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Search Results

The search found 891 CDs at Brutal Metal upon which AC performed.

Musician Artist CD
ACRunning Wild The First Years Of Piracy
Ace StillGoatlord Goatlord
Ace StillGoatlord Reflections of the Solstice
Acey SladeDope Felons and Revolutionaries
Acey SladeDope Life
AceMad Planet Living Hell
Achilleas KamzolasExarsis New War Order
Achim Homerlein "Daxx"Vendetta Brain Damage
Achim Hömerlein "Daxx"Vendetta Go And Live...
Achim KellerPowerworld Human Parasite
Achim SchnallBohse Onkelz Heilige Lieder
Achim SchneiderHeavenWard Within These Dreams
Achim WelschIvanhoe Lifeline
Achim WelschIvanhoe Polarized
Achim WelschIvanhoe Wake In Mindfields
Ade JacksonMy Dying Bride Like Gods Of The Sun
Ade JacksonMy Dying Bride The Angel And The Dark River
Ade JacksonMy Dying Bride Turn Loose The Swans
Adrianna MachadoImago Mortis Images From The Shady Gallery
Ajda KovacicHellcats Warrior Princess
Al HapstackMorbid Sin Sins of the Flesh
Alessandro JacobiBurning Black Prisoners Of Steel
Alex AcunaOpeth Heritage
Alex MacedoAtlantida Painted Reality
Alexander BackaschAlpha Tiger Beneath The Surface
Alexander BackaschAlpha Tiger Man Or Machine
Alexander BackaschAlpha Tiger iDentity
Alexandr Krusty NovacekForgotten Silence Thots
Alexandre MacedoAtlantida New Frontiers
Anders ZackrissonNocturnal Rites In A Time Of Blood And Fire
Anders ZackrissonNocturnal Rites The Sacred Talisman
Anna Asbach-CullenCradle of Filth Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa
Arnold HackmanAstralion Astralion
Arnold HackmanAstralion Outlaw
Arpad TakacsAnguish Sublime Among the Raven Skies
Arpad TakacsAnguish Sublime Thornwinged
Art MacoObsession Marshall Law
Art MacoObsession Methods of Madness
Art MacoObsession Scarred For Life
Athanasios "Zacky" TsoukasAlmanac Kingslayer
Axel MacKenrottMasterplan Masterplan
Axel MacKenrotMegadeth United Abominations
Axel MackenrottBeautiful Sin The Unexpected
Axel MackenrottMasterplan Aeronautics
Axel MackenrottMasterplan Back For My Life
Axel MackenrottMasterplan MK II
Axel MackenrottMasterplan Time to be King
Backing VocalsRhapsody Legendary Tales
BalSac, the Jaws of DeathGWAR America Must Be Destroyed
BalSac, the Jaws of DeathGWAR Battle Maximus
BalSac, the Jaws of DeathGWAR Beyond Hell
BalSac, the Jaws of DeathGWAR Bloody Pit of Horror
BalSac, the Jaws of DeathGWAR Let There Be GWAR
BalSac, the Jaws of DeathGWAR Lust in Space
BalSac, the Jaws of DeathGWAR Violence Has Arrived
BalSac, the Jaws of DeathGWAR War Party
BalSac, the Jaws of DeathGWAR We Kill Everything
BalSac, the Jaws of DeathGWAR You're All Worthless and Weak
Balsac The Jaws of DeathGWAR Ragnarok
Balsac the Jaws of DeathGWAR Carnival of Chaos
Balsac the Jaws of DeathGWAR Hell-O
Balsac the Jaws of DeathGWAR This Toilet Earth
Balsac-The Jaws of DeathGWAR Scumdogs of the Universe
BeachThis Broken Machine The Inhuman Use of Human Beings
Ben JacksonCrimson Glory Astronomica
Ben JacksonCrimson Glory Crimson Glory
Ben JacksonCrimson Glory Transcendence
Ben JacobsRose Healing
Bill AckermanVicious Rumors Sadistic Symphony
Birgit ZacherTiamat A Deeper Kind Of Slumber
Bjorn BombachIvory Tower Stronger
Björn RindlisbacherFelony First Works
Black JesusBeherit Drawing Down the Moon
BlackfireSodom Ausgebombt
BlackheimKatatonia Brave Murder Day
BlackheimKatatonia Dance Of December Souls
Blackie SanchezBenedictum Uncreation
BlackwaldTwilight Force Dawn Of The Dragonstar
BlackwaldTwilight Force Heroes Of Mighty Magic
BlackyVoivod Rrroooaaarrr
BlackyVoivod Dimension Hatross
BlackyVoivod Killing Technology
BlackyVoivod Target Earth
BlackyVoivod Voivod
BlackyVoivod War and Pain
Brent StackhouseX-Propagation Conflict
Brigit ZacherTiamat Wildhoney
Brno Academy ChoirRhapsody The Dark Secret
Brooks WackermanGlenn Tipton Baptizm of Fire
C. MacUilliamPrimordial A Journey's End
C. MacUilliamPrimordial Spirit The Earth Aflame
C. MacUilliamPrimordial The Burning Season
Carl SaccoHeathen Breaking The Silence
Carmelo SiracusaOrion Riders A New Dawn
Casey McmackinC.I.A. In the Red
Chris BlackHigh Spirits Another Night
Chris BlackHigh Spirits You Are Here
Chris MacDonaldZero Option Gates Of Utopia
Christian AbacaHelker Somewhere In The Circle
Christian WachterGardens Of Gehenna Dead Body Music
Chulo MalachovskyGaladriel Empire Of Emptiness
Chulo MalachovskyGaladriel The Mirror Of Ages
Concord Face RipperLawnmower Deth Return of the Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns
Concorde Face RipperLawnmower Deth Ooh Crikey It's... Lawnmower Deth
Constanze BackesRhapsody Dawn of Victory
Constanze BackesRhapsody Symphony of Enchanted Lands
Count GrishnackMayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanus
Craig BlackwellTodd La Torre Rejoice in the Suffering
Craig NunemacherBlack Label Society Shot To Hell
Craig NunenmacherBlack Label Society 1919 Eternal
Craig NunenmacherBlack Label Society Alcohol Fueled Brewtality Live!!
Craig NunenmacherBlack Label Society Hangover Music Vol. VI
Craig NunenmacherBlack Label Society Mafia
Craig NunenmacherBlack Label Society The Blessed Hellride
Craig NunenmacherCrowbar Crowbar
Craig NunenmacherCrowbar Lifesblood for the Downtrodden
Craig NunenmacherCrowbar Live plus 1
Craig NunenmacherCrowbar Obedience Thru Suffering
Craig NunenmacherCrowbar Time Heals Nothing
Daniel MullbackCivil War Civil War
Daniel MullbackCivil War Gods And Generals
Daniel MullbackCivil War The Killer Angels
Daniel MullbackCivil War The Last Full Measure
Daniel MullbackSabaton Attero Dominatus
Daniel MullbackSabaton Carolus Rex
Daniel MullbackSabaton Coat Of Arms
Daniel MullbackSabaton Fist For Fight
Daniel MullbackSabaton Metalizer
Daniel MullbackSabaton Primo Victoria
Daniel MullbackSabaton The Art Of War
Daniel MullbackSabaton World War Live: Battle of The Baltic Sea
Dario SaccoCheope Downloadideas
Dave MacKintoshDragonforce Sonic Firestorm
Dave MackintoshBal Sagoth Atlantis Ascendant
Dave MackintoshBal Sagoth The Power Cosmic
Dave MackintoshDragonforce Inhuman Rampage
Dave MackintoshDragonforce The Power Within
Dave MackintoshDragonforce Twilight Dementia
David LuterbacherEmerald Unleashed
David MackintoshDragonforce Ultra Beatdown
Derek PeaceHeir Apparent Graceful Inheritance
Derek PeaceHeir Apparent One Small Voice
Didac PlaKilmara Across The Realm Of Time
Didy MackelIron Angel Hellbound
Didy MackelMania Changing Times
Dirk RaczkiewiczDawn of Destiny The Beast Inside
Dirk SchlachterGamma Ray Alive '95
Dirk SchlachterGamma Ray Blast From the Past
Dirk SchlachterGamma Ray Empire of the Undead
Dirk SchlachterGamma Ray Heaven Can Wait
Dirk SchlachterGamma Ray Hell Yeah!!! Live In Montreal
Dirk SchlachterGamma Ray Insanity and Genius
Dirk SchlachterGamma Ray Land Of The Free II
Dirk SchlachterGamma Ray Land of the Free
Dirk SchlachterGamma Ray Majestic
Dirk SchlachterGamma Ray No World Order
Dirk SchlachterGamma Ray Power Plant
Dirk SchlachterGamma Ray Sigh No More
Dirk SchlachterGamma Ray Skeletons in the Closet
Dirk SchlachterGamma Ray Somewhere Out in Space
Dirk SchlachterGamma Ray The Karaoke Album
Dirk SchlachterGamma Ray To The Metal
Dirk SchlachterIron Savior Iron Savior
Dolph A. MacallanHammer King King is Rising
Dolph MacallanHammer King Poseidon Will Carry Us Home
Duncan MacIntyreVengeance Den of Demons
Duncan MacIntyreVengeance In Paradise
Eddie JacksonQueensryche American Soldier
Eddie JacksonQueensryche Empire
Eddie JacksonQueensryche Hear in the Now Frontier
Eddie JacksonQueensryche Live Evolution
Eddie JacksonQueensryche Mindcrime at the Moore
Eddie JacksonQueensryche Operation Livecrime
Eddie JacksonQueensryche Operation Mindcrime
Eddie JacksonQueensryche Operation: Mindcrime II
Eddie JacksonQueensryche Q2K
Eddie JacksonQueensryche Queensryche
Eddie JacksonQueensryche Rage for Order
Eddie JacksonQueensryche Sign of the Times: the Best of Queensryche
Eddie JacksonQueensryche Take Cover
Eddie JacksonQueensryche The Collection
Eddie JacksonQueensryche The Warning
Erik FehrenbachSteve Cone In My Bones
Faco DirixCryme Scene Of The Cryme
Felipe MachadoViper All My Life
Felipe MachadoViper Coma Rage
Felipe MachadoViper Everybody Everybody
Felipe MachadoViper Evolution
Felipe MachadoViper Maniacs in Japan
Felipe MachadoViper Soldiers of Sunrise
Felipe MachadoViper Tem Pra Todo Mundo
Felipe MachadoViper Theatre of Fate
Felipe MachadoViper Vipera Sapiens
Fernando Mainer RajacAnkhara Lo Mejor de Ankhara
Florian ZackVictorius Heart of the Phoenix
Frank BlackfireKreator Cause for Conflict
Frank BlackfireKreator Coma of Souls
Frank BlackfireSodom Agent Orange
Frank BlackfireSodom Expurse of Sodomy
Frank BlackfireSodom Mortal Way Of Live
Frank BlackfireSodom Persecution Mania
Frank MittelbachSinner Fast Decision
Frank MittelbachTyran Pace Eye to Eye
Franky MittelbachSinner Wild 'N' Evil
Gabor KovacsWisdom Judas
Gabor KovacsWisdom Marching For Liberty
Gabriele CiacciaHighlord The Death Of The Artists
Gabriele CiacciaOdd Dimension The Blue Dawn
Giacomo "Jack" LauretaniTarchon Fist Apocalypse
Giacomo VoliEmbrace of Souls The Number of Destiny
Giacomo VoliRhapsody Of Fire The Eighth Mountain
Glenn FishbachBeliever Dimensions
Grant WallaceTyrant (2) Freaks Of Nature
Grant WallaceTyrant (2) Thunder and Steel
Greg MackintoshParadise Lost One Second
Gregor MackintoshParadise Lost Draconian Times
Gregor MackintoshParadise Lost Gothic
Gregor MackintoshParadise Lost Lost Paradise
Griffin KissackKobra And The Lotus High Priestess
Griffin KissackKobra And The Lotus Kobra And The Lotus
Griffin KissackKobra And The Lotus Out Of The Pit
Henkka "Blacksmith" SeppalaChildren of Bodom Bestbreeder from 1997 to 2000
Henkka "Blacksmith" SeppalaChildren of Bodom Blooddrunk
Henkka "Blacksmith" SeppalaChildren of Bodom Skeletons in the Closet
Henkka Blacksmith SeppalaChildren of Bodom Relentless Reckless Forever
Henkka BlacksmithChildren of Bodom Are You Dead Yet
Henkka BlacksmithChildren of Bodom Follow the Reaper
Henkka BlacksmithChildren of Bodom Hate Crew Deathroll
Henkka BlacksmithChildren of Bodom Something Wild
Henkka BlacksmithChildren of Bodom Tokyo Warhearts
Henkka T BlacksmithChildren of Bodom Hatebreeder
Henkka T. BlacksmithChildren of Bodom Halo of Blood
Henkka T. BlacksmithChildren of Bodom Stockholm Knockhout Live
Henrik Bastrup JacobsenHatesphere Ballet of the Brute
Henrik Bastrup JacobsenHatesphere Bloodred Hatred
Henrik Bastrup JacobsenHatesphere Hatesphere
Henrik Bastrup JacobsenHatesphere Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes
Henrik Bastrup JacobsenHatesphere The Sickness Within
Henry AceroCold Catatonic Dante's Redemption
Hilmer StaackeRough Silk Wheels of Time
Horacio ColmenaresAxeHammer Marching On
Iain MacDonaldAcid Reign Obnoxious
Ian McCormackBattleaxe Burn This Town
Ian McCormackBattleaxe Nightmare Zone
Ian McCormackBattleaxe Power from the Universe
Ian McCormackPariah Unity
Ignacio RodriguezDamnation Angels Fiber of Our Being
Ira BlackHeathen Recovered
Ira BlackLizzy Borden Appointment With Death
Ira BlackVicious Rumors Sadistic Symphony
Ira BlackWolfpakk Wolfpakk
Isaac DelahayeEpica Design Your Universe
Isaac DelahayeEpica Epica Vs Attack On Titan Songs
Isaac DelahayeEpica Omega
Isaac DelahayeEpica Requiem For The Indifferent
Isaac DelahayeEpica The Holographic Principle
Isaac DelahayeEpica The Quantum Enigma
Isaac MullerWithin Temptation The Silent Force
István NachladalWisdom Wisdom
István NachladalWisdom Words Of Wisdom
Jacek PerkowskiPungent Stench Been Caught Buttering
Jack BielataWithout Warning Believe
Jack BielataWithout Warning Making Time
Jack BielataWithout Warning Step Beyond
Jack BlackRuthless Discipline Of Steel
Jack BlackRuthless Metal Without Mercy
Jack CoyPanic Epidemic
Jack CoyPanic Fact
Jack DriessenAfter Forever Prison Of Desire
Jack EastmanDriven Crush
Jack Frost (Seven Witches)Speeed Powertrip Pigs
Jack FrostFrost Bite Carousel
Jack FrostFrost Bite Icy Hell
Jack FrostFrost Bite Secret Admirer
Jack FrostMetalium Chapter II: State Of Triumph
Jack FrostSeven Witches Amped
Jack FrostSeven Witches Call Upon The Wicked
Jack FrostSeven Witches City Of Lost Souls
Jack FrostSeven Witches Deadly Sins
Jack FrostSeven Witches Passage To The Other Side
Jack FrostSeven Witches Second War In Heaven
Jack FrostSeven Witches Xiled to Infinity and One
Jack FrostSeven Witches Year Of The Witch
Jack GibsonExodus Another Lesson in Violence
Jack GibsonExodus Exhibit B: The Human Condition
Jack GibsonExodus Let There Be Blood
Jack GibsonExodus Shovel Headed Kill Machine
Jack GibsonExodus Tempo Of The Damned
Jack GibsonExodus The Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit A
Jack HamerKrank Hideous
Jack HamiltonEvil Chuck Me and My Rock
Jack JamiesArtch Another Return
Jack JamiesArtch For the Sake of Mankind
Jack JohnstonWhite Friday Lord Of The Revival
Jack KirbyArk Ascent Downfall
Jack KostoSeven Spires Emerald Seas
Jack LukicVanishing Point Embrace The Silence
Jack LukicVanishing Point In Thought
Jack LukicVanishing Point Tangled In Dream
Jack OrvenCannibal Corpse Live Cannibalism
Jack OrvenCannibal Corpse Vile
Jack OwenCannibal Corpse Bloodthirst
Jack OwenCannibal Corpse Butchered At Birth
Jack OwenCannibal Corpse Eaten Back To Life
Jack OwenCannibal Corpse Gallery Of Suicide
Jack OwenCannibal Corpse Gore Obsessed
Jack OwenCannibal Corpse The Bleeding
Jack OwenCannibal Corpse The Wretched Spawn
Jack OwenCannibal Corpse Tomb of the Mutilated
Jack OwenCannibal Corpse Worm Infested
Jack OwenDeicide The Stench of Redemption
Jack OwenDeicide Till Death Do Us Part
Jack OwenDeicide To Hell With God
Jack PistersAfter Forever Decipher
Jack SabolichVine Vine
Jack StarrVirgin Steele Guardians of the Flame
Jack StarrVirgin Steele Virgin Steele
Jack TrelawnyVice The First Chapter
Jackie KoopmannDorrn Oversexed and Underfucked
Jackie SlaughterSkull Fist Chasing The Dream
Jackie SlaughterSkull Fist Head of the Pack
Jackie SlaughterSkull Fist Heavier Than Metal
JackieLux Occulta Dionysos
JackieLux Occulta Forever Alone. Immortal.
JackieLux Occulta Maior Arcana (The Words that Turn Flesh into Light)
JackieLux Occulta My Guardian Anger
JackieVader The Darkest Age
Jacky D'HondtCrossfire Live Attack
Jacky D'HondtCrossfire Sharpshooter
Jacob BredahlHatesphere Ballet of the Brute
Jacob BredahlHatesphere Bloodred Hatred
Jacob BredahlHatesphere Hatesphere
Jacob BredahlHatesphere Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes
Jacob BredahlHatesphere The Sickness Within
Jacob GoldbergAge of Evil A.O.E.
Jacob GoldbergAge of Evil Get Dead EP
Jacob GoldbergAge of Evil Living a Sick Dream
Jacob HansenAnubis Gate Andromeda Unchained
Jacob HansenAnubis Gate Purification
Jacob HansenAnubis Gate The Detached
Jacob HansenLance King A Moment In Chiros
Jacob HansenPyramaze Contingent
Jacob HansenPyramaze Disciples Of The Sun
Jacob HansenVolbeat Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil
Jacob HansenVolbeat Seal The Deal and Let's Boogie
Jacob KjaerRoyal Hunt Clowin in the Mirror
Jacob KjaerRoyal Hunt Moving Target
Jacob ZiembaiAMi Event Horizon
Jacoby KingstonDeeds of Flesh Crown of Souls
Jacoby KingstonDeeds of Flesh Inbreeding the Anthropophagi
Jacoby KingstonDeeds of Flesh Mark of the Legion
Jacoby KingstonDeeds of Flesh Path of the Weakening
Jacoby KingstonDeeds of Flesh Reduced to Ashes
JacobyDeeds of Flesh Trading Pieces
JacobBrainsic Brainsic
JacobBrainsic Brainsic [2006]
Jacopo MeilleTygers Of Pan Tang Ambush
Jacopo MeilleTygers Of Pan Tang Animal Instinct
Jacque VirgilSinner Comin' Out Fighting/Dangerous Charm
Jacqueline GovaertAyreon The Dream Sequencer
Jacques BelangerExciter Blood of Tyrants
Jacques BelangerExciter The Dark Command
Jacques van OevelenPicture Every Story Needs Another Picture
Jacques van OevelenPicture Marathon
Jacques van OevelenPicture Traitor
Jacy PeckhamWitchburn Bathed in Blood
Jacy PeckhamWitchburn This Is How We Slay Our Demons...
James MacDonoughIced Earth Something Wicked This Way Comes
James MacDonoughIced Earth The Blessed And The Damned
James MacdonoughIced Earth Alive In Athens
James MacdonoughIced Earth The Glorious Burden
James MacdonoughIced Earth Tribute To The Gods
Jan BlackCarisma 1825
Jan BlackCarisma In A Moonland
Jan RubachGamma Ray Alive '95
Jan RubachGamma Ray Insanity and Genius
Jan RubachGamma Ray Land of the Free
Jan VacikDreamscape 5th Season
Jan VacikDreamscape End Of Silence
Jan VacikDreamscape Revoiced
Jan VacikDreamscape Trance Like State
Jan VacikDreamscape Very
Jan VacikSerious Black As Daylight Breaks
Jan VacikSerious Black Magic
Jan VacikSerious Black Mirrorworld
Jared ShacklefordElvenking The Scythe
Jason BlachowiczMalevolent Creation The Ten Commandments
Jason BlackerbyJon Oliva's Pain Festival
Jason PeacockDead of Night In Search of Ancient Magic
Jason PeacockDead of Night The Evolving Science of Self
Jean-Jacques MoreacMisanthrope Misanthrope Immortel
Jeff MacDonaldExciter Better Live than Dead
Jens BachmannVoice Trapped in Anguish
Jeremy AcitoWicked Wayz Evil Reigns
Jim BachiHittman Hittman
Jim BachiHittman Vivas Machina
Jim StaceyAccept Eat the Heat
Jiotis ParachidisHerman Frank Loyal To None
Joachim BrodenStormwind Legacy
Joachim KustnerIron Savior Kill or Get Killed
Joachim KüstnerIron Savior Battering Ram
Joachim KüstnerIron Savior Condition Red
Joachim KüstnerIron Savior Dark Assault
Joachim KüstnerIron Savior Live At The Final Frontier
Joachim KüstnerIron Savior Megatropolis
Joachim KüstnerIron Savior Megatropolis 2.0
Joachim KüstnerIron Savior Rise Of The Hero
Joachim KüstnerIron Savior Titancraft
Joachim NordlundAstral Doors Astralism
Joachim NordlundAstral Doors Black Eyed Children
Joachim NordlundAstral Doors Black Eyed Children
Joachim NordlundAstral Doors Evil Is Forever
Joachim NordlundAstral Doors Jerusalem
Joachim NordlundAstral Doors New Revelation
Joachim NordlundAstral Doors Notes From The Shadows
Joachim NordlundAstral Doors Of The Sun And The Father
Joachim NordlundAstral Doors Raiders Of The Ark
Joachim NordlundAstral Doors Requiem Of Time
Joachim NordlundAstral Doors Testament Of Rock - The Best Of Astral Doors
Joachim Strom EkelundAspera Ripples
Joacim CansHammerfall (r)Evolution
Joacim CansHammerfall Built To Last
Joacim CansHammerfall Chapter 5 - Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
Joacim CansHammerfall Crimson Thunder
Joacim CansHammerfall Dominion
Joacim CansHammerfall Gates Of Dalhalla
Joacim CansHammerfall Glory to the Brave
Joacim CansHammerfall Infected
Joacim CansHammerfall Legacy of Kings
Joacim CansHammerfall Masterpieces
Joacim CansHammerfall No Sacrifice No Victory
Joacim CansHammerfall One Crimson Night (Live)
Joacim CansHammerfall Renegade
Joacim CansHammerfall Steel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory
Joacim CansHammerfall Threshold
Joacim CansWarlord Rising Out of the Ashes
Joacim LundbergDreamland Future's Calling
Joacim LundbergHammerfall Threshold
Joakim Lindback ErikssonBrothers of Metal Emblas Saga
Joakim Lindback ErikssonBrothers of Metal Prophecy of Ragnarok
Joe LacquanitiMystere De Notre Dame Mystere De Notre Dame
Joe PaciollaEnertia Flashpoint
Joe PaciollaEnertia Force
Joe PaciollaEnertia Law Of Three
Joe PaciollaEnertia Momentum
Joe PaciollaWithin the Fire Still Burning
Johan BergebackBlack Trip Goin' Under
Johan Jacob Høvring OlsenIron Fire Blade Of Triumph
John "Capachino" CarterFields of the Nephilim Mourning Sun
John BlackwingThunder Rider Tales of Darkness and Light
John BlackwingThunder Rider Tales of Darkness and Light Chapter II
John MacalusoChris Caffery House of Insanity
John MacalusoFool's Game Reality Divine
John MacalusoLabyrinth Architecture Of A God
John MacalusoLabyrinth Return to Live
John MacalusoMistheria Dragon Fire
John MacalusoMichael Romeo War Of The Worlds / Pt. 1
John MacalusoTomorrow's Eve Mirror Of Creation III Project IKAROS
John RoachFist Back With A Vengeance
John RoachFist Back with a Vengeance: The Anthology
Jon MacakDiamond Plate Generation Why
Jon MacakDiamond Plate Mountains of Madness EP
Jon MacakDiamond Plate Relativity EP
Jonas KallsbackMean Streak Blind Faith
Jonas KallsbackMean Streak Metal Slave
Jonas KällsbackMean Streak Trial By Fire
Jorge IacobellisHirax Chaos and Brutality
Jorge IacobellisHirax El Rostro de la Muerte
Jorge IacobellisHirax Immortal Legacy
Jorge IacobellisHirax The New Age of Terror
Joseph Anastacio GleanMagnitude 9 Chaos To Control
Joseph Anastacio GleanMagnitude 9 Decoding the Soul
Joseph Anastacio GleanMagnitude 9 Reality in Focus
Jozsef SzakacsEktomorf What Doesn't Kill Me...
Julien RacineEternal Flight Diminished Reality, Elegies And Mysteries
Jürgen DachlStormHammer Echoes Of A Lost Paradise
Kari TornackThunderstone Evolution 4.0
Kari TornackThunderstone The Burning
Kari TornackThunderstone Thunderstone
Kari TornackThunderstone Tools Of Destruction
Kay BacklundNils Patrik Johansson Evil Deluxe
Kay BacklundNils Patrik Johansson The Great Conspiracy
Kay BacklundLion's Share Lion's Share
Kay BacklundLion's Share Two
Kenn JacksonNow Or Never II
Kenn JacksonNow Or Never Now Or Never
Kevin BolembachSeven Witches Amped
Kevin BolembachSeven Witches Deadly Sins
Kevin Mac KinnonBlue Steel Blue Steel
Kevin MacShaneAbattoir No Sleep 'til Kalamazoo - Live!
Kirk BackarachIron Fire Beyond The Void
Kirk BackarachIron Fire Blade Of Triumph
Kirk BackarachIron Fire Metalmorphosized
Kirk BackarachIron Fire Revenge
Kirk BackarachIron Fire To The Grave
Kjell JacobssonOverdrive Angelmaker
Kjell JacobssonOverdrive Let The Metal Do The Talking
Kjell JacobssonOverdrive Metal Attack
Kjell JacobssonOverdrive Ressurected
Kjell JacobssonOverdrive Swords And Axes
Klaus PachuraDespair Beyond All Reason
Klaus PachuraDespair Decay Of Humanity
Klaus PachuraDespair History of Hate
KrackerbeardSynapse Defect Conspiracy to Overthrow
Krzysztof "Doc" RaczkowskiVader Future of the Past
Kurt BachmanBeliever Dimensions
Kurt BachmanBeliever Extraction From Mortality
Kurt BachmanBeliever Gabriel
Kurt BachmanBeliever Sanity Obscure
Kurt BachmanBeliever Transhuman
Kurt BachmanKr'Uppt Within the Asylum
Lawrence MackoryAndromeda Extension Of the Wish
Lawrence MackroryDarkane Rusted Angel
Lawrence MackroryDarkane The Sinister Supremacy
Leandro CacoiloVandroya One
Lorenz GehmacherLacrimas Profundere Memorandum
Luca GiacopiniStranger Vision Poetica
Lukas JacksonDreamcatcher Soul Design
Luke MachinMaschine Naturalis
M.W. GacyMarilyn Manson Antichrist Superstar
M.W. GacyMarilyn Manson Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)
M.W. GacyMarilyn Manson Mechanical Animals
M.W. GacyMarilyn Manson The Golden Age of Grotesque
MacCriunnaBlood Storm Ancient Wraith Of KU
MacCriunnaBlood Storm Pestilence From The Dragonstar
MacCriunnaBlood Storm Qliphothic Necromancy
MacCriunnaBlood Storm Sirian Storm
MacKenzie KerrPsyco Drama The Illusion
Mace MitchellEmerald Reckoning Day
MachineSaint The Perfect Life
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Acidofilia
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Amazing Atomic Activity
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Are You a Rebel
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Broken Head
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Fishdick
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Fishdick Zwei - The Dick Is Rising Again
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers High Proof Cosmic Milk
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Infernal Connection
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers La Part Du Diable
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Maximum Overload
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Rock is Not Enough, Give Me the Metal
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Strip Tease
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers The State of Mind Report
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Varran Strikes Back - Alive!!!
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Verses of Steel
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Vile Vicious Vision
Maciej Marek PodsiadłoCrusader Hard and Heavy
MacVulture Easier to Lie
Madonna Wayne GacyMarilyn Manson Lest We Forget: The Best Of
Marcel "Mac" van der HeydenVulture Fatal Games
Marcello LoiaconoPredatory Visions World Apart
Marcello LoiaconoPredatory Walking To The Trap
Marco "Wallace" PazziniTarchon Fist Apocalypse
Marco FacchinSkanners Factory Of Steel
Marco MalacarneHighlord Hic Sunt Leones
Marina La TorracaPhantom Elite Titanium
Mark BlackDream Evil United
Mark U BlackDream Evil Six
Mark WallaceSpellbinder Seal the Fate
Martens PaceMeanstreak Roadkill
Martin MachwitzTokyo Blade No Remorse
Martina HornbacherDreams Of Sanity Komodia
Matt CamachoForbidden Distortion
Matt CamachoForbidden Forbidden Evil
Matt CamachoForbidden Green
Matt CamachoForbidden Omega Wave
Matt CamachoForbidden Raw Evil: Live at the Dynamo
Matt CamachoForbidden The Best of Forbidden: Point of no Return
Matt CamachoForbidden Twisted Into Form
Matt SzlachtaChimaira Crown of Phantoms
Matthew BachandShadows Fall Somber Eyes To The Sky
Matthew BachandShadows Fall The War Within
Matthew PachecoDigital Ruin Dwelling in the Out
Matthew PachecoDigital Ruin Listen
Maurizio IaconoKataklysm Heaven's Venom
Maurizio IaconoKataklysm In the Arms of Devastation
Maurizio IaconoKataklysm Prevail
Maurizio IaconoKataklysm Serenity in Fire
Maurizio IaconoKataklysm Shadows and Dust
Maurizio IaconoKataklysm Waiting for the End to Come
Max BaconNightwing '79 to '86
Max BaconNightwing My Kingdom Come
Max BaconNightwing Stand Up and Be Counted
Max FaccioWhite Skull Embittered
Max FaccioWhite Skull I Won't Burn Alone
Mel LeachVicious Circle Cryptic Void
Mel LeachVicious Circle The Art of Agony
Mia MullbackSabaton The Art Of War
Michael JacksonHeir Apparent One Small Voice
Michael JacksonPariah Blaze of Obscurity
Michael JacksonPariah The Kindred
Michael JacksonSatan Suspended Sentence
Michael KnoflachDreams Of Sanity Komodia
Michael KnoflachDreams Of Sanity Masquerade
Michael KnoflachDreams Of Sanity The Game
Mike PaccionePiledriver Stay Ugly
Mike ScacciaRigor Mortis Freaks
Mike ScacciaRigor Mortis Rigor Mortis
Mike ScacciaRigor Mortis Vs. The Earth
Mikko KorsbackInsania World Of Ice
Mitch BlackwellHyde Hyde
NachtschattenKandor After Antichrist
NatachaShezoo Agony of Doubt
NatachaShezoo Open Zoo
Oli SchumacherCrown of Glory Ad Infinitum
Oliver NoackAndi Deris 1000 Years Away
Oliver NoackAndi Deris Come in from the Rain
Oliver NoacAndi Deris Good-Bye Jenny
P. MacGawlaighPrimordial A Journey's End
P. MacGawlaighPrimordial Spirit The Earth Aflame
P. MacGawlaighPrimordial The Burning Season
Pacho Brea MartínezAnkhara Lo Mejor de Ankhara
Pacho BreaAnkhara Ankhara 2
Pacho BreaAnkhara Dueno del Tiempo
Pacho BreaAnkhara Sombras Del Pasado
PacoFireyed From the Ground Floor
PacoLucky Bastardz Alwayz On The Run
PacoLucky Bastardz Bite Me, Dude
PacoLucky Bastardz Hated For Who We Are
PacoRage N Revenge Apocalyptic Future
Pat LachmanHalford Crucible
Pat LachmanHalford Crucible - Remixed and Remastered
Patrick LachmanDamageplan New Found Power
Patrick LachmanHalford Live Insurrection
Patrick LachmanHalford Metal God Essentials, Vol I
Patrick LachmanHalford Resurrection
Paul KostyackAntithesis Antithesis
Paul KostyackAntithesis Dreaming Reality
Paul KostyackAntithesis Dying for Life
Paul KractkyWinterkill Taming the Wolves
Paul LaplacaChris Caffery House of Insanity
Paul MacKenzieXentrix Dilute To Taste
Paul MacKenzieXentrix Scourge
Paul MacKenzieXentrix Shattered Existence
Paul MackenzieXentrix For Whose Advantage
Paul MackenzieXentrix Kin
Pauline TaceyElvenking The Scythe
Pauline TaceyElvenking Wyrd
Pete WallaceCyrcle IX A New Dimension
Peter GacikWithin Silence Gallery Of Life
Peter GacikWithin Silence Return From The Shadows
Peter SiedlachAyreon Flight of the Migrator
Peter SiedlachAyreon The Dream Sequencer
Phil LaceyStorm Within Unleashed
PreacherRunning Wild Gates To Purgatory
PreacherRunning Wild Running Wild
Pyro JackMessenger Star Wolf Part II: Novastorm
Racci "Sketchy" ShayDope Group Therapy
Racci ShayDope American Apathy
Racci ShayDope Life
RachelSinister Creative Killings
Randy BlackAnnihilator Double Live Annihilation
Randy BlackAnnihilator King Of The Kill
Randy BlackAnnihilator Refresh The Demon
Randy BlackAnnihilator Waking The Fury
Randy BlackLevel 10 Chapter One
Randy BlackPrimal Fear 16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead)
Randy BlackPrimal Fear Delivering the Black
Randy BlackPrimal Fear Devil's Ground
Randy BlackPrimal Fear Live In The USA
Randy BlackPrimal Fear Metal Is Forever
Randy BlackPrimal Fear New Religion
Randy BlackPrimal Fear Seven Seals
Randy BlackPrimal Fear Unbreakable
Randy BlackRebellion Born A Rebel
Randy BlackRebellion Shakespeare's Macbeth - A Tragedy In Steel
Ray BlackHeir Apparent One Small Voice
Raymond BlackHeir Apparent Graceful Inheritance
Reb BeachMind Key Pulse For A Graveheart
Renato GracciaViper All My Life
Renato GracciaViper Coma Rage
Renato GracciaViper Everybody Everybody
Renato GracciaViper Evolution
Renato GracciaViper Maniacs in Japan
Renato GracciaViper Tem Pra Todo Mundo
Renato GracciaViper Vipera Sapiens
Rene MerkelbachAyreon Flight of the Migrator
Rene MerkelbachHelloween Metal Jukebox
Rene MerkelbachWithin Temptation Mother Earth
Renee RubachGlenn Danzig Black Aria
Richard ZajacGaladriel The Mirror Of Ages
Rick YifrachAvernus Of the Fallen
Rick YifrachAvernus Where the Sleeping Shadows Lie
Ricky BlackChrome Division 3rd Round Knockout
Ricky BlackChrome Division Booze, Broads and Beelzebub
Ricky BlackChrome Division Doomsday Rock 'N' Roll
Rob Wacko HunterRaven All for One
Rob Wacko HunterRaven Rock Until You Drop
Robert AltenbachIron Angel Hellbound
Robert SennebackDismember Death Metal
Robert SennebackDismember Indecent and Obscene
Robert SennebackDismember Like An Ever Flowing Stream
Robert SennebackDismember Massive Killing Capacity
Roberto PalaciosSaidian Evercircle
Rocco StellmacherMind Odyssey Keep It All Turning
Roger StaffelbachMistheria Dragon Fire
Rory FacianeCea Serin Where Memories Combine
RuachFrost Like Ashes Tophet
Sabine EdelsbacherEdenbridge A Livetime in Eden
Sabine EdelsbacherEdenbridge Aphelion
Sabine EdelsbacherEdenbridge Arcana
Sabine EdelsbacherEdenbridge LiveEarthDream
Sabine EdelsbacherEdenbridge My Earth Dream
Sabine EdelsbacherEdenbridge Shine
Sabine EdelsbacherEdenbridge Solitaire
Sabine EdelsbacherEdenbridge Sunrise in Eden
Sabine EdelsbacherEdenbridge The Bonding
Sabine EdelsbacherEdenbridge The Chronicles of Eden Part 2
Sabine EdelsbacherEdenbridge The Grand Design
Sabine EdelsbacherEdenbridge The Great Momentum
Sabine EdelsbacherPower Quest Neverworld
Sacred ChorusRhapsody Symphony of Enchanted Lands
Sami BacharOrphaned Land Sahara
Sami BacharOrphaned Land The Beloved's Cry
Sarah LeyssacFairyland The Fall Of An Empire
Sascha WaackRed Raven Chapter One: The Principles
Second release. Liner notes contain explanations for each songNile Black Seeds of Vengance
Senne JacobsEvil Invaders Evil Invaders
Senne JacobsEvil Invaders Pulses Of Pleasure
Sergio FacciViper Everybody Everybody
Sergio FacciViper Theatre of Fate
Sergio PagnaccoVanexa Against the Sun
Sergio PagnaccoVanexa Back from the Ruins
Sergio PagnaccoVanexa Metal City Live
Sergio PagnaccoVanexa Vanexa
Six - PackFortress Magic Touch
Stace MclarenRazor Violent Restitution
Stacy AndersenHallows Eve History of Terror
Stacy AndersenHallows Eve Tales Of Terror
Stacy AndersenHallows Eve The Neverending Sleep
Stacy AndersonHallows Eve Death And Insanity
Stacy AndersonHallows Eve Monument
Stacy KingSpellbinder Seal the Fate
Stacy StevensClaude Zircle Feel The Green
Stefan KackGolden Resurrection Man with a Mission
Stefan KackGolden Resurrection One Voice for the Kingdom
Stefan SchirrmacherFrank Zander Rabenschwarz 2
Steve BlackeAvenged Sevenfold Nightmare
Steve HackettAyreon The Theory Of Everything
Steve HackettNightwing '79 to '86
Steve HackettNightwing My Kingdom Come
Steve JackMidnight Vice Full Disclosure
Steve JacobsForbidden Distortion
Steve KachinskySteel Prophet Beware
Steve KachinskySteel Prophet Dark Hallucinations
Steve KachinskySteel Prophet Messiah
Steve KachinskySteel Prophet Unseen
Steve PapacharitosGodiva Destruction
Steve PeachBurner (UK) Resurrection
Steve WacholzCrimson Glory Astronomica
Steve WacholzReverence Gods Of War
Steve WacholzReverence When Darkness Calls
Steve WacholzSavatage Edge of Thorns
Steve WacholzSavatage Fight for the Rock
Steve WacholzSavatage From The Gutter To The Stage
Steve WacholzSavatage Ghost In The Ruins - A Tribute To Criss Oliva
Steve WacholzSavatage Gutter Ballet
Steve WacholzSavatage Hall of the Mountain King
Steve WacholzSavatage Handful of Rain
Steve WacholzSavatage Power of the Night
Steve WacholzSavatage Sirens
Steve WacholzSavatage Sirens/The Dungeons Are Calling
Steve WacholzSavatage Streets - A Rock Opera
Steve WacholzSavatage The Dungeons Are Calling
Steve ZodiacVardis 100 M.P.H.
Steve ZodiacVardis Quo Vardis
Steve ZodiacVardis Red Eye
Steve ZodiacVardis The World's Insane
Steve ZodiacVardis Vigilante
Steve ZodiacVardis Vigilante (Nemo Me Impune Lacessit)
Steven JacobsForbidden Green
T-MackBishop Steel Die To Live It!
T-MackBishop Steel Killing Asylum
The Black Lourde of CrucifixionCrucifier Stronger Than Passing Time
Thiago PachecoPredatory Visions World Apart
Thiago PachecoPredatory Walking To The Trap
Thomas HackmannRage Soundchaser
Thomas HackmannRage Strings To A Web
Thomas NackGamma Ray Alive '95
Thomas NackGamma Ray Insanity and Genius
Thomas NackGamma Ray Land of the Free
Thomas NackIron Savior Battering Ram
Thomas NackIron Savior Condition Red
Thomas NackIron Savior Dark Assault
Thomas NackIron Savior Interlude
Thomas NackIron Savior Live At The Final Frontier
Thomas NackIron Savior Megatropolis
Thomas NackIron Savior Megatropolis 2.0
Thomas NackIron Savior Rise Of The Hero
Thomas NackIron Savior The Landing
Thomas NackIron Savior Titancraft
Tim BlackmanFaith Or Fear Instruments of Death
Tim BlackmanFaith Or Fear Punishment Area
Tim BlackmanFaith Or Fear Titanium
Tom AckmanHellraiser Cut Yer Teeth On This
Tom BachDeadly Blessing Ascend From The Cauldron
Tomas SuchacekNemesis Goddess of Revenge
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Acidofilia
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Amazing Atomic Activity
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Are You a Rebel
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Broken Head
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Fishdick
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Fishdick Zwei - The Dick Is Rising Again
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers High Proof Cosmic Milk
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Infernal Connection
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers La Part Du Diable
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Maximum Overload
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Rock is Not Enough, Give Me the Metal
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Strip Tease
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers The State of Mind Report
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Varran Strikes Back - Alive!!!
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Verses of Steel
Tomasz "Titus" PukackiAcid Drinkers Vile Vicious Vision
Tommy JacksonvilleGreen Carnation The Acoustic Verses
Tony MacAlpineTara Lynch Evil Enough
Tony SmedjebackaAltaria Divinity
Tony SmedjebackaAltaria Invitation
Tony SmedjebackaAltaria The Fallen Empire
Tony SmedjebackaAltaria Unholy
Tracey RainesMoral Anxiety Moral Anxiety
Tracy CobbKr'Uppt Within the Asylum
Tracy GDio Angry Machines
Tracy GDio Inferno: Last in Live
Tracy GDio Strange Highways
Tracy GDio The Very Beast of Dio
Tracy Marie LaBarberaIced Earth Something Wicked This Way Comes
Tracy TimmelMaximus Fire Of Rage
Troy JacobsGiant Dogs Starving On Ida
Twan JacobsWicked Mystic Beware and Whisper
Twan JacobsWicked Mystic Mend or End
Uwe RublackPlattform Heavy-Braut (1983-1989)
VaccoDestructor Saludando a La Hermandad
Victor MaciasDeliverance The Subversive Kind
Victor MaciasTourniquet Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance
Victor MaciasTourniquet Vanishing Lessons
Vlad DraculAgathodaimon Blacken the Angel
Vlad DraculAgathodaimon Tomb Sculptures
VorphalackSamael Blood Ritual
VorphalackSamael Ceremony of Opposites
VorphalackSamael Worship Him
Wacko!Raven Life's a Bitch
Wacko!Raven Mad
Wacko!Raven Stay Hard
Wacko!Raven The Pack Is Back
Wade BlackCrimson Glory Astronomica
Wade BlackSeven Witches Xiled to Infinity and One
War ManiacVenom Temples of Ice
War ManiacVenom The Waste Lands
Willi LackmannGrave Digger Heavy Metal Breakdown
William C. AckermanLast Descendants One Nation Under God
William WallaceStriker City Of Gold
William WallaceStriker Play to Win
William WallaceStriker Stand In The Fire
William WallaceStriker Striker
Zach BresslerShocking Reality Reality
Zach GilbertCold Superfiction
Zach HietalaGrönholm Silent Out Loud
Zach HouseholderWhitechapel A New Era of Corruption
Zach HouseholderWhitechapel This is Exile
Zachary HietalaTarot Crows Fly Black
Zachary HietalaTarot Follow Me Into Madness
Zachary HietalaTarot For The Glory Of Nothing
Zachary HietalaTarot Gravity Of Light
Zachary HietalaTarot Live - Undead Indeed
Zachary HietalaTarot Shining Black
Zachary HietalaTarot Spell Of Iron
Zachary HietalaTarot Stigmata
Zachary HietalaTarot Suffer Our Pleasures
Zachary HietalaTarot The Spell of Iron MMXI
Zachary HietalaTarot To Live Again
Zachary HietalaTarot To Live Forever
Zachary SandlerBlack Tide Light from Above
Zachary SandlerBlack Tide Post Mortem
Zachary StephensEvergrey Solitude - Dominance - Tragedy
Zachary StevensSavatage Edge of Thorns
Zachary StevensSavatage Handful of Rain
Zachary StevensTimo Tolkki's Avalon Return to Eden
Zachery StevensSavatage Japan Live '94
Zack SimmonsGoatwhore A Haunting Curse
Zack SimmonsGoatwhore Blood for the Master
Zack SimmonsGoatwhore Carving Out the Eyes of God
Zack UidlFireWolfe FireWolfe
Zacke WiknerStarblind Darkest Horrors
Zacky VengeanceAvenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold
Zacky VengeanceAvenged Sevenfold City of Evil
Zacky VengeanceAvenged Sevenfold Live in the LBC and Diamonds in the Rough
Zacky VengeanceAvenged Sevenfold Nightmare
Zacky VengeanceAvenged Sevenfold Sounding the Seventh Trumpet
Zacky VengeanceAvenged Sevenfold Waking the Fallen


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