecret Sphere Mistress of the Shadowlight
Luca CorrentiSinoath Research
Lucas PrauchnerExcellence Against the Odds
Lucas PrauchnerExcellence The Twilight
MacCriunnaBlood Storm Ancient Wraith Of KU
MacCriunnaBlood Storm Pestilence From The Dragonstar
MacCriunnaBlood Storm Qliphothic Necromancy
MacCriunnaBlood Storm Sirian Storm
Malcolm CopeQuartz Against All Odds
Malcolm CopeQuartz Live Quartz
Malcolm CopeQuartz Quartz
Malcolm CopeQuartz Resurrection
Malcolm CopeQuartz Satan's Serenade: The Quartz Anthology
Malcolm CopeQuartz Stand Up and Fight
Malcolm PearsonWhite Spirit White Spirit
Malcom Judas AnthonyFrom the Depths From the Depths
Marc AngelTokyo Blade Burning Down Paradise
Marc AnthonyWidow Midnight Strikes
Marc AnthonyWidow On Fire
Marc BiedermannBlind Illusion Demon Master
Marc BiedermannBlind Illusion The Sane Asylum
Marc BiedermannHeathen Recovered
Marc BiedermannHeathen Victims Of Deception
Marc CharronExciter Blood of Tyrants
Marc CharronExciter The Dark Command
Marc De VilV8 Wankers Automotive Rampage
Marc De VilV8 Wankers Blown Action Rock
Marc De VilV8 Wankers Foxtail Testimonial
Marc DorianExorcist Nightmare Theatre
Marc DuraSynthese Prisoner
Marc EspinozaThe Chapter The Chapter
Marc FischerCasket Emotions...Dream or Reality
Marc FischerCasket Faithless
Marc FischerCasket Tomorrow
Marc FloresAvenger of Blood Death Brigade
Marc FloresAvenger of Blood Spawn of Evil
Marc GrabowskiDenner / Shermann Masters of Evil
Marc GrabowskiDenner / Shermann Satan's Tomb
Marc GreweComecon Fable Frolic
Marc GreweComecon The Worms Of God
Marc HohlweckTorian Dreams Under Ice
Marc HohlweckTorian Thunder Times
Marc HudsonDragonforce Extreme Power Metal
Marc HudsonDragonforce Maximum Overload
Marc HudsonDragonforce Reaching Into Infinity
Marc HudsonDragonforce The Power Within
Marc KonneckeEnola Gay Strange Encounter
Marc KonnekeEnola Gay F.O.T.H.
Marc KonnekeEnola Gay Pressure
Marc LopesRoss The Boss Born of Fire
Marc LopesRoss The Boss By Blood Sworn
Marc McGeeRuthless They Rise
Marc OppoldStormwitch Dance With The Witches
Marc OppoldStormwitch Witchcraft
Marc PetralitoAppearance Of Nothing A New Beginning
Marc PetralitoAppearance Of Nothing All Gods Are Gone
Marc PetralitoAppearance Of Nothing Behind Closed Doors
Marc PetralitoAppearance Of Nothing In Times of Darkness
Marc PetralitoAppearance Of Nothing Wasted Time
Marc PiovanettiCarnivore Retaliation
Marc PutnamDurbin The Beast Awakens
Marc ReignDestruction Alive Devastation
Marc ReignDestruction All Hell Breaks Loose
Marc ReignDestruction D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.
Marc ReignDestruction Inventor of Evil
Marc ReignDestruction Metal Discharge
Marc ReignDestruction The Antichrist
Marc SchulzHeavenWard A Future Worth Talking About
Marc SimonScanner Ball Of The Damned
Marc SimonScanner Scantropolis
Marc Van CaelenbergeCrossfire Live Attack
Marc Van CaelenbergeCrossfire Second Attack
Marc Van CaelenbergeCrossfire See You In Hell
Marc Van CaelenbergeCrossfire Sharpshooter
Marc WernerEverEve Regret
Marc WernerEverEve Seasons
Marc WernerEverEve Stormbirds
Marc de BrauwerOstrogoth Ecstasy And Danger
Marc de BrauwerOstrogoth Too Hot
Marcel "Mac" van der HeydenVulture Fatal Games
Marcel BurgenerCrown of Glory King For a Day
Marcel CoenenAyreon The Source
Marcel CoenenAyreon Universe: Best Of Ayreon Live
Marcel CoenenChannel Zero Live at the Ancienne Belgique
Marcel DeGrootDark Wizard Reign of Evil
Marcel SudePowerwolf Blood Of The Saints
Marcel VerdumenMandator Perfect Progeny
Marcel WelteHalls of Oblivion Endtime Poetry
Marcela BovioAyreon Universe: Best Of Ayreon Live
Marcela BovioStream Of Passion A War Of Our Own
Marcela BovioStream Of Passion Darker Days
Marcela BovioStream Of Passion Embrace The Storm
Marcela BovioStream Of Passion Live In The Real World
Marcela BovioStream Of Passion Out In The Real World
Marcela BovioStream Of Passion The Flame Within
Marcell DissantosAtheist Elements
Marcello LoiaconoPredatory Visions World Apart
Marcello LoiaconoPredatory Walking To The Trap
Marcello ManiscalcoPoverty's No Crime Slave To The Mind
Marcello ManiscalcoPoverty's No Crime Symbiosis
Marcello ManiscalcoPoverty's No Crime The Autumn Years
Marcello NicastroKorzus Mass Illusion
Marcello PompeuKorzus Discipline of Hate
Marcello PompeuKorzus KZS
Marcello PompeuKorzus Mass Illusion
Marcello PompeuKorzus Sonho Maniaco
Marcello PompeuKorzus Ties of Blood
Marcelo BarbosaAlmah E.V.O.
Marcelo BarbosaAlmah Fragile Equality
Marcelo BarbosaAlmah Motion
Marcelo BarbosaAlmah Unfold
Marcelo BarbosaAngra Omni
Marcelo MoreiraAlmah Fragile Equality
Marcelo MoreiraAlmah Motion
Marcelo MoreiraAlmah Unfold
Marcelo NejemKorzus KZS
Marcelo OehningerStormHammer Echoes Of A Lost Paradise
Marcelo PradesAseidad Autumn
Marcelo VivalloAseidad Autumn
MarcelSuidakra The Arcanum
Marcin KwasnyBoguslaw Balcerak's Crylord Blood Of The Prophets
Marcin RuminskiLux Occulta Dionysos
Marcio MinettoTropa De Shock After Twilight
Marcio MinettoTropa De Shock Immortal Rage
Marcio MinettoTropa De Shock Inside The Madness
Marcio MinettoTropa De Shock Quantum
Marcio MinettoTropa De Shock The Blade of the Wind
Marco "Wallace" PazziniTarchon Fist Apocalypse
Marco A. NicosiaHexenhaus The Edge of Eternity
Marco AhrensAssignment Reflections
Marco AhrensPoverty's No Crime A Secret to Hide
Marco AhrensPoverty's No Crime One In A Million
Marco AhrensPoverty's No Crime Save My Soul
Marco AhrensPoverty's No Crime Slave To The Mind
Marco AhrensPoverty's No Crime Symbiosis
Marco AhrensPoverty's No Crime The Autumn Years
Marco AhrensPoverty's No Crime The Chemical Chaos
Marco AroThe Haunted Live Rounds in Tokyo
Marco AroThe Haunted Made Me Do IT
Marco AroThe Haunted One Kill Wonder
Marco AroThe Haunted rEVOLVEr
Marco BalbinotElvenking The Scythe
Marco BanfiDerdian DNA
Marco BarussoLacuna Coil Delirium
Marco BasileDGM Passing Stages (Live in Milan and Atlanta)
Marco BasileDGM The Passage
Marco BasileMind Key Journey Of A Rough Time
Marco BiazziLacuna Coil Comalies
Marco BiazziLacuna Coil Halflife
Marco BiazziLacuna Coil Unleashed Memories
Marco BottazziDreamhunter The Hunt Is On
Marco ClausenCreature Way to Paradise
Marco Coti LelatiLacuna Coil Halflife
Marco Coti LelatiLacuna Coil In A Reverie
Marco Coti LelatiLacuna Coil Lacuna Coil
Marco Coti ZelatiLacuna Coil Comalies
Marco Coti ZelatiLacuna Coil Delirium
Marco Coti ZelatiLacuna Coil Unleashed Memories
Marco Di CastriTystnaden Fragments
Marco FacchinSkanners Factory Of Steel
Marco FoddisPestilence Chronicles of the Scovrge
Marco FoddisPestilence Consuming Impulse
Marco FoddisPestilence Malleus Maleficarum
Marco FoddisPestilence Spheres
Marco FoddisPestilence Testimony of the Ancients
Marco GarauDerdian DNA
Marco GarauDerdian New Era (Part I)
Marco GarauDerdian New Era Pt. 2: War Of The Gods
Marco GrasshoffPowerworld Cybersteria
Marco HeubaumXandria India
Marco HeubaumXandria Kill the Sun
Marco HeubaumXandria Neverworld's End
Marco HeubaumXandria Ravenheart
Marco HeubaumXandria Sacrificium
Marco HeubaumXandria Salome - The Seventh Veil
Marco HeubaumXandria Theater of Dimensions
Marco HietalaAvantasia Ghostlights
Marco HietalaAyreon Universe: Best Of Ayreon Live
Marco HietalaDelain Hunter's Moon
Marco HietalaDelain We Are The Others
Marco HietalaGrönholm Silent Out Loud
Marco HietalaNightwish Bless The Child
Marco HietalaNightwish Century Child
Marco HietalaNightwish Dark Passion Play
Marco HietalaNightwish Decades: Live in Buenos Aires
Marco HietalaNightwish End Of An Era
Marco HietalaNightwish Endless Forms Most Beautiful
Marco HietalaNightwish Eramaan Viimeinen
Marco HietalaNightwish Human. :II: Nature.
Marco HietalaNightwish Imaginaerum
Marco HietalaNightwish Imaginaerum - the Score
Marco HietalaNightwish Once
Marco HietalaNightwish Showtime, Storytime
Marco HietalaNightwish Tales From The Elvenpath
Marco HietalaSinergy To Hell and Back
Marco HietalaTarot Crows Fly Black
Marco HietalaTarot Follow Me Into Madness
Marco HietalaTarot For The Glory Of Nothing
Marco HietalaTarot Gravity Of Light
Marco HietalaTarot Live - Undead Indeed
Marco HietalaTarot Shining Black
Marco HietalaTarot Spell Of Iron
Marco HietalaTarot Stigmata
Marco HietalaTarot Suffer Our Pleasures
Marco HietalaTarot The Spell of Iron MMXI
Marco HietalaTarot To Live Again
Marco HietalaTarot To Live Forever
Marco LambertVandroya Beyond the Human Mind
Marco LambertVandroya One
Marco LazzariniArchon Angel Fallen
Marco LazzariniOdd Dimension The Blue Dawn
Marco LiebingDimple Minds Der Maurer Und Der Koenig
Marco LiebingDimple Minds Die Besten Trinken Aus
Marco LiebingDimple Minds Durstige Manner
Marco LiebingDimple Minds Trinker An Die Macht
Marco LiebingDimple Minds Volle Kelle Live
Marco LiedtkeUnrest Back To Rock Live
Marco LiedtkeUnrest Back To The Roots
Marco LuponeroAltaria Unholy
Marco LuzziInterseed The Hour of Redemption
Marco MaffeisBurning Black Prisoners Of Steel
Marco MalacarneHighlord Hic Sunt Leones
Marco MarchioriDGM Change Direction
Marco MarchioriDGM Wings Of Time
Marco MariniVexillum The Wandering Notes
Marco MendozaTributes Numbers from the Beast
Marco MonnoElegy of Madness Invisible World
Marco MorosinoLegend Legend
Marco PalazziKaledon Altor: The King’s Blacksmith
Marco PalazziKaledon Antillius: The King Of The Light
Marco PalazziKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter Six: The Last Night On The Battlefield
Marco PalazziKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter V: A New Era Begins
Marco PastorinoCristiano Filippini’s Flames of Heaven The Force Within
Marco PaulzenOnce After Earth
Marco PraschbergerLacrimas Profundere Memorandum
Marco RuggieroSavior From Anger No Way Out
Marco RusconiDrakkar Cold Winter's Night
Marco SalinasCyclone Temple Building Errors in the Machine
Marco SandronFairyland Score To A New Beginning
Marco SandronPathosray Pathosray
Marco SandronPathosray Sunless Skies
Marco SandronVindictiv Cage Of Infinity
Marco SchmiedenMessenger Under The Sign
Marco ScorlettiAstral Domine Arcanum Gloriae
Marco SignoriniRoyal Air Force Leading The Riot
Marco SneckAfterworld Connecting Animals
Marco SneckStargazery Eye On The Sky
Marco SneckStargazery Stars Aligned
Marco SpinelliVanexa Against the Sun
Marco SpinelliVanexa Back from the Ruins
Marco SpinelliVanexa Vanexa
Marco Tapani HietalaNightwish Made In Hong Kong [And In Various Other Places]
Marco ZorichWehrmacht Biermacht
Marco ZorichWehrmacht Shark Attack
Marcos AnimalDorsal Atlantica Ultimatum Outtakes 1982-1985
Marcos PolitiPredatory Visions World Apart
Marcos PolitiPredatory Walking To The Trap
Marcos RigoliExcellence The Twilight
Marcos RodriguezRage My Way
Marcos RodriguezRage Seasons of the Black
Marcos RodriguezRage The Devil Strikes Again
Marcos RodriguezRage Wings of Rage
MarcoSludge Scarecrow Messiah
Marcus BengtsNils Patrik Johansson Evil Deluxe
Marcus BielenbergMajesty Hellforces
Marcus BielenbergMajesty Metal Law
Marcus BielenbergMajesty Sons Of A New Millenium
Marcus BielenbergVanize Bootlicker
Marcus BielenbergVanize High Proof
Marcus BielenbergVanize Twins
Marcus BischoffHansen and Friends XXX - Three Decades In Metal
Marcus ColonDeliverance Camelot in Smithereens
Marcus GrobkopfShockmachine Shockmachine
Marcus GrosskopfHelloween 7 Sinners
Marcus JidellAvatarium The Girl With the Raven Mask
Marcus JidellEvergrey Glorious Collision
Marcus JidellSkyblood Skyblood
Marcus JohnsonStride Music Machine
Marcus JürgensBrainstorm Hungry
Marcus JürgensBrainstorm Unholy
Marcus KniepGrave Digger Healed By Metal
Marcus KniepGrave Digger The Living Dead
Marcus LangExcalion Dream Alive
Marcus LangExcalion Emotions
Marcus LeeKobra And The Lotus Evolution
Marcus LeeKobra And The Lotus Prevail I
Marcus LeeKobra And The Lotus Prevail II
Marcus LorentzenCourse of Fate Mindweaver
Marcus MarcelloSilverlane Legends Of Safar
Marcus Nygren8 Point Rose Primigenia
Marcus SiepenBlind Guardian A Night at the Opera
Marcus SiepenBlind Guardian A Twist in the Myth
Marcus SiepenBlind Guardian Another Stranger Me
Marcus SiepenBlind Guardian At The Edge Of Time
Marcus SiepenBlind Guardian Battalions of Fear
Marcus SiepenBlind Guardian Beyond The Red Mirror
Marcus SiepenBlind Guardian Live
Marcus SiepenBlind Guardian Memories Of A Time To Come
Marcus SiepenBlind Guardian Mirror Mirror
Marcus SiepenBlind Guardian The Sacred Worlds and Songs Divine Tour 2010
Marcus SiepenBlind Guardian Twilight Orchestra - Legacy Of The Dark Lands
Marcus SiepenSinbreed Shadows
Marcus Sjösund8 Point Rose Primigenia
Marcus SköldDreamland Future's Calling
Marcus SunessonThe Crown Crowned Unholy
Marcus SunessonThe Crown Crowned in Terror
Marcus SunessonThe Crown Deathrace King
Marcus SunessonThe Crown Doomsday King
Marcus SunessonThe Crown Eternal Death
Marcus SunessonThe Crown Hell Is Here
Marcus SunessonThe Crown Possessed 13
Marcus SunessonThe Crown The Burning
Marcus ThurstonPaul Di'anno The Worlds First Iron Man
Marcus V. NormanNaglfar Ex Inferis
Mario CianciDiamond Plate Generation Why
Mario Garcia GonzalezDark Moor Ancestral Romance
Mario Garcia GonzalezDark Moor Ars Musica
Mariusz RomanczukTower The Swan Princess
Mark David Francis KleinCyrcle IX A New Dimension
Mark FrancoWayne Metal Church
Mark HancockBlitzkrieg The Mists of Avalon
Mark MarcumSavage Grace After the Fall from Grace
Marliese QuanceLizzy Borden Appointment With Death
Mat StancioiuLabyrinth Return to Heaven Denied
Mat StancioiuLabyrinth Timeless Crime
Mat StancioiuVision Divine Vision Divine
Matt BatchelorMorticia 13 Nightmares
Matthew ArcherParadise Lost Gothic
Matthew ArcherParadise Lost Lost Paradise
Matthias LaschSinner Wild 'N' Evil
Mattia StancioiuLabyrinth 6 Days To Nowhere
Mattia StancioiuLabyrinth Freeman
Mattia StancioiuLabyrinth Labyrinth
Mattia StancioiuLabyrinth Sons Of Thunder
Mattia StancioiuVision Divine Send Me An Angel
Max FaccioWhite Skull Embittered
Max FaccioWhite Skull I Won't Burn Alone
Max PerformanceBowel Mouth Burger Grill - Cum Taste Our Juicy Meat
Mel SanchezAbattoir No Sleep 'til Kalamazoo - Live!
Mel SanchezAbattoir The Only Safe Place
Mel SanchezAbattoir Vicious Attack
Mel SanchezEvildead Annihilation Of Civilization
Mel SanchezEvildead Rise Above
Messiah MarcolinAmon Amarth Deceiver of the Gods
Messiah MarcolinCandlemass Candlemass
Messiah MarcolinCandlemass Doomed For Live - Reunion 2002
Messiah MarcolinCandlemass Live
Messiah MarcolinCandlemass Nightfall
Messiah MarcolinCandlemass Tales of Creation
Metal Mike ChlasciakHalford Halford III: Winter Songs
Michael VaucherEmerald Calling The Knights
Michael VaucherEmerald Forces Of Doom
Michael VaucherEmerald Hymns To Steel
Michael VaucherEmerald Rebels Of Our Time
Michael VaucherEmerald Reckoning Day
Michael VaucherEmerald Unleashed
Michele CavalcaReasons Behind Project: M.I.S.T.
Miguel Meegs Rasc'OnCoal Chamber Dark Days
Miguel Meegs Rasc`OnCoal Chamber Chamber Music
Miguel Meegs Rasc`OnCoal Chamber Coal Chamber
Mihai DanciulescuScarlet Aura Falling Sky
MikalcoholicRiotor Death and Destruction
MikalcoholicRiotor Fucking Metal
Mike ChlasciakHalford Crucible
Mike ChlasciakHalford Crucible - Remixed and Remastered
Mike ChlasciakHalford Live At Saitama Super Arena
Mike ChlasciakHalford Live Insurrection
Mike ChlasciakHalford Live in Anaheim
Mike ChlasciakHalford Made Of Metal
Mike ChlasciakHalford Metal God Essentials, Vol I
Mike ChlasciakHalford Resurrection
Mike ChlasciakMike Lepond's Silent Assassins Mike LePond's Silent Assassins
Mike ChlasciakScheepers Scheepers
Mike PaccionePiledriver Stay Ugly
Mike ScacciaRigor Mortis Freaks
Mike ScacciaRigor Mortis Rigor Mortis
Mike ScacciaRigor Mortis Vs. The Earth
Mike VanceArmageddon The Money Mask
Natascha "Tasha" KochSerenity Codex Atlanticus
Nathan GarciaNailed Promise Realize
Niccolň FranchiMystic Twilight The Path Seldom Mortal Goes
Nicola CevaScarlett D. Gray Scarlett D. Gray
Nicola CorrenteSecret Rule Against
Nicola CorrenteSecret Rule The 7 Endless
Nicola CorrenteSecret Rule The Key to the World
Nicolas MarcoHeavenly Carpe Diem
Oimel LarcherNitrogods Nitrogods
Oliver KaraschGloryful The Warriors Code
Onur AkcaRiseback Riseback
Pablo GarciaWarcry Alea Jacta Est
Pablo GarciaWarcry Alfa
Pablo GarciaWarcry Donde Esta la Luz
Pablo GarciaWarcry El Sello de los Tiempos
Pablo GarciaWarcry Immortal
Pablo GarciaWarcry La Quinta Esencia
Pablo GarciaWarcry Revolucion
Pascal PannenElvellon Spellbound
Pascal PannenElvellon Until Dawn
Pete LancerStormwitch Eye of the Storm
Pete LancerStormwitch The Beauty And The Beast
Peter AlcornAlestorm No Grave But The Sea
Phil FascianaHate Plow Everybody Dies
Phil FascianaMalevolent Creation Envenomed
Phil FascianaMalevolent Creation The Ten Commandments
Phil MarchalHustler Now or Never
Philippe BlanchetSynthese Prisoner
Pierre BlanchetSynthese Prisoner
Pierre VillafrancaOstrogoth Feelings Of Fury
Qualcast Koffee MutilatorLawnmower Deth Return of the Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns
Qualcast MutilatorLawnmower Deth Ooh Crikey It's... Lawnmower Deth
Racci "Sketchy" ShayDope Group Therapy
Racci ShayDope American Apathy
Racci ShayDope Life
Ralph-Marcel DietrichFactory Of Art The Tempter
Renato GracciaViper All My Life
Renato GracciaViper Coma Rage
Renato GracciaViper Everybody Everybody
Renato GracciaViper Evolution
Renato GracciaViper Maniacs in Japan
Renato GracciaViper Tem Pra Todo Mundo
Renato GracciaViper Vipera Sapiens
Reuben ArcherStampede A Sudden Impulse
Reuben ArcherStampede Hurricane Town
Reuben ArcherStampede The Official Bootleg
Ricardo Salverredy GarcíaYawarhiem The Rebirth of the Empire
Robert FrancoAvernus Of the Fallen
Roberto FalcaoKing Diamond Dreams of Horror
Roberto FrancoAvernus Where the Sleeping Shadows Lie
Roberto GarciaWarcry Alfa
Roberto GarciaWarcry Immortal
Roberto GarciaWarcry Revolucion
Rudy GoryancePowersurge MCMXCI
Sandro "Bid" AncillottiAncillotti Strike Back
Sandro "Bid" AncillottiAncillotti The Chain Goes On
Sandro AncillottiAncillotti Down This Road Together
Sangeeta ChauhanTwilight Force Heroes Of Mighty Magic
Sara CabezasLast Days of Eden Chrysalis
Sascha GerstnerFreedom Call Crystal Empire
Sascha GerstnerFreedom Call Stairway to Fairyland
Sascha GerstnerFreedom Call Taragon
Sascha GerstnerHelloween 7 Sinners
Sascha GerstnerHelloween Gambling With the Devil
Sascha GerstnerHelloween Helloween
Sascha GerstnerHelloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy
Sascha GerstnerHelloween Live In Sao Paulo
Sascha GerstnerHelloween My God-Given Right
Sascha GerstnerHelloween Rabbit Don't Come Easy
Sascha GerstnerHelloween Straight Out Of Hell
Sascha GerstnerHelloween Unarmed (Best Of - 25th Anniversary)
Sascha GerstnerHelloween United Alive in Madrid
Sascha HillesTomorrow's Eve The Unexpected World
Sascha OnnenMob Rules Astral Hand
Sascha OnnenMob Rules Ethnolution A.D.
Sascha OnnenMob Rules Radical Peace
Sascha PaethAvantasia Angel Of Babylon
Sascha PaethAvantasia Ghostlights
Sascha PaethAvantasia Lost In Space Part I
Sascha PaethAvantasia Lost In Space Part II
Sascha PaethAvantasia Moonglow
Sascha PaethAvantasia The Flying Opera: Around The World In Twenty Days
Sascha PaethAvantasia The Mystery Of Time
Sascha PaethAvantasia The Scarecrow
Sascha PaethAvantasia The Wicked Symphony
Sascha PaethHeaven's Gate Livin in Hysteria
Sascha PaethKamelot Karma
Sascha PaethMasters of Ceremony Signs of Wings
Sascha PaethRhapsody Legendary Tales
Sascha PaethRhapsody Power Of The Dargonflame
Sascha PaethRhapsody Symphony of Enchanted Lands
Sascha PaethTrillium Alloy
Sascha WaackRed Raven Chapter One: The Principles
Sav PearceMarseille Rock You Tonight: The Anthology
Sav PearceMarseille Touch The Night
Sebastian BrauchleIvanhoe Lifeline
Sebastian BrauchleIvanhoe Wake In Mindfields
Sergio FacciViper Everybody Everybody
Sergio FacciViper Theatre of Fate
Sergio PagnaccoVanexa Against the Sun
Sergio PagnaccoVanexa Back from the Ruins
Sergio PagnaccoVanexa Metal City Live
Sergio PagnaccoVanexa Vanexa
Sergio SalcedoCoffeinne Circle Of Time
Shawn KascakOutworld Outworld
Shawn MarcotteDivine Regale Horizons
Sid FalckOverkill Horrorscope
Sid FalckOverkill The Years Of Decay
Sid FalckOverkill Under the Influence
Silvia MarchesanPathosray Sunless Skies
Sonata ArcticaSonata Arctica The Collection
Stefanc HorzRhapsody The Dark Secret
Terrance HobbsSuffocation Effigy of the Forgotten
Thimas StauchBlind Guardian A Night at the Opera
Thomas StauchBlind Guardian Battalions of Fear
Thomas StauchBlind Guardian Mirror Mirror
Thomas VaucherEmerald Calling The Knights
Thomas VaucherEmerald Forces Of Doom
Thomas VaucherEmerald Hymns To Steel
Thomas VaucherEmerald Rebels Of Our Time
Thomas VaucherEmerald Reckoning Day
Thomas VaucherEmerald Unleashed
Thomen StauchBlind Guardian Live
Thomen StauchIron Savior Iron Savior
Thomen StauchMentalist Freedom of Speech
Thomen StauchSerious Black As Daylight Breaks
Thomen StrauchBlind Guardian Follow the Blind
Thomen StrauchBlind Guardian Imaginations From the Other Side
Thomen StrauchBlind Guardian Nightfall in Middle Earth
Thomen StrauchBlind Guardian Somewhere Far beyond
Thomen StrauchBlind Guardian Tales From the Twilight World
Thomen StrauchBlind Guardian The Forgotten Tales
Thomen StrauchBlind Guardian Tokyo Tales
TrancerGrudge Barbarians of the New Earth
VaccoDestructor Saludando a La Hermandad
Valcavasia's ChoirDark Moor The Gates of Oblivion
VasceHighlord Heir Of Power
VasceHighlord When The Aurura Falls...
VengeanceBeherit Drawing Down the Moon
Victor GarciaWarcry Alea Jacta Est
Victor GarciaWarcry Alfa
Victor GarciaWarcry Donde Esta la Luz
Victor GarciaWarcry El Sello de los Tiempos
Victor GarciaWarcry Immortal
Victor GarciaWarcry La Quinta Esencia
Victor GarciaWarcry Revolucion
Victor GarciaWarcry Warcry
Vinny DibiancoVicious Circle Cryptic Void
Vinny DibiancoVicious Circle The Art of Agony
Weiberlan GarciaWild Witch Burning Chains
Willy GasconSteel Horse Wild Power
Willy GasconThunderheart Night Of The Warriors
Yio D'ArcangelisMinddrive Mind Over Matter
Zacky VengeanceAvenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold
Zacky VengeanceAvenged Sevenfold City of Evil
Zacky VengeanceAvenged Sevenfold Live in the LBC and Diamonds in the Rough
Zacky VengeanceAvenged Sevenfold Nightmare
Zacky VengeanceAvenged Sevenfold Sounding the Seventh Trumpet
Zacky VengeanceAvenged Sevenfold Waking the Fallen


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