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Search Results

The search found 1086 CDs at Brutal Metal upon which O.T. performed.

Musician Artist CD
A release containing MDB's 3 EPsMy Dying Bride Trinity
Aad KloosterwaardSinister Cross The Styx
Adriano CucinottaSinoath Research
Adriano TroianiEmerald Unleashed
Adriano TroianoEmerald Hymns To Steel
Adriano TroianoEmerald Rebels Of Our Time
Alberto MezzanotteFrozen Crown Crowned In Frost
Alberto MezzanotteFrozen Crown The Fallen King
Alessandro ContiTrick Or Treat Evil Needs Candy Too
Alessandro ContiTrick Or Treat Rabbit's Hill Pt. 2
Alessandro ContiTrick Or Treat Rabbits' Hill Pt. 1
Alessandro ContiTrick Or Treat The Legend Of The XII Saints
Alessandro ContiTrick Or Treat The Unlocked Songs
Alessandro ContiTrick Or Treat Tin Soldiers
Alessandro La PortaLacuna Coil Delirium
Alessandro LottaRhapsody Dawn of Victory
Alessandro LottaRhapsody Rain of a Thousand Flames
Alessandro LottaRhapsody Symphony of Enchanted Lands
Alessandro LottaWingdom Reality
Alessio MostiAthena Inside, The Moon
Alex DostalAngizia kokon. Ein schaurig-schones Schachtelstuck
Alexandre CostaImago Mortis Images From The Shady Gallery
Allessandro ContiRhapsody Ascending To Infinity
Ana MorontaEternal Dream Daementia
Andre BoutosWings in Motion Cyclicity
Andre BoutosWings in Motion Promo
Andrea VecchiottiSleazer Fall Into Disgrace
Andy ShortlandCloven Hoof Eye of the Sun
Angel BartolottaDope No Regrets
Angelo ParamonteSuicide Kings Supersonic
Anja HoetzendorferLacrimas Profundere La Naissance d'un Reve
Anja HoetzendorferLacrimas Profundere Memorandum
Antoine PortierRising Steel Fight Them All
Antonio MottaEternal Dream Daementia
Antonio Neuro TurcoMetharia Metharia
Antto TuomainenMasterstroke Apocalypse
Apostolos (Laki) ZaiosHuman Fortress Epic Tales and Untold Stories
Apostolos ZaiosHuman Fortress Lords Of Earth And Heaven's Heir
Apostolos ZaiosHuman Fortress Raided Land
Apostolos ZaiosHuman Fortress Reign of Gold
Apostolos ZaiosHuman Fortress Thieves Of The Night
Arnd OttoVoice Trapped in Anguish
Arndt OttoVoice Prediction
Arto TissariMasterstroke Apocalypse
Ashley DoodkorteVoyager Ghost Mile
Augustine OrtizUltimatum ...Til The End!
Augustine OrtizUltimatum Into the Pit
Bart GoforthThunderDriver Atomic Rock
Ben MottsmanWarbringer IV: Empires Collapse
Ben SottoHeavenly Carpe Diem
Ben SottoHeavenly Sign of the Winner
Ben SottoHeavenly Virus
Benjamin SottoHeavenly Dust To Dust
Bjorn GelotteIn Flames 8 Songs
Bjorn GelotteIn Flames Clayman
Bjorn GelotteIn Flames Colony
Bjorn GelotteIn Flames The Jester Race
Bjorn GelotteIn Flames Whoracle
Bobby "Blitz" EllsworthOverkill The Grinding Wheel
Bobby "Blitz" EllsworthOverkill The Wings of War
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill 6 Songs
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill Bloodletting
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill Coverkill
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill Feel the Fire
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill From the Underground and Below
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill Fuck You And Then Some
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill Horrorscope
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill I Hear Black
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill Immortalis
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill Ironbound
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill Live From OZ
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill Necroshine
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill Taking Over
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill The Electric Age
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill The Killing Kind
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill The Years Of Decay
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill Then and Now
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill Under the Influence
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill W.F.O. (Wide Fucking Open)
Bobby Blitz EllsworthOverkill Wrecking Your Neck Live
Bobby EllsworthOverkill Killbox 13
Bobby EllsworthOverkill Live In Overhausen
Bobby EllsworthOverkill RELIXIV
Bobby SchottkowskiTank Valley Of Tears
Bogdan CosteaMagica Center Of The Great Unknown
Boz PorterNile Black Seeds of Vengance
Brad PostlewateGiant Dogs Starving On Ida
Bram KortoomsCallenish Circle Graceful... Yet Forbidding
Brandon OttingerHallows Eve Evil Never Dies
Brian AncillottiAncillotti Down This Road Together
Brian AncillottiAncillotti Strike Back
Brian AncillottiAncillotti The Chain Goes On
Brian BostonFrom the Depths Bereavement
Brian BostonFrom the Depths From the Depths
Bud FontsereStuck Mojo Declaration of a Headhunter
Bud FontsereStuck Mojo HVY1
Bud FontsereStuck Mojo Pig Walk
Bud FontsereStuck Mojo Rising
Bud FontsereStuck Mojo Violated
C.M. BotteriIn The Woods... Omnio
Charlie MarottaFrost Bite Icy Hell
Charlotte WesselsDelain Apocalypse and Chill
Charlotte WesselsDelain April Rain
Charlotte WesselsDelain Hunter's Moon
Charlotte WesselsDelain Lunar Prelude
Charlotte WesselsDelain Moonbathers
Charlotte WesselsDelain We Are The Others
Charlotte WesselsSerenity Death and Legacy
Choir of ImmortalsRhapsody Legendary Tales
Chris AbbamonteHallows Eve The Neverending Sleep
Chris BoltendahlDigger Stronger Than Ever
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger 25 To Live
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Ballads Of A Hangman
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Clash Of The Gods
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Excalibur
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Exhumation - The Early Years
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Healed By Metal
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Heart Of Darkness
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Heavy Metal Breakdown
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Knights Of The Cross
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Liberty Or Death
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Masterpieces
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Pray
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Return Of The Reaper
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Rheingold
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Symphony Of Death
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger The Best Of The Eighties
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger The Clans Will Rise Again
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger The Grave Digger
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger The Last Supper
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger The Living Dead
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger The Reaper
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Tunes Of Wacken - Live
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Tunes Of War
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Wargames
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Witch Hunter
Chris BoltendahlGrave Digger Yesterday
Chris BoltendahlWhite Skull Asgard
Chris BoltendahlWhite Skull Tales From The North
Chris KontosMachine Head Burn My Eyes
Chris KostkaJag Panzer Dissident Alliance
Chris MontalbanoGrey Skies Fallen The Fate of Angels
Christian BotteriGreen Carnation Journey to the End of the Night
Christiano WortmannHangar Stronger Than Ever
Christopher BotteriGreen Carnation Journey to the End of the Night
Chumly PorterD.R.I. Full Speed Ahead
Claudia Boots-ZimmermannEdguy Tinnitus Sanctus
Claudia SchoftnerEstatic Fear A Sombre Dance
Claudio ContiKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter I: The Destruction
Claudio ContiKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter II: The King's Rescue
Claudio ContiKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter III: The Way Of The Light
Claudio ContiKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter IV: Twilight Of The Gods
Claudio TirincantiBlaze Bayley The King of Metal
ContrabassRhapsody Legendary Tales
ContrabassRhapsody Symphony of Enchanted Lands
Cory BoatrightEternal Decision E.D. III
Cory BoatrightEternal Decision Eternal Decision
Cory BoatrightEternal Decision Ghost In The Machine
Costas KiriakidisSpitfire First Attack
Count Montoya el FoxicoIron Knights New Sound Of War
Craig OttoSomething Wicked Psychotic Friends Network
D. Rudolph GoettelSkinny Puppy Too Dark Park
Daniele "Bud" AncillottiAncillotti Strike Back
Daniele "Bud" AncillottiAncillotti The Chain Goes On
Daniele AncillottiAncillotti Down This Road Together
Daryl NortonAska Absolute Power
Dave HollingsworthCryptic Slaughter Speak Your Peace
Dave PottsPraying Mantis Time Tells No Lies
Dave Scott DavisAnnihilator Bag Of Tricks
Dave Scott DavisAnnihilator Carnival Diablos
Dave Scott DavisAnnihilator Criteria For A Black Widow
Dave Scott DavisAnnihilator In Command (Live 1989-1990)
Dave Scott DavisAnnihilator Never, Neverland
David CotterillDemon Unbroken
David PotterCloven Hoof Cloven Hoof
Davide Dell'OrtoDrakkar Cold Winter's Night
Davide MontorsiKilling Touch One of A Kind
Dead MontanaDreadnox Dance of Ignorance
Dead MontanaDreadnox Divine Act
Denton BoothThor and Mick Hoffman Beastwomen From the Centre of the Earth
Detlef KottePlattform Heavy-Braut (1983-1989)
Diego CavallottiLacuna Coil Delirium
Diego TruebaTaken Taken
Diego TruebaTaken Unchained
Dimitris GoutziamanisCrystal Tears Generation X
Dinos CostakisSpitfire First Attack
Diogo CostaPredatory Visions World Apart
Diogo CostaPredatory Walking To The Trap
Dorota SzostakLux Occulta My Guardian Anger
Dorthe DreierArcturus La Masquerade Infernale
Dorthe DreierWinds The Imaginary Direction of Time
Dorthe DreyerWinds Prominence and Demise
Doug KenworthyLoad Point Pull We've Come to Take What's Ours
Dr. PymonteIn Extremo Verehrt Und Angespien
Droetto StefanoHighlord When The Aurura Falls...
Dustin BoltjesDemiricous Two (Poverty)
Eduardo CostanzoRipio Condenado A Vivir
Emil NodtveidtDissection Live Legacy
Emilio OrtizMago De Oz La Ciudad De Los ┴rboles
Eric HortonCage Astrology
Eric HortonCage Darker Than Black
Eric HortonCage Hell Destroyer
Eric HortonCage Unveiled
Erik MortensenComMunic Conspiracy In Mind
Erik MortensenComMunic Payment Of Existence
Erik MortensenComMunic Waves Of Visual Decay
Erik MortensenComMunic Where Echoes Gather
Erlend OttemClawfinger A Whole Lot Of Nothing
Erlend OttemClawfinger Clawfinger
Erlend OttemClawfinger Deaf Dumb Blind
Erlend OttemClawfinger Hate Yourself With Style
Erlend OttemClawfinger Life WIll Kill You
Erlend OttemClawfinger Use Your Brain
Erlend OttemClawfinger Zeros and Heroes
Fabio CostantinoDGM Different Shapes
Fabio CostantinoDGM Dreamland
Fabio CostantinoDGM FrAme
Fabio CostantinoDGM Hidden Place
Fabio CostantinoDGM Passing Stages (Live in Milan and Atlanta)
Fabio CostantinoDGM The Passage
Fabio CostantinoDGM Wings Of Time
Fabio TencaSkanners Factory Of Steel
Fausto ToresanWhite Skull Public Glory, Secret Agony
Finn-Olav HoltheThe 3rd and the Mortal In This Room
Finn-Olav HoltheThe 3rd and the Mortal EPs and Rarities
Finn-Olav HoltheThe 3rd and the Mortal Memoirs
Finn-Olav HoltheThe 3rd and the Mortal Nightswan
Finn-Olav HoltheThe 3rd and the Mortal Painting on Glass
Finn-Olav HoltheThe 3rd and the Mortal Project Bluebook: Decade of Endeavour
Finn-Olav HoltheThe 3rd and the Mortal Sorrow
Florian LagoutteKingCrown A Perfect World
Frank CostaAnimosity Animal
Frank CostaAnimosity Empires
Frank CostaAnimosity Shut It Down
Frank CoutureDivine Regale Ocean Mind
Frank NotteimannMania Changing Times
Franscesco TrescaPower Quest Magic Never Dies
Franscesco TrescaPower Quest Master Of Illusion
Franz GottschalkVolbeat The Strength, The Sound, The Songs
Freddy OrtscheidMagic Kingdom Symphony Of War
Gary HoltzmanJacob's Dream Demo
Gary HoltzmanJacob's Dream Jacob's Dream
Gary MortonLast Descendants One Nation Under God
Geoff FontaineExorcist Nightmare Theatre
George HottnrothDepth Charge Depth Charge
George OosthoekDelain Hunter's Moon
George OosthoekWithin Temptation Enter
Giancarlo TotaroScarlett D. Gray Scarlett D. Gray
Gianfranco TassellaDGM Change Direction
Gianmarco LottiFlashback Of Anger Terminate and Stay Resident
Giorgio TerenzianiCristiano Filippiniĺs Flames of Heaven The Force Within
Giovanni Paolo GaleottiEmbrace of Souls The Number of Destiny
Glen CoatesFist Back With A Vengeance
Glen CoatesFist Back with a Vengeance: The Anthology
Glenn CoatesHollow Ground Raw Tapes '79
Goetz MohrDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Hordes Of The Brave
GottskalkTulus Pure Black Energy
Gustavo CostaMalevolence Martyrialized
Hal AponteIce Age The Great Divide
Heikki PohtoTarja Henkays Ikuisuudesta
Henny WolterNitrogods Nitrogods
Henny WolterPrimal Fear 16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead)
Henny WolterPrimal Fear Black Sun
Henny WolterPrimal Fear Live In The USA
Henny WolterPrimal Fear Metal Is Forever
Henny WolterPrimal Fear New Religion
Henny WolterPrimal Fear Nuclear Fire
Henny WolterSinner The End of Sanctuary
Henny WolterSinner There Will Be Executions
Hugo MonteiroAttick Demons Let's Raise Hell
I.C.S Vortex (Simen Hestnaes)Borknagar Universal
I.C.S VortexBorknagar Quintessence
ICS VortexBorknagar Urd
ICS VortexDimmu Borgir Alive In Torment
ICS VortexDimmu Borgir World Misanthropy EP
Ics VortexDimmu Borgir In Sorte Diaboli
Ics VortexDimmu Borgir Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
Igor MoltchanovCryme Scene Of The Cryme
Iiro Tuomola45 Degree Woman How to Handle the Pain
Ines Vera OrtizAssignment Reflections
Isaias MontielEternal Dream Daementia
Jack Frost (Seven Witches)Speeed Powertrip Pigs
Jack KostoSeven Spires Emerald Seas
Jairo T.Sepultura Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation
James GulottaAtrophy Socialized Hate
James GulottaAtrophy Violent By Nature
Jani OutinenAfterworld Connecting Animals
Jani OutinenAfterworld Dark Side of Mind
Janne JoutsenniemiStone Stone
Jarno TaskulaEvemaster III
Jarno TaskulaEvemaster Lacrimae Mundi
Jarno TaskulaEvemaster MMIV Lacrimae Mundi
Jarno TaskulaEvemaster Wither
Jean Paul Shorty Van CampKiller Ready For Hell
Jean-Baptiste BoitelMisanthrope Misanthrope Immortel
Jeff Morty MortimerKage Shadow of Faith
Jeff PottsWarbringer IV: Empires Collapse
Jeff Scott SotoTributes Numbers from the Beast
Jeff Scott SotoWolfpakk Wolfpakk
Jeff Scott YoungMegadeth Greatest Hits - Back To The Start
Jeff TottenRaising Cain Hell On Earth
Jens C. MortensenCarnal Forge Testify for My Victims
Jeremy MontgomeryNecrodemon Allegiance To The End
Jeremy MontgomeryNecrodemon Haunted Eons
Jeremy MontgomeryNecrodemon Ice Fields Of Hyperion
Jerry MontanoHellYeah HellYeah
Jessie FarnsworthNewsted Heavy Metal Music
Jessie FarnsworthNewsted Metal
Jim KorthePhantasm (Thrash) Wreckage
Joe MontelongoThe Chapter The Chapter
Joe MontelongoEvildead Live...From The Depths Of The Underworld
Joey Scott HargesLizzy Borden Give'Em the Axe
Joey Scott HargesLizzy Borden Love You To Pieces
Joey Scott HargesLizzy Borden Menace to Society
Johan RosthNeptune Northern Steel
John CotterillDemon Spaced Out Monkey
John E. Wooten IVWidow Carved In Stone
John E. Wooten IVWidow Life's Blood
John E. Wooten IVWidow Nightlife
John LoftonLofton Straight Between The Eyes
John MortimerHolocaust Covenant
John MortimerHolocaust Hypnosis of Birds
John MortimerHolocaust Live (Hot Curry and Wine)
John MortimerHolocaust Live From The Raw Loud 'N' Live Tour
John MortimerHolocaust No Man's Land
John MortimerHolocaust Primal
John MortimerHolocaust The Courage To Be
John MortimerHolocaust The Nightcomers
John OutcaltGod Forbid Better Days
John OutcaltGod Forbid Determination
John OutcaltGod Forbid Earthsblood
John OutcaltGod Forbid Equilibrium
John OutcaltGod Forbid Gone Forever
John OutcaltGod Forbid IV: Constitution of Treason
John OutcaltGod Forbid Out of Misery
John OutcaltGod Forbid Reject the Sickness
John OutcaltGod Forbid Sickness and Misery
Johnny WootenWidow Midnight Strikes
Johnny WootenWidow On Fire
Jon NodtveidtDissection Live Legacy
Jon NodtveidtDissection Live Rebirth
Jon NodtveidtDissection Reinkaos
Jon NodtveidtDissection Storm Of The Light's Bane
Jon NodtveidtDissection The Somberlain
Jonathan PortiloKilmara Across The Realm Of Time
Joni "Gosta" MaensivuEternal Oath Ghostlands
Joni "Gosta" MaensivuEternal Oath Righteous
Joni "Gosta" MaensivuEternal Oath Through The Eyes Of Hatred
Joni "Gosta" MaensivuEternal Oath Wither
Joost van den BroekAyreon The Source
Joost van den BroekAyreon Universe: Best Of Ayreon Live
Joost van den BroekReVamp ReVamp
Joost van den BroekStar One Live on Earth
Joost van den BroekStar One Victims Of The Modern Age
Joost van der BroekAfter Forever After Forever
Joost van der BroekAfter Forever Remagine
Jord OttoReVamp Wild Card
Jorge CortesSteel Horse Wild Power
Jussi OnteroBurning Point Burn Down The Enemy
Jussi OnteroBurning Point Burning Point
Jussi OnteroBurning Point Empyre
Jussi OnteroBurning Point The Blaze
Jussi OnteroBurning Point The Ignitor
Jussi OnteroGhost Machinery Haunting Remains
Jussi OnteroGhost Machinery Out For Blood
Jussi OnteroStargazery Eye On The Sky
Jussi OnteroStargazery Stars Aligned
K.M. [Most Terrible God] {3EverEve E-Mania
Karlo TestenSpace Eater Aftershock
Ken PotterNameless Fear Nameless Fear
Kevin HortonDr. Crusty Blockacheese
Kevin PapworthAcid Reign Moshkinstein
Kevin PapworthAcid Reign Obnoxious
Kevin PapworthAcid Reign The Fear
Kevin PoutneyCloven Hoof Cloven Hoof
Kevin PoutneyCloven Hoof Fighting Back
Konrad SchottkowskiSodom 'Til Death Do Us Unite
Konrad SchottkowskiSodom In War and Pieces
Konrad SchottkowskiSodom M-16
Konrad SchottkowskiSodom One Night in Bangkok
Konrad SchottkowskiSodom Sodom
Kosta VretoWardrum Awakening
Kostas D.K.M. ExarchakosCrimson Fire Fire In The Sky
Kostas D.K.M. ExarchakosCrimson Fire Fireborn
Kostas D.K.M. ExarchakosCrimson Fire Metal Is Back
Kostas MilonasParadox Pangea
Kostas ScandalisWardrum Awakening
Kostas SotosCrystal Tears Decadence Deluxe
KostasRavencult Cosmic Chaos
KostasRotting Christ A Dead Poem
KostasRotting Christ Sleep of the Angels
Kostis FoukarakisExarsis New War Order
Krostoffer EngStormwind Straight From Your Heart
Lario TeklicGrinder Dawn for the Living
Lario TeklicGrinder Dead End
Lario TeklicGrinder Nothing Is Sacred
Larry MontozziMorbid Sin Sins of the Flesh
Lars LoftvenDefleshed Ma Belle Scalpelle
Laurence CottleBlack Sabbath Headless Cross
Laurie MansworthMore Warhead
Leandro MottaShadows Legacy Blood and Sweat
Leandro MottaShadows Legacy Lost Humanity
Leandro MottaShadows Legacy You're Going Straight to Hell
Lee FosterCharacter Checkmate
Leone Villani ContiTrick Or Treat Evil Needs Candy Too
Leone Villani ContiTrick Or Treat Rabbit's Hill Pt. 2
Leone Villani ContiTrick Or Treat The Legend Of The XII Saints
Leone Villani ContiTrick Or Treat The Unlocked Songs
Leone Villani ContiTrick Or Treat Tin Soldiers
Lingua Mortis OrchestraLeaves' Eyes My Destiny
Lotta Malmstr÷mSection A Parallel Lives
Lotte ForstCrematory ...Just Dreaming
Lotte ForstCrematory Awake
Lotte ForstCrematory Black Pearls
Lotte ForstCrematory Crematory
Lotte ForstCrematory Early Years
Lotte ForstCrematory Live at the Out of the Dark Festival
Lotte ForstCrematory Remind
Lotte F÷rstCrematory Illusions
Lotte F÷rstCrematory Transmigration
Luciano ToscaniAncillotti Down This Road Together
Luis A.OrtizZero Hour Zero Hour
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Acidofilia
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Amazing Atomic Activity
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Are You a Rebel
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Broken Head
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Fishdick
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Fishdick Zwei - The Dick Is Rising Again
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers High Proof Cosmic Milk
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Infernal Connection
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers La Part Du Diable
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Maximum Overload
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Rock is Not Enough, Give Me the Metal
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Strip Tease
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers The State of Mind Report
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Varran Strikes Back - Alive!!!
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Verses of Steel
Maciej "Slimak" StarostaAcid Drinkers Vile Vicious Vision
Manu LotterRhapsody Of Fire The Eighth Mountain
Marco BottazziDreamhunter The Hunt Is On
Marco Tapani HietalaNightwish Made In Hong Kong [And In Various Other Places]
Marianne FolkedotterOtyg Alvefard
Mark MortonBurn the Priest Burn the Priest
Mark MortonLamb of God As the Palaces Burn
Mark MortonLamb of God Ashes of the Wake
Mark MortonLamb of God Hourglass: The Anthology
Mark MortonLamb of God Killadelphia
Mark MortonLamb of God New American Gospel
Mark MortonLamb of God Resolution
Mark MortonLamb of God Sacrament
Mark MortonLamb of God Wrath
Mark TremontiCreed Full Circle
Mark TremontiCreed Greatest Hits
Mark TremontiCreed Human Clay
Mark TremontiCreed My Own Prison
Mark TremontiCreed Weathered
Mark TremontiCreed With Arms Wide Open: A Retrospective
Mark TremontiSevendust Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow
Marko T.Agathodaimon Blacken the Angel
Marko T.Agathodaimon Tomb Sculptures
Marko TervonenThe Crown Crowned Unholy
Marko TervonenThe Crown Crowned in Terror
Marko TervonenThe Crown Deathrace King
Marko TervonenThe Crown Doomsday King
Marko TervonenThe Crown Eternal Death
Marko TervonenThe Crown Hell Is Here
Marko TervonenThe Crown Possessed 13
Marko TervonenThe Crown The Burning
Markus FortunatoKingCrown A Perfect World
Matt LaPorteJon Oliva's Pain Maniacal Renderings
Matt LaPorteJon Oliva's Pain Straight-Jacket Memoirs
Matt LaporteJon Oliva's Pain Festival
Matt LaporteJon Oliva's Pain Global Warning
Matt LaporteJon Oliva's Pain Tage Mahal
Matthias KontnyAvantasia Angel Of Babylon
Matthias KontnyAvantasia The Wicked Symphony
Maurizio PariottiDGM Change Direction
Maurizio PariottiDGM Dreamland
Maurizio PariottoDGM Wings Of Time
Mauro BortolaniElvenking The Scythe
Max MortonMorton Come Read The Words Forbidden
Max OtworthAcheron The Final Conflict: Last Days of God
Mervin GoldsworthySamson Thank You and Goodnight...
Mick MontgomeryWicked Kick Mind Twister
Mick ProcterBlitzkrieg A Time of Changes
Mick RobottomThe Handsome Beasts Rock and a Hard Place
Mika RostedtFall Of The Leafe August Wernicke
Mikael KontolampiMasquerage Moonlight Time
Mikael KontolampiMasquerage Work-Holic-Fool
Mike ConteEarly Man Closing In
Mike ConteEarly Man Death Potion
Mike PortnoyAdrenaline Mob Adrenaline Mob
Mike PortnoyAdrenaline Mob Coverta
Mike PortnoyAdrenaline Mob Omerta
Mike PortnoyJohn Arch A Twist of Fate (EP)
Mike PortnoyAvenged Sevenfold Nightmare
Mike PortnoyDream Theater A Change of Seasons
Mike PortnoyDream Theater Awake
Mike PortnoyDream Theater Black Clouds and Silver Linings
Mike PortnoyDream Theater Falling Into Infinity
Mike PortnoyDream Theater Images and Words
Mike PortnoyDream Theater Live Scenes From New York
Mike PortnoyDream Theater Live at Budokan
Mike PortnoyDream Theater Live at the Marquee
Mike PortnoyDream Theater Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
Mike PortnoyDream Theater Octavarium
Mike PortnoyDream Theater Once in a Live Time
Mike PortnoyDream Theater Score
Mike PortnoyDream Theater Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Mike PortnoyDream Theater Systematic Chaos
Mike PortnoyDream Theater Train of Thought
Mike PortnoyDream Theater When Dream and Day Unite
Mike PortnoyRising Power Power For the People
Mike ZotterStormHammer Signs Of Revolution
Mirko MagiottiAstral Domine Arcanum Gloriae
Mitch KoontzGodiva Call Me Under 666
Mitch KoontzGodiva Destruction
Mitch KoontzGodiva Godiva
Moat LoweNovena Eleventh Hour
Mona Undheim SkotteneMyriads In Spheres Without Time
Monte MartellThreshold Of Pain The Riddle...
Monte PittmanProng 100 Percent Live
Monte PittmanProng Power of the Damager
Monte PittmanProng Power of the Damn MiXXXer
Monte PittmanProng Scorpio Rising
Mortal JoeMortal Decay Forensic
Morten EriksenThunderbolt Demons and Diamonds
Morten G. SorensenAurora Eos / Sadiam
Morten Gade SorensenAnubis Gate Covered in Colours
Morten Gade SorensenAurora Dead Electric Nightmares
Morten Gade SorensenAurora Devotion
Morten Gade SorensenAurora Sadiam
Morten Gade SorensenLance King A Moment In Chiros
Morten Gade SorensenLance King ReProgram
Morten Gade SorensenPyramaze Contingent
Morten Gade S°rensenPyramaze Disciples Of The Sun
Morten Gade S°rensenPyramaze Immortal
Morten Gade S°rensenPyramaze Legend Of The Bone Carver
Morten GadePyramaze Melancholy Beast
Morten NielsenMercyful Fate In the Shadows
Morten PlengeIron Fire On the Edge
Morten SkaugClawfinger Deaf Dumb Blind
Morten SkrubbeltrangSaturnus For the Loveless Lonely Nights
Morten SorensenAnubis Gate Anubis Gate
Morten SorensenAurora Eos
Morten StutzerArtillery B.A.C.K.
Morten StutzerArtillery By Inheritance
Morten StutzerArtillery Fear of Tomorrow
Morten StutzerArtillery My Blood
Morten StutzerArtillery One Foot In the Grave, The Other One In the Trash
Morten StutzerArtillery Terror Squad
Morten StutzerArtillery Terror Squad/ Fear Of Tomorrow
Morten StutzerArtillery When Death Comes
Morten S÷rensenAnubis Gate A Perfect Forever
Morten S÷rensenAnubis Gate Purification
Morten S°rensenAnubis Gate Andromeda Unchained
Morten S°rensenAnubis Gate The Detached
Morten Toft HansenHatesphere Bloodred Hatred
Morten VelandSirenia An Elixir for Existence
Morten VelandSirenia Dim Days of Dolor
Morten VelandSirenia Riddles, Ruins and Revelations
Morten VelandTristania Beyond the Veil
Morten VelandTristania Widow's Weeds
Mostafa Abd el AzizNile Black Seeds of Vengance
Nadine MolterEmpyrium Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays
Nadine NottbohmGamma Ray To The Metal
Nate HortonFeinstein Third Wish
Nic SouthwoodDamnation Angels Fiber of Our Being
Nico BoutrisHunter Sign of the Hunter
Nico TordiniEddy Antonini When Water Became Ice
Nico TordiniSkylark After the Storm
Nico TordiniSkylark Dragon's Secrets
Niels OttinkCaedere Clones of Industry
Niels OttinkCaedere Corruption
Niels OttinkCaedere Gore To Banish Fear
Niels OttinkCaedere Mass Emission
Niko TakalaDyecrest The Way of Pain
Niko TakalaDyecrest This Is My World
O.T.Body Count Murder 4 Hire
Oscar MortizImmaculate Atheist Crusade
Oskar MonteliusCivil War Civil War
Oskar MonteliusCivil War Gods And Generals
Oskar MonteliusCivil War The Killer Angels
Oskar MonteliusSabaton Attero Dominatus
Oskar MonteliusSabaton Carolus Rex
Oskar MonteliusSabaton Coat Of Arms
Oskar MonteliusSabaton Fist For Fight
Oskar MonteliusSabaton Metalizer
Oskar MonteliusSabaton Primo Victoria
Oskar MonteliusSabaton The Art Of War
Oskar MonteliusSabaton World War Live: Battle of The Baltic Sea
Osten BergoyTristania Beyond the Veil
Osten BergoyTristania Widow's Weeds
Osten BergoyTristania World of Glass
Ottar VigerstolClawfinger Use Your Brain
Otto ClemensCrystallion Hundred Days
Otto Schimmelpenninck van der OijeDelain Apocalypse and Chill
Otto Schimmelpenninck van der OijeDelain Hunter's Moon
Otto Schimmelpenninck van der OijeDelain Lunar Prelude
Otto Schimmelpenninck van der OijeDelain Moonbathers
Otto Schimmelpenninck van der OijeDelain We Are The Others
Paolo GianottiSecret Sphere Mistress of the Shadowlight
Paolo TorresaniElvenking Wyrd
Paul BostaphExodus Shovel Headed Kill Machine
Paul BostaphForbidden Forbidden Evil
Paul BostaphForbidden Raw Evil: Live at the Dynamo
Paul BostaphForbidden The Best of Forbidden: Point of no Return
Paul BostaphSlayer Diabolus In Musica
Paul BostaphSlayer Divine Intervention
Paul BostaphSlayer God Hates Us All
Paul BostaphSlayer Repentless
Paul BostaphSlayer Undisputed Attitude
Paul BostaphTestament Return To The Apocalyptic City
Paul BostaphTestament The Formation Of Damnation
Paul KostyackAntithesis Antithesis
Paul KostyackAntithesis Dreaming Reality
Paul KostyackAntithesis Dying for Life
Paul Lemoine ContraDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Revenge Is My Time
Paul MariottiImpaler Charnel Deity
Paul MazziottaDisembowelment Disembowelment
Paul MazziottaDisembowelment Dusk
Paul MazziottaDisembowelment Transcendence into the Peripheral
Paul ShortinoWolfpakk Wolfpakk
Paulo TurinDi'anno Nomad
Pedro TinelloAlmah E.V.O.
Per-Morten BergsethCourse of Fate Mindweaver
Pete BostromBlood Tsunami Castle of Skulls
Pete BostromBlood Tsunami Grand Feast for Vultures
Pete BostromBlood Tsunami Thrash Metal
Peter HaworthLegend Death in the Nursery
Peter HaworthLegend Legend
Peter HaworthLegend Still Screaming
Peter LangforthAlpha Tiger Beneath The Surface
Peter LangforthAlpha Tiger Man Or Machine
Peter LangforthAlpha Tiger iDentity
Philip LabonteShadows Fall Somber Eyes To The Sky
Pieter OostermanVulture Easier to Lie
Pieter OostermanVulture Fatal Games
Pontus EgbergKing Diamond Songs For the Dead - Live
Pontus EgbergLion's Share Two
Pontus EgbergSection A Parallel Lives
Pontus JanssonAxenstar Far From Heaven
Pontus JanssonAxenstar Perpetual Twilight
Pontus JanssonAxenstar The Final Requiem
Pontus JanssonAxenstar The Inquisition
Pontus LarssonVindictiv Cage Of Infinity
Pontus LarssonVindictiv Ground Zero
Pontus LarssonVindictiv Vindictiv
Pontus NorgrenDivinefire Glory Thy Name
Pontus NorgrenHammerfall (r)Evolution
Pontus NorgrenHammerfall Built To Last
Pontus NorgrenHammerfall Dominion
Pontus NorgrenHammerfall Gates Of Dalhalla
Pontus NorgrenHammerfall Infected
Pontus NorgrenHammerfall No Sacrifice No Victory
Pontus NorgrenNeptune Northern Steel
Pual BostaphForbidden Twisted Into Form
QuorthonBathory Bathory
QuorthonBathory Blood Fire Death
QuorthonBathory Blood on Ice
QuorthonBathory Destroyer of Worlds
QuorthonBathory Hammerheart
QuorthonBathory In Memory of Quorthon Vol. I
QuorthonBathory In Memory of Quorthon Vol. II
QuorthonBathory In Memory of Quorthon Vol. III
QuorthonBathory Jubileum Vol .1
QuorthonBathory Jubileum Vol .2
QuorthonBathory Jubileum Vol .3
QuorthonBathory Katalog
QuorthonBathory Nordland I
QuorthonBathory Nordland II
QuorthonBathory Octagon
QuorthonBathory Requiem
QuorthonBathory The Return
QuorthonBathory Twilight of the Gods
Rafael AgostinoArmored Dawn Barbarians In Black
Ralf GottliebTomorrow's Eve The Unexpected World
Randy JostesRadakka Requiem for The Innocent
Renato TribuzyTribuzy Execution
Renato TribuzyTribuzy Execution Live Reunion
Riccardo ToniStranger Vision Poetica
Rich OosterboschRazor Decibels
Richard StottsPlasmatics Coup De Grace
Rob GuidottiFaith Or Fear Titanium
Robert SoeterboekAyreon Flight of the Migrator
Robert SoeterboekAyreon Universe: Best Of Ayreon Live
Robert SoeterboekStar One Live on Earth
Roberto TirantiLabyrinth 6 Days To Nowhere
Roberto TirantiLabyrinth Architecture Of A God
Roberto TirantiLabyrinth Freeman
Roberto TirantiLabyrinth Labyrinth
Roberto TirantiLabyrinth Return To Heaven Denied Part II
Roberto TirantiLabyrinth Return to Live
Roberto TirantiLabyrinth Sons Of Thunder
Roberto TirantiLabyrinth Welcome To The Absurd Circus
Rod HainsworthFaustus ...And Still We Suffer
Rodolfo PagottoVandroya Beyond the Human Mind
Rodolfo PagottoVandroya One
Roger CostaTropa De Shock Angels Of Eternity
Roger CostaTropa De Shock The Blade of the Wind
Roger CostaTropa De Shock The Other Side
Ron Bumblefoot ThalEllefson No Cover
Ron MortensenMad Planet Living Hell
Ronny ScholtenSacrosanct Truth Is - What Is
Rune OsterhusTristania Beyond the Veil
Rune OsterhusTristania Widow's Weeds
Rune OsterhusTristania World of Glass
Russ NorthCloven Hoof A Sultan's Ransom
Russ NorthCloven Hoof Dominator
Sandrine GouttebelSirenia An Elixir for Existence
Sandro "Bid" AncillottiAncillotti Strike Back
Sandro "Bid" AncillottiAncillotti The Chain Goes On
Sandro AncillottiAncillotti Down This Road Together
Scooter WardCold A Different Kind of Pain
Scooter WardCold Superfiction
Scooter WardCold Year of the Spider
ScooterCold 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage
Scott A. RawsonSeventh Angel Heed the Warning
Scott A. RawsonSeventh Angel Lament for the Weary
Scott A. RawsonSeventh Angel The Torment
Scott AwesSentinel Beast Up from the Ashes
Scott BoelterChainReaction A Game Between Good And Evil
Scott BolandObsession Carnival Of Lies
Scott BolandObsession Order Of Chaos
Scott BuchananUnleash the Archers Abyss
Scott ClendeninDeath Live in Eindhoven '98
Scott ClendeninDeath Live in L.A. (Death and Raw)
Scott ClendeninDeath The Sound of Perseverance
Scott ClendeninDeath Vivus!
Scott ColumbusManowar Fighting the World
Scott ColumbusManowar Gods Of War
Scott ColumbusManowar Hail to England
Scott ColumbusManowar Hell on Wheels Live
Scott ColumbusManowar Kings of Metal
Scott ColumbusManowar Louder than Hell
Scott ColumbusManowar Thunder In The Sky
Scott ColumbusManowar Warriors Of The World
Scott CrawfordDemon Hold On To The Dream
Scott CrawfordDemon One Helluva Night - Live in Germany
Scott CrawfordDemon Taking The World By Storm
Scott CrinklawScholomance A Treatise on Love
Scott DavidsonLazy Bones Stew
Scott DominguezLaaz Rockit Nothings Sacred
Scott DominguezLaaz Rockit Taste Of Rebellion - Live In Citta
Scott EarlCulprit Guilty as Charged!
Scott EarlCulprit Innocent 'Til Proven Guilty
Scott FeatherstoneEnertia Flashpoint
Scott FeatherstoneEnertia Force
Scott FeatherstoneEnertia Law Of Three
Scott FeatherstoneEnertia Momentum
Scott FeatherstoneWithin the Fire Still Burning
Scott FoxCatharsis Pathways to Wholeness
Scott FraserMilitia Fiend of Misery
Scott GriffithsNameless Fear Nameless Fear
Scott HagzVermithrax Imperium Draconus
Scott HighamAngel Witch 2000: Live At The LA2
Scott HillFu Manchu California Crossing
Scott HillFu Manchu Eatin' Dust
Scott HillFu Manchu Go for It...Live!
Scott HillFu Manchu King of the Road
Scott HillFu Manchu The Action Is Go
Scott HoffmanHigh Spirits Another Night
Scott HumphreyRob Zombie Educated Horses
Scott IanAnthrax Alive 2
Scott IanAnthrax Among the Living
Scott IanAnthrax Anthems
Scott IanAnthrax Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (1985-1991)
Scott IanAnthrax Armed and Dangerous
Scott IanAnthrax Attack of the Killer Bs
Scott IanAnthrax Caught in a Mosh - BBC Live in Concert
Scott IanAnthrax Fistful of Metal
Scott IanAnthrax For All Kings
Scott IanAnthrax I'm the Man
Scott IanAnthrax Live - the Island Years
Scott IanAnthrax Madhouse: The Very Best of Anthrax
Scott IanAnthrax Music Of Mass Destruction (Live From Chicago)
Scott IanAnthrax Penikufesin
Scott IanAnthrax Persistence of Time
Scott IanAnthrax Sound of White Noise
Scott IanAnthrax Spreading the Disease
Scott IanAnthrax State of Euphoria
Scott IanAnthrax Stomp 442
Scott IanAnthrax The Greater Of Two Evils
Scott IanAnthrax Thrash in Texas
Scott IanAnthrax Volume 8 - The Threat Is Real
Scott IanAnthrax We've Come For You All
Scott IanAnthrax Worship Music
Scott IanTributes Numbers from the Beast
Scott JefferysConfessor Condemned
Scott JeffreysConfessor Uncontrolled
Scott JeffreysConfessor Unraveled
Scott KarrXpeld Xpeld
Scott KayVoyager Ghost Mile
Scott KellyNeurosis Pain of Mind
Scott KrallInto Eternity Buried In Oblivion
Scott KrallInto Eternity Dead Or Dreaming
Scott KrallInto Eternity Into Eternity
Scott LairdBeliever Dimensions
Scott LooseBrave Lost in Retrospect
Scott LooseBrave Monuments
Scott LooseBrave Searching For The Sun
Scott McKillopPhantasm Lycanthropy
Scott MetaxasNuclear Assault Something Wicked
Scott MillerPeacemaker Concrete and Terror
Scott NyquistWrath Fit of Anger
Scott NyquistWrath Insane Society
Scott NyquistWrath Nothing To Fear
Scott OwenHirax Hate, Fear and Power
Scott OwenHirax Raging Violence
Scott ParkManilla Road Open the Gates
Scott PetersonCryptic Slaughter Convicted
Scott PetersonCryptic Slaughter Money Talks
Scott PetersonCryptic Slaughter Stream of Consciousness
Scott PhillipsCreed Full Circle
Scott PhillipsCreed Greatest Hits
Scott PhillipsCreed Human Clay
Scott PhillipsCreed My Own Prison
Scott PhillipsCreed Weathered
Scott PhillipsCreed With Arms Wide Open: A Retrospective
Scott PhillipsProjected Human
Scott PhillipsProjected Ignite My Insanity
Scott ReederSixty Watt Shaman Reason to Live
Scott RiedleDorian Lord Keeper of the Night
Scott RobertsBiohazard Means To An End
Scott RockenfieldQueensryche American Soldier
Scott RockenfieldQueensryche Empire
Scott RockenfieldQueensryche Hear in the Now Frontier
Scott RockenfieldQueensryche Live Evolution
Scott RockenfieldQueensryche Mindcrime at the Moore
Scott RockenfieldQueensryche Operation Livecrime
Scott RockenfieldQueensryche Operation Mindcrime
Scott RockenfieldQueensryche Operation: Mindcrime II
Scott RockenfieldQueensryche Q2K
Scott RockenfieldQueensryche Queensryche
Scott RockenfieldQueensryche Rage for Order
Scott RockenfieldQueensryche Sign of the Times: the Best of Queensryche
Scott RockenfieldQueensryche Take Cover
Scott RockenfieldQueensryche The Art Of Live
Scott RockenfieldQueensryche The Collection
Scott RockenfieldQueensryche The Warning
Scott SargeantLaaz Rockit Nothings Sacred
Scott SargentLaaz Rockit Taste Of Rebellion - Live In Citta
Scott SchaferCyclone Temple Building Errors in the Machine
Scott SchaferCyclone Temple I Hate Therefore I Am
Scott SchaferCyclone Temple My Friend Lonely
Scott SchroeterBelladonna Belladonna
Scott ShapiroSpace Vacation Cosmic Vanguard
Scott ShapiroSpace Vacation Heart Attack
Scott ShapiroSpace Vacation Space Vacation
Scott ShelbyGammacide Victims Of Science
Scott StappCreed Full Circle
Scott StappCreed Greatest Hits
Scott StappCreed Human Clay
Scott StappCreed My Own Prison
Scott StappCreed Weathered
Scott StappCreed With Arms Wide Open: A Retrospective
Scott SwanTyton Mind Over Metal
Scott TravisFight A Small Deadly Space
Scott TravisFight K5 - The War of Words Demos
Scott TravisFight Mutations
Scott TravisFight War Of Words
Scott TravisHalford Metal God Essentials, Vol I
Scott TravisJudas Priest 98 Live Meltdown
Scott TravisJudas Priest A Touch Of Evil: Live
Scott TravisJudas Priest Angel of Retribution
Scott TravisJudas Priest Battle Cry
Scott TravisJudas Priest Demolition
Scott TravisJudas Priest Firepower
Scott TravisJudas Priest Jugulator
Scott TravisJudas Priest Live In London
Scott TravisJudas Priest Metal Works '73-'93
Scott TravisJudas Priest Metalogy Box Set Sampler
Scott TravisJudas Priest Nostradamus
Scott TravisJudas Priest Painkiller
Scott TravisJudas Priest Redeemer Of Souls
Scott TravisJudas Priest Setlist: The Very Best of Judas Priest - Live
Scott TravisJudas Priest The Best Of Judas Priest: Living After Midnight
Scott TravisJudas Priest The Essential Judas Priest
Scott VanBishop Steel Killing Asylum
Scott VogelReverend Reverend
Scott WardCold Cold
Scott WarrenDio Evil or Divine: Live in New York City
Scott WarrenDio Holy Diver Live
Scott WarrenDio Inferno: Last in Live
Scott WarrenDio Killing the Dragon
Scott WarrenDio Master of the Moon
Scott WatersUltimatum ...Til The End!
Scott WatersUltimatum Into the Pit
Scott WatersUltimatum Lex Metalis
Scott WatersUltimatum Puppet of Destruction
Scott WatersUltimatum Symphonic Extremities
Scott WatersUltimatum The Mechanics of Perilous Times
Scott WattsSacrifice Soldiers Of Misfortune
Scott WilsonDemiricous One (Hellbound)
Scott WilsonDemiricous Two (Poverty)
Scott WilsonNile Black Seeds of Vengance
Scott Wino WeinrichSixty Watt Shaman Reason to Live
Scott WoolardThor and Mick Hoffman Beastwomen From the Centre of the Earth
Scotti WhitcombLazy Bones Stew
Scotty EvansThunderDriver Atomic Rock
ScottzyRudiments Bitch Bitch Bitch
Sean OstosShock Box Droppin the Bomb
Sean SouthernDeeds of Flesh Of What's to Come
Second release. Liner notes contain explanations for each songNile Black Seeds of Vengance
Shane (Joel) SouthbyTaramis Stretch of the Imagination
Shann MortimerWehrmacht Biermacht
Shann MortimerWehrmacht Shark Attack
Shawn MarcotteDivine Regale Horizons
Shingo OhtaniUnited Beast Dominates '92
Shingo OhtaniUnited Bloody But Unbowed
Shingo OhtaniUnited Core
Shingo OhtaniUnited Distorted Vision
Shingo OhtaniUnited Human Zoo
Shingo OhtaniUnited Infectious Hazard
Shingo OhtaniUnited N.O.I.Q
Shingo OhtaniUnited Power Germanys
ShortyKiller Broken Silence
ShortyKiller Fatal Attraction
ShortyKiller Immortal
ShortyKiller Monsters Of Rock
ShortyKiller Shock Waves
ShortyKiller Wall Of Sound
Sid MontzCrowbar Equilibrium
Silvano BottariVanexa Against the Sun
Silvano BottariVanexa Back from the Ruins
Silvano BottariVanexa Metal City Live
Silvano BottariVanexa Vanexa
Simen HestŠs (Vortex)Dimmu Borgir Death Cult Armageddon
Singo OhtaniUnited Reload
Stefano BottarelliVexillum The Wandering Notes
Stefano DroettoThe Famous-X Deal With The Devil
Stefano DroettoHighlord Breath Of Eternity
Stefano DroettoHighlord Heir Of Power
Stefano DroettoHighlord Instant Madness
Stefano DroettoHighlord Medusa's Coil
Stefano DroettoHighlord The Warning After
Stephan ForteAdagio A Band in Upperworld
Stephan ForteAdagio Archangels in Black
Stephan ForteAdagio Dominate
Stephan ForteAdagio Sanctus Ignis
Stephan ForteAdagio Underworld
Steve DiGiortioIced Earth Horror Show
Steve LoftinSeven Sisters Seven Sisters
Sven PolkotterAssignment Progressive Changes
Sven PollkotterAssignment Closing The Circle
Sven PollkotterAssignment Inside Of The Machine
Tamas SchrottnerEktomorf What Doesn't Kill Me...
Ted LongbottomAvenford New Beginning
Thierry FrontyStill Square Rock Stars
Till OttingerAgathodaimon Phoenix
Timo TolkkiAvantasia The Metal Opera
Timo TolkkiAvantasia The Metal Opera Part II
Timo TolkkiChaos Magic Chaos Magic
Timo TolkkiRevolution Renaissance Age Of Aquarius
Timo TolkkiRevolution Renaissance New Era
Timo TolkkiStratovarius Destiny
Timo TolkkiStratovarius Dreamspace
Timo TolkkiStratovarius Elements Part 1
Timo TolkkiStratovarius Elements Part 2
Timo TolkkiStratovarius Episode
Timo TolkkiStratovarius Fourth Dimension
Timo TolkkiStratovarius Fright Night
Timo TolkkiStratovarius Infinite
Timo TolkkiStratovarius Intermission
Timo TolkkiStratovarius Live - Visions Of Europe
Timo TolkkiStratovarius Stratovarius
Timo TolkkiStratovarius The Chosen Ones
Timo TolkkiStratovarius Twilight Time
Timo TolkkiStratovarius Visions
Timo TolkkiTimo Tolkki's Avalon Angels Of The Apocalypse
Timo TolkkiTimo Tolkki's Avalon Return to Eden
Timo TolkkiTimo Tolkki's Avalon The Land Of New Hope
Timo-TimoThe 69 Eyes Angels
Timo-TimoThe 69 Eyes Back in Blood
Timo-TimoThe 69 Eyes Blessed Be
Timo-TimoThe 69 Eyes Bump 'n' Grind
Timo-TimoThe 69 Eyes Devils
Timo-TimoThe 69 Eyes Framed in Blood: The Very Blessed of the 69 Eyes
Timo-TimoThe 69 Eyes Goth 'n' Roll
Timo-TimoThe 69 Eyes Motor City Resurrection
Timo-TimoThe 69 Eyes Paris Kills
Timo-TimoThe 69 Eyes Savage Garden
Timo-TimoThe 69 Eyes The Best of Helsinki Vampires
Timo-TimoThe 69 Eyes Wasting The Dawn
Timo-TimoThe 69 Eyes West End
Timo-TimoThe 69 Eyes Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
Timo-TimoThe 69 Eyes X
Tino TroyPraying Mantis Live at Last
Tino TroyPraying Mantis Time Tells No Lies
Todd YouthDanzig Live On The Black Hand Side
Todd YouthNewlydeads Dreams From a Dirt Nap
Tom CroxtonThor Beyond The Pain Barrier
Tomas RoitmanSplit Heaven Death Rider
Tomi GottlichRebellion Born A Rebel
Tomi GottlichRebellion Miklagard - The History Of The Vikings Vol. II
Tomi GottlichRebellion Sagas Of Iceland - The History Of The Vikings Vol. I
Tomi GottlichRebellion Shakespeare's Macbeth - A Tragedy In Steel
Tomi JoutsenAmorphis Eclipse
Tomi JoutsenAmorphis Silent Waters
Tomi JoutsenAmorphis Skyforger
Tomi JoutseAmorphis The Beginning of Times
Tommy PortimoSonata Arctica Don't Say A Word
Tommy PortimoSonata Arctica For The Sake Of Revenge
Tommy PortimoSonata Arctica Live In Finland
Tommy PortimoSonata Arctica Orientation
Tommy PortimoSonata Arctica Pariah's Child
Tommy PortimoSonata Arctica Reckoning Night
Tommy PortimoSonata Arctica Silence
Tommy PortimoSonata Arctica Songs Of Silence - Live In Tokyo
Tommy PortimoSonata Arctica Stones Grow Her Name
Tommy PortimoSonata Arctica Takatalvi
Tommy PortimoSonata Arctica Talviyo
Tommy PortimoSonata Arctica The Days Of Grays
Tommy PortimoSonata Arctica The End Of This Chapter
Tommy PortimoSonata Arctica The Ninth Hour
Tommy PortimoSonata Arctica Unia
Tommy PortimoSonata Arctica Winterheart's Guild
Tommy RoitmanSplit Heaven Psycho Samurai
Tommy RoitmanSplit Heaven Street Law
Tommy RoitmanSplit Heaven The Devil's Bandit
Tony "Mad" FontoWhite Skull Will of the Strong
Tony CostanzaCrowbar Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form
Tony FontoWhite Skull Asgard
Tony FontoWhite Skull Embittered
Tony FontoWhite Skull Forever Fight
Tony FontoWhite Skull I Won't Burn Alone
Tony FontoWhite Skull Public Glory, Secret Agony
Tony FontoWhite Skull Tales From The North
Tony FontoWhite Skull The Dark Age
Tony Font˛White Skull The Ring Of The Ancients
Tony Font˛White Skull The XIII Skull
Tony PortaroWhiplash Cult of One
Tony PortaroWhiplash Insult to Injury
Tony PortaroWhiplash Power and Pain
Tony PortaroWhiplash Sit Stand Kneel Pray
Tony PortaroWhiplash Thrashback
Tony PortaroWhiplash Ticket to Mayhem
Tony PortaroWhiplash Unborn Again
Travis FosterYOB Atma
Travis FosterYOB Catharsis
Travis FosterYOB Live at Roadburn 2010
Travis FosterYOB The Great Cessation
Travis FosterYOB The Illusion of Motion
Travis FosterYOB The Unreal Never Lived
Trevor PortchPagan Altar Mythical and Magical
Trevor PortchPagan Altar The Lords of Hypocrisy
Trevor PortchPagan Altar Volume 1
Two disc set. The second disc contains ExcommunicatedCatholicon Of Ages Past
Uwe OsterlehnerDeathrow Deception Ignored
Uwe OsterlehnerDeathrow Life Beyond
Valterson WottrichExcellence Against the Odds
Valterson WottrichExcellence The Twilight
Vassili MoltchanovDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Black As Death
Vassili MoltchanovDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Diabolica
Vassili MoltchanovDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Fifth Son of Winterdom
Vassili MoltchanovDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Hordes Of The Brave
Vassili MoltchanovDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Revenge Is My Time
Vassili MoltchanovDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Shadow Of The Red Baron
Vassili MoltchanovIron Mask Master of Masters
Vassili MoltchanovMagic Kingdom MetAlmighty
Vassili MoltchanovMagic Kingdom Savage Requiem
Vassili MoltchanovMagic Kingdom The Arrival
Vassili MoltchanowMagic Kingdom Metallic Tragedy
Vassili MoltchanowMagic Kingdom Symphony Of War
Vicomte Vampyr ArkanesSeth Les Blessures De L'Ame
Vinnie FontanettaWithout Warning Believe
Vinnie FontanettaWithout Warning Making Time
Vinnie FontanettaWithout Warning Step Beyond
Vittorio PapottoGloryful The Warriors Code
VortexDimmu Borgir Stormblast (Rerecorded)
Wanda Ortiz Steph HarrisThe Iron Maidens Worlds Only Female Tribute to Iron Maiden
William ProctorBernard Edwards Project Homicide Bernard Edwards' Project Homicide
Worther KolkrabenFreedom Call The Circle Of Life
X. BotteriIn The Woods... Omnio
Youri DegrooteDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Revenge Is My Time
Yuichiro TejimaLawshed Let Us Not Talk Falsely
Yvonne DucksworthJingo De Lunch B.Y.E.
Zoltan CsorszVindictiv Ground Zero
Zoltan FarkasEktomorf What Doesn't Kill Me...
Zoltan Hegyaljai-BorosDreyelands Rooms Of Revelation
Zoltan KasDreyelands Rooms Of Revelation
Zoltan TobiasDreamscape Trance Like State
Zsolt GalambosWisdom Judas
Zsolt GalambosWisdom Wisdom
Zsolt GalambosWisdom Words Of Wisdom


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