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Search Results

The search found 2101 CDs at Brutal Metal upon which A.L. performed.

Musician Artist CD
Michael Anthony GuerreroDrive Diablero
A.L.Valkyrja Contamination
A.L.Valkyrja The Antagonist's Fire
A.L.Valkyrja The Invocation of Demise
Aaron Randall (ex-Annihilator)Speeed Powertrip Pigs
Abigail CristeaLiliac Chain of Thorns Re-Vamped
Abigail CristeaLiliac Madness
Abigail CristeaLiliac Queen of Hearts
Adam CarloRazor Shotgun Justice
Adam CarloRazor Violent Restitution
Afzaal NasiruddeenCrisis 8 Convulsions
Afzaal NasiruddeenCrisis Deathshead Extermination
Afzaal NasiruddeenCrisis Like Sheep Led To Slaughter
Afzaal NasiruddeenCrisis The Hollowing
AilynLunariaN Burn the Beauty
AilynSerenity Death and Legacy
Alan PerraultIkki Crane Dead Again
Alessio SpallarossaMastercastle Wine of Heaven
Alex NaslaWitherfall Vintage
Alex PasqualleHevilan The End Of Time
Alexandra LemoineEclectika Dazzling Dawn
Alexandra LemoineEclectika The Last Blue Bird
Alina LesnikOnce After Earth
Alla FedynitchAtrocity After The Storm
Alla FedynitchLeaves' Eyes My Destiny
Alla FedynitchLeaves' Eyes Njord
Allan C HasanenEverfrost Winterider
Allan IversenAurora Eos
Allan IversenAurora Eos / Sadiam
Allan IversenAurora Sadiam
Allan KorosueZorak Falling Down
Allan ScottDedringer Direct Line
Allan ScottDedringer Maxine
Allan ScottDedringer Second Arising
Allen BenatarThrough The Discipline Art Of Survival
Allen BrooksBishop Steel Killing Asylum
Allen WestObituary Anthology
Allen WestObituary Back from the Dead
Allen WestObituary Dead
Allen WestObituary Frozen in Time
Allen WestObituary Slowly We Rot
Allen WestObituary The Best of Obituary
Allen WestObituary The End Complete
Allen WestObituary World Demise
Allesandro SeravallePathosray Pathosray
Allessandro ContiRhapsody Ascending To Infinity
AllyonTwilight Force Dawn Of The Dragonstar
Amedeo PaoliniSleazer Fall Into Disgrace
An interesting album that combine death metal with ethnic musical styles from all over the worldHollenthon Domus Mundi
Ana LandauerCold Year of the Spider
Anders AllhageE.F. Band One Night Stand
Anders AllhageE.F. Band Their Finest Hours
Andre BaylisChateaux Chained Desperate
Andre BaylisChateaux Fight to the Last! The Anthology
Andrea De PaoliLabyrinth Return To Heaven Denied Part II
Andrea de PaoliLabyrinth 6 Days To Nowhere
Andrea de PaoliLabyrinth Freeman
Andrea de PaoliLabyrinth Labyrinth
Andrea de PaoliLabyrinth Sons Of Thunder
Andreas MailänderBrainstorm Ambiguity
Andreas MailänderBrainstorm Liquid Monster
Andreas MailänderBrainstorm Unholy
Andrew BaillieOctanic Industry
Andrew McPaulsLabyrinth Return to Heaven Denied
Andrew McPaulsLabyrinth Timeless Crime
Andrew McPaulsVision Divine Send Me An Angel
Andrew McPaulsVision Divine Vision Divine
Andy AllendorferSquealer Human Traces
Andy AllendorferSquealer Made For Eternity
Andy AllendorferSquealer Make Your Day
Andy AllendorferSquealer The Prophecy
Andy AllendorferSquealer Under The Cross
Andy AllendorferSquealer Wrong Time, Wrong Place
Andy FallscheerTyran Pace Watching You
Andy GallowayBlitzkrieg Absolute Power
Andy GallowayBlitzkrieg Absolutely Live
Andy MailänderBrainstorm Hungry
Andy MailänderBrainstorm Metus Mortis
Andy MailänderBrainstorm Soul Temptation
Angela FallonSixty Watt Shaman Seed of Decades
Ann WallströmVindictiv Cage Of Infinity
Ann WallströmVindictiv Ground Zero
Antti RailioCain's Offering Gather The Faithful
Antti RailioCelesty Legacy Of Hate
Antti RailioCelesty Mortal Mind Creation
Antti RailioCelesty Reign Of Elements
Antti RailioCelesty Vendetta
ArlekHammer (Italy) Hammer Nation
Atle DørumGreen Carnation Journey to the End of the Night
Atle PettersenAspera Ripples
Aulis HultinFrozen Eyes Frozen Eyes
Axel Teish, Hanne Bremholm, Mikkel Lomborg, Bodil Carlsson, Steffen Bruun, Peter Frestrup, Ingeborg Okkels, Pernille Platz, Line AlsakerSaturnus For the Loveless Lonely Nights
Aylin GimenezSebastien Dark Chambers Of Deja-Vu
BaileyLiquid Violence Smokin Still
Ballistic 'Coz' HowitzerDestroyer 666 Unchain the Wolves
Bart BarlettanoPsyco Drama The Illusion
Ben MarlinDisgorge Consume the Forsaken
Ben MarlinDisgorge Cranial Impalement
Ben MarlinDisgorge Parallels of Infinite Torture
Ben MarlinDisgorge She Lay Gutted
Bernie VersaillesAgent Steel Alienigma
Bernie VersaillesAgent Steel Earth Under Lucifer
Bernie VersaillesAgent Steel Mad Locust Rising
Bernie VersaillesAgent Steel Omega Conspiracy
Bernie VersaillesAgent Steel Order of the Illuminati
Bernie VersaillesAgent Steel Unstoppable Force
Bernie VersaillesAssignment Inside Of The Machine
Bernie VersaillesFates Warning Still Life
Bernie VersaillesRedemption Live From the Pit
Bernie VersaillesRedemption Redemption
Bernie VersaillesRedemption Snowfall On Judgment Day
Bernie VersaillesRedemption The Fullness Of Time
Bernie VersaillesRedemption The Origins Of Ruin
Bernie VersaillesRedemption This Mortal Coil
Blaze BayleyBlaze Bayley Circle of Stone
Blaze BayleyBlaze Bayley Damaged Strange Different and Live
Blaze BayleyBlaze Bayley December Wind
Blaze BayleyBlaze Bayley Endure And Survive - Infinite Entanglement Part II
Blaze BayleyBlaze Bayley Infinite Entanglement
Blaze BayleyBlaze Bayley Live in Czech
Blaze BayleyBlaze Bayley Live in France
Blaze BayleyBlaze Bayley Promise and Terror
Blaze BayleyBlaze Bayley Soundtracks Of My Life
Blaze BayleyBlaze Bayley The King of Metal
Blaze BayleyBlaze Bayley The Man Who Would Not Die
Blaze BayleyBlaze Bayley The Night That Will Not Die
Blaze BayleyBlaze Bayley The Redemption Of William Black - Infinite Entanglement Part III
Blaze BayleyBlaze Bayley War Within Me
Blaze BayleyBlaze As Live As It Gets
Blaze BayleyBlaze Blood and Belief
Blaze BayleyBlaze Silicon Messiah
Blaze BayleyBlaze Tenth Dimension
Blaze BayleyIron Maiden Ed Hunter
Blaze BayleyIron Maiden The Essential Iron Maiden
Blaze BayleyIron Maiden The X Factor
Blaze BayleyIron Maiden Virtual XI
Bob AllenStygian Planetary Destruction
Bob CatleyAvantasia A Paranormal Evening with the Moonflower Society
Bob CatleyAvantasia Angel Of Babylon
Bob CatleyAvantasia Ghostlights
Bob CatleyAvantasia Moonglow
Bob CatleyAvantasia The Flying Opera: Around The World In Twenty Days
Bob CatleyAvantasia The Metal Opera Part II
Bob CatleyAvantasia The Mystery Of Time
Bob CatleyAvantasia The Wicked Symphony
Bob MarletteTwo Voyeurs
Bob MarletteRob Zombie Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor
Brandon CagleWhitechapel The Somatic Defilement
Brann DailorMastodon Blood Mountain
Brann DailorMastodon Crack the Skye
Brann DailorMastodon Leviathan
Brann DailorMastodon Remission
Brann DailorMastodon The Hunter
Brann DailorToday Is the Day In the Eyes of God
Brian AllenVicious Rumors Electric Punishment
Brian AllenVicious Rumors Live You To Death
Brian AllenVicious Rumors Razorback Killers
Brian EarlyMr. Sinister Screaming Bloody Murder
Brian TatlerDiamond Head All WIll Be Revealed
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Am I Evil
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Behold The Beginning
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Borrowed Time
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Canterbury
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Death and Progress
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Diamond Head
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Lightning To The Nations
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Lightning To The Nations 2020
Brian TatlerDiamond Head Singles
Brian TatlerDiamond Head The Friday Rock Show Sessions
Brian TatlerDiamond Head What's in Your Head
C.J. BuscagliaGreen Jello Cereal Killer Soundtrack
Calle FaldtThe Forsaken Beyond Redemption
Calle JohannessonSparzanza Folie a Cinq
Calo RapalloSinner Fast Decision
Calo RapalloSinner Wild 'N' Evil
Calo RapalloTyran Pace Long Live Metal
Cam DaigneaultOmen Escape To Nowhere
Carl AlbertVicious Rumors A Tribute To Carl Albert - European Bootleg
Carl AlbertVicious Rumors Digital Dictator
Carl AlbertVicious Rumors Plug In and Hang On - Live in Tokyo
Carl AlbertVicious Rumors Vicious Rumors
Carl AlbertVicious Rumors Welcome To The Ball
Carl AlbertVicious Rumors Word of Mouth
Carl AlbertVillain Only Time Will Tell
Carl August TidemannArcturus La Masquerade Infernale
Carl August TidemannWinds Of Entity and Mind
Carl August TidemannWinds Prominence and Demise
Carl August TidemannWinds Reflections of the I
Carl August TidemannWinds The Imaginary Direction of Time
Carl DeliusTorian Dreams Under Ice
Carl DeliusTorian Thunder Times
Carl EdenDead of Night In Search of Ancient Magic
Carl EdenDead of Night The Evolving Science of Self
Carl FulliEpidemic Decameron
Carl FulliEpidemic Exit Paradise
Carl FulliEpidemic Pandemic - The Demo Anthology
Carl FulliEpidemic The Truth of What Will Be
Carl HaydenAlias Metal To Infinity
Carl JanfalkBlood Tsunami For Faen!
Carl Johan GrimmarkNarnia At Short Notice... Live in Germany
Carl Johan GrimmarkNarnia Awakening
Carl Johan GrimmarkNarnia Course Of A Generation
Carl Johan GrimmarkNarnia Decade Of Confession
Carl Johan GrimmarkNarnia Desert Land
Carl Johan GrimmarkNarnia Enter The Gate
Carl Johan GrimmarkNarnia Long Live The King
Carl Johan GrimmarkNarnia The Great Fall
Carl JohanDivinefire Glory Thy Name
Carl Marius SaugstadCourse of Fate Mindweaver
Carl MartWicked Kick Mind Twister
Carl McCoyFields of the Nephilim Dawnrazor
Carl McCoyFields of the Nephilim Earth Inferno
Carl McCoyFields of the Nephilim Elizium
Carl McCoyFields of the Nephilim Fallen
Carl McCoyFields of the Nephilim Mourning Sun
Carl McCoyFields of the Nephilim The Nephilim
Carl SaccoHeathen Breaking The Silence
Carl SentancePersian Risk Once A King
Carl SentancePersian Risk Rise Up
Carl SjoblomTOC Loss Angeles
Carl StokesCancer Black Faith
Carl StokesCancer Corporation
Carl StokesCancer Death Shall Rise
Carl StokesCancer Spirit in Flames
Carl StokesCancer The Sins Of Mankind
Carl StokesCancer To The Gory End
Carl WestholmAbstrakt Algebra Abstrakt Algebra
Carl WestholmCandlemass Dactylis Glomerata
Carl WierzbickyHuntress Spell Eater
Carl WierzbickyHuntress Starbound Beast
Carl-Michael EideAura Noir Black Thrash Attack
Carl-Michael EideAura Noir Deep Dreams of Hell
Carl-Michael EideAura Noir Deep Tracts of Hell
Carl-Michael EideAura Noir Dreams Like Deserts
Carl-Michael EideAura Noir Hades Rise
Carl-Michael EideAura Noir Increased Damnation
Carl-Michael EideAura Noir Live Nightmare on Elm Street
Carl-Michael EideAura Noir Out to Die
Carl-Michael EideAura Noir The Merciless
Carla HarveyButcher Babies Goliath
Carla SchrijnerAfter Forever Decipher
Carlinhos BrownSepultura Roots
CarlitosMago De Oz Barakaldo D.F.
CarlitosMago De Oz Belfast
CarlitosMago De Oz Finisterra
CarlitosMago De Oz Folktergeist
CarlitosMago De Oz Gaia
CarlitosMago De Oz Gaia - Epilogo
CarlitosMago De Oz Gaia II: La Voz Dormida
CarlitosMago De Oz Gaia III: Atlantia
CarlitosMago De Oz Hechizos, Pocimas Y Brujería
CarlitosMago De Oz Jesús De Chamberí
CarlitosMago De Oz La Ciudad De Los Árboles
CarlitosMago De Oz La Leyenda De La Mancha
CarlitosMago De Oz Madrid Las Ventas
CarlitosMago De Oz Rarezas
Carlo "Taii" HernandezSplit Heaven Death Rider
Carlo RegadasCarcass Swansong
Carlo RegadasCarcass Wake Up and Smell the Carcass
Carlos CarianoMalevolence Martyrialized
Carlos CruzWarbringer IV: Empires Collapse
Carlos CruzWarbringer Worlds Torn Asunder
Carlos Del Olmo Holmberg Soilwork The Chainheart Machine
Carlos Del Olmo HolmbergSoilwork A Predator's Portrait
Carlos HernandezChaos Magic Emerge
Carlos HernandezChaos Magic Furyborn
Carlos LopesDorsal Atlantica 2012
Carlos LopesDorsal Atlantica Alea Jacta Est
Carlos LopesDorsal Atlantica Antes Do Fim
Carlos LopesDorsal Atlantica Antes do Fim, Depois do Fim
Carlos LopesDorsal Atlantica Dividir and Conquistar
Carlos LopesDorsal Atlantica Musical Guide from Stellium
Carlos LopesDorsal Atlantica Searching for the Light
Carlos LopesDorsal Atlantica Straight
Carlos LopesDorsal Atlantica Terrorism Alive
Carlos LopesDorsal Atlantica Ultimatum Outtakes 1982-1985
Carlos LopesImago Mortis Images From The Shady Gallery
Carlos LozanoAfter Lapse Face the Storm
Carlos Prieto 'Mohamed'Dragonfly Alma Irae
Carlos Prieto MohamedMago De Oz Barakaldo D.F.
Carlos Prieto MohamedMago De Oz Gaia III: Atlantia
Carlos Prieto MohamedMago De Oz Rarezas
Carlos PrietoMago De Oz Gaia - Epilogo
Carlos PrietoMago De Oz La Ciudad De Los Árboles
Carlos RegaladoBonded By Blood Exiled To Earth
Carlos RegaladoBonded By Blood Feed The Beast
Carlos RegaladoBonded By Blood The Aftermath
Carlos SprengerApocalypse Apocalypse
Carlos VidesInsignia Cry of War
Carlos ZemaEmpires Of Eden Reborn In Fire
Carlos ZemaOutworld Outworld
Carlos alvarezDire Peril Extraterrestrial Compendium
Cash EasloSimmonz After The Storm
Catherine PaulsenTrail of Tears A New Dimension of Might
Catherine PaulsenTrail of Tears Profoundemonium
CegallaMaelstrom Maesltrom
Charles BeckerKunfind Releasing Fury
Charles BrownellAgony Column Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles
Charles ElliottInhuman Visions Symptoms of the Manipulated
Charles GreywolfPowerwolf Bible Of The Beast
Charles GreywolfPowerwolf Blessed and Possessed
Charles GreywolfPowerwolf Blood Of The Saints
Charles GreywolfPowerwolf Lupus Dei
Charles GreywolfPowerwolf Preachers of the Night
Charles GreywolfPowerwolf Return In Bloodred
Charles GreywolfPowerwolf The Metal Mass Live
Charles GreywolfPowerwolf The Rockhard Sacrament
Charles GreywolfPowerwolf The Sacrament of Sin
Charles HedgerCradle of Filth Thornography
Charles LambEvoken Embrace the Emptiness
Charles RytkonenLefay Symphony of the Damned
Charles RytkonenLefay The Seventh Seal
Charles RytkonenRebellion Miklagard - The History Of The Vikings Vol. II
Charles SabinToxik Think This
Charles Topper CharronMedusa Face Of Iron
CharlesRain Fell Within Believe
Charley CorbiauxHeavenly Carpe Diem
Charley CorbiauxHeavenly Dust To Dust
Charley CorbiauxHeavenly Virus
Charlie BellmoreRipper Return to Death Row
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Alive 2
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Among the Living
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Anthems
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (1985-1991)
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Armed and Dangerous
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Attack of the Killer Bs
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Caught in a Mosh - BBC Live in Concert
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Fistful of Metal
Charlie BenanteAnthrax For All Kings
Charlie BenanteAnthrax I'm the Man
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Kings Among Scotland
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Live - the Island Years
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Madhouse: The Very Best of Anthrax
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Music Of Mass Destruction (Live From Chicago)
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Penikufesin
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Persistence of Time
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Sound of White Noise
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Spreading the Disease
Charlie BenanteAnthrax State of Euphoria
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Stomp 442
Charlie BenanteAnthrax The Greater Of Two Evils
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Thrash in Texas
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Volume 8 - The Threat Is Real
Charlie BenanteAnthrax We've Come For You All
Charlie BenanteAnthrax Worship Music
Charlie BenanteAnthrax XL
Charlie BrownellAgony Column God, Guns, and Guts
Charlie BrownellAgony Column Way Back in the Woods
Charlie ClouserProng Rude Awakening
Charlie DoddOpeth Heritage
Charlie DominiciDream Theater When Dream and Day Unite
Charlie HuhnSinner Comin' Out Fighting/Dangerous Charm
Charlie MarottaFrost Bite Icy Hell
Charlie McKenzieSamson Refugee
Charlie PhilipsArmageddon The Money Mask
Charlie SabinAttention Deficit Society Songs from the Manor
Charlie StormIn Flames Colony
CharlieRain Fell Within Refuge
Charlotte WesselsDelain Apocalypse and Chill
Charlotte WesselsDelain April Rain
Charlotte WesselsDelain Hunter's Moon
Charlotte WesselsDelain Lunar Prelude
Charlotte WesselsDelain Moonbathers
Charlotte WesselsDelain We Are The Others
Charlotte WesselsSerenity Death and Legacy
Charly SteinhauerParadox Collision Course
Charly SteinhauerParadox Electrify
Charly SteinhauerParadox Heresy
Charly SteinhauerParadox Pangea
Charly SteinhauerParadox Product Of Imagination
Charly SteinhauerParadox Riot Squad
Charly SteinhauerParadox Tales Of The Weird
Chris "Ashtrael" BonnerAgathodaimon Phoenix
Chris AdlerBurn the Priest Burn the Priest
Chris AdlerFirstBorne FirstBorne
Chris AdlerLamb of God As the Palaces Burn
Chris AdlerLamb of God Ashes of the Wake
Chris AdlerLamb of God Hourglass: The Anthology
Chris AdlerLamb of God Killadelphia
Chris AdlerLamb of God New American Gospel
Chris AdlerLamb of God Resolution
Chris AdlerLamb of God Sacrament
Chris AdlerLamb of God Wrath
Chris AdlerMegadeth Dystopia
Chris AllanSpiral Key An Error of Judgement
Chris AllenShadowkeep Corruption Within
Chris AllisterElegy Manifestations of Fear
Chris AultSkrew Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame
Chris AylmerSamson Before The Storm
Chris AylmerSamson Don't Get Mad, Get Even
Chris AylmerSamson Head On
Chris AylmerSamson Head Tactics
Chris AylmerSamson Live at Reading '81
Chris AylmerSamson Live in London 2000
Chris AylmerSamson Past Present and Future
Chris AylmerSamson Pillars of Rock
Chris AylmerSamson Samson
Chris AylmerSamson Shock Tactics
Chris AylmerSamson Survivors
Chris AylmerSamson The BBC Sessions
Chris AylmerSamson There and Back
Chris AylmerSamson Tomorrow and Yesterday
Chris BradleySavage Babylon
Chris BradleySavage Holy Wars
Chris BradleySavage Hyperactive
Chris BradleySavage Loose 'N Lethal
Chris BradleySavage Sons of Malice
Chris BradleySavage Xtreme Machine
Chris TaylorRipper Return to Death Row
Christer CarlsonMindless Sinner Turn on the Power
Christian DahlmannRegicide Welcome in the Family
Claudia LaylineHollow Haze Memories Of An Ancient Time
Corey BeaulieuLizzy Borden Appointment With Death
Corey TaylorSlipknot 9.0: Live
Corey TaylorSlipknot All Hope Is Gone
Corey TaylorSlipknot Iowa
Corey TaylorSlipknot Slipknot
Corey TaylorSlipknot Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)
D. Michael HeadHelstar Multiples Of Black
Dallas All Star Gospel ChoirKitt Wakeley Symphony of Sinners and Saints
Dallas CoyleGod Forbid Better Days
Dallas CoyleGod Forbid Determination
Dallas CoyleGod Forbid Earthsblood
Dallas CoyleGod Forbid Gone Forever
Dallas CoyleGod Forbid IV: Constitution of Treason
Dallas CoyleGod Forbid Out of Misery
Dallas CoyleGod Forbid Reject the Sickness
Dallas CoyleGod Forbid Sickness and Misery
Dallas Toler-WadeNile Black Seeds of Vengance
Damien ArlettoCage Unveiled
Dan ClearlyStriker Ultrapower
Dana LurieRhapsody Rain of a Thousand Flames
Daniel KallinImmaculate Atheist Crusade
Daniel KarlssonPain of Salvation In The Passing Light of Day
Daniel KarlssonPain of Salvation Panther
Daniele BragagliaCheope Downloadideas
Danny CorallesAutopsy Acts of the Unspeakable
Danny CorallesAutopsy Fiend for Blood
Danny CorallesAutopsy Macabre Eternal
Danny CorallesAutopsy Mental Funeral
Danny CorallesAutopsy Retribution for the Dead
Danny CorallesAutopsy Severed Survival
Danny CorallesAutopsy Shitfun
Danny CorallesAutopsy The Tomb Within
Danny CorallesAutopsy Tortured Moans of Agony
Dario RadaelliDerdian DNA
Dario RadaelliDerdian New Era (Part I)
Dario RadaelliDerdian New Era Pt. 2: War Of The Gods
Dario VallesiVexillum Neverending Quest
Dario VallesiVexillum The Bivouac
Dario VallesiVexillum The Wandering Notes
Dario VallesiVexillum Unum
DarlanaDemonic Symphony Frozen Tears
Dave AllisonAnvil Anthology Of Anvil
Dave AllisonAnvil Backwaxed
Dave AllisonAnvil Forged In Fire
Dave AllisonAnvil Hard 'N' Heavy
Dave AllisonAnvil Live In Concert
Dave AllisonAnvil Metal On Metal
Dave AllisonAnvil Pound For Pound
Dave AllisonAnvil Strength Of Steel
Dave CarloRazor Custom Killing
Dave CarloRazor Decibels
Dave CarloRazor Evil Invaders
Dave CarloRazor Executioner's Song
Dave CarloRazor Malicious Intent
Dave CarloRazor Open Hostility
Dave CarloRazor Shotgun Justice
Dave CarloRazor Violent Restitution
Dave PavlickoKamelot Dominion
Dave PavlickoKamelot Eternity
Dave SailerAxis No Man's Land
David Allan CoeRebel Meets Rebel Rebel Meets Rebel
David AllenCrossroads Edge When Love Goes Blind
David AllenGreat Leap Skyward Map of Broken Dreams
David Earl TaylorDrive Diablero
David Michael PhilipsLizzy Borden Deal With the Devil
David Michael PhillipsLizzy Borden Master of Disguise
David PavlickoKamelot Siege Perilous
David TaylorDrive Characters In Time
David TaylorJacob's Dream Demo
David TaylorJacob's Dream Jacob's Dream
David TaylorJacob's Dream Theater of War
David WallinHammerfall Built To Last
David WallinHammerfall Dominion
David WallinHammerfall Hammer of Dawn
David WallinStormwind Legacy
David WallinStormwind Rising Symphony
David ZablidowskyAdrenaline Mob We The People
Deadly KristinAncient Proxima Centauri
Deadly KristinAncient The Halls of Eternity
Debra DarleneStorm Within Unleashed
Deniel PavlovskyWinter's Verge The Ballad of James Tig
Derek "The Skull" TailerOverkill Immortalis
Derek "The Skull" TailerOverkill Ironbound
Derek "The Skull" TailerOverkill Live From OZ
Derek "The Skull" TailerOverkill Scorched
Derek "The Skull" TailerOverkill The Electric Age
Derek "The Skull" TailerOverkill The Grinding Wheel
Derek TailerOverkill 6 Songs
Derek TailerOverkill Killbox 13
Derek TailerOverkill Live In Overhausen
Derek TailerOverkill RELIXIV
Derek TailerOverkill The Wings of War
Derek TailerOverkill White Devil Armory
Didier "Wall of Sound" KapelleWarhead The Day After
Didier Wall Of SoundWarhead Speedway
Diego CavallottiLacuna Coil Delirium
Diego RallinHammer (Argentina) A New Damage
Dolph A. MacallanHammer King King is Rising
Dolph MacallanHammer King Poseidon Will Carry Us Home
Donny AllenHalloween E.Vil P.Ieces 6/6/6
Donny AllenHalloween Horror Fire
Donny AllenHalloween No One Gets Out!
Donny AllenHalloween Terrortory
Doug BradleyCradle of Filth Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder
Dyanna LaurenMarilyn Manson Mechanical Animals
Earl SalindoDurbin The Beast Awakens
Ed CarlsonFlotsam and Jetsam My God
Ed MapleGuillotine Bring Down the Curtain
Edward CarlsonFlotsam and Jetsam Cuatro
Edward CarlsonFlotsam and Jetsam Doomsday for the Deceiver
Edward CarlsonFlotsam and Jetsam Dreams Of Death
Edward CarlsonFlotsam and Jetsam Drift
Edward CarlsonFlotsam and Jetsam High
Edward CarlsonFlotsam and Jetsam Live in Phoenix
Edward CarlsonFlotsam and Jetsam No Place for Disgrace
Edward CarlsonFlotsam and Jetsam Ugly Noise
Edward CarlsonFlotsam and Jetsam Unnatural Selection
Edward CarlsonFlotsam and Jetsam When the Storm Comes Down
Elina LaiveraUniversal Mind Project The Jaguar Priest
Elizabeth Schall Adrienne SmithThe Iron Maidens Worlds Only Female Tribute to Iron Maiden
Emrys EvallarLove Lies Bleeding Behold My Vain Sacrifice
Eric LebaillyAdagio A Band in Upperworld
Eric LebaillyAdagio Archangels in Black
Eric LebaillyAdagio Dominate
Eric VanlandinghamEric VanLandingham Meet My Demons
Esa LehtinenNightwish Angels Fall First
Fabio Della LuciaDelirium X Tremens Belo Dunum - Echoes From The Past
Fabio Della LuciaDelirium X Tremens CreHated From NoThing
Fabio Della LuciaDelirium X Tremens Cyberhuman
Família LimaAngra Angels Cry: 20th Anniversary Tour
Federico PaoliniKalidia The Frozen Throne
Fiery G. MaelstromBorknagar The Olden Domain
Francesco Paolo CaputoElegy of Madness Invisible World
Garry DallowayThe Handsome Beasts 04
Garry DallowayThe Handsome Beasts Beastiality
Garry DallowayThe Handsome Beasts Filthy Lucre
Garry DallowayThe Handsome Beasts Rock and a Hard Place
Garry DallowayThe Handsome Beasts The Beast Within
Gary MarloweRage Secrets In A Weird World
Gary TaylorTank Tank
Gene AllenLizzy Borden Give'Em the Axe
Gene AllenLizzy Borden Love You To Pieces
Gene AllenLizzy Borden Menace to Society
Gene AllenLizzy Borden Terror Rising
Gene AllenLizzy Borden The Murderess Metal Roadshow
Gene AllenLizzy Borden Visual Lies
GianCarlo FarjatSplit Heaven The Devil's Bandit
Giancarlo FloridiaFaithsedge Faithsedge
Giancarlo TotaroScarlett D. Gray Scarlett D. Gray
Gianluca D'AlesioNovembre Classica
Gianluca ScassaMystere De Notre Dame Mystere De Notre Dame
Gianpaolo RinaldiPathosray Pathosray
Gianpaolo RinaldiPathosray Sunless Skies
Giovanni Paolo GaleottiEmbrace of Souls The Number of Destiny
Giuseppe De PaoloDragonhammer The X Experiment
Graeme CrallanTank Armour Plated
Graeme CrallanTank Honour and Blood
Graeme CrallanWhite Spirit White Spirit
Grant WallaceTyrant (2) Freaks Of Nature
Grant WallaceTyrant (2) Thunder and Steel
Guido GallusHeavenWard A Future Worth Talking About
Guido GallusPowerworld Cybersteria
Gustav NahlinNostradameus Words Of Nostradameus
Hans KarlinCryonic Temple Immortal
Helena Iren MichaelsenAngel A Woman's Diary - Chapter 1
Helena Iren MichaelsenImperia Flames of Eternity
Helena Iren MichaelsenTrail of Tears Disclosure in Red
Helena Iren MichaelsenTrail of Tears Profoundemonium
InchtabokatablesTiamat A Deeper Kind Of Slumber
J. WallgrenValkyrja Contamination
J. WallgrenValkyrja The Antagonist's Fire
J. WallgrenValkyrja The Invocation of Demise
J.L. BattaglionRoyal Air Force Leading The Riot
Jakub NaglerCrusader Hard and Heavy
James Paul LunaHoly Grail Crisis in Utopia
James Paul LunaHoly Grail Improper Burial
James Paul LunaHoly Grail Ride The Void
James Paul LunaHoly Grail Times of Pride and Peril
James Paul LunaWhite Wizzard High Speed GTO
James Paul LunaWhite Wizzard White Wizzard
James TaylorAgiel Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign
Jana KallenbergLeaves' Eyes Vinland Saga
Janine BallerAfter Forever Decipher
Jarle BybergSaint Deamon Ghost
Jase StallardOnslaught Power From Hell
Jase StallardOnslaught The Force
Jason AllerMedicated Savage Placebo
Jason StallardThe Sanity Days Evil Beyond Belief
Jean Paul Shorty Van CampKiller Ready For Hell
Jean PraeliiFire Strike Lion and Tiger
Jean-Paul GasterSixty Watt Shaman Seed of Decades
Jean-Yves TheriaultVoivod Angel Rat
Jean-Yves TheriaultVoivod Nothingface
Jeff GrableMushroom Cult The Garden
Jens CarlssonPersuader Necromancy
Jensa PaulssonGrave Back from the Grave
Jensa PaulssonGrave Extremely Rotten Live
Jensa PaulssonGrave Hating Life
Jensa PaulssonGrave Into the Grave
Jensa PaulssonGrave Soulless
Jensa PaulssonGrave You'll Never See...
Jeroen Paul ThesselingPestilence Doctrine
Jeroen Paul ThesselingPestilence Spheres
Jim BaglinoMonster Magnet 4-Way Diablo
Jim BaglinoMonster Magnet Mastermind
Jim BaglinoMonster Magnet Monolithic Baby!
Joakim KarlssonSkyfire Esoteric
Joakim KarlssonSkyfire Fractal
Joe AllenAutopsy Macabre Eternal
Joe AllenAutopsy The Tomb Within
Joe E. DallasMr. Sinister Sonic Overdrive
Johan AdlerEternal Oath Ghostlands
Johan CarlssonSparzanza Folie a Cinq
Johan De FarfallaOpeth Orchid
Johan DeFerfallaOpeth Morningrise
Johan HallgrenPain of Salvation Be
Johan HallgrenPain of Salvation One Hour By the Concrete Lake
Johan HallgrenPain of Salvation Panther
Johan HallgrenPain of Salvation Remedy Lane
Johan HallgrenPain of Salvation Scarsick
Johan HallgrenPain of Salvation The Perfect Element Part I
John GallagherMarta Gabriel Metal Queens
John GallagherKillers South American Assault Live
John GallagherPaul Dianno and Killers South American Assault - Live
John GallagherRaven All for One
John GallagherRaven Architect Of Fear
John GallagherRaven Destroy All Monsters - Live In Japan
John GallagherRaven Everything Louder
John GallagherRaven ExtermiNation
John GallagherRaven Glow
John GallagherRaven Heads Up!
John GallagherRaven Leave 'em Bleeding
John GallagherRaven Life's a Bitch
John GallagherRaven Live At The Inferno
John GallagherRaven Mad
John GallagherRaven Metal City
John GallagherRaven Nothing Exceeds Like Excess
John GallagherRaven One For All
John GallagherRaven Party Killers
John GallagherRaven Raw Tracks
John GallagherRaven Rock Until You Drop
John GallagherRaven Stay Hard
John GallagherRaven The Pack Is Back
John GallagherRaven Walk Through Fire
John GallagherRaven Wiped Out
John GallagherThor Alliance
John Simon FallenStriker Ultrapower
John StahlmanFaustus ...And Still We Suffer
John StahlmanReverend A Gathering of Demons
Jon AllenSadus A Vision Of Misery
Jon AllenSadus Chemical Exposure
Jon AllenSadus Swallowed In Black
Jonas Jarlsby8 Point Rose Primigenia
Jonas JarlsbyAvatar Avatar
Jonas JarlsbyAvatar Black Waltz
Jonas JarlsbyAvatar Schlacht
Jonas JarlsbyAvatar Thoughts Of No Tomorrow
Jonas KallsbackMean Streak Blind Faith
Jonas KallsbackMean Streak Metal Slave
Juan Carlos AizpunKoma Molestando A Los Vecinos
Juha LaineAirdash Both Ends of the Path
Juha LaineAirdash Thank God It's Monday
Juha LanuTarja Henkays Ikuisuudesta
Juha LehtioksaSilentium Infinita Plango Vulnera
Jukka NevanlainenNightwish Bless The Child
Julien CharletKirk Hammett Portals
Jyrkie DarlingThe 69 Eyes Bump 'n' Grind
Kalle JohanssonTungsten Tundra
Kalle JohanssonTungsten We Will Rise
Kalli ColdsmithMasters Of Disguise The Savage And The Grace
Karl AgellCorrosion of Conformity Blind
Karl CochranThor Unchained
Karl FinneyDemon Better The Devil You Know
Karl G. BirkelyDale Screaming For Silence
Karl GroomShadowkeep Corruption Within
Karl GroomThreshold Clone
Karl GroomThreshold Critical Mass
Karl GroomThreshold Decadent
Karl GroomThreshold Extinct Instinct
Karl GroomThreshold Hypothetical
Karl GroomThreshold Psychedelicatessen
Karl GroomThreshold Wounded Land
Karl LofgrenFollow the Cipher Follow the Cipher
Karl LoganManowar Gods Of War
Karl LoganManowar Hell on Wheels Live
Karl LoganManowar Louder than Hell
Karl LoganManowar The Lord Of Steel
Karl LoganManowar Thunder In The Sky
Karl LoganManowar Warriors Of The World
Karl RetiA II Z The Witch of Berkeley
Karl RoqvistSteel Prophet Beware
Karl RoqvistSteel Prophet Unseen
Karl SandersNile Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka
Karl SandersNile Black Seeds of Vengance
Karl SchrammBlaze Bayley Circle of Stone
Karl SchrammBlaze Bayley Damaged Strange Different and Live
Karl SchrammBlaze Bayley Endure And Survive - Infinite Entanglement Part II
Karl SchrammBlaze Bayley Infinite Entanglement
Karl SchrammBlaze Bayley Live in Czech
Karl SchrammBlaze Bayley Live in France
Karl SchrammBlaze Bayley The Redemption Of William Black - Infinite Entanglement Part III
Karl SchrammBlaze Bayley War Within Me
Karl WestholmAvatarium The Girl With the Raven Mask
Karl WilcoxDiamond Head All WIll Be Revealed
Karl WilcoxDiamond Head Death and Progress
Karl WilcoxDiamond Head Diamond Head
Karl WilcoxDiamond Head Lightning To The Nations 2020
Karl WilcoxDiamond Head What's in Your Head
Karl WilletsBolt Thrower In Battle There Is No Law
Karl WilletsBolt Thrower Mercenary
Karl WilletsBolt Thrower Realm Of Chaos
Karl WilletsBolt Thrower Those Once Loyal
Karl WilletsBolt Thrower War Master
Karl WillettsBolt Thrower ...For Victory
Karl WillettsBolt Thrower Live War
Karl WillettsBolt Thrower The IVth Crusade
Karlo TestenSpace Eater Aftershock
Karlos MedinaAgent Steel Alienigma
Karlos MedinaAgent Steel Earth Under Lucifer
Karlos MedinaAgent Steel Omega Conspiracy
Karlos MedinaAgent Steel Order of the Illuminati
Karlos MedinaEvildead Live...From The Depths Of The Underworld
Karlos MedinaEvildead The Underworld
Kaspar DahlquistStormwind Heaven Can Wait
Kaspar DahlquistStormwind Stargate
Kaspar Dahlqvist7days Into Forever
Kaspar DahlqvistDionysus Anima Mundi
Kaspar DahlqvistDionysus Fairytales and Reality
Kaspar DahlqvistDionysus Sign Of Truth
Kaspar DahlqvistIlium Vespertilion
Kaspar DahlqvistIn Flames The Jester Race
Kaspar DahlqvistShadowquest Armoured IV Pain
Kaspar DahlqvistShadowquest Gallows of Eden
Kaspar DahlqvistStormwind Reflections
Kaspar DahlqvistStormwind Resurrection
Kaspar DahlqvistStormwind Rising Symphony
Katharina LiljaSobre Nocturne Serpentine Dreamweaver
Kayla DixonHelion Prime Helion Prime
Keith TaylorCatch 22 Through Eyes of Pain
Keith WallenBreaking Benjamin Dark Before Dawn
Ken TaylorLabyrinth No Limits
Ken TaylorLabyrinth Piece of Time
Kevin TalleyThem Sweet Hollow
Kevin TaylorLich King World Gone Dead
Kirk O'MalleyFaustus ...And Still We Suffer
Kit AllenTrampled Underfoot Trampled Underfoot
Kit CarlsonAxeHammer Lord Of The Realm
Knut M. ValleArcturus La Masquerade Infernale
Knut M. ValleArcturus Sideshow Symphonies
Knut M. ValleArcturus The Sham Mirrors
Knut Magne ValleUlver Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Kristian BradleySavage Sons of Malice
Kristian WahlinLiers in Wait Spiritually Uncontrolled Art
Kristian WallinRising Faith Imagination
Lael ConanDeliverance Live at Cornerstone 2001
Lana LaneAyreon Flight of the Migrator
Larry WallisMotorhead On Parole
Lars AhlundSoen Imperial
Lars HaglundB-Thong From Strength to Strength
Lea LarssonMetalite A Virtual World
Lea LarssonMetalite Biomechanicals
Lea LarssonMetalite Heroes In Time
Lea LarssonMetalite Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2022
Leif KarlssonVindictiv Cage Of Infinity
Leif KarlssonVindictiv Ground Zero
Lou TaylorBlind Fury Out of Reach
Luca LuisonPathosray Pathosray
Luis Carlos OchoaLegend Maker The Path to Glory
Luis EspaillatHot Action Cop Hot Action Cop
Luis Fernando CaballeroLegend Maker The Path to Glory
Luiz CarlosPredatory Visions World Apart
Luiz CarlosPredatory Walking To The Trap
Luna Scarlet DaveyCradle of Filth Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder
Magdalena LeeRevolution Renaissance Age Of Aquarius
Magdalena LeeTimo Tolkki's Avalon The Land Of New Hope
Magnus KarlssonMantric Momentum Trial By Fire
Magnus KarlssonPrimal Fear 16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead)
Magnus KarlssonPrimal Fear Apocalypse
Magnus KarlssonPrimal Fear Code Red
Magnus KarlssonPrimal Fear Delivering the Black
Magnus KarlssonPrimal Fear I Will Be Gone
Magnus KarlssonPrimal Fear Metal Commando
Magnus KarlssonPrimal Fear New Religion
Magnus KarlssonPrimal Fear Rulebreaker
Magnus KarlssonPrimal Fear Unbreakable
Magnus KarlssonScheepers Scheepers
Magnus SahlgrenDismember Hate Campaign
Magnus SahlgrenLake of Tears The Neonai
Magnus SahlgrenTiamat Wildhoney
Mahlon GroomDead on Arrival Rest in Peace
Mahlon GroomOde To Orpheus On the Darkside of the Sun
Malin KarlssonFourever New Era
Malin KarlssonFourever Solitarium
Mallus StormcrowCorvus Corax The Atavistic Triad
Manuel GonstallaTorian Dreams Under Ice
Manuel GonstallaTorian Thunder Times
Manuel SchallingerCrystallion A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night
Manuel SchallingerCrystallion Hattin
Manuel SchallingerCrystallion Hundred Days
Manuel SchallingerCrystallion Killer
Manuela KrallerXandria Neverworld's End
MaplhasAntiquus Infestus Order of the Star of Bethlehem
Marc Van CaelenbergeCrossfire Live Attack
Marc Van CaelenbergeCrossfire Second Attack
Marc Van CaelenbergeCrossfire See You In Hell
Marc Van CaelenbergeCrossfire Sharpshooter
Marcelo VivalloAseidad Autumn
Marco "Wallace" PazziniTarchon Fist Apocalypse
Marco PaulzenOnce After Earth
Maria Ledi Jose PotAssignment Reflections
Marie-Eve de GaultierMaschine Naturalis
Marina La TorracaPhantom Elite Titanium
Mark AllenLove History Anasazi
Mark GallagherRaven All for One
Mark GallagherRaven Architect Of Fear
Mark GallagherRaven Destroy All Monsters - Live In Japan
Mark GallagherRaven Everything Louder
Mark GallagherRaven ExtermiNation
Mark GallagherRaven Glow
Mark GallagherRaven Heads Up!
Mark GallagherRaven Leave 'em Bleeding
Mark GallagherRaven Life's a Bitch
Mark GallagherRaven Live At The Inferno
Mark GallagherRaven Mad
Mark GallagherRaven Metal City
Mark GallagherRaven Nothing Exceeds Like Excess
Mark GallagherRaven One For All
Mark GallagherRaven Party Killers
Mark GallagherRaven Raw Tracks
Mark GallagherRaven Rock Until You Drop
Mark GallagherRaven Stay Hard
Mark GallagherRaven The Pack Is Back
Mark GallagherRaven Walk Through Fire
Mark GallagherRaven Wiped Out
Mark RailtonMarseille Rock You Tonight: The Anthology
Mark RailtonMarseille Touch The Night
Mark VenablesDi'anno Di'Anno
Mark WallaceSpellbinder Seal the Fate
Marlene ApuzzoMeanstreak Roadkill
Marliese QuanceLizzy Borden Appointment With Death
Marlin Rya PoemySebastien Dark Chambers Of Deja-Vu
Marlon SlaterDOWNCOUNT Soundtrack of the Revolution
Marshall BirchSavage Steel Do Or Die
Marshall NeuendorfBlacklyst Liars, Killers, and Master Thieves
Mart HallekNarnia Awakening
Mart HallekNarnia Long Live The King
Martin AhlinTristitia One With Darkness
Martin HaglundAstral Doors Astralism
Martin HaglundAstral Doors Evil Is Forever
Martin HaglundAstral Doors New Revelation
Martin HaglundAstral Doors Of The Sun And The Father
Martin HaglundAstral Doors Raiders Of The Ark
Martin HaglundAstral Doors Requiem Of Time
Martin HaglundAstral Doors Testament Of Rock - The Best Of Astral Doors
Massimiliano PagliusoNovembre Classica
Matias AaltonenFall Of The Leafe Aerolithe
Matias AaltonenFall Of The Leafe Vantage
Matias AaltonenFall Of The Leafe Volvere
Matt BarlowIced Earth Horror Show
Matt BarlowIced Earth The Crucible Of Man: Something Wicked Part 2
Matt BarlowIced Earth Tribute To The Gods
Matt BarlowPyramaze Immortal
Matt McNallieThor Beyond The Pain Barrier
Matt McNallieThor Christmas in Valhalla
Matt McNallieThor Hammer of Justice
Matt McNallieThor Ride Of The Iron Horse
Matthew BarlowIced Earth Alive In Athens
Matthew BarlowIced Earth Burnt Offerings
Matthew BarlowIced Earth Something Wicked This Way Comes
Matthew BarlowIced Earth The Blessed And The Damned
Matthew BarlowIced Earth The Dark Saga
Matthew BarlowSchaffer / Barlow Project Winter Nights
Matthew BradleyDali's Dilemma Manifesto for Futurism
Matthias KarleRebellion Arminius: Furor Teutonicus
Matthias MailanderAgent Orange Just Do It
Matti AuerkallioKatra Out Of The Ashes
Mauricio VivalloAseidad Autumn
Meike AnlauffCivilization One Revolution Rising
Micael AnderssonCloudscape Cloudscape
Micael AnderssonCloudscape Global Drama
Michael "Micky" WehnerVendetta Brain Damage
Michael "Micky" WehnerVendetta Go And Live...
Michael "Moose" ThomasBullet For My Valentine Fever
Michael "Moose" ThomasBullet For My Valentine Scream Aim Fire
Michael "Moose" ThomasBullet For My Valentine Temper Temper
Michael "Moose" ThomasBullet For My Valentine The Poison
Michael "Padge" PagetBullet For My Valentine Fever
Michael "Padge" PagetBullet For My Valentine Scream Aim Fire
Michael "Padge" PagetBullet For My Valentine Temper Temper
Michael "Padge" PagetBullet For My Valentine The Poison
Michael AbdowFates Warning Long Day Good Night
Michael AbergNostradameus Hellbound
Michael AbergNostradameus Prophet of Evil
Michael AbergNostradameus The Third Prophecy
Michael AlexanderUniversal Mind Project The Jaguar Priest
Michael AlvaradoBeowulf Beowulf
Michael AlvaradoBeowulf Lost My Head...But I'm Back on the Right Track
Michael AmottArch Enemy Anthems Of Rebellion
Michael AmottArch Enemy Black Earth
Michael AmottArch Enemy Burning Bridges
Michael AmottArch Enemy Burning Japan Live 1999
Michael AmottArch Enemy Dead Eyes See No Future
Michael AmottArch Enemy Doomsday Machine
Michael AmottArch Enemy Khaos Legions
Michael AmottArch Enemy Manifesto of Arch Enemy
Michael AmottArch Enemy Rise of the Tyrant
Michael AmottArch Enemy Stigmata
Michael AmottArch Enemy The Root of All Evil
Michael AmottArch Enemy Wages of Sin
Michael AmottArch Enemy War Eternal
Michael AmottCandlemass Dactylis Glomerata
Michael AmottCarcass Necroticism-Descanting the Insalubrious
Michael AmottCarnage Dark Recollections
Michael AmottCarnage Dark Recollections
Michael Anthony GuerreroDrive Characters In Time
Michael AusserhoferNo Bros Ready For The Action
Michael BehnkeDarkseed Poison Awaits
Michael BerryNameless Fear Nameless Fear
Michael BloomquistGreen Jello Cereal Killer Soundtrack
Michael BloomquistGreen Jello Triple Live Mother Goose at Budokan
Michael BodinAnubis Gate Covered in Colours
Michael BodinThird Eye Recipe For Disaster
Michael BollonPublic Outcry Funny Time's Over
Michael BormannAssignment Inside Of The Machine
Michael BormannBloodbound Book of the Dead
Michael BormannHuman Fortress Lords Of Earth And Heaven's Heir
Michael BormannHuman Fortress Raided Land
Michael BormannPowerworld Cybersteria
Michael BormannPowerworld Human Parasite
Michael BormannSilent Force Rising from Ashes
Michael BrushArk Ascent Downfall
Michael BrushMagic Kingdom MetAlmighty
Michael BrushMagic Kingdom Savage Requiem
Michael BrushSirenia Riddles, Ruins and Revelations
Michael BurnDark Universe Into The Black
Michael CallahanDisengage Application for an Afterlife
Michael CallahanDisengage Obsessions Become Phobias
Michael CallahanDisengage Teeth, Heart and Tail
Michael CandiaPhantom Dead or Alive
Michael CarlinoFear of God Toxic Voodoo
Michael CarlinoFear of God Within the Veil
Michael CarlisleMortification Blood World
Michael CarlisleMortification Scrolls of the Megilloth
Michael CaroniaDead On Dead On
Michael CartelloneAccept All Areas - Worldwide
Michael CartelloneAccept Predator
Michael CartelloneWolf Hoffmann Classical
Michael CerroneSacrosanct Truth Is - What Is
Michael CoonsGack Fix
Michael CoonsLaaz Rockit Annihilation Principle
Michael CoonsLaaz Rockit City's Gonna Burn
Michael CoonsLaaz Rockit Know Your Enemy
Michael CoonsLaaz Rockit No Stranger to Danger
Michael CoonsLaaz Rockit Nothings Sacred
Michael CoonsLaaz Rockit Taste Of Rebellion - Live In Citta
Michael CrislerAngellic Rage Generation Enraged
Michael D YoungTyran Pace Eye to Eye
Michael DavidFireWolfe Conquer All Fear
Michael DavisLizzy Borden Deal With the Devil
Michael DavisLizzy Borden Menace to Society
Michael De SchrevelMeltdown Crossing Borders
Michael DeesTyran Pace Take A Seat In The High Row
Michael DennerDenner / Shermann Masters of Evil
Michael DennerDenner / Shermann Satan's Tomb
Michael DennerForce Of Evil Black Empire
Michael DennerForce Of Evil Force of Evil
Michael DennerKing Diamond Abigail
Michael DennerKing Diamond Fatal Portrait
Michael DennerKing Diamond The Dark Sides
Michael DennerMercyful Fate Don't Break the Oath
Michael DennerMercyful Fate In the Shadows
Michael DennerMercyful Fate Into the Unknown
Michael DennerMercyful Fate Melissa
Michael DennerMercyful Fate Mercyful Fate
Michael DennerMercyful Fate Return of the Vampire [The Rare and Unreleased]
Michael DennerMercyful Fate The Beginning
Michael DennerMercyful Fate The Bell Witch
Michael DennerMercyful Fate The Best of Mercyful Fate
Michael DennerMercyful Fate Time
Michael DupontBlue Steel Blue Steel
Michael EhreGamma Ray Empire of the Undead
Michael EhreHansen and Friends Thank You Wacken - Live
Michael EhreLove.Might.Kill Brace For Impact
Michael EhreMetalium Chapter III: Hero Nation
Michael EhreMetalium Chapter IV: As One
Michael EhreMetalium Chapter V: Demons Of Insanity
Michael EhreMetalium Chapter VI: Nothing To Undo
Michael EhreMetalium Chapter VIII: Grounded
Michael EhrePrimal Fear Code Red
Michael EhrePrimal Fear I Will Be Gone
Michael EhrePrimal Fear Metal Commando
Michael EhreVelvet Viper Respice Finem
Michael EhréFirewind Days Of Defiance
Michael EhréGamma Ray Master Of Confusion
Michael EhréGamma Ray The Best Of
Michael EriksenCircus Maximus Havoc
Michael EriksenCircus Maximus Havoc In Oslo
Michael EriksenCircus Maximus Isolate
Michael EriksenCircus Maximus Nine
Michael EriksenCircus Maximus The 1st Chapter
Michael EstesAcheron Anti-God, Anti-Christ
Michael EstesAcheron Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood
Michael EstesAcheron Tribute to the Devil's Music
Michael EstesAcheron Xomaly
Michael Flint VujeaCirith Ungol Frost and Fire / King of the Dead
Michael FlintCirith Ungol Frost and Fire
Michael FlintCirith Ungol King of the Dead
Michael FlintCirith Ungol One Foot in Hell
Michael FlintCirith Ungol Servants of Chaos
Michael GilbertFlotsam and Jetsam Cuatro
Michael GilbertFlotsam and Jetsam Doomsday for the Deceiver
Michael GilbertFlotsam and Jetsam Drift
Michael GilbertFlotsam and Jetsam Flotsam and Jetsam
Michael GilbertFlotsam and Jetsam High
Michael GilbertFlotsam and Jetsam No Place for Disgrace
Michael GilbertFlotsam and Jetsam Ugly Noise
Michael GilbertFlotsam and Jetsam Unnatural Selection
Michael GilbertFlotsam and Jetsam When the Storm Comes Down
Michael GonzalesVillain Chequered Past
Michael GrantLegend Maker The Path to Glory
Michael GrantOnward Reawaken
Michael GräterMajesty Hellforces
Michael GräterMajesty Metal Law
Michael GräterMajesty Reign In Glory
Michael GräterMajesty Sons Of A New Millenium
Michael GräterMajesty Sword And Sorcery
Michael Haas (Engelke)Angizia 39 Jahre Für den Leierkastenmann
Michael Haas (Engelke)Angizia Das Schachbrett des Trommelbuben Zacharias
Michael Haas (Engelke)Angizia Das Tagebuch der Hanna Anikin
Michael Haas (Engelke)Angizia Ein Toter fährt gern Ringelspiel
Michael HakanssonEvergrey A Night to Remember, Live 2004
Michael HakanssonEvergrey In Search of Truth
Michael HakanssonEvergrey Monday Morning Apocalypse
Michael HakanssonEvergrey Recreation Day
Michael HakanssonEvergrey The Inner Circle
Michael HakanssonThe Forsaken Manifest of Hate
Michael HansenLance King A Moment In Chiros
Michael HarrisDarkology Altered Reflections
Michael HarrisLance King A Moment In Chiros
Michael HarrisZanister Fear No Man
Michael HarrisZanister Symphonica Millennia
Michael HauserBeyond The Black Lost In Forever
Michael HauserBeyond The Black Songs of Love and Death
Michael HedlundHypocrisy Hypocrisy
Michael HellstromLonewolf The Heathen Dawn
Michael HellströmLonewolf Raised On Metal
Michael HennekenGrönholm Silent Out Loud
Michael HennekenSilent Voices Chapter Of Tragedy
Michael HenryEden Eden
Michael HoffmannSodom Better Off Dead
Michael Ian BrisbaneSylent Storm The Fire Never Dies
Michael JacksonHeir Apparent One Small Voice
Michael JacksonPariah Blaze of Obscurity
Michael JacksonPariah The Kindred
Michael JacksonSatan Suspended Sentence
Michael JastremskiHeathen Recovered
Michael JelinicMortification The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine
Michael KamenMetallica S and M
Michael KammeyerPyramaze Immortal
Michael KammeyerPyramaze Legend Of The Bone Carver
Michael KammeyerPyramaze Melancholy Beast
Michael KasparSquealer Confrontation Street
Michael KasparSquealer Made For Eternity
Michael KasparSquealer The Circle Shuts
Michael KasparSquealer Under The Cross
Michael KeebleEmpires Of Eden Songs Of War And Vengeance
Michael KeeganDigital Ruin Dwelling in the Out
Michael KeeganDigital Ruin Listen
Michael KenneyIron Maiden Flight 666 - The Original Soundtrack
Michael KenneyIron Maiden Nights of the Dead - Legacy of the Beast - Live in Mexico City
Michael KenneyIron Maiden The Book Of Souls
Michael KenneyIron Maiden The Essential Iron Maiden
Michael KiskeAvantasia A Paranormal Evening with the Moonflower Society
Michael KiskeAvantasia Angel Of Babylon
Michael KiskeAvantasia Ghostlights
Michael KiskeAvantasia Moonglow
Michael KiskeAvantasia The Metal Opera Part II
Michael KiskeAvantasia The Mystery Of Time
Michael KiskeAvantasia The Wicked Symphony
Michael KiskeGamma Ray To The Metal
Michael KiskeHansen and Friends Thank You Wacken - Live
Michael KiskeHansen and Friends XXX - Three Decades In Metal
Michael KiskeHelloween Chameleon
Michael KiskeHelloween Helloween
Michael KiskeHelloween I Want Out - Live
Michael KiskeHelloween Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I
Michael KiskeHelloween Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II
Michael KiskeHelloween Live In The U.K.
Michael KiskeHelloween Pink Bubbles Go Ape
Michael KiskeHelloween Pumpkin Box
Michael KiskeHelloween The Best, The Rest, The Rare
Michael KiskeHelloween Treasure Chest
Michael KiskeHelloween United Alive in Madrid
Michael KiskeRevolution Renaissance New Era
Michael KiskeTimo Tolkki's Avalon The Land Of New Hope
Michael KiskeTribuzy Execution
Michael KleinBreaker Get Tough!
Michael KnoblichScanner Hypertrace
Michael KnoflachDreams Of Sanity Komodia
Michael KnoflachDreams Of Sanity Masquerade
Michael KnoflachDreams Of Sanity The Game
Michael KolarAlmanac Tsar
Michael KolarAssignment Reflections
Michael KorenVisions Of Atlantis Trinity
Michael KraussAbydos The Little Boy's Heavy Mental Shadow Opera About the Inhabitants of His Diary
Michael KühnUnrest Taste It
Michael LeonHavok Unnatural Selection
Michael LepondMike Lepond's Silent Assassins Mike LePond's Silent Assassins
Michael LepondSymphony X Iconoclast
Michael LepondSymphony X Live on the Edge of Forever
Michael LepondSymphony X Underworld
Michael LepondSymphony X V: the New Mythology Suite
Michael LewisHelstar This Wicked Nest
Michael LewisHelstar Vampiro
Michael LucarelliSacrosanct Truth Is - What Is
Michael LöchterDark Seduction
Michael MaassWizard ... Of Wariwulfs And Bluotvarwes
Michael MaassWizard Battle Of Metal
Michael MaassWizard Bound By Metal
Michael MaassWizard Fallen Kings
Michael MaassWizard Head Of The Deceiver
Michael MaassWizard Odin
Michael MaassWizard Son Of Darkness
Michael MaassWizard Thor
Michael MaassWizard Trail of Death
Michael MassieReverence Gods Of War
Michael McCormickElan Firestorm
Michael MillsAyreon Transitus
Michael MonroeTarja The Brightest Void
Michael MoonKing Diamond In Concert 1987 : Abigail
Michael MorrisTramontane December Dark
Michael MuellerConstancia Lost and Gone
Michael MullerHerman Frank Fight the Fear
Michael MullerHerman Frank The Devil Rides Out
Michael MullerHerman Frank Two For a Lie
Michael NicklassonDark Tranquillity Character
Michael NicklassonDark Tranquillity Damage Done
Michael NicklassonDark Tranquillity Fiction
Michael NicklassonDark Tranquillity Haven
Michael NicklassonDark Tranquillity The Mind's I
Michael NoonanIlium Ilium
Michael OffenderD.R.I. Dealing With It!
Michael PhillipsDeliverance Hear What I Say!
Michael PinellaMike Lepond's Silent Assassins Mike LePond's Silent Assassins
Michael PinellaMike Lepond's Silent Assassins Pawn and Prophecy
Michael PinnellaMichael Romeo The Dark Chapter
Michael PinnellaSymphony X Iconoclast
Michael PinnellaSymphony X Live on the Edge of Forever
Michael PinnellaSymphony X Paradise Lost
Michael PinnellaSymphony X Symphony X
Michael PinnellaSymphony X The Damnation Game
Michael PinnellaSymphony X The Divine Wings of Tragedy
Michael PinnellaSymphony X The Odyssey
Michael PinnellaSymphony X Twilight in Olympus
Michael PinnellaSymphony X Underworld
Michael PinnellaSymphony X V: the New Mythology Suite
Michael PiranioDestruction Destruction
Michael PiranioDestruction The Least Successful Human Cannonball
Michael PiranioDestruction Them Not Me
Michael PoschRadakka Requiem for The Innocent
Michael PoulsenVolbeat Beyond Hell / Above Heaven
Michael PoulsenVolbeat Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood
Michael PoulsenVolbeat Live from Beyond Hell / Above Heaven
Michael PoulsenVolbeat Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies
Michael PoulsenVolbeat Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil
Michael PoulsenVolbeat Seal The Deal and Let's Boogie
Michael PoulsenVolbeat The Strength, The Sound, The Songs
Michael PozzTokyo Blade No Remorse
Michael Ray WilkinsonStrych-9 Not Like the Rest
Michael RedstoneStorm Within Unleashed
Michael RileMedusa Face Of Iron
Michael RodenbergerBrainstorm Ambiguity
Michael RodenbergerBrainstorm Metus Mortis
Michael RodenbergerBrainstorm Soul Temptation
Michael RodenbergerBrainstorm Unholy
Michael RodenbergAvantasia A Paranormal Evening with the Moonflower Society
Michael RodenbergAvantasia Ghostlights
Michael RodenbergAvantasia Moonglow
Michael RodenbergAvantasia The Mystery Of Time
Michael RodenbergBrainstorm Liquid Monster
Michael RodenbergEdguy Rocket Ride
Michael RomeoAyreon Flight of the Migrator
Michael RomeoKotipelto Coldness
Michael RomeoMike Lepond's Silent Assassins Mike LePond's Silent Assassins
Michael RomeoMike Lepond's Silent Assassins Pawn and Prophecy
Michael RomeoMichael Romeo The Dark Chapter
Michael RomeoMichael Romeo War Of The Worlds / Pt. 1
Michael RomeoSymphony X Iconoclast
Michael RomeoSymphony X Live on the Edge of Forever
Michael RomeoSymphony X Paradise Lost
Michael RomeoSymphony X The Damnation Game
Michael RomeoSymphony X The Divine Wings of Tragedy
Michael RomeoSymphony X The Odyssey
Michael RomeoSymphony X Twilight in Olympus
Michael RomeoSymphony X Underworld
Michael RomeoSymphony X V: the New Mythology Suite
Michael RomeoThunderstone The Burning
Michael RootThor Thunderstryke
Michael S. KruminsGreen Carnation The Acoustic Verses
Michael S. KruminsGreen Carnation The Quiet Offspring
Michael SchantekScreamer Target Earth
Michael SchauThor Rising
Michael SchenkerTributes Numbers from the Beast
Michael SchielSquealer Behind Closed Doors
Michael SchielSquealer Confrontation Street
Michael SchielSquealer Made For Eternity
Michael SchielSquealer The Circle Shuts
Michael SchielSquealer The Prophecy
Michael SchielSquealer Under The Cross
Michael SchinkelStormHammer Fireball
Michael SchonerGardens Of Gehenna Dead Body Music
Michael SchonerGardens Of Gehenna Mechanism Masochism
Michael SchwagerDreamscape 5th Season
Michael SchwarzAtrocity Blut
Michael SchwarzAtrocity Calling the Rain
Michael SchwarzAtrocity Die Liebe
Michael SchwarzAtrocity Hallucinations
Michael SchwarzAtrocity Longing for Death
Michael SchwarzAtrocity Werk 80
Michael SchwarzAtrocity Willenskraft
Michael SchürenBlind Guardian Another Stranger Me
Michael SeifertRebellion A Tragedy In Steel Part II: Shakespeare's King Lear
Michael SeifertRebellion Arminius: Furor Teutonicus
Michael SeifertRebellion Born A Rebel
Michael SeifertRebellion Miklagard - The History Of The Vikings Vol. II
Michael SeifertRebellion Sagas Of Iceland - The History Of The Vikings Vol. I
Michael SeifertRebellion Shakespeare's Macbeth - A Tragedy In Steel
Michael SeifertRebellion Wyrd Byd Ful Araed - The History Of The Saxons
Michael SommerLigeia Gloria
Michael SpencerFlotsam and Jetsam Flotsam and Jetsam
Michael SpencerFlotsam and Jetsam The End Of Chaos
Michael SpencerSentinel Beast Up from the Ashes
Michael StarrAlice In Chains Dirt
Michael StarrAlice In Chains Sap
Michael SteinCivilization One Calling the Gods
Michael StutzerArtillery B.A.C.K.
Michael StutzerArtillery By Inheritance
Michael StutzerArtillery Fear of Tomorrow
Michael StutzerArtillery My Blood
Michael StutzerArtillery One Foot In the Grave, The Other One In the Trash
Michael StutzerArtillery Terror Squad
Michael StutzerArtillery Terror Squad/ Fear Of Tomorrow
Michael StutzerArtillery When Death Comes
Michael T. RossLizzy Borden Appointment With Death
Michael ThionvilleGhostreaper Straight Out of Hell
Michael TrimbleClaude Zircle Feel The Green
Michael ValerioCold Year of the Spider
Michael VaucherEmerald Calling The Knights
Michael VaucherEmerald Forces Of Doom
Michael VaucherEmerald Hymns To Steel
Michael VaucherEmerald Rebels Of Our Time
Michael VaucherEmerald Reckoning Day
Michael VaucherEmerald Unleashed
Michael VesceraMagic Kingdom MetAlmighty
Michael VesceraObsession Order Of Chaos
Michael VesceraThe Reign of Terror Sacred Ground
Michael VesceraSignum Regis Exodus
Michael VesceraVescera Beyond The Fight
Michael VossSinner Comin' Out Fighting/Dangerous Charm
Michael VossWolfpakk Nature Strikes Back
Michael VossWolfpakk Wolfpakk
Michael VoyAvantasia Angel Of Babylon
Michael VoyAvantasia The Wicked Symphony
Michael WeikathHansen and Friends XXX - Three Decades In Metal
Michael WeikathHelloween 7 Sinners
Michael WeikathHelloween Better Than Raw
Michael WeikathHelloween Chameleon
Michael WeikathHelloween Gambling With the Devil
Michael WeikathHelloween Helloween
Michael WeikathHelloween High Live
Michael WeikathHelloween I Want Out - Live
Michael WeikathHelloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy
Michael WeikathHelloween Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I
Michael WeikathHelloween Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II
Michael WeikathHelloween Live In Sao Paulo
Michael WeikathHelloween Live In The U.K.
Michael WeikathHelloween Master of the Rings
Michael WeikathHelloween Metal Jukebox
Michael WeikathHelloween My God-Given Right
Michael WeikathHelloween Pink Bubbles Go Ape
Michael WeikathHelloween Pumpkin Box
Michael WeikathHelloween Rabbit Don't Come Easy
Michael WeikathHelloween Straight Out Of Hell
Michael WeikathHelloween The Best, The Rest, The Rare
Michael WeikathHelloween The Dark Ride
Michael WeikathHelloween The Time of the Oath
Michael WeikathHelloween Treasure Chest
Michael WeikathHelloween Unarmed (Best Of - 25th Anniversary)
Michael WeikathHelloween United Alive in Madrid
Michael WeikathHelloween Walls of Jericho
Michael WiltonRonny Munroe Lords Of The Edge
Michael WiltonQueensryche American Soldier
Michael WiltonQueensryche Empire
Michael WiltonQueensryche Hear in the Now Frontier
Michael WiltonQueensryche Live Evolution
Michael WiltonQueensryche Mindcrime at the Moore
Michael WiltonQueensryche Operation Livecrime
Michael WiltonQueensryche Operation Mindcrime
Michael WiltonQueensryche Operation: Mindcrime II
Michael WiltonQueensryche Q2K
Michael WiltonQueensryche Queensryche
Michael WiltonQueensryche Rage for Order
Michael WiltonQueensryche Sign of the Times: the Best of Queensryche
Michael WiltonQueensryche Take Cover
Michael WiltonQueensryche The Art Of Live
Michael WiltonQueensryche The Collection
Michael WiltonQueensryche The Warning
Michael WiltonSoulbender Soulbender
Michael WolpersHerman Frank Right In The Guts
Michael YoungbloodVainglory 2050
Michael YoungbloodVainglory Vainglory
Michael Zayton TaylorSeducer Trials And Tribulations
Michael ZeisslEverEve .Enetics - 11 Orgies of Massenjoyment on the Dark Side of the Planet
Michael ZeisslEverEve Regret
Michael ZeisslEverEve Seasons
Michael ZeisslEverEve Stormbirds
Michael ZeisslEverEve Tried and Failed
Michaela MarekGardens Of Gehenna Mortem Saluta
Michaela Micky BurkhardtPlattform Heavy-Braut (1983-1989)
Michaela SchoberWolfpakk Wolfpakk
MichaellepondSymphony X Paradise Lost
Micke DahlkvistCryonic Temple Deliverance
Micke DahlkvistCryonic Temple Into the Glorious Battle
Mihail KrainovIcewind Blast Necropolis
Mihail KrasnovWeeds in Vogue Buried Until Now
Mihail SorokinSeducer's Embrace Self-Mythology
Miika Luolajan-MikkolaNocturnal Winds Everlasting Fall
Mika LagrenGrave Endless Procession of Souls
Mika LammassaariEternal Tears Of Sorrow Saivon Lapsi
Mikael AkerfeldtBloodbath Breeding Death
Mikael AkerfeldtBloodbath The Fathomless Mastery
Mikael AkerfeldtBloodbath The Wacken Carnage
Mikael AkerfeldtBloodbath Unblessing the Purity EP
Mikael AkerfeldtKatatonia Brave Murder Day
Mikael AkerfeldtOpeth Blackwater Park
Mikael AkerfeldtOpeth Damnation
Mikael AkerfeldtOpeth Deliverance
Mikael AkerfeldtOpeth Ghost Reveries
Mikael AkerfeldtOpeth Heritage
Mikael AkerfeldtOpeth In Cauda Venenum
Mikael AkerfeldtOpeth In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall
Mikael AkerfeldtOpeth Lamentations - Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire 2003
Mikael AkerfeldtOpeth Morningrise
Mikael AkerfeldtOpeth My Arms, Your Hearse
Mikael AkerfeldtOpeth Orchid
Mikael AkerfeldtOpeth Sorceress
Mikael AkerfeldtOpeth Still Life
Mikael AkerfeldtOpeth The Devil's Orchard Live at Rock Hard Festival 2009
Mikael AkerfeldtOpeth The Roundhouse Tapes
Mikael AkerfeldtOpeth Watershed
Mikael AlmgrenAllegiance (Sweden) Blodornsoffer
Mikael AlmgrenAllegiance (Sweden) Hymn Till Hangagud
Mikael AlmgrenAllegiance (Sweden) Hymns of Blod
Mikael AnderssonCeremonial Oath Carpet
Mikael CastervallPortait Crossroads
Mikael DahlqvistGodgory Resurrection
Mikael DahlqvistGodgory Sea of Dreams
Mikael DahlqvistGodgory Shadow's dance
Mikael DahlqvistGodgory Way Beyond
Mikael Ehlert HansenHatesphere Ballet of the Brute
Mikael Ehlert HansenHatesphere Bloodred Hatred
Mikael Ehlert HansenHatesphere Hatesphere
Mikael Ehlert HansenHatesphere Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes
Mikael Ehlert HansenHatesphere The Sickness Within
Mikael FehrmBrothers of Metal Emblas Saga
Mikael FehrmBrothers of Metal Prophecy of Ragnarok
Mikael GodingWolf Black Wings
Mikael GodingWolf The Black Flame
Mikael GodingWolf Wolf
Mikael HakamiesVillieläin Julma Satu
Mikael HjletKings Of Modesty Hell Or Highwater
Mikael KontolampiMasquerage Moonlight Time
Mikael KontolampiMasquerage Work-Holic-Fool
Mikael LarssonLake of Tears The Neonai
Mikael PlanefeldtNorthTale Welcome to Paradise
Mikael RosengrenConstancia Lost and Gone
Mikael RosengrenMindSplit Charmed Human Art Of Significance
Mikael SaloEverfrost Winterider
Mikael SoderstromNocturnal Rites In A Time Of Blood And Fire
Mikael StanneDark Tranquillity Character
Mikael StanneDark Tranquillity Construct
Mikael StanneDark Tranquillity Damage Done
Mikael StanneDark Tranquillity Fiction
Mikael StanneDark Tranquillity Haven
Mikael StanneDark Tranquillity Of Chaos And Eternal Night
Mikael StanneDark Tranquillity Projector
Mikael StanneDark Tranquillity Skydancer
Mikael StanneDark Tranquillity Skydancer/Of Chaos And Eternal Night
Mikael StanneDark Tranquillity Skydancer/Of Chaos And Eternal Night
Mikael StanneDark Tranquillity The Gallery
Mikael StanneDark Tranquillity The Mind's I
Mikael StanneDark Tranquillity We Are The Void
Mikael StanneDark Tranquillity Where Death Is Most Alive
Mikael StokdalMyriads In Spheres Without Time
Mikael WikmanVindictiv Vindictiv
Mikael ÅkerfeldtBloodbath Resurrection Through Carnage
Mikaela MattsonBook Of Reflections Book Of Reflections
Mike AllemanSub Species Sub Species
Mike AllenCatch 22 Awaken
Mike AllenCatch 22 Soulreaper Vol. 1
Mike AllenCatch 22 Soulreaper: Evilution/Devilution
Mike TaylorQuartz Live Quartz
Mike TaylorQuartz Quartz
Mike TaylorQuartz Resurrection
Mike TaylorQuartz Satan's Serenade: The Quartz Anthology
Mike TaylorQuartz Stand Up and Fight
Miska LehtivuoriFall Of The Leafe Aerolithe
Miska LehtivuoriFall Of The Leafe Vantage
Mr Sir BaileyBeowulf Westminster and 5th
Nail MagzhanovSeducer's Embrace Sinnocence
Nalle PahlssonSkyblood Skyblood
Nalle PåhlssonVindictiv Cage Of Infinity
Nalle PåhlssonVindictiv Ground Zero
Nalle PåhlssonVindictiv Vindictiv
Nasty Ronnie GallettiNasty Savage Indulgence
Nasty Ronnie GallettiNasty Savage Nasty Savage
Nate MccaslinAura Surreal Sanity Awakes
Neil FallonSixty Watt Shaman Seed of Decades
Neil TaylorCivilization One Calling the Gods
Nemanja PavlovicSpace Eater Aftershock
Netta LaurenneBlack Sun Silent Enemy
Netta LaurenneLaurenne/Louhimo The Reckoning
Neve Israel synagogueOrphaned Land Sahara
Niall MellorsSeventh Reign 7th Reign
Nick GallantDurbin The Beast Awakens
Niklas DahlinInsania World Of Ice
Noora LouhimoBattle Beast Battle Beast
Noora LouhimoBattle Beast Bringer of Pain
Noora LouhimoBattle Beast Circus of Doom
Noora LouhimoBattle Beast No More Hollywood Endings
Noora LouhimoBattle Beast Unholy Savior
Noora LouhimoBlack Sun Silent Enemy
Noora LouhimoLaurenne/Louhimo The Reckoning
Ola LindgrenGrave As Rapture Comes
Ola LindgrenGrave Back from the Grave
Ola LindgrenGrave Burial Ground
Ola LindgrenGrave Dominion VIII
Ola LindgrenGrave Endless Procession of Souls
Ola LindgrenGrave Extremely Rotten Live
Ola LindgrenGrave Fiendish Regression
Ola LindgrenGrave Hating Life
Ola LindgrenGrave Into the Grave
Ola LindgrenGrave Soulless
Ola LindgrenGrave You'll Never See...
Olle DahlstedtEntombed Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments
Olli-Pekka LaineAmorphis Chapters
Olli-Pekka LaineAmorphis Elegy
Olli-Pekka LaineAmorphis Privilege of Evil
Olli-Pekka LaineAmorphis Tales from the Thousand Lakes
Olli-Pekka LaineAmorphis The Karelian Isthmus
Olli-Pekka LaineAmorphis Tuonela
Onur KaplanGhostreaper Straight Out of Hell
Oskar KarlssonDefleshed Ma Belle Scalpelle
P. MacGawlaighPrimordial A Journey's End
P. MacGawlaighPrimordial Spirit The Earth Aflame
P. MacGawlaighPrimordial The Burning Season
Pablo GarciaWarcry Alea Jacta Est
Pablo GarciaWarcry Alfa
Pablo GarciaWarcry Donde Esta la Luz
Pablo GarciaWarcry El Sello de los Tiempos
Pablo GarciaWarcry Immortal
Pablo GarciaWarcry La Quinta Esencia
Pablo GarciaWarcry Revolucion
Pablo J. SchluterLast Crack Sinister Funkhouse 17
Pablo J. TammenHuman Fortress Defenders Of The Crown
Pablo J. TammenHuman Fortress Eternal Empire
Pablo J. TammenHuman Fortress Lords Of Earth And Heaven's Heir
Pablo PadillaInsignia Cry of War
Pablo SanchaAfter Lapse Face the Storm
Pablo SchluterLast Crack Burning Time
Pablo SolanoDragonfly Alma Irae
Pablo SolanoDragonfly Atlas
Pablo SolanoDragonfly Domine
Pablo SolanoDragonfly Non Requiem
Paolo CampitelliKaledon Antillius: The King Of The Light
Paolo CaridiCristiano Filippini’s Flames of Heaven The Force Within
Paolo CaridiEllefson No Cover
Paolo CaridiKilling Touch One of A Kind
Paolo ChiappellaScarlett D. Gray Scarlett D. Gray
Paolo GianottiSecret Sphere Mistress of the Shadowlight
Paolo LezziroliKaledon Altor: The King’s Blacksmith
Paolo LezziroliKaledon Antillius: The King Of The Light
Paolo LezziroliKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter I: The Destruction
Paolo LezziroliKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter II: The King's Rescue
Paolo LezziroliKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter III: The Way Of The Light
Paolo LezziroliKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter IV: Twilight Of The Gods
Paolo LezziroliKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter Six: The Last Night On The Battlefield
Paolo LezziroliKaledon Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter V: A New Era Begins
Paolo MarchesichRhapsody Of Fire Glory For Salvation
Paolo PoleselElvenking Wyrd
Paolo TorresaniElvenking Wyrd
Paolo VeroneseHollow Haze Hollow Haze
Paolo VeroneseHollow Haze The Hanged Man
Patrick CarlssonEvergrey In Search of Truth
Patrick CarlssonEvergrey Recreation Day
Patrick CarlssonEvergrey Solitude - Dominance - Tragedy
Patrick CarlssonEvergrey The Dark Discovery
Patrik KarlssonVindictiv Cage Of Infinity
Patrik KarlssonVindictiv Ground Zero
Patrik RaflingHammerfall Legacy of Kings
Paul "Mosh" B. HerrmannHunter Keep the Change
Paul "Mosh" B. HerrmannHunter Sign of the Hunter
Paul "Mosh" B. HerrmannHunter The Return
Paul AireyPaul Di'anno The Worlds First Iron Man
Paul AllenderCradle of Filth Damnation And A Day
Paul AllenderCradle of Filth Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa
Paul AllenderCradle of Filth Eleven Burial Masses
Paul AllenderCradle of Filth Evermore Darkly
Paul AllenderCradle of Filth Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder
Paul AllenderCradle of Filth Live Bait For the Dead
Paul AllenderCradle of Filth Midian
Paul AllenderCradle of Filth Nymphetamine
Paul AllenderCradle of Filth The Manticore and Other Horrors
Paul AllenderCradle of Filth The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
Paul AllenderCradle of Filth Thornography
Paul ArakariExumer Rising from the Sea
Paul B. HermannHunter Rock 'n' Roll V.I.P.
Paul BaayensAsphyx Death...The Brutal Way
Paul BaayensAsphyx Deathhammer
Paul BaayensAsphyx Live Death Doom
Paul BaloffExodus Another Lesson in Violence
Paul BaloffExodus Bonded by Blood
Paul BaloffExodus Lessons In Violence (The Best Of Exodus)
Paul BentoType O Negative Bloody Kisses
Paul BigalkeScreamer Target Earth
Paul BlomVoice of Destruction Bloedrivier
Paul Blute QuinnSaxon Saxon
Paul BostaphExodus Shovel Headed Kill Machine
Paul BostaphForbidden Forbidden Evil
Paul BostaphForbidden Raw Evil: Live at the Dynamo
Paul BostaphForbidden The Best of Forbidden: Point of no Return
Paul BostaphKerry King From Hell I Rise
Paul BostaphSlayer Diabolus In Musica
Paul BostaphSlayer Divine Intervention
Paul BostaphSlayer God Hates Us All
Paul BostaphSlayer Repentless
Paul BostaphSlayer Undisputed Attitude
Paul BostaphTestament Return To The Apocalyptic City
Paul BostaphTestament The Formation Of Damnation
Paul BrewisBlitzkrieg Sins and Greed
Paul BrewisBlitzkrieg Theatre of the Damned
Paul C.Thus Defiled Wings of the Nightstorm
Paul CaffreyGama Bomb Citizen Brain
Paul CaffreyGama Bomb Tales from the Grave in Space
Paul CaffreyGama Bomb The Terror Tapes
Paul CanoAngelwings The Edge Of Innocence
Paul CarwanaMortal Sin Face of Despair
Paul ChousmerFields of the Nephilim Earth Inferno
Paul Clark Jr.iAMi Event Horizon
Paul ClarvisNightwish Imaginaerum - the Score
Paul CollinsHolocaust Live From The Raw Loud 'N' Live Tour
Paul CollinsHolocaust The Nightcomers
Paul ConyersEthel The Frog Ethel The Frog
Paul CourtoisBenedictum Seasons Of Tragedy
Paul CrookAnthrax Stomp 442
Paul CrookAnthrax Volume 8 - The Threat Is Real
Paul D'AmourTool Undertow
Paul DahlmannRegicide Welcome in the Family
Paul DaleMarseille Marseille
Paul DaleMarseille Red White and Slightly Blue
Paul DaleMarseille Rock You Tonight: The Anthology
Paul David MartinCorvus Corax The Atavistic Triad
Paul DavidsonHeir Apparent Graceful Inheritance
Paul Di'AnnoPaul Di'anno As Hard As Iron
Paul Di'AnnoPaul Di'anno The Beast Live
Paul Di'AnnoPaul Di'anno The Worlds First Iron Man
Paul Di'AnnoDi'anno Di'Anno
Paul Di'AnnoDi'anno Nomad
Paul Di'AnnoIron Maiden The Essential Iron Maiden
Paul Di'AnnoIron Maiden Women in Uniform / Twilight Zone
Paul Di'AnnoKillers Live
Paul Di'AnnoKillers Menace to Society
Paul Di'AnnoKillers Murder One
Paul Di'AnnoKillers South American Assault Live
Paul Di'AnnoTributes Numbers from the Beast
Paul Di'AnnoWolfpakk Wolfpakk
Paul DiAnnoIron Maiden A Quiet Night In
Paul DiAnnoIron Maiden Iron Maiden
Paul DiAnnoIron Maiden Killers
Paul DiLeoAdrenaline Mob Adrenaline Mob
Paul DiLeoAdrenaline Mob Omerta
Paul DiannoIron Maiden BBC Archives
Paul DiannoIron Maiden Ed Hunter
Paul DiannoPaul Dianno and Killers South American Assault - Live
Paul DuthilZandelle Flames of Rage
Paul DuthilZandelle Shadows of Reality
Paul DuthilZandelle Twilight on Humanity
Paul DuthilZandelle Vengeance Rising
Paul DuthilZandelle Zandelle
Paul FarringtonDemon Better The Devil You Know
Paul FarringtonDemon Unbroken
Paul FinniePower Quest Blood Alliance
Paul FinniePower Quest Sixth Dimension
Paul GilbertAyreon The Source
Paul GilbertTributes Numbers from the Beast
Paul GleneickiSavage Steel Do Or Die
Paul GrahamSacrament Haunts Of Violence
Paul GrahamSacrament Testimony Of Apocalypse
Paul GraySlipknot 9.0: Live
Paul GraySlipknot All Hope Is Gone
Paul GraySlipknot Iowa
Paul GraySlipknot Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.
Paul GraySlipknot Slipknot
Paul GraySlipknot Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)
Paul GrimmDurbin The Beast Awakens
Paul HolmThreshold Of Pain The Riddle...
Paul HumeDemon Unbroken
Paul JohnsonDemon Unbroken
Paul JohnsonSaxon Destiny
Paul JohnsonSaxon The Very Best of Saxon: 1979-1988
Paul KleffFireWolfe FireWolfe
Paul KonjicijaAntithesis Dreaming Reality
Paul KonjicijaAntithesis Dying for Life
Paul KostyackAntithesis Antithesis
Paul KostyackAntithesis Dreaming Reality
Paul KostyackAntithesis Dying for Life
Paul KractkyWinterkill Taming the Wolves
Paul KuhrEm Sinfonia In Mournings Symphony
Paul KuhrNovembers Doom Of Sculptured Ivy and Stone Flowers
Paul KuhrNovembers Doom The Knowing
Paul LaganowskiRealm Suiciety
Paul LaganowskiWhite Fear Chain Visceral Life
Paul LagonowskiRealm Endless War
Paul LandersRammstein Herzeleid
Paul LandersRammstein Liebe ist für alle da
Paul LandersRammstein Live aus Berlin
Paul LandersRammstein Mutter
Paul LandersRammstein Reise, Reise
Paul LandersRammstein Rosenrot
Paul LandersRammstein Sehnsucht
Paul LaplacaChris Caffery House of Insanity
Paul Lemoine ContraDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Revenge Is My Time
Paul LumisKitt Wakeley Symphony of Sinners and Saints
Paul MacKenzieXentrix Dilute To Taste
Paul MacKenzieXentrix Scourge
Paul MacKenzieXentrix Shattered Existence
Paul MackenzieXentrix For Whose Advantage
Paul MackenzieXentrix Kin
Paul MahoneyOnslaught Power From Hell
Paul MahoneyOnslaught The Force
Paul MalekAnnihilator Bag Of Tricks
Paul ManziArena Arena Live: 2011/12 Tour
Paul ManziArena The Seventh Degree of Separation
Paul Mario DayMore Warhead
Paul MariottiImpaler Charnel Deity
Paul MartinDevilskin Be Like The River
Paul MasvidalDeath Human
Paul MazuriewiczCannibal Corpse Butchered At Birth
Paul MazurkierviczCannibal Corpse Live Cannibalism
Paul MazurkierviczCannibal Corpse Vile
Paul MazurkiewiczCannibal Corpse Bloodthirst
Paul MazurkiewiczCannibal Corpse Eaten Back To Life
Paul MazurkiewiczCannibal Corpse Evisceration Plague
Paul MazurkiewiczCannibal Corpse Gallery Of Suicide
Paul MazurkiewiczCannibal Corpse Gore Obsessed
Paul MazurkiewiczCannibal Corpse Kill
Paul MazurkiewiczCannibal Corpse The Bleeding
Paul MazurkiewiczCannibal Corpse The Wretched Spawn
Paul MazurkiewiczCannibal Corpse Tomb of the Mutilated
Paul MazurkiewiczCannibal Corpse Torture
Paul MazurkiewiczCannibal Corpse Torturing And Eviscerating Live
Paul MazurkiewiczCannibal Corpse Worm Infested
Paul MazziottaDisembowelment Disembowelment
Paul MazziottaDisembowelment Dusk
Paul MazziottaDisembowelment Transcendence into the Peripheral
Paul MedinaHelstar Burning Star
Paul MerrellJaguar Holland 82
Paul MerrellJaguar Power Games
Paul MerrellJaguar This Time
Paul MilesAnacrusis Annihilation Complete
Paul MilesAnacrusis Screams and Whispers
Paul MilesAnacrusis Silver
Paul MorrisChris Caffery Faces
Paul MorrisChris Caffery Music Man
Paul MorrisChris Caffery Pins and Needles
Paul MorrisMetalium Chapter II: State Of Triumph
Paul NesbittBlitzkrieg Absolute Power
Paul NesbittBlitzkrieg Absolutely Live
Paul NesbittBlitzkrieg Sins and Greed
Paul NiederScatterbrain Here Comes Trouble
Paul NiederScatterbrain Mundus Intellectualis
Paul NiederScatterbrain Return Of The Dudes Tour EP
Paul NiederScatterbrain Scamboogery
Paul O'rourkeInterseed The Hour of Redemption
Paul OlsenGuardians of Time Tearing Up the World
Paul OwensMr. Sinister Screaming Bloody Murder
Paul OwsinskiMiles Beyond Miles Beyond
Paul OwsinskiTrillium Tectonic
Paul PaulSavannah Underworld Underground
Paul QuinnSaxon Call To Arms
Paul QuinnSaxon Crusader
Paul QuinnSaxon Denim and Leather
Paul QuinnSaxon Destiny
Paul QuinnSaxon Diamonds and Nuggets
Paul QuinnSaxon Dogs of War
Paul QuinnSaxon Forever Free
Paul QuinnSaxon Heavy Metal Thunder
Paul QuinnSaxon Innocence Is No Excuse
Paul QuinnSaxon Into the Labyrinth (Special Edition)
Paul QuinnSaxon Killing Ground
Paul QuinnSaxon Lionheart
Paul QuinnSaxon Live at Donington 1980
Paul QuinnSaxon Metalhead
Paul QuinnSaxon Power and the Glory
Paul QuinnSaxon Rock 'n' Roll Gypsies
Paul QuinnSaxon Solid Ball of Rock
Paul QuinnSaxon The Eagle Has Landed Live
Paul QuinnSaxon The Eagle Has Landed Part II
Paul QuinnSaxon The Eagle Has Landed Part III
Paul QuinnSaxon The Inner Sanctum
Paul QuinnSaxon The Very Best of Saxon: 1979-1988
Paul QuinnSaxon Unleash the Beast
Paul QuinnSaxon Wheels of Steel
Paul QuinnTributes The Maiden Years - Tribute to Iron Maiden
Paul RavenProng Cleansing
Paul RobinsThe Handsome Beasts Beastiality
Paul RomankoShadows Fall Of One Blood
Paul RomankoShadows Fall Somber Eyes To The Sky
Paul RomankoShadows Fall The War Within
Paul RosscrowDemon Blow-Out
Paul RyanCradle of Filth The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
Paul SamsonSamson Before The Storm
Paul SamsonSamson Burning Emotion: The Best of 1985-1990
Paul SamsonSamson Don't Get Mad, Get Even
Paul SamsonSamson Head On
Paul SamsonSamson Head Tactics
Paul SamsonSamson Joint Forces
Paul SamsonSamson Live at Reading '81
Paul SamsonSamson Live in London 2000
Paul SamsonSamson P.S.... 1953-2002
Paul SamsonSamson Past Present and Future
Paul SamsonSamson Pillars of Rock
Paul SamsonSamson Refugee
Paul SamsonSamson Samson
Paul SamsonSamson Shock Tactics
Paul SamsonSamson Survivors
Paul SamsonSamson Thank You and Goodnight...
Paul SamsonSamson The BBC Sessions
Paul SamsonSamson There and Back
Paul SamsonSamson Tomorrow and Yesterday
Paul ShortinoWolfpakk Wolfpakk
Paul SimmonsSimmonz After The Storm
Paul SutcliffeTrespass Head
Paul SWinds Of Entity and Mind
Paul TaylorElixir All Hallow's Eve
Paul TaylorElixir Lethal Potion
Paul TaylorElixir Live
Paul TaylorElixir Mindcreeper
Paul TaylorElixir Sovereign Remedy
Paul TaylorElixir The Idol
Paul TaylorElixir The Son of Odin
Paul TemplingGloryhammer Space 1992: Rise Of The Chaos Wizards
Paul TemplingGloryhammer Tales From The Kingdom Of Fire
Paul TognolaEthel The Frog Ethel The Frog
Paul TolvanenCryhavoc Sweetbriers
Paul VeeAngellic Rage Generation Enraged
Paul Vincent RavenProng Rude Awakening
Paul WhiteBlitzkrieg Ten
Paul WhittJacob's Dream Demo
Paul WillisAgony Column Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles
Paul WrightsonArena Edits
Paul WrightsonArena Pride
Paul WrightsonArena Ten Years On 1995 - 2005
Paul WrightsonArena The Cry
Paul WrightsonArena The Visitor
Paul WrightsonArena Unlocking The Cage 1995-2000
Paul WrightsonArena Welcome To The Stage
Paul WrightDeezl Ignite
Paul WrightFields of the Nephilim Dawnrazor
Paul WrightFields of the Nephilim Earth Inferno
Paul WrightFields of the Nephilim Elizium
Paul WrightFields of the Nephilim Fallen
Paul WrightFields of the Nephilim The Nephilim
Paul YamadaBeowulf Beowulf
Paul YamadaBeowulf Lost My Head...But I'm Back on the Right Track
Paula De LucaSixty Watt Shaman Seed of Decades
Pauli TolvanenCryhavoc Pitch-Black Blues
Pauline TaceyElvenking The Scythe
Pauline TaceyElvenking Wyrd
Paulo Jr.Sepultura A-Lex
Paulo Jr.Sepultura Dante XXI
Paulo Jr.Sepultura Kairos
Paulo Jr.Sepultura Live in Sao Paulo
Paulo Jr.Sepultura Nation
Paulo Jr.Sepultura Revolusongs
Paulo Jr.Sepultura Roorback
Paulo Jr.Sepultura The Best of Sepultura
Paulo Jr.Sepultura The Roots of Sepultura
Paulo Jr.Sepultura Under a Pale Grey Sky
Paulo PereiraMalevolence Martyrialized
Paulo PunkTropa De Shock Angels Of Eternity
Paulo PunkTropa De Shock The Blade of the Wind
Paulo PunkTropa De Shock The Other Side
Paulo SchroeberAlmah Fragile Equality
Paulo SchroeberAlmah Motion
Paulo TurinDi'anno Nomad
Paulo ZistoSepultura Machine Messiah
Paulo, Jr.Sepultura Against
Paulo, Jr.Sepultura Arise
Paulo, Jr.Sepultura Beneath the Remains
Paulo, Jr.Sepultura Chaos A.D.
Paulo, Jr.Sepultura Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation
Paulo, Jr.Sepultura Roots
Paulo, Jr.Sepultura Schizophrenia
Paulo, JrSepultura Blood Rooted
PauloMiles Beyond Discovery
PaulyStallion From The Dead
PaulyStallion Rise and Ride
Pavlin NejchevHades Hades
Pavlin NeychevHades Radiation
Pavlos BalatsoukasInner Wish Waiting For The Dawn
Pavlos GeorgiadesEmerald Sun Metal Dome
Pavlos GeorgiadisEmerald Sun Under The Curse of Silence
Pawl WillisAgony Column God, Guns, and Guts
Pedro ValladaresFour Ways Long Way '02
Pekka Laine45 Degree Woman How to Handle the Pain
Per Fredrik 'PelleK' AslyDamnation Angels The Valiant Fire
Per Fredrik 'Pellek' AslyDamnation Angels Bringer Of Light
Per HallmanStormwind Straight From Your Heart
Per KarlssonOverdrive Angelmaker
Per KarlssonOverdrive Let The Metal Do The Talking
Per KarlssonOverdrive Ressurected
Per KarlssonPortait Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae
Per-Arne KarlssonSobre Nocturne Serpentine Dreamweaver
Pete WallaceCyrcle IX A New Dimension
Peter KarlssonSkyblood Skyblood
Peter ScallanSamson Refugee
Petri KallioSebastien Act of Creation
Petri KallioSebastien Dark Chambers Of Deja-Vu
Phil DeCarloFrost Bite Icy Hell
Phil TaylorMotorhead 1916
Phil TaylorMotorhead Ace Of Spades
Phil TaylorMotorhead Another Perfect Day
Phil TaylorMotorhead Bomber
Phil TaylorMotorhead Iron Fist
Phil TaylorMotorhead Live - Blitzkreig on Birmingham '77
Phil TaylorMotorhead March or Die
Phil TaylorMotorhead Motörhead
Phil TaylorMotorhead No Remorse
Phil TaylorMotorhead No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith
Phil TaylorMotorhead No Sleep At All
Phil TaylorMotorhead On Parole
Phil TaylorMotorhead Overkill
Phil TaylorMotorhead Rock 'n' Roll
Phil TaylorMotorhead The Best of Motorhead (1993)
Rafael AgostinoArmored Dawn Barbarians In Black
Rafael BittencourtAngra Acoustic ... And More
Rafael BittencourtAngra Angels Cry
Rafael BittencourtAngra Angels Cry: 20th Anniversary Tour
Rafael BittencourtAngra Aqua
Rafael BittencourtAngra Aurora Consurgens
Rafael BittencourtAngra Best Reached Horizons
Rafael BittencourtAngra Fireworks
Rafael BittencourtAngra Freedom Call
Rafael BittencourtAngra Holy Land
Rafael BittencourtAngra Holy Live
Rafael BittencourtAngra Hunters And Prey
Rafael BittencourtAngra Omni
Rafael BittencourtAngra Rebirth
Rafael BittencourtAngra Rebirth World Tour - Live In Sao Paulo
Rafael BittencourtAngra Secret Garden
Rafael BittencourtAngra Temple of Shadows
Rafael FriesenSeven Angels The Second Floor
Rafael Yugueros FernandezDarksun El Lado Oscuro
Rafael YuguerosWarcry Alfa
Rafael YuguerosWarcry Immortal
Raffaele AlbaneseFrom the Depth Moments
Raffaele CastaldoMind Key Pulse For A Graveheart
Ragne WahlquistCandlemass Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
Ragne WahlquistHeavy Load Metal Angels in Leather
Ralph PatlanWhite Wizzard Over The Top
Ramuald SiadletskiDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Revenge Is My Time
Randall ShawverIced Earth Burnt Offerings
Randall ShawverIced Earth The Dark Saga
Raphael DafrasAlmah E.V.O.
Raphael DafrasAlmah Unfold
Raphael MattosShadowside Dare To Dream
Raphael MattosShadowside Theatre Of Shadows
Raphael MendesIcon of Sin Icon of Sin
Raphael Weinroth-BrowneFates Warning Long Day Good Night
Ray CallcutPaul Di'anno The Worlds First Iron Man
Ray HallerSweet Savage Killing Time
Ray HallerSweet Savage Regeneration
Ray HallerSweet Savage Rune
Ray NaylorBlind Justice Blind Justice
Reese StanleyPhantom X This Is War
Renato GallinaDisembowelment Disembowelment
Renato GallinaDisembowelment Dusk
Renato GallinaDisembowelment Transcendence into the Peripheral
Reynold CarlsonJag Panzer Shadow Thief
Riccardo FaillaOrion Riders A New Dawn
Richie FaulknerJudas Priest Battle Cry
Richie FaulknerJudas Priest Firepower
Richie FaulknerJudas Priest Invincible Shield
Richie FaulknerJudas Priest Redeemer Of Souls
Rick AllenDef Leppard High 'n' Dry
Rick AllenDef Leppard On Through The Night
Rob NaylorBlaze As Live As It Gets
Rob NaylorBlaze Silicon Messiah
Rob NaylorBlaze Tenth Dimension
Robert AllenHalo Body of Light
Robert AllenHalo Degree Zero Point of Implosion
Robert AllenHalo Guattari (from the West Flows Grey Ash and Pestilence)
Robert AllenHalo Live 06:06:01
Robert AllenHalo Massive Corporate Disease
Robert AllenHalo Subliminal Transmissions
Roberth KarlssonEdge of Sanity Cryptic
Roberth KarlssonSolar Dawn Equinoctium
Robin EaglestoneCradle of Filth Live Bait For the Dead
Robin McauleyTributes Numbers from the Beast
Rodney BeasleyIced Earth Burnt Offerings
Rodney BeasleyIced Earth The Blessed And The Damned
Roma SiadletskiDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Black As Death
Roma SiadletskiDushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Shadow Of The Red Baron
Roma SiadletskiMagic Kingdom Symphony Of War
Roxx KalliRoxxcalibur NWOBHM For Muthas
Roy A.L.Sagittarius Sanity of Madness
Russell AllenAdrenaline Mob Adrenaline Mob
Russell AllenAdrenaline Mob Coverta
Russell AllenAdrenaline Mob Men Of Honor
Russell AllenAdrenaline Mob Omerta
Russell AllenAdrenaline Mob We The People
Russell AllenAvantasia Angel Of Babylon
Russell AllenAvantasia The Wicked Symphony
Russell AllenStar One Live on Earth
Russell AllenStar One Victims Of The Modern Age
Russell AllenSymphony X Iconoclast
Russell AllenSymphony X Live on the Edge of Forever
Russell AllenSymphony X Paradise Lost
Russell AllenSymphony X The Damnation Game
Russell AllenSymphony X The Divine Wings of Tragedy
Russell AllenSymphony X The Odyssey
Russell AllenSymphony X Twilight in Olympus
Russell AllenSymphony X Underworld
Russell AllenSymphony X V: the New Mythology Suite
Russell AllenTimo Tolkki's Avalon The Land Of New Hope
Russll AllenAdrenaline Mob Dearly Departed
Russll AllenLevel 10 Chapter One
SallyFranklyn Bring It Down
Samantha Pearl HilgersRage Strings To A Web
Santeri KallioAmorphis Am Universum
Santeri KallioAmorphis Eclipse
Santeri KallioAmorphis Far From The Sun
Santeri KallioAmorphis Silent Waters
Santeri KallioAmorphis Skyforger
Santeri KalliAmorphis The Beginning of Times
Sara LindbergTwilight Force Heroes Of Mighty Magic
Scarlett McCoyFields of the Nephilim Mourning Sun
Sean McAllisterTrouble Psalm 9
Sean McAllisterTrouble The Skull
Sean TaylorBlind Fury Out of Reach
Sean TaylorBlitzkrieg A Time of Changes
Sean TaylorBlitzkrieg Unholy Trinity
Sean TaylorPariah Blaze of Obscurity
Sean TaylorPariah The Kindred
Sean TaylorSatan Court in the Act
Sean TaylorSatan Live in the Act
Sean TaylorSatan Suspended Sentence
Sergio QuagliarellaMind Key Journey Of A Rough Time
Sharlee D'AngeloArch Enemy Anthems Of Rebellion
Sharlee D'AngeloArch Enemy Burning Bridges
Sharlee D'AngeloArch Enemy Burning Japan Live 1999
Sharlee D'AngeloArch Enemy Dead Eyes See No Future
Sharlee D'AngeloArch Enemy Doomsday Machine
Sharlee D'AngeloArch Enemy Khaos Legions
Sharlee D'AngeloArch Enemy Manifesto of Arch Enemy
Sharlee D'AngeloArch Enemy Rise of the Tyrant
Sharlee D'AngeloArch Enemy The Root of All Evil
Sharlee D'AngeloArch Enemy Wages of Sin
Sharlee D'AngeloArch Enemy War Eternal
Sharlee D'AngeloDismember Hate Campaign
Sharlee D'AngeloMercyful Fate 9
Sharlee D'AngeloMercyful Fate Dead Again
Sharlee D'AngeloMercyful Fate Into the Unknown
Sharlee D'AngeloMercyful Fate The Bell Witch
Sharlee D'AngeloMercyful Fate Time
Sharlee D'AngeloSinergy Beware the Heavens
Sharlie PryceEverEve Stormbirds
Simon AllertFrank Zander Rabenschwarz 2
Sir Russel AllenAyreon Flight of the Migrator
Sir Russell Allen, Damian Wilson, Dan Swano, Floor JansenStar One Space Metal
Soma AllpasAndre Andersen Black On Black
Soma HammarlundSaturnus Paradise Belongs to You
Songa LeeCold Year of the Spider
Staffe KarlssonMezzrow Then Came The Killing
Stavros PamballisDiphtheria To Wait for Fire
Stefan RadlundM.A.D Amusement Land
Stefan RadlundM.A.D With the Courage of Despair
Stefano PaoloiniFogalord Masters of War
Steffe KarlssonMezzrow Then Came The Killing
Stelios PavlouSorrowful Angels Remedie
Stephen O'MalleyKhanate Khanate
Stephen O'MalleyUlver Terrestrials
Steve O'HalleyThorr's Hammer Dommedagsnatt
Steve StrahlerCatch 22 Monumetal
StrahliSodom Masquerade in Blood
Styrbjorn WahlquistHeavy Load Metal Angels in Leather
Sven Atle Kopperud (Erkekjetter Silenoz)Dimmu Borgir Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
Sven Atle Kopperud (Erkekjetter Silenoz)Dimmu Borgir For All Tid
Sven Atle Kopperud (Erkekjetter Silenoz)Dimmu Borgir Godless Savage Garden
Sven Atle Kopperud (Erkekjetter Silenoz)Dimmu Borgir Spiritual Black Dimensions
Sven Atle Kopperud (Erkekjetter Silenoz)Dimmu Borgir Stormblast
Sven KarlssonEvergrey In Search of Truth
Sven KarlssonEvergrey Recreation Day
Sven KarlssonSoilwork Natural Born Chaos
Sylvia LoosMagic Kingdom Metallic Tragedy
Søren Peter "Charlie" JensenMaltese Falcon Metal Rush
Tara LynchTara Lynch Evil Enough
Taylor HollmanHaunt If Icarus Could Fly
Taylor HollmanHaunt Mind Freeze
Taylor WashingtonDire Peril Extraterrestrial Compendium
Tero KalliomakiYearning Plaintive Scenes
Tero KalliomakiYearning With Tragedies Adorned
Terry Michael LeroiTitanium Black Bleed For You
Thomas DahllöfStefan Elmgren's Full Strike We Will Rise
Thomas KarlssonTristitia Crucidiction
Thomas KarlssonTristitia One With Darkness
Thomas WallingSymphony X Twilight in Olympus
Tiina LehvonenSilentium Infinita Plango Vulnera
Tim MallareOverkill Bloodletting
Tim MallareOverkill Coverkill
Tim MallareOverkill From the Underground and Below
Tim MallareOverkill I Hear Black
Tim MallareOverkill Killbox 13
Tim MallareOverkill Necroshine
Tim MallareOverkill RELIXIV
Tim MallareOverkill The Killing Kind
Tim MallareOverkill Then and Now
Tim MallareOverkill W.F.O. (Wide Fucking Open)
Tim MallareOverkill Wrecking Your Neck Live
Timo SahlbergExcalion Primal Exhale
Tina LeijonbergStormwind Straight From Your Heart
Tobias KarlssonKatana Heads Will Roll
Toby SadlerSamson Refugee
Todd Michael HallAldaria Land of Light
Todd Michael HallMarta Gabriel Metal Queens
Todd Michael HallReverence Gods Of War
Todd Michael HallReverence When Darkness Calls
Todd Michael HallTimo Tolkki's Avalon Return to Eden
Tom McAllisterWrecking Crew ...Hello World...
Tom MichaelsUltimatum Puppet of Destruction
Tom MichaelsUltimatum Symphonic Extremities
Tom MichaelsUltimatum The Mechanics of Perilous Times
Tommy GranliDale Screaming For Silence
Tony ScaglioneWhiplash Cult of One
Tony ScaglioneWhiplash Power and Pain
Tony ScaglioneWhiplash Thrashback
Tor Atle AndersenComMunic Conspiracy In Mind
Tor Atle AndersenComMunic Payment Of Existence
Tor Atle AndersenComMunic Waves Of Visual Decay
Tor-Atle AndersenComMunic Where Echoes Gather
Trevor TaylorWitchfynde Cloak and Dagger
Trevor TaylorWitchfynde Give 'Em Hell
Trevor TaylorWitchfynde Play It To Death
Trevor TaylorWitchfynde Stagefright
Trevor TaylorWitchfynde The Witching Hour
Trevor TayloWitchfynde Lords of Sin
Ulf WahlbergLake of Tears The Neonai
Val Allen WoodTheocracy As The World Bleeds
Val Allen WoodTheocracy Ghost Ship
Valhalla Jr.Dushan Petrossi's Iron Mask Shadow Of The Red Baron
VampallensAgathodaimon Blacken the Angel
VampallensAgathodaimon Tomb Sculptures
Vesa LampiMasquerage Work-Holic-Fool
Viktor CarlssonFollow the Cipher Follow the Cipher
Vincent McallisterPentagram First Daze Here - The Vintage Collection
Wayne DarleyAnnihilator Alice In Hell
Wayne DarleyAnnihilator Bag Of Tricks
Wayne DarleyAnnihilator In Command (Live 1989-1990)
Wayne DarleyAnnihilator Never, Neverland
Wayne DarleyAnnihilator Set The World On Fire
Wes HallamSoulbender Soulbender
Will WallnerWhite Wizzard The Devil's Cut
William WallaceStriker City Of Gold
William WallaceStriker Play to Win
William WallaceStriker Stand In The Fire
William WallaceStriker Striker
Willie AdlerLamb of God As the Palaces Burn
Willie AdlerLamb of God Ashes of the Wake
Willie AdlerLamb of God Hourglass: The Anthology
Willie AdlerLamb of God Killadelphia
Willie AdlerLamb of God Resolution
Willie AdlerLamb of God Sacrament
Willie AdlerLamb of God Wrath
Wolfgang KallertTox Prince of Darkness
Yoshifumi "Hally" YoshidaUnited Beast Dominates '92
Yoshifumi "Hally" YoshidaUnited Distorted Vision
Yoshifumi "Hally" YoshidaUnited Reload
Zebba KarlssonMezzrow Then Came The Killing


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