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Search Results

The search found 538 CDs at Brutal Metal upon which John performed.

Musician Artist CD
Andy John BurtonMore Blood and Thunder
John "Capachino" CarterFields of the Nephilim Mourning Sun
John "Styx" SerilMadhouse Thanks For Nothing
John 5Marilyn Manson The Golden Age of Grotesque
John 5Two Voyeurs
John 5Rob Zombie Educated Horses
John 5Rob Zombie Hillbilly Deluxe 2
John 5Rob Zombie Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor
John 5Rob Zombie Zombie Live
John A.B.C. SmithAt Vance Chained
John A.B.C. SmithAt Vance Dragonchaser
John A.B.C. SmithAt Vance Early Works
John A.B.C. SmithAt Vance Heart Of Steel
John A.B.C. SmithAt Vance No Escape
John A.B.C. SmithAt Vance The Evil In You
John A.B.C. SmithAt Vance VII
John A.B.C. SmithScanner Mental Reservation
John ABC SmithGod's Army Demoncracy
John ABC SmithGod's Army God's Army
John AlfredssonAvatar Avatar
John AlfredssonAvatar Black Waltz
John AlfredssonAvatar Schlacht
John AlfredssonAvatar Thoughts Of No Tomorrow
John AnthonyBlack Widow Satan's Playground
John AnthonyBlack Widow Soldiers From Hell
John AntonioliTramontane December Dark
John ArchArch / Matheos Sympathetic Resonance
John ArchArch / Matheos Winter Ethereal
John ArchJohn Arch A Twist of Fate (EP)
John ArchFates Warning Awaken the Guardian
John ArchFates Warning Night On Brocken
John ArchFates Warning The Spectre Within
John BechdelProng Cleansing
John BerryJacob's Dream Demo
John BerryJacob's Dream Jacob's Dream
John BerryJacob's Dream Theater of War
John BillingsWolf Hoffmann Headbangers Symphony
John BlackwingThunder Rider Tales of Darkness and Light
John BlackwingThunder Rider Tales of Darkness and Light Chapter II
John BoecklinDevilDriver Beast
John BoecklinDevilDriver DevilDriver
John BoecklinDevilDriver Pray for Villains
John BoecklinDevilDriver The Fury of Our Maker's Hand
John BoecklinDevilDriver The Last Kind Words
John BoecklinDevilDriver Winter Kills
John BonataThrust Fist Held High
John BrunoObsession Carnival Of Lies
John BrunoObsession Order Of Chaos
John BushAnthrax Music Of Mass Destruction (Live From Chicago)
John BushAnthrax Sound of White Noise
John BushAnthrax Stomp 442
John BushAnthrax The Greater Of Two Evils
John BushAnthrax Volume 8 - The Threat Is Real
John BushAnthrax We've Come For You All
John BushArmored Saint 2009 Australian Tour Compilation
John BushArmored Saint Carpe Noctum
John BushArmored Saint Delirious Nomad
John BushArmored Saint La Raza
John BushArmored Saint March Of The Saint
John BushArmored Saint Nod to the Old School
John BushArmored Saint Punching the Sky
John BushArmored Saint Raising Fear
John BushArmored Saint Revelation
John BushArmored Saint Saints Will Conquer
John BushArmored Saint Symbol Of Salvation
John BushArmored Saint Symbol of Salvation - Live
John BushArmored Saint Win Hands Down
John CampbellBurn the Priest Burn the Priest
John CampbellLamb of God As the Palaces Burn
John CampbellLamb of God Ashes of the Wake
John CampbellLamb of God Hourglass: The Anthology
John CampbellLamb of God Killadelphia
John CampbellLamb of God New American Gospel
John CampbellLamb of God Resolution
John CampbellLamb of God Sacrament
John CampbellLamb of God Wrath
John CarsonArena Songs From the Lions Cage
John CarsonArena Ten Years On 1995 - 2005
John CarsonArena Unlocking The Cage 1995-2000
John CavaliereBlack Majesty Children Of The Abyss
John CavaliereBlack Majesty Cross Of Thorns
John CavaliereBlack Majesty In Your Honour
John CavaliereBlack Majesty Sands Of Time
John CavaliereBlack Majesty Silent Company
John CavaliereBlack Majesty Stargazer
John CavaliereBlack Majesty Tomorrowland
John ChristDanzig 4p
John ChristDanzig Danzig
John ChristDanzig Danzig 3 How The Gods Kill
John ChristDanzig Danzig II - Lucifuge
John ChristDanzig Live On The Black Hand Side
John ChristDanzig Thrall-Demonsweatlive
John CollinsStrikken According to Purpose
John CollinsStrikken Long Story Short
John ComprixBeyond Fear Beyond Fear
John ConnellyNuclear Assault Alive Again
John ConnellyNuclear Assault Game Over
John ConnellyNuclear Assault Handle With Care
John ConnellyNuclear Assault Live at the Hammersmith Odeon
John ConnellyNuclear Assault Out of Order
John ConnellyNuclear Assault Something Wicked
John ConnellyNuclear Assault Survive
John ConnellyNuclear Assault Third World Genocide
John ConnollyProjected Human
John ConnollyProjected Ignite My Insanity
John ConnolySevendust Alpha
John ConnolySevendust Animosity
John ConnolySevendust Best of (Chapter One - 1997-2004)
John ConnolySevendust Black Out The Sun
John ConnolySevendust Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow
John ConnolySevendust Cold Day Memory
John ConnolySevendust Home
John ConnolySevendust Next
John ConnolySevendust Seasons
John ConnolySevendust Sevendust
John ConnolySevendust Southside Double-Wide: Acoustic Live
John CotterillDemon Spaced Out Monkey
John CovingtonSolitude Aeturnus Into the Depths of Sorrow
John CummingsDr. Crusty Blockacheese
John CyriisAgent Steel Mad Locust Rising
John CyriisAgent Steel Skeptics Apocalypse
John CyriisAgent Steel Unstoppable Force
John DeServioBlack Label Society Grimmest Hits
John DeServioBlack Label Society Hangover Music Vol. VI
John DeServioBlack Label Society Order Of The Black
John DeServioBlack Label Society Shot To Hell
John DeServioBlack Label Society The Song Remains Not The Same
John DeServioMichael Romeo War Of The Worlds / Pt. 1
John DeverillTygers Of Pan Tang Crazy Nights
John DeverillTygers Of Pan Tang Live at Nottingham Rock City
John DeverillTygers Of Pan Tang Spellbound
John DeverillTygers Of Pan Tang The Cage
John DevolCulprit Guilty as Charged!
John DevolCulprit Innocent 'Til Proven Guilty
John DolmayanSystem Of A Down Hypnotize
John DolmayanSystem Of A Down Mezmerize
John DolmayanSystem Of A Down Steal This Album!
John DolmayanSystem Of A Down System Of A Down
John DolmayanSystem Of A Down Toxicity
John DonnellyToxik Think This
John DouglasAnathema A Fine Day To Exit
John DouglasAnathema A Natural Disaster
John DouglasAnathema Crestfallen EP
John DouglasAnathema Eternity
John DouglasAnathema Falling Deeper
John DouglasAnathema Hindsight
John DouglasAnathema Judgement
John DouglasAnathema Serenades
John DouglasAnathema The Silent Enigma
John DouglasAnathema We're Here Because We're Here
John DouglasAnathema Weather Systems
John DraiSpheric Universe Experience Anima
John DraiSpheric Universe Experience Mental Torments
John DraiSpheric Universe Experience Unreal
John DuffyWehrmacht Biermacht
John DuffyWehrmacht Shark Attack
John E. JanuarySheol Hades Metal Disease
John E. Wooten IVWidow Carved In Stone
John E. Wooten IVWidow Life's Blood
John E. Wooten IVWidow Nightlife
John ElefanteBarren Cross State of Control
John ElstarBlack Sabbath Never Say Die!
John EmeryAnacrusis Annihilation Complete
John EmeryAnacrusis Manic Impressions
John EmeryAnacrusis Reason
John EmeryAnacrusis Screams and Whispers
John EmeryAnacrusis Silver
John EmeryAnacrusis Suffering Hour
John EntwistleGlenn Tipton Baptizm of Fire
John EntwistleGlenn Tipton Edge of the World
John FlanaganUnleash the Dog Matter of Time
John FloresTitan Force Titan Force
John Fraiser-BinnieRogue Male First Visit
John GallagherMarta Gabriel Metal Queens
John GallagherKillers South American Assault Live
John GallagherPaul Dianno and Killers South American Assault - Live
John GallagherRaven All for One
John GallagherRaven Architect Of Fear
John GallagherRaven Destroy All Monsters - Live In Japan
John GallagherRaven Everything Louder
John GallagherRaven ExtermiNation
John GallagherRaven Glow
John GallagherRaven Heads Up!
John GallagherRaven Life's a Bitch
John GallagherRaven Live At The Inferno
John GallagherRaven Mad
John GallagherRaven Metal City
John GallagherRaven Nothing Exceeds Like Excess
John GallagherRaven One For All
John GallagherRaven Party Killers
John GallagherRaven Raw Tracks
John GallagherRaven Rock Until You Drop
John GallagherRaven Stay Hard
John GallagherRaven The Pack Is Back
John GallagherRaven Walk Through Fire
John GallagherRaven Wiped Out
John GallagherThor Alliance
John GillelandViolent Revolution Damaged Society
John GorissenCallenish Circle Drift Of Empathy
John GraneyDamnation Angels Bringer Of Light
John GraneyDamnation Angels Fiber of Our Being
John GraneyDamnation Angels Shadow Symphony
John GraneyDamnation Angels The Valiant Fire
John GrdenPessimist Slaughtering the Faithful
John GreelyIced Earth Night Of The Stormrider
John GreelyIced Earth The Blessed And The Damned
John HaughmAgalloch Ashes Against the Grain
John HaughmAgalloch From Which of This Oak
John HaughmAgalloch Marrow of the Spirit
John HaughmAgalloch Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor
John HaughmAgalloch Pale Folklore
John HaughmAgalloch The Compendium Archive
John HaughmAgalloch The Demonstration Archive: 1996-1998
John HaughmAgalloch The Grey
John HaughmAgalloch The Mantle
John HaughmAgalloch The White EP
John HaughmAgalloch Whitedivisiongrey
John HaughmSculptured Apollo Ends
John HaughmSculptured The Spear of the Lily is Aureoled
John HinchJudas Priest Hero, Hero
John HinchJudas Priest Rocka Rolla
John HinchJudas Priest The Best of Judas Priest
John HintonWhite Friday Lord Of The Revival
John HodgettsKunfind Releasing Fury
John HomanMagnitude 9 Chaos To Control
John HomanMagnitude 9 Decoding the Soul
John J. DouglasAnathema Pentecost III
John J. KopiaszDeath and Taxes Substance Overload
John Jaycee CuijpersAyreon Universe: Best Of Ayreon Live
John Jd DeservioBlack Label Society Cataombs of the Black Vatican
John JowittArena Arena Live: 2011/12 Tour
John JowittArena Edits
John JowittArena Pride
John JowittArena Ten Years On 1995 - 2005
John JowittArena The Cry
John JowittArena The Seventh Degree of Separation
John JowittArena The Visitor
John JowittArena Unlocking The Cage 1995-2000
John JowittArena Welcome To The Stage
John KellyType O Negative October Rust
John KellyType O Negative The Least Worst of Type O Negative
John KellyType O Negative World Coming Down
John KeuArmour Armour
John KevillWarbringer IV: Empires Collapse
John KevillWarbringer Walking Into Nightmares
John KevillWarbringer War Without End
John KevillWarbringer Worlds Torn Asunder
John KristenHittman Hittman
John KristenHittman Vivas Machina
John KruppKr'Uppt Within the Asylum
John KurzwegCreed Greatest Hits
John KurzwegCreed Human Clay
John KurzwegCreed Weathered
John KurzwegCreed With Arms Wide Open: A Retrospective
John LauxWarbringer IV: Empires Collapse
John LauxWarbringer Walking Into Nightmares
John LauxWarbringer War Without End
John LauxWarbringer Worlds Torn Asunder
John LeibelThor Beyond The Pain Barrier
John LindnerDead On Dead On
John LockneyHollow Ground Raw Tapes '79
John LoftonLofton Straight Between The Eyes
John LoweryHalford Metal God Essentials, Vol I
John Luke HebertKing Diamond House Of God
John Luke HebertKing Diamond The Graveyard
John Luke HebertKing Diamond Voodoo
John LwetslootDissection The Somberlain
John MacalusoChris Caffery House of Insanity
John MacalusoFool's Game Reality Divine
John MacalusoLabyrinth Architecture Of A God
John MacalusoLabyrinth Return to Live
John MacalusoMistheria Dragon Fire
John MacalusoMichael Romeo War Of The Worlds / Pt. 1
John MacalusoTomorrow's Eve Mirror Of Creation III Project IKAROS
John MahanSaint Complete Works
John MahanSaint Time's End
John MahanSaint Warriors of the Son
John MarshallMetal Church Blessing in Disguise
John MarshallMetal Church Human Factor
John MarshallMetal Church Live in Japan
John MatthewsTitanium Black Bleed For You
John McBainMonster Magnet Monster Magnet
John McBainMonster Magnet Spine of God
John McBainMonster Magnet Tab
John McCoyRogue Male Nail It
John McCoySamson Burning Emotion: The Best of 1985-1990
John McCoySamson Joint Forces
John McCoySamson P.S.... 1953-2002
John McCoySamson Survivors
John McCullimHolocaust Primal
John McEnteeIncantation The Infernal Storm
John McManusMama's Boys Growing Up the Hard Way
John McManusMama's Boys Live Tonite
John McManusMama's Boys Plug it In
John McManusMama's Boys Relativity
John McManusMama's Boys The Collection
John McmanusMama's Boys Mama's Boys
John McmanusMama's Boys Power and Passion
John MenorD.R.I. Definition
John MenorD.R.I. Live
John MenorD.R.I. Thrash Zone
John Mikl ThorThor Only The Strong
John Mikl ThorThor Thunderstryke
John Mikl ThorThor Thunderstryke II
John MitchellArena Arena Live: 2011/12 Tour
John MitchellArena Breakfast in Biarritz
John MitchellArena Contagion
John MitchellArena Contagious
John MitchellArena Contagium
John MitchellArena Immortal
John MitchellArena Live and Life
John MitchellArena Pepper's Ghost
John MitchellArena Radiance
John MitchellArena Smoke and Mirrors
John MitchellArena Ten Years On 1995 - 2005
John MitchellArena The Cry
John MitchellArena The Seventh Degree of Separation
John MitchellArena The Visitor
John MitchellArena Unlocking The Cage 1995-2000
John MitchellArena Welcome To The Stage
John MizrahiPagan Altar Volume 1
John MjalandExtol The Blueprint Dives
John MorganStrapping Young Lad No Sleep 'Till Bedtime: Live in Australia
John MorrisBurning Black MechanicHell
John MortimerHolocaust Covenant
John MortimerHolocaust Hypnosis of Birds
John MortimerHolocaust Live (Hot Curry and Wine)
John MortimerHolocaust Live From The Raw Loud 'N' Live Tour
John MortimerHolocaust No Man's Land
John MortimerHolocaust Primal
John MortimerHolocaust The Courage To Be
John MortimerHolocaust The Nightcomers
John MoyerAdrenaline Mob Coverta
John MoyerAdrenaline Mob Men Of Honor
John MoyerDisturbed Asylum
John MoyerDisturbed Indestructible
John MoyerDisturbed Live At Red Rocks
John MoyerDisturbed Live and Indestructible
John MoyerDisturbed Ten Thousand Fists
John MoyerDisturbed The Lost Children
John MyungDream Theater A Change of Seasons
John MyungDream Theater A Dramatic Turn of Events
John MyungDream Theater Awake
John MyungDream Theater Black Clouds and Silver Linings
John MyungDream Theater Dream Theater
John MyungDream Theater Falling Into Infinity
John MyungDream Theater Images and Words
John MyungDream Theater Live Scenes From New York
John MyungDream Theater Live at Budokan
John MyungDream Theater Live at Luna Park
John MyungDream Theater Live at the Marquee
John MyungDream Theater Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
John MyungDream Theater Octavarium
John MyungDream Theater Once in a Live Time
John MyungDream Theater Score
John MyungDream Theater Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
John MyungDream Theater Systematic Chaos
John MyungDream Theater Train of Thought
John MyungDream Theater When Dream and Day Unite
John NaasTramontane December Dark
John NybergSeason of Dreams My Shelter
John OlivaSavatage Edge of Thorns
John OlivaSavatage Handful of Rain
John OreshnickFireball Ministry Fireball Ministry
John OreshnickFireball Ministry Ou Est La Rock
John OreshnickFireball Ministry The Second Great Awakening
John OreshnickFireball Ministry Their Rock Is Not Our Rock
John OsbornDoctor Butcher Doctor Butcher
John OsbornDoctor Butcher The Demos!!!
John OsbornSeven Witches City Of Lost Souls
John OutcaltGod Forbid Better Days
John OutcaltGod Forbid Determination
John OutcaltGod Forbid Earthsblood
John OutcaltGod Forbid Equilibrium
John OutcaltGod Forbid Gone Forever
John OutcaltGod Forbid IV: Constitution of Treason
John OutcaltGod Forbid Out of Misery
John OutcaltGod Forbid Reject the Sickness
John OutcaltGod Forbid Sickness and Misery
John ParadisoEvoken A Caress of the Void
John ParadisoEvoken Antithesis of Light
John ParadisoEvoken Atra Mors
John ParadisoEvoken Quietus
John ParasisoEvoken Embrace the Emptiness
John PerezSolitude Aeturnus Beyond the Crimson Horizon
John PerezSolitude Aeturnus Into the Depths of Sorrow
John PerrineSaint Complete Works
John PerrineSaint Too Late For Living
John PetrucciDream Theater A Change of Seasons
John PetrucciDream Theater A Dramatic Turn of Events
John PetrucciDream Theater Awake
John PetrucciDream Theater Black Clouds and Silver Linings
John PetrucciDream Theater Dream Theater
John PetrucciDream Theater Falling Into Infinity
John PetrucciDream Theater Images and Words
John PetrucciDream Theater Live Scenes From New York
John PetrucciDream Theater Live at Budokan
John PetrucciDream Theater Live at Luna Park
John PetrucciDream Theater Live at the Marquee
John PetrucciDream Theater Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
John PetrucciDream Theater Octavarium
John PetrucciDream Theater Once in a Live Time
John PetrucciDream Theater Score
John PetrucciDream Theater Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
John PetrucciDream Theater Systematic Chaos
John PetrucciDream Theater Train of Thought
John PetrucciDream Theater When Dream and Day Unite
John PieroneIntruder Escape From Pain
John PieroniIntruder A Higher Form Of Killing
John PieroniIntruder Live To Die
John PieroniIntruder Psycho Savant
John PirasCradle of Filth Live Bait For the Dead
John PirasCradle of Filth Nymphetamine
John PonsSteel Prophet Dark Hallucinations
John PonsSteel Prophet Messiah
John PopperMetallica Garage Inc.
John PyneLoad Point Pull We've Come to Take What's Ours
John RicciExciter Better Live than Dead
John RicciExciter Blood of Tyrants
John RicciExciter Death Machine
John RicciExciter Heavy Metal Manaic
John RicciExciter Kill After Kill
John RicciExciter Long Live the Loud
John RicciExciter The Dark Command
John RicciExciter Thrash, Speed, Burn
John RicciExciter Violence and Force
John RicciWhite Zombie Make The Die Slowly
John RidgeE.F. Band Deep Cut
John RidgeE.F. Band Live at the Mudd Club in Gothenburg 1983
John RoachFist Back With A Vengeance
John RoachFist Back with a Vengeance: The Anthology
John Robert MjalandExtol Synergy
John RocheGama Bomb The Terror Tapes
John SchlegelSculptured The Spear of the Lily is Aureoled
John ScottAcheron Anti-God, Anti-Christ
John ScottAcheron Those Who Have Risen
John ShandThor Keep The Dogs Away
John SimmonsAtomic Opera Gospel Cola
John SinhxHitten Twist Of Fate
John SlaterBlaze As Live As It Gets
John SlaterBlaze Blood and Belief
John SlaterBlaze Silicon Messiah
John SlaterBlaze Tenth Dimension
John SlatteryCyclone Temple Building Errors in the Machine
John SlatteryCyclone Temple I Hate Therefore I Am
John SlatteryCyclone Temple My Friend Lonely
John StaffordTwist of Fate Twist of Fate
John StahlmanFaustus ...And Still We Suffer
John StahlmanReverend A Gathering of Demons
John StamAngel A Woman's Diary - Chapter 1
John StamImperia Flames of Eternity
John StormontBattleaxe Nightmare Zone
John SykesTygers Of Pan Tang Crazy Nights
John SykesTygers Of Pan Tang Live at Nottingham Rock City
John SykesTygers Of Pan Tang Spellbound
John TabaresHirax Raging Violence
John TahanTzar Players of the Game
John TardyObituary Anthology
John TardyObituary Back from the Dead
John TardyObituary Cause Of Death
John TardyObituary Darkest Day
John TardyObituary Dead
John TardyObituary Frozen in Time
John TardyObituary Slowly We Rot
John TardyObituary The Best of Obituary
John TardyObituary The End Complete
John TardyObituary World Demise
John TardyObituary Xecutioner's Return
John TardySepultura Beneath the Remains
John TempestaBlack Label Society Hangover Music Vol. VI
John TempestaExodus Force of Habit
John TempestaExodus Lessons In Violence (The Best Of Exodus)
John TempestaTestament First Strike Still Deadly
John TempestaTestament Live In London
John TempestaTributes Numbers from the Beast
John TempestaWhite Zombie Astro-Creep: 2000 - Songs of Love, Destruction and Other Synthetic Delusions of the Electric Head
John TempestaWhite Zombie Supersexy Swingin' Sounds
John TempetaTestament Low
John TetleyJag Panzer Ample Destruction
John TetleyJag Panzer Casting The Stones
John TetleyJag Panzer Chain Of Command
John TetleyJag Panzer Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat
John TetleyJag Panzer Dissident Alliance
John TetleyJag Panzer Mechanized Warfare
John TetleyJag Panzer Shadow Thief
John TetleyJag Panzer Thane to the Throne
John TetleyJag Panzer The Age of Mastery
John TetleyJag Panzer The Deviant Chord
John TetleyJag Panzer The Fourth Judgement
John TetleyJag Panzer The Scourge of the Light
John TetleyJag Panzer Tyrants
John ToninThor Thunderstryke
John TownsendWhite Friday Lord Of The Revival
John TuckerHaunt If Icarus Could Fly
John TuckerHaunt Mind Freeze
John VidaurriParadox (USA) Ruler
John WalkerCancer Black Faith
John WalkerCancer Corporation
John WalkerCancer Death Shall Rise
John WalkerCancer Spirit in Flames
John WalkerCancer The Sins Of Mankind
John WalkerCancer To The Gory End
John WarrenKilled By Cain Killed By Cain
John WaterhouseDemon Blow-Out
John WaterhouseDemon Breakout
John WaterhouseDemon British Standard Approved
John WaterhouseDemon Heart of Our Time
John WaterhouseDemon Hold On To The Dream
John WaterhouseDemon One Helluva Night - Live in Germany
John WaterhouseDemon Taking The World By Storm
John WestDeezl Ignite
John WestFeinstein Third Wish
John WestMarilyn Manson Mechanical Animals
John WestMistheria Dragon Fire
John WigginsTokyo Blade Blackhearts and Jaded Spades
John WigginsTokyo Blade Burning Down Paradise
John WigginsTokyo Blade Midnight Rendezvous
John WigginsTokyo Blade Night of the Blade
John WigginsTokyo Blade Night of the Blade - The Night Before
John WigginsTokyo Blade Thousand Men Strong
John WigginsTokyo Blade Tokyo Blade
John William TuckerHaunt Burst Into Flame
John William WaltonAgalloch Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor
John William WaltonAgalloch The Compendium Archive
John William WaltonAgalloch Whitedivisiongrey
John WilmersGuillotine Bring Down the Curtain
John Wolf CovingtonSolitude Aeturnus Beyond the Crimson Horizon
John WrightDemon Breakout
John WrightDemon British Standard Approved
John WrightDemon Heart of Our Time
John WrightDemon Night of the Demon
John WrightDemon The Plague
John WrightDemon The Unexpected Guest
John WylieFist Turn The Hell On
John ZahnerJon Oliva's Pain Global Warning
John ZahnerJon Oliva's Pain Maniacal Renderings
John ZahnerJon Oliva's Pain Straight-Jacket Memoirs
John ZahnerJon Oliva's Pain Tage Mahal


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